Reproductive Guild
Description : We are assigning reproductive guilds to fish families, using the following broad categories: bearers (=live bearers, mouth brooders, etc); guarders (guarding the eggs); nonguarders (open water / open substrate spawners). We are missing information for the families listed below. Please help!
Akysidae, Stream catfishes;
Amblycipitidae, Torrent catfishes;
Anacanthobatidae, Smooth skates;
Apistidae, ;
Aploactinidae, Velvetfishes;
Aplodactylidae, Marblefishes;
Artedidraconidae, Barbled plunderfishes;
Banjosidae, ;
Bathylutichthyidae, ;
Bembridae, Deepwater flatheads;
Brachionichthyidae, Handfishes (warty anglers);
Callanthiidae, Splendid perches;
Caracanthidae, Orbicular velvetfishes;
Centrogeniidae, ;
Cetopsidae, Whalelike catfishes;
Chacidae, Squarehead or angler catfish;
Chaudhuriidae, ;
Chaunacidae, Sea toads;
Chironemidae, Kelpfishes;
Congiopodidae, Racehorses or pigfishes;
Cranoglanididae, Armorhead catfishes;
Creediidae, Sandburrowers;
Cryptacanthodidae, Wrymouths;
Dactylopteridae, Flying gurnards;
Dichistiidae, Galjoen fishes;
Dinopercidae, Cavebasses;
Diplomystidae, Diplomystid catfishes;
Draconettidae, ;
Ereuniidae, ;
Gnathanacanthidae, Red velvetfish;
Gymnuridae, Butterfly rays;
Harpagiferidae, Spiny plunderfishes;
Helogeneidae, Marbled catfishes;
Hemitripteridae, ;
Hexatrygonidae, ;
Hoplichthyidae, Ghost flatheads;
Hypoptychidae, Sand eel;
Indostomidae, ;
Kraemeriidae, Sandfishes or sand gobies;
Leptobramidae, Beachsalmon;
Leptoscopidae, Southern sandfishes;
Lophichthyidae, Lophichthyid frogfishes;
Menidae, Moonfish;
Nematistiidae, Roosterfish;
Neoceratiidae, Toothed seadevils;
Neosebastidae, ;
Normanichthyidae, ;
Notograptidae, ;
Olyridae, Longtail catfishes;
Ostracoberycidae, ;
Parabembridae, ;
Parakysidae, Parakysid catfishes;
Pataecidae, Australian prowfishes;
Percophidae, Duckbills;
Peristediidae, Armored searobins or armored gurnards;
Pholidichthyidae, Convict blenny;
Plectrogenidae, ;
Plesiobatidae, Deepwater stingray;
Potamotrygonidae, River stingrays;
Profundulidae, Middle American killifishes;
Psychrolutidae, Fatheads;
Ptilichthyidae, Quillfish;
Rhamphocottidae, Grunt sculpins;
Schindleriidae, ;
Scoloplacidae, Spiny dwarf catfishes;
Scombropidae, Gnomefishes;
Scorpaenidae, Scorpionfishes or rockfishes;
Scytalinidae, Graveldiver;
Sisoridae, Sisorid catfishes;
Stromateidae, Butterfishes;
Symphysanodontidae, ;
Synanceiidae, Stonefishes;
Tetrabrachiidae, ;
Tetrarogidae, Wasp fishes;
Triacanthidae, Triplespines;
Triacanthodidae, Spikefishes;
Trichomycteridae, Pencil or parasitic catfishes;
Trichonotidae, Sanddivers;
Triodontidae, Three-toothed puffer;
Xenisthmidae, ;
Zaniolepididae, combfishes;
Zaproridae, Prowfish;
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