Red Sea: another clownfish species?
Description : Description : Over the years I encountered occasionally a small (maybe 1cm - 4 cm) clownfish species (?) that is distinct from the abundant species Amphiprion bicinctus (also their juveniles, that as far as I have seen are just miniatures of the adults) by the following criteria:

#1.: Second dorsal fin has white rim and black speck.
#2.: Caudal fin detto
#3.: Behaviour is very different: swimming around fast and nervous, bending the body and waving with fins.
#4.: This fish was always alone in the anemone, not associated with grown up A. bicinctus as is often observed with juveniles ones.

There are three photos in this Fishbase under Amphiprion bicinctus, that resemble the fish in the photo submitted by me: may it be because the photos are automatically attributed to A. bicinctus, since this is the only reported species from the Red Sea? Or did someone a systematic study, e.g. hatching the fish in aquarium and observed this marked variability in color, shape and behaviour from
egg to adult?

May this be a second, less abundand and poorly described species of clownfish that occurs in the Red Sea?

By : Wolfgang Schreibmayer
Date/time : 19/03/2019 07:41:38
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