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Guestbook entries for 2000
Guest # Name Address Comment Date Institution
636 Peter Ryan Townsville
What an excellent, quick and easy to use site. Will definately use it as a resourse for fishing information. Good work
2000-12-29 15:41:06
635 Sefton Reid MAT San Juan Lapuntilla final P.R. 00901
Season greetings to an yours. I am eger and interested in any information about the electric eel. I would like to own one some day, so i'm trying to attain as much knowlege as posible about its lifestyle. What I have read on this web site was a tremendus help. Thank you, and continue the good work.
2000-12-29 05:30:19 US Coast Guard
634 Van Lysebettens Romain Pol de Vischstraat 41
2000-12-27 11:53:09 amateur
633 john sercombe 2988 Bells line of Rd Bilpin NSW
I came across your site whilst looking for information on the Bullrout. I was stung yesterday whilst lure fishing in the Nepean gorge for Australian Bass. I have been fishing the Hawkesbury / Nepean river systems for 25 years and have never come in contact with this species. I asked many of my fishing club friends and no one has ever caught one on a lure to their knowledge. As i spent 8 long painful hours in hospital because of it I don't know if I'm lucky or unlucky !!! Regards, John Secombe
2000-12-27 03:37:14
632 B.R.
Excellent resources for my Teen's homework!! [I wish I had access to your info. when I was in school!] Keep up the great job!
2000-12-26 18:39:11 Domestic Engineer
631 peter kirkman Manchester
Great website! am doing conservation masters at university and found the site easy to use, useful and very informative. Cheers.
2000-12-26 06:20:45 Manchester Metropolitan University
630 Danielle Meeker 6313 Hillcrest Pl ace Alexandria, VA 22312
Great site!!!
2000-12-25 12:07:27 Meeker Academy
629 timothy w. gould 25th fad po box 556
i have a ruby red oscar and an albino oscar that i have brought up from babies. now that they have been with me the past 9 months, how can i tell if they are male or female? also i would like to know the different types of food that they will eat besides comet feeders and chilid pellets. i started them in a ten gallon tank from the beginning and quickly moved them to a 20 gallon high. now they are in a 30 gallon long and are 2 very happy fish. they share the tank with a regukar allergy eater and 2 plactomis' allergy eaters. all are doing well and growing at a rapid rate. thanks... timmit001
2000-12-25 01:13:32 us army
628 venu. S Research Fellow, SIF, CUSAT, Cochin - 16, Kerala, India
I am working on deep sea fishes and I would like to get some informations about the taxonomical keys of the deep sea fishes in the Indian ocean.
2000-12-23 04:05:23 School of Industrial fisheries, Cochin university of Science & Technology, Cochin, Kerala, India
627 Karl Baumann Cincinnati, OH
I was delighted to find this data base and encourage you to continue. Also, I am interested in learning more about sport fisheries in the Atlantic ocean. My particular interest is in Rockfish, Blue Marlin and Thunnus. I believe, by cooperating with fish biologists and natural resource managers, sport fisherman can aid in protecting our fisheries habitat. Thank you for all of your hard work.
2000-12-23 03:37:06 sport fisherman
626 ruel s. almoneda BFAR Bldg. Aguinaldo St., Bacolod City
I bought a copy of fishbase cd. It's very relevant in my work as a government employee, but lately my version of software copy stop running in windows 98 and it's expensive to have an updated copy. Can you offer a special price for the gov't. offices?
2000-12-22 19:12:01 Office of the Provincial Agriculturist
625 Andy Glodek New Jersey
Great site...I am an avid fisherman in New Jersey....... Thanks for the site
2000-12-22 18:37:53
624 Dave M. San Jose, Ca
I've been looking for the Wallago attu catfish for my 180 gallon aquarium, but cannot seem to find one anywhere. If anyone has one that they would like to sell, I will pay highly for it...hopefully under 8". Thanks, Dave M.
2000-12-22 16:03:39 None
623 Gloria Giraldo Cra. 32 # 75-56 Ap:505
I am very interesting about Prochilodus reticulatus. Thans for you help, Gloria
2000-12-21 12:12:01 Universidad Javeriana
622 Idar Moldskred 319 Pasir Panjang Rd.#06-00,
I'm a newcomer to your website, but from what I've seen so far, it is the most detailed and informative references I have ever come across. We are introducing a recently developed eco-friendly, high-tech, high-yield fish farm system in landbased tanks and I'm sure that the information found on your website shall be very useful for us. Best reagards, Idar Moldskred
2000-12-20 21:13:59 Sinomaris Pte.Ltd.
621 Ferruccio Maltagliati Via Volta 6
2000-12-19 23:08:02 Dip. Scienze Uomo e Ambiente
620 Dr. Samuel G.Prakash Vincent M.S. University
I like to get information about larval fishes.
2000-12-18 01:17:37 Instiute for Coastal Area Studies
619 Gertjan de Graaf Lijnbaansgracht 14 c
2000-12-17 13:36:09 Nefisco foundation
618 Ruby Ceron-Carrasco 12 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 2NA
Congratulations, great data base, extremely helpful.
2000-12-17 12:41:19 Dept. Archaeology, University of Edinburgh
617 alikhamisakel quet bye - anfoushy
Dear Sir I'll be apreciated if consider my aim to find ful informations about Alepes djedaba through your fishbase org. yours sincere Dr. Ali Khamis
2000-12-13 22:43:27 N.I.O.F.
616 Michi Tobler
2000-12-13 05:45:44 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Departement of Biology
615 Winfrid Heinz Waid 907 Vista View Place Montgomery,AL. 36110
I have been looking for a sight like this for a very long time. I enjoy carving high detail wood fishes in my spare time and your sight shows alot of the fishes I carve in very high quality photo's. Thanks again and I appreciate your efforts!
2000-12-12 17:40:09
614 Abraham D. Eperiam P.O.Box 2306
I was looking at all the work you did to put the all of those nice picture of the aqua animals together. I am really impressed and really wanted to see more of this type of work. In real I really am fond of marine life because I enjoy tha beautities of that world. I encourage you for your work and please keep it up. Care, Abrham D.Eperiam
2000-12-11 20:49:11 College of Micronesia-FSM
613 alikhamisakel Qei Bye- anfoushy
please , help me fined abstracts about morphology of Alepes djadaba, and other tropical fishes , thanks a lot
2000-12-10 23:56:25 N.I.O.F ,
612 Bryan Chow 242 Bay 35th street
2000-12-10 15:28:45
611 dr Peter Adamicka Biological Station A-3293 Lunz
Great information treasure. For more than one year i had NOT to go to Vienna scientific libraries (150 km from here) and found enough stuff in this SITE. This means: Reduction of CO2 output, of wasted time. But alas it means also: sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours. Nevertheless: Thanks for that great endeavour.
2000-12-07 23:23:07 austrian academy of sciences
610 Francesca montalto via Gioberti 175
2000-12-06 07:57:48
609 giovanni turchini via trentacoste 2, 20134
If it is possible it will be usefull have all the common name in every language. Anyway thanks for your site that some time is of big utility.
2000-12-04 06:12:59 Istituto di Zootecnica Veterinaria University of Milan Italy
608 Alejandro Solis Milan 130 Valle Dorado, Tlalnepantla
Keep over the track
2000-12-03 19:22:25
607 sefa ayhan demirhan K.T.U. S. D. B. F. 61530 Surmene Camburnu Trabzon
Dear Sir I am research assistant at Faculty of Surmene Marine Science, Black Sea Technical University in Turkey. I am studying on doctoral studies (doctoral thesis) about estimating of food consumption of squalus acanthias. I would be very pleased if you inform me about your publications. Thank you very much in advance for your close concern and help. Sincerely yours Sefa Ayhan Demirhan (Research Assitant)
2000-12-03 08:58:44 Black Sea Technical University, Faculty of Marin Science

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