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Guestbook entries for 2003
Guest # Name Address Comment Date Institution
1932 Sukran Yalcin Ozdilek Mustafa Kemal University, Science and Letters Faculty, Biology Department, Tayfur Sokmen Kampus, 31024 Antakya Hatay Turkey
Dear Mr.,Mrs, You can add the new distributional area and a photo of Liza abu to your web site. Ref: Yalcin Ozdilek S.(2003). Occurence of the Abu Mullet, Liza abu (Heckel, 1843)(Pisces, Mugilidae), in the Orontes River. Zoology in the Middle East (30), 111-113 Sincerely, Sukran Yalcin Ozdilek, PhD.
2003-12-31 05:15:21 Mustafa Kemal University, Science and Letters Faculty, Biology Department
1931 Robert Stone PO Box 271 Pacific Harbour
2003-12-30 14:17:47
1930 McLean, Destry 825 N. May St.
McLean, Destry [email protected] Continuum Hosting 825 N. May St. Thunder Bay, ON P7C 3S2 CA (807) 622-9146
2003-12-29 18:40:05 Continuum Hosting
2003-12-29 14:09:46 MS & ASOCIADOS, S.A.
1928 fabio ciocci via tocra 7- Roma
Very nice site! it is not so easy to find the fish that you are searching for but i am learning how to do! i know many common names in italian and it is difficult to find fish that are not common in mediterrean sea. anyway this is the best fish site that i ever seen!
2003-12-29 13:52:44
1927 sofiane 25686 dubai
its a ovely site to view after soomany sites looking for a vaccant job.
2003-12-27 13:51:21 student
1926 Melvin Chang
Fantastic site and keep up the good work.
2003-12-27 13:49:37
1925 andres farias
great site very usefull thanks
2003-12-26 06:37:08
1924 Emilio Elias Abdo Rua Dr. Arnaldo 455
It is just wonderfull.
2003-12-24 09:26:05
1923 Joshua
To: FishBase, I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm just trying to find imformation concering species known as Jacks? The imformation is for myself just to use for indentificaion needs. Would like to find a (chart in full color) concerning all these species. Caranx Igonobilis, Aleectis Ciliaris, Sexfascitus, Lugubris, Uraspis Helvola, Melampygus, Gnathanodon Specious, Carangoides Ferdau, Caragoides Orthogrammus, Seriola Dumerili, Pseudocaranx Dentex etc. I find these species very powerful creature of the sea. I contacted Division of Aquatic Resources, in Hawaii all they have is a black/white indentificaion sheet concerning these species. Trying to find imformation concering all the history of the jacks from the islands to wherever they migrate to. Any imformation would gladly do! Thanks
2003-12-24 01:40:58 N/A
1922 josi
wollte nur mal hallo sagen. super seite
2003-12-23 01:29:50
1921 Jay Lim Blk 431 Clementi Ave 3 #04-306 Singapore 120431
Doing reserch, observation and study on the Snake head species "Channa Marulius" or Fishbase name: "Great Snakehead". I'm currently working and residing in China and planning to search for this species here in Southern China where this species occurs. Personally, I'm an active Snakehead sports angler.
2003-12-22 20:58:33
1920 Dr.S.V.SHARMA professor Nagarjunanagar,INDIA 522510
Sir,The information provided is interesting. As the species is Known only from the peninsular Indian river, River Krishna, some more references to it are known in literature. Thanks for the service Dr.S.V.SHARMA Professor
2003-12-21 04:31:35 Dept of Aquaculture,Nagarjuna University,
1919 khaled yousef almasry Zoology department - Assuit univresty
I,m study MSc in ( impact parastic infection on fish growth ) as histology and biology study
2003-12-18 11:51:17 assuit univresty - egypt
1918 Pierre Benoey Hoenderhoflaan 3
Very nice site, keep going on. Wish you all the best in the future !!
2003-12-16 11:10:45
1917 rita s.w. fl
thanks for the cool information.
2003-12-14 14:55:27 none
1916 Steve Pickering 130 North Main Street, Wallingford, CT
Thanks for a great site! Steve
2003-12-12 19:59:44
1915 D.Burgerhout Goudsesingel 73
I love to catch thick-lipped grey mullet, one of the strongest fish here in the Netherlands. Visit:
2003-12-12 09:49:56
1914 Vinklarek Ivan Roosevelt 29
Fishes sites is excellent for love fish. I enjoyed this one everyday more and more. Thaks
2003-12-10 12:00:46 amateur
1913 olpade oluwaseun no 238 a brown street jakande estate oke-afa ,isolo,lagos state ,
2003-12-10 03:00:30 olabisi onabanjo university AGO-IWOYE, OGUN STATE ,NIGERIA.
1912 Paramita Banerjee Mumbai Research Centre of CMFRI, Army Navy Building, 2nd Floor, 148, M.G. Road, Mumabai- 400 001
Unique collection. Kindly send us in form of a CD. Keep me abreast of new additions.
2003-12-09 00:19:44 Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Mumbai Research Centre, Mumbai
1911 Farooq Saeed cc 996,p,o box 620 jeddah
Dear Richard Field, Hi, Good to see more Pictures of fishes of Gulf of Oman. regards. Farooq saeed jeddah
2003-12-08 00:46:11 Saudi Arabian Airlines
1910 Jane Martin PO Box 15 Nhulunbuy NT
2003-12-07 17:32:57 Arnhemland Aquatics
1909 Erwin Velbis 3852 Emerald Estates Circle, Apopka, FL 32703-6710
2003-12-07 07:16:59
1908 Michael Atherley 514 1st. St. SE,
2003-12-06 20:06:45
1907 Charles J. Fleming Jr 243 Cardinal Way
Excellent source for fish info. Fishbase is my home page on my internet browser. The amount of information is incredible. Thanks for all your work.
2003-12-06 20:04:44
1906 Edward J. Palumbo P.O. Box 353
An informative site with superb photography. I will consider a resource for fish identification.
2003-12-05 22:42:44 OregonSCUBA
1905 Alexandre Brasil
VEry good data base.
2003-12-05 17:32:15 UNIRIO
1904 Steve Johnston Monterey
I have used your site for a couple of years to help ID photographs in our collection and to provide our guides with natural history information. Recently I have been asked for a password to search your database. Have you changed your policy?
2003-12-05 15:42:58 Monterey Bay Aquarium
1903 Marko Bertok Zavod za ribistvo Sloveije, Zupanciceva 9, 1000 Ljubljana
2003-12-05 09:23:53 Fisheries Research Institute

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