Your advice on Fishes edu project for kids
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All of you seem to be knowledgeable fish enthusiasts from around the world. I am an artist and founding director of an 18-year old nonprofit organization, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc., based in New York City. I'd like to receive your advice about a project we are developing about fishes for children around the world.

From my personal amazement of extraordinary diversity, beauty, and human benefits from ocean life and fishes and concern about their rapidly-diminishing supply, ASCI is developing an educational performance project called "Fishes Feed Us." The power of teens to influence parents and elders has been proven -- they were instrumental in passage of the European seatbelt law -- and this power will be key to our public education awareness performance project.

First the kids will learn about the simple concepts of fish reproductive biology and the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. This knowledge will inform their participation in a public performance where they wear fish costumes, move like fish, and will "speak" for the fishes, and for themselves -- putting a human face on this travesty.

My questions to you:

What do you see going on out there? off the coasts of South Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Pacific Rim, Alaska, etc.

Do people in the fishing villages realize that by dynamiting the reefs that they are destroying what took 200-years to build the "homes" of the fishes?

Do you see efforts at educating the local fishermen about how to create sustainable ocean fisheries?

If you know of an environmental education center that works with children in these parts of the world, would very much appreciate your leads and your comments in general.

Looking forward to your in-put.
Happy New Year!

Cynthia Pannucci
Founder, Director
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.
[email protected]

By : Cynthia Pannucci
Date/time : 2/1/2007 22:24:00
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