International Fishery And Seafood Expo
Description : We are a Leading Exhibition Organizer in China , and I want to introduce a Professional Exhibition specially for you.

We will hold Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2007 in Shanghai , and the main exhibit will be Fishery ,Seafood, and some relative Equipments. The expo will be hold in Shanghai Mart (Exhibition Center) on June 22-24. 2007

We know you are professional in this area, and cooperate with us will not only promote your company in Asia area, Also there will be many local wholesalers come and order in the booth also buyers from all around the world.

For details about our expo please visit :
Email: [email protected] Online: [email protected]

Please forgive for my interrupt, Wish you a great New Year
Thank you for your attention. Hope to see you in Shanghai.

Gehua Exhibition Service Co,, Ltd.
Contact : Mr. Jacky Peng
Mobile: 0086-13916407282
Email: [email protected]

By : Jacky
Date/time : 10/1/2007 00:44:00
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