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Guestbook entries for 2008
Guest # Name Address Comment Date Institution
3041 sina tabriz
you`r saite is very goooooooooooooooooood
2008-12-22 14:34:23
3040 samuel huamani perez calle Lloque Yupanqui 306
Es una pagina muy interesante y educativa, a mi me sirve bastante ya que contiene una enorme cantidad de material que es necesario para realizar una investigacion cientifica.
2008-12-15 14:17:55
3039 Carretera Tenosique-Estapilla Km.0.5, Colonia Solidaridad, Tenosique Tabasco. C.P.86901
2008-12-11 06:20:54 Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco
3038 Julio E. Mery A. Oxford 1122, Las Condes, Santiago
2008-12-08 15:22:00 CONPACIFIC Ltda
3037 Steven van Niekerk
Hello, I found your site through google. I am trying to identify two fish that I aquired from a private owner. I have been told that they are Golden Ram's, but the colouration and dorsal fin are all wrong. They apear to be of the dwarf variety. Not being a scientist I can not give you a spine or scale count.If I sent you a photo would you be able to help me identify these fish.
2008-12-06 22:48:46
3036 Layne Dom Hut
Cool Hi I love fish
2008-12-06 16:22:19 USA
3035 Violet Johnson West Dover Nova Scotia
I am looking to find the name of a fish that is red in color has two horns protruding from behind the head and has two long pointed things coming from under it mouth near the gills. The body is broad and goes down to a tail that is shaped like a tail. Someone said they also seen it in a green kind of color.
2008-12-05 12:14:20
3034 Dhiman Gain
I love fish base very much.I want to get new information from fish base all the time.
2008-12-03 07:58:00 Khulna University
3033 Don Johnson Corvallis, OR 97330
Just trying to finish minor in Fisheries and Wildlife. Several FW instructors suggest using fishbase for help in fish related questions or problems. It is an excellent resource.
2008-12-03 02:15:24 Oregon State University
3032 kimmi koome islands-mukono.
Processing of rastrineobola argentea,is the biggest concern sought. Any help,please?
2008-12-02 10:36:56 kimmi island conservation,koome
3031 Ray Clement 523 S. Ave H.
Great site
2008-11-25 18:37:39 Personal scientific study
3030 mgababa joe
my guys keep this awesome i will be back later thanks
2008-11-24 06:01:36
3029 Hope Erlandson 32 Hope Street Attleboro, Ma 02703
I find FishBase exciting! Thank you very much for having information on Pipefish. I saw one at a local beach and didn't know what it was. A local fish hatchery of samon, gave me information that lead me to your site of which I find fascinating! Hope
2008-11-10 09:01:24
3028 Judy
Please advice how do we get photos of fishes available in Philippines to be imported to Malaysia for consumption Kindly let me know the site I can get this info Thank you.
2008-11-04 23:26:05 JC SPICE (M) SDN BHD
3026 vibhu gauba 297 br geen ave
Wonder full thanks a ton..! Regards
2008-11-03 22:10:48
3025 Mustafa Pultar Istanbul
I am preparing a dictionary of marine fishes in Turkey. I have found your website extremely useful. Thank you.
2008-11-03 03:44:47
3024 bob 1st street
tncyrdy at
2008-10-31 08:15:36 yu
3023 joseph tevere 8634 18th.ave brooklyn ny
2008-10-31 04:30:06
3022 Evette 13,Churchway ,AlconburyWeston cambs
I have just been given a pair of Pelvicachromis Taeniatu (nigerian RED) BUT i can't seem to find much information on them.can you help. Thank you Evette Ps I think I have spelt the name correctly
2008-10-29 08:01:30
3021 dipa
2008-10-22 17:44:07 university of the soujt pacific
3020 Antonio Garate P Los Cedros de Villa Chorrillos
Great data base for fishes, i am a marine biologist contributor as a fish watcher. great tool for students of fish
2008-10-21 15:00:34 Universidad Ricardo Palma
3019 wong Ipoh, Perak. Malaysia
we interested in buying the books namely "a colour guide to the fishes of the south china sea and the andaman sea" and "marine fishes of south-east asia written by gerry allen". can you provide us any contact tel or address for places where we can buy the books from?pl provide to us places where nearby to Ipoh Perak. tq
2008-10-20 02:50:07
3018 Muntaz Khan C-11, BJB Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa,
Thanks for developing this data-base. It's really admirable. As a student of fisheries and wildlife researcher working on Irrawaddy dolphins of Orissa, I need to identify fishes which are prey species of these rare and endangered dolphin species. This data-base is a great tool in my research. I would like to contribute photographs of fishes from Chilika as well as otoliths collected from the fishes of Chilika lagoon in very near future. Mr. MUNTAZ KHAN, PhD Student-PG. DEPT OF ZOOLOGY, UTKAL UNIVERSITY DOLPHIN RESEARCHER, CHILIKA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY C-11, BJB NAGAR, BHUBANESWAR, ORISSA, INDIA E-mail ID: [email protected]
2008-10-17 04:20:58 Chilika Development Authority,
3017 John Ellis Ohio
I am an aquarium hobbiest new to this site.I hope to be able to contribute to this reference.
2008-10-11 06:32:26
2008-10-10 09:35:21 PRIVATE
3015 francisco salve puerto del rosario
herramienta muy util
2008-10-09 04:00:32 g.c.
3014 Andrej Gajic Hadzialica Ograda IV Br.:24
The Fish Base is excellent project, which cover largest number of fishes on whole Internet, I guess. If contains very useful informations and photos; both for marine biologists and people interested in marine life. I have donated photo of Scyliorhinus Canicula (Lesser-Spotted Cat Shark). Congratulations on your good work ! Regards from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andrej Gajic
2008-10-04 06:23:45 The Shark Lab
3013 stephan scholvin. tour guide
im trying to reach yo on your email you left me no success! herewith you have my email regards Stephan
2008-09-27 05:19:12 ATC
3012 SHARMA,S.V. Dr. Prof S.V.SHARMA, Dept of Aquaculture Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjunanagar 522 510 INDIA
Information provided is quite interesting. My work has been on the Freshwater cat fish, My areas of interest are taxonomy,cbiology and culture
2008-09-25 22:51:26 Acharya Nagarjuna University, INDIA
3011 GILBERT Av. Circuito Bolivia
Muy interesante la pagina web que iplementaron por que es mucha necesidad para los aficionados en cuanto a pisicultura y mucho mas. felicidades atte: gilbert
2008-09-25 17:27:06 UMSS - ETSA

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