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Guestbook entries for 1999
Guest # Name Address Comment Date Institution
164 Franc Potocnik Dunajska 56, 58
Happy New 2000! & Y2K
1999-12-31 01:09:41 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
163 antonio tonelli via r. margherita 84
good work!
1999-12-30 14:07:18
162 BEN HUSS 2224 East Foothills Dr. Apt C
One thing that I came here looking for was a list of hybridizations that can occur between different species.
1999-12-30 10:44:40 University of Montana
161 Stoeckenius, Walther
1999-12-28 22:37:27 UCSF
160 Dr. Manuel Guzman Apartado Postal 310 Chapala (45900) Jalisco
Es una excelente pagina web, felicidades.
1999-12-28 03:23:12 Universidad de Guadalajara
159 Justyn Miller 1703 Pleasnt Lane
You web site helped me alot with victorian cichlids. Thank you, I will be buying the book soon. Thankx. I bred victorian cichlids for re-interduction
1999-12-28 01:36:11 Cichlids Plus
158 Keran O'Brien P. O. Box 967, Sedona Arizona, 86339-0967
I came upon you as a consequence of the article by Pauly, et al. in American Scientist 88, 46(1999). Though affiliated with Northern Arizona University, I am a physicist rather than a fisheries researcher. One of the occupational diseases of physicists is curiosity--so I came to look, and will bookmark this fascinating site. Sincerely, Keran O'Brien
1999-12-26 05:33:26 Northern Arizona University
157 Luiz Antonio Pereira Rua Rodolfo Dantas, 16 apt. 703
1999-12-24 09:12:53
156 Julio N. Aguirrezabal Avenida Brasil y Viera
Informacion para uso periodistico.
1999-12-23 14:12:59 diario Cambio
155 Kra 31 No. 113-52
1999-12-18 11:57:22
154 Tony Westphal PO Box 748
Hello, I have two Synodontis Njassae, and I was looking whether I kan keep them with breeding Tanganyka-cichlids. Do they eat the juveniles or the eggs on the stones? Not at daytime, then the parents are very good watching their "kids". But perhaps at night, when I am not there (...)and the synodontis become very active, as you know. Shall I keep the synodontis in another acquarium, not with such young, small fish?? By the way: a terrific site! Unbelievable, so much information. Thank you very much for that. And thank you in advance for yor answer? Greetings from Holland.
1999-12-15 15:40:51 Personal
153 Jean Conway 1521 Fieldview Rd. Wilmington, NC
great database!
1999-12-14 19:58:48 CMSR UNCW
152 Dina Rowland 546 Jasmine Court, Norcross, GA 30093
I am a novice interested in all facts and idiosynchrosis of my new fish.
1999-12-14 11:02:52
151 Franco Romanelli Seefeldquai 1, 6318 Walchwil
I'm looking for a while to order 1 x Fishbase 99 CD-ROM as advertised. Never got mailed or informed. Can'to you help me? Best regards. MRAINEX SA Franco Romanelli
1999-12-13 04:08:36 MARINEX SA
150 Drausio de Freitas Belote
1999-12-12 10:49:11 UFRJ
149 Thorbox Wogslag
Crespo marimba the dork smelling wonk stop!
1999-12-11 13:55:20
148 Pedro Antonio de los Santos 62
Very interested in any information concerning breeding ornamental marine fish and corals thecnics
1999-12-11 00:01:05 Alfaro Profesionales, S.A. de C.V.
146 Gerard Wolf
i have got pangasius pangasius
1999-12-09 01:45:24
145 Judita Grzunov Zadar
I am looking for a literature dealing with Northern Bluefin Tuna farming. I would appreciate any information. Thanks in advance.
1999-12-09 01:44:33
144 johanna caicedo cra 98 #38 b39 apto.404 Bl.1
Brycon siebenthalae
1999-12-07 19:21:33 universidad nacional de colombia
143 Thomas Stormoen 2312 ottestad
This was a very happy surprise for me Thank you
1999-12-07 15:50:12
142 Francis Neat 20 Hillpark terrace, Wormit, Fife
Fantastic progress made in the last 2 years !
1999-12-07 12:26:50
141 Amybeth Rice
Extremely helpful for my biology of fishes class. The picture are especially useful for IDs.
1999-12-07 08:19:31 College of Charleston
140 Brian Culver 48 Devonshire Road, Montesano, WA 98563
Really a nice site for those of us who spend much of their professional (and personal) lives focused on fish. Thanks
1999-12-03 19:23:52 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
139 benjamin whiting po box 490; mission, sd 57555
1999-12-03 16:57:51 sinte gleska university
138 Jeff Swanson PO Box 24492 San Francisco CA 94124
1999-12-03 08:05:40 H&N Foods Int'l
137 Teresa Thorpe 7205 Wrightsville Avenue
Absolutely brilliant database .... very thorough with extensive amount of data. Highly reccommended.
1999-12-02 05:03:53 Center for Marine Science Research
progetto molto interessante
1999-11-30 23:49:16 gruppo ricercatori ed operatori subacquei
135 David P Herzog 3815 E. Jackson Blvd Jackson Missouri, 63755
I am currently doing a project on the M meeki and M gelida species. In addition to completion of a Scaphyrhynchus albus project. I hope to supply you with some additional life history information soon. A wonderfully prepared site!! Nice job. Dave
1999-11-30 22:16:06 Missouri Dept of Conservation-Long Term Resource Monitoring

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