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Guestbook entries for 2005
Guest # Name Address Comment Date Institution
2005-12-29 01:17:09
2457 Chris Boonzaier PO Box 14248, Zuurfontein, 1912, Gauteng
2005-12-29 00:19:24
2456 Santiago M. Quijano
Fish Base is a great tool, that help us in knowing fishes. Thank you very much! I would like to contribute to Fish Base with photos. How can I do? Sincerally Santiago
2005-12-28 21:07:12 FURG - Elamobranchs Laboratory
2005-12-26 04:50:32 INDIVIDUAL
2454 martha /tatar /allen 3404 Lavender Ln Costa Mesa, Ca 92626
thank you for this work
2005-12-20 22:00:43 Blue Jungle Seafood
2453 Teddy Fong 335 Mead Road, Nabua, Suva
Is there any information on the grouper Epinephelus timoriensis? Be grateful if someone could provide some info like its distribution, description, diet, niche, preferred habitat, and how its caught. Vinaka vakalevu
2005-12-19 19:44:39 University of the South Pacific
2452 Bruce Robinson Boyne Island _ Queensland
Excellent site, even for complete novices like myself. Makes identification of fish possible, even in small juveniles of some species. Would like to find references on adaptability to captive conditions and substitute feeding regimes from wild diets, if possible.
2005-12-19 18:40:18 None - hobby fish keeper
2451 Robert Stiles 5801 yale ave ,meriden ct 06450
2005-12-19 12:18:30
2450 Horacio Garcia Paz Llovizna 59
Muy interesante me entere por una publicacion en un peiodico local de la ciudad de Campeche Campeche Mexico
2005-12-16 16:49:42 industrial particular
2449 Victor Veliz Q. altamira
Uno de los objetivos mas importantes de una investigacion, en este caso pesquera & marina debe ser la difusion de sus resultados, cualquiera que sean, puesto que de esta manera se esta constribuyendo a entender y a buscar soluciones de los grandes problemas que enfrenta el ambiente marino, como la sobreexplotacion de sus recursos, contaminacion etc. Es por todo esto que debo extender mis mas cinceras felicitaciones a quienes integran este grupo de trabajo que nos permiten facilitarnos la informacion mas variada de un gran numero de especies marinas, sigan adelante que de seguro creceran y cosecharan los frutos deseados.
2005-12-16 13:20:07
2448 hamed a absiesa sarpa salpa
2005-12-15 12:07:26
2447 SCOTTY ELLIOTT 105 page ave Red Deer Alberta
2005-12-14 13:16:37
2446 srmousavi
2005-12-14 09:35:03
2445 bashir ciguatoxin
hallo iam fome libya ,and Iwant information about ciguatera of sarpa salpa (salema )in this address , and how is analysis him Tanks .......
2005-12-12 13:04:56 general
2444 carlos h. bello p.m.b.429 2500 ,toa baja
very intructive and easy to search,a well done job.congratulations!
2005-12-10 20:13:11
2443 Sol
Fish are great. I have a blue fish
2005-12-08 17:28:14 Church of Ray Pists
2442 Lisa Hunt P O Box 60005 Fort Myers, FL 33906
Thank-you for allowing viewers to observe the efforts of many bright minds. Your site is educational and a pleasure to review. I appreciate your dedication to preservation and protection of our fragile environment .... Lisa
2005-12-08 05:07:13 Lee County Mosquito Control District for Hendry Co Mosquito Control Program
2441 Jim Toye 100 7th str. N.W.
very interesting thank you jlt
2005-12-05 20:37:23 portage La Prairie Manitoba
2440 Armin Roos
What a wonderful world! Thank you!
2005-12-05 04:15:41
2439 hakimeh
2005-12-02 23:54:09
2438 Karl-Heinz Dau 26789 Leer
2005-12-01 02:40:58
2437 Tommy I Jibok Box 406
2005-11-29 22:32:30 CMI
2436 Jose Ma. Regalado Unit 512,Southstar Plaza Condominium, South Super Hiway cor Estrella St., Bangkal ,Makati City
I wish you can have more info on the speckled longfin eel(Anguilla Reinbartii.It is abundant in the philippines.
2005-11-27 04:30:07 Tierra Fortune Movers Internationale,Inc.
2435 ehsan esfandyari shiraz univeasity
i research on the Tenualosa biodiversity.if it posible help me.
2005-11-26 21:47:37 shiraz
2434 Cylene Dantas da Gama
The Brazilian Government ( SEAP) should read more about this predating species - i.e. the oreochromus niloticus - before inserting it into our water reservoirs for sure. DOWN with the alien TILAPIA NILOTICA before it destroys our native species. Cylene Dantas da Gama
2005-11-26 04:28:50 Instituto Serrano Neves
2433 Melisa Paris
I like this page. Nice work !
2005-11-25 05:48:03 Paris
2432 Melisa Paris
I like this page. Nice work !
2005-11-25 05:46:17
2431 James Jihulya P.O. Box 2462, Dar-es-Salaam
Expect to more information on fish species
2005-11-25 04:34:51 Ministry of Natural Resources
2430 ritesh gupta india
Dear Sir I'm a software developper (MCA-Master in computer Application)in national bureau of fish and genetic resources institute(India).I'm working on fish biodiversity of india project using plateform .I know ASP and php as well and i've done 5 project in the same field. Now i want to make my future in this field ,so i want to join you as a member of your team.I will send my CV when you reply me.
2005-11-25 00:37:21 nbfgr(india)
2429 Eddie Noton 123 jump street
It would be appreciated if there were some cladograms present on the different families. ( I need one for balistidae or tetraodontiformes)
2005-11-21 16:01:54 university of Alberta

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