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Description : Dear all,
Following a suggestion by FishBase users we opened this simple forum to provide a platform for information exchange on anything that has to do with fish.
And here is my first request:
We are in the process of assigning species to ocean provinces as defined by Longhurst (Longhurst areas). For this purpose we are looking for 'Checklists of Fishes' for the following islands:
Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo (=St. Paul's Rock, off Brazil)
Fernando de Noronha (off Brazil)
Isla Trinidade (off Brazil)
San Felix and San Ambrosio (off Chile)
San Fernandez (off Chile)
Ascension Island (South Atlantic)
I. Martin Vaz (South Atlantic)
Tristan da Cunha (South Atlantic)

Thanks for any help!
By : Rainer Froese
Date/time : 16/12/1999 15:59:00
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