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Description : Dear Fishbase:
Today I was looking for information on a very large catfish that is caught in Amazonian rivers in Peru and certainly other South American countries. In Peru, the common name is "Salton" which means "Jumper" because it can be seen quite frequently leaping several feet out of the water. I have pictures of one we caught in 1975 on the Tigre river in northern Peru. This river empties into the Maranon above where it meets the Ucayali to become the Amazon above Iquitos, Peru. This fish was 2" short of 7' long and weighed 220 pounds. I have, however, seen pictures of a fish eight and one half feet long weighing 368 pounds. Some of my men caught another large one of which I did not get photos or any details other than it was very large. It was caught on the Ucayali river where it changes its name from the Urubamba. I am trying to get exact information on it and would be happy to provide my pictures if they would be of any use to your database.


Tony Luscombe
By : Tony Luscombe
Date/time : 18/3/2007
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