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Guestbook entries for 2013
Guest # Name Address Comment Date Institution
4508 nanda saherma pura Not specified
2013-12-30 08:42:45 Not specified
4505 munaretto mario via sacramora 75 5 rimini
2013-12-20 04:42:47 Not specified
4504 ALA ATI city boulif 2 n° 7 El-Kala W.El-Tarf 36100
Hello I live in the eastern part of Algeria, where we found a strange sort of fish did not accustomed in the Mediterranean, I would just like to identify this type of fish. I have photographed the fish in a video and this link for clarification: my salutation
2013-12-16 18:22:29 Not specified
4503 Ellenenellen Songhurst JPCoenstraat 67bis
2013-12-09 10:09:10 Not specified
4502 Thomas Earl 2 Giles Street, Darwin NT 0820
Researching Pacific Threadfin for possible sustainable aquaculture project in Indonesia.
2013-12-08 20:43:45 Aquaculture Austasia Pte Ltd
4501 Roger K. Olsson Troms Fylke
Seafood from Norway Vennligst Roger K. Olsson Telefon: 0046 (0) 768 465787 Nettside:
2013-12-06 12:22:16 Giuen Invest Management Offshore Ltd
4500 Albumin Adalah Malang
Keberadaan Albumin sekarang sudah mulai dikenal masyarakat. terutama albumin yang di ekstrak dari ikan gabus. Albumin adalah bukan obat tapi Albumin Ikan Gabus memang dikenal sebagai sumber albumin yang tinggi. semoga albumin ini bisa memberikan manfaat kepada masyarakat terutama yang membutuhkan.,
2013-12-03 18:07:01 Rizqi Mulia
4499 Yahyaoui Université Mohammed V-Agdal, Faculté des Sciences BP. 1014 Rabat
2013-12-03 11:53:16 Université Mohammed V-Agdal, Faculté des Sciences - Rabat
4498 AliedsImmasse Porsgrun
2013-11-29 02:14:52 Not specified
4496 Nur Azizah Soeparno street Karangwangkal Purwokerto Central Java
i need some information abaout Siluriformes order as the number, the biogeographic distribution, its conservation status, but i dont knowo how to find it in fishbase,,, can you help me?
2013-11-21 02:00:24 Jenderal Soedirman University
2013-11-18 04:10:14 KUFOS
4493 Masruddin Syah Teuku Chiek Di Tiroe of Street Number 20 Langsa City
2013-11-15 01:12:42 Indonesia Ministry of Forestry
4492 maryam jafari Not specified
2013-11-11 03:07:42 Not specified
4489 Delépine Sébastien 5, rue des bouleaux, 86440 Migné-Auxances
2013-11-10 09:53:57
4487 Prazdnikov, Dennis Not specified
2013-11-07 13:49:41 Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IPEE), Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
4485 Manuel González-Fernández Museo Estación Biológica de Rancho Grande
2013-11-05 19:13:15 Museo EBRG - Maracay
4482 Victor S. Ticzon Institute of Biological Sciences, UPLB
Good job. Thank you for keeping this database up to date and open to the public. Cheers!
2013-11-03 03:42:52 University of the Philippines-Los Banos
4481 Victor S. Ticzon Institute of Biological Sciences, UPLB
2013-11-03 03:37:29 University of the Philippines-Los Banos
4480 Maamaatuaiahutapu Afaahiti pk 4,5 coté mer
Great data base, very useful. Thank you for sharing it.
2013-10-28 20:00:21 université de Polynésie française
4474 Dr Moe Moe Dway Associate Professor, Zoology Department, Taungoo University
precise and very informatics and so useful. I want to participate some photographs of freshwater fish species of Myanmar as well as some morphometeric measurements and other comments.
2013-10-21 22:39:39 Higher Education
4456 ali Not specified
2013-10-09 02:52:31 Not specified
4455 ayi santika sukabumi
2013-10-08 10:01:36 Main center for freshwater aquaculture develooment
4454 ayi santika sukabumi
2013-10-08 09:40:02 Main center for freshwater aquaculture develooment
4451 PABLO PEREZ SOSA Abdon CalderĂłn Oe3-372 y Luis Cordero
2013-10-03 20:59:02 Universidad Central
4450 Watson Box 18, Siavonga
The information kept is well updated and very useful.
2013-10-03 02:42:17 Yalelo Limited
4448 mark pyron Muncie, Indiana
Nice database!
2013-09-30 14:22:38 Ball State University
4446 silawi maleek i,r, iran
2013-09-29 04:01:25 farm management
4443 mary earp holden beach , nc
I caught a small Northern Sea Robin, probably 6 ozs, in the surf at Holden Beach, NC on September 22,13.
2013-09-22 19:35:10 Not specified
4442 Leticia Espinosa Av. de los barrios No. 1, Los Reyes Iztacala, Tlalnepantla Edo. de MĂ©xico.
2013-09-18 15:30:04 FES Iztacala UNAM
4438 ccg Not specified
2013-09-17 00:55:01 Not specified

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