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Topics for 2018
Topic # Discussion Topic Views Replies No. of pictures Last Reply
Help me identify this
Posted on: 23/12/2018 06:41:04

I am new fishing in the Arabian sea and I caught this specimen. It has been caught in a rocky, Sandy and shallow water. weight: 2kg bait: squid head cut in stripes color: gray, blueish tail, white abdomen, white flesh taste: super, firm fiber flesh.
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Convention for naming hybrids
Posted on: 27/11/2018 06:41:30

What is your recommendation for naming a hybrid in a database? Most databases will list the genus and species (e.g., Oncorhynchus mykiss for rainbow trout). However, how would you list a golden trout (Oncorhynchus aguabonita) and rainbow trout hybrid? Do you choose one or the other, do you combine (e.g., Oncorhynchus aguabonita-Oncorhynchus mykiss), or is a new genus/species used? As you can imagine, this affects how associated data is queried.
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Identification - Sea Fish (Borneo)
Posted on: 24/11/2018 11:15:11

A friend of mine picked up this fish from sea fishermen in Sarawak, Borneo and proceeded to preserve it for me as a gift, being an amateur taxidermist. Neither of us are familiar with fish identification, would greatly appreciate if anyone might be able to help.
144 0 2 No reply
Posted on: 13/11/2018 03:19:07

I caught this very pretty grouper of a reef in Mauritius. It was returned alive. I can not identify it absolutely using the database of fish photos. Any suggestion?
162 2 0 No reply
How can I find the fish data show the body weight vs speed?
Posted on: 12/11/2018 08:07:09

Hi, I would like to find a dataset show body weight vs speed. Do you know any web page or book? Thank you
200 1 0 I have replied...
29/11/2018 16:47:06
By : Rudy
Invasive Cichlid ID
Posted on: 21/10/2018 09:03:31

Hey guys I caught over a dozen of these cichlids in the Ross River, North Queensland, Australia and was trying to figure out what species it belonged too. They were all caught on pieces of bread. My research so far only suggests there are about 20 invasive species that are known to occur in that river but I can't seem to find a good list. Characteristics: Males had a "bumphead" and rusty red colored breast. They all had 5-6 darker faded vertical bars, darker brown to almost purple or black coloration, some had a darker spot on caudal peduncle, all had red eyes, and a more pointed snout then most cichlids. Dorsal, anal, and pectoral relatively large with a small "thread" like protrusion near the back of the dorsal. Any help is greatly appreciated.
230 2 2 No reply
Geological range mapping tool?
Posted on: 11/10/2018 12:42:04

I'm trying to find a mapping tool that will allow me to enter in several different fish species to show their geographic range on a single shared map, including overlapping ranges. It's for breeding of Red List species in biotopes.
252 0 0 No reply
need ID for this fish species !!
Posted on: 06/10/2018 03:10:24

anyone know about this species? it lives in freshwater, find at katingan river in Central Borneo. size about 10cm, it have eyes on upper of head (not side of head). thank you all
262 0 2 No reply
What fish is this?
Posted on: 25/09/2018 01:03:05

Caught on Hollywood North Beahlch, Diana Pier. Nobody has been able to tell me what it is thus far.
304 0 1 No reply
Weird fish identification
Posted on: 24/09/2018 07:38:03

Hello. I caught this fish the other day from a reef in the Red Sea. I did phenomenal searches online to try to identify this species but I couldn't reach an answer. I'd be extremely thankful for any help offered. I released the fish after taking one pic, which, unfortunately, doesn't show any fin details. but the colors are clear enough. Any help??
268 1 1 No reply
Species identification
Posted on: 20/09/2018 05:24:48

Can someone please tell me the type of this fish by family, genus and species? Thank you
266 1 0 No reply
two fish identification
Posted on: 18/09/2018 09:55:54

These two fish were caught in Ipswitch bay in Massachusetts USA One might be a Bonito other is unknown
236 0 2 No reply
Two fish identifications
Posted on: 31/08/2018 11:09:01

Hello everyone. I was snorkelling today in Neos Marmaras, halkidiki, Greece- saw these two fish and cannot find out for certain what either of them are. Any help would be amazing! The first fish that there is a few photos of was about 60-70cm long, the last one with only one photo was bigger, around 70-80 cm long. Thanks guys!
305 1 4 No reply
Identify a parrotfish (Fiji)
Posted on: 20/08/2018 05:53:50

I have a video of a parrotfish from a trip to Fiji last year. I've looked at every species of parrotfish I can find and none seem a good match. The closest guess I have is a transitional scarus longipinnis. Can anyone provide a better ID? Thanks.
291 3 4 No reply
Flat fish ID please
Posted on: 12/08/2018 07:00:15

Two pictures of the same flat fish. Mauritius, lagoon, less than 1m. depth. There are several species here, and I find distinguishing between them difficult. Bothus pantherinus has been suggested, could one of your experts please confirm
284 2 4 No reply
What kind of fish does this drawing look like?
Posted on: 11/08/2018 06:26:16

Hello I have a digital drawing of a fish that I need to use for a project at work. But I have no idea what kind of fish this is supposed to be, and cannot reach the person who created the drawing. Can anyone help identify this fish? Just from the shape/fins/mouth, ignore the colour as that could be altered. Not looking for a particular species necessarily, just a common name or family would also help a lot as I don't know anything about fish... Thanks for the help! Maylock
299 2 0 No reply
specie identification
Posted on: 11/08/2018 08:46:48

Hi Scientists, this specimen was captured in a small creek in the Alto Tiete basin, Brazil, does anyone know what species it is? thank you
302 1 3 Quick, Efficie...
27/05/2019 22:03:32
By : johnjorge
characidae identification
Posted on: 11/08/2018 08:35:42

Hi Scientists, this specimen was captured in a small creek in the Alto Tiete basin, Brazil, does anyone know what species it is? thank you
298 2 4 No reply
Lynophrynidae identification
Posted on: 11/08/2018 02:47:33

Hello all fish scientists. Asking for literature recommendations in order to identify linophrynids, since I have two specimens of different species collected in southern Mexico and they do not correspond to the images I found on the web. Will I perhaps have new species? First of all, Thanks
277 1 0 No reply
Reef Fish ID
Posted on: 07/08/2018 08:12:28

Was having fun fishing on Magnetic Island in Northeast Queensland and caught this mystery fish. After hours of researching I've definitely concluded its a damselfish species and is likely in the Genus: Chromis but I cannot narrow down a species. I've looked through many fish database and none seem to match up, it is possible this is a juvenile. Any help to identify its species would be greatly appreciated. Addition information: was caught using a small hook and tiny piece of prawn over a patchy inshore reef in Picnic Bay. It was one individual swimming in a school of damselfish all about the same size and species, so it certainly isn't a rare fish or an anomaly. Any help greatly appreciated.
308 1 1 Identified by...
18/01/2019 17:00:15
By : FishBase
Need some help
Posted on: 24/07/2018 10:06:42

Hello everyone. I need your help. A member of an identification group, has posted this fish and says it was caught in Spain in the Atlantic Ocean. But I'm almost 100% sure that this species does not inhabit that area. I even think it could be freshwater or tropical from other continent. Would someone tell me what species the fish in the photo belongs to? Thank you
307 1 1 No reply
Req: Identify this fish please
Posted on: 16/07/2018 11:46:01

Yesterday my family went on an island. And while we were on the shore i find this fish and caught it. I thought it was already but its not. So now i decide to pet this. But i dont know what kind of fish is this. Please help me.
398 1 2 No reply
What kind of fish is this???
Posted on: 14/07/2018 05:21:48

Whilst travelling in Vanuatu we found this black and brown looking fish that hung out near a water outlet in the bay. It only came out at night time and appeared to change shape depending on the angle that it was viewed from. Here is a rough drawing I did.
348 1 0 No reply
What is this
Posted on: 11/07/2018 06:51:44

Hey all. Looking for some help identifying the attached fish. It was caught around Harris Nexk, Georgia. Thanks in advance for any help. Frank
393 3 2 No reply
What is this
Posted on: 11/07/2018 06:51:00

Hey all. Looking for some help identifying the attached fish. It was caught around Harris Nexk, Georgia. Thanks in advance for any help. Frank
311 0 1 No reply
Posted on: 08/07/2018 02:12:15

Does anyone know what name and species this fish ? they live in freshwater or marine
365 0 1 No reply
Does anyone know what species this is?
Posted on: 06/07/2018 03:04:31

Looks like a salmonid but the mouth and dorsal fin looks very different
336 2 1 No reply
Posted on: 01/07/2018 06:22:20

I live in mexico and they have a fish called Lengua can any body tell me what fish family it is in?
364 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 13/06/2018 12:52:13

Can anyone help with this ID The picture was taken in Sangalaki Island, Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia It has been suggested this is a juvenile Sea Lamprey but as far as I know these are not found in Indonesia. The only other idea was a baby Thyrsitoides marleyi Anyone with any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
408 2 2 No reply
7963 378 1 2 No reply
Help with Id
Posted on: 10/06/2018 03:11:01

Can anyone identify this Cichlid please
348 1 1 No reply
Help with ID
Posted on: 08/06/2018 10:20:36

Hi can anyone identify this fish please
337 3 2 No reply
Help with Id
Posted on: 05/06/2018 09:49:46

Hi can anyone identify this freshwater fish. Thank you
450 2 1 No reply
Help with Id
Posted on: 05/06/2018 09:49:01

Hi can anyone identify this freshwater fish. Thank you
321 1 1 No reply
Help with ID
Posted on: 04/06/2018 12:48:40

Can anyone name this freshwater fish please
328 0 1 No reply
Help with ID
Posted on: 03/06/2018 11:16:43

Hi can anyone help with this fish, we have it a long time with no idea of ID The picture was taken in Lumbalumba, Indonesia! Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
341 0 1 No reply
Help with ID
Posted on: 03/06/2018 10:03:12

Can anyone identify this freshwater fish Thank you
340 0 1 No reply
help with id
Posted on: 27/05/2018 10:38:57

Can anyone identify this cichlid please
343 0 1 No reply
Help with id
Posted on: 27/05/2018 10:18:57

Hi can anyone identify this Cichlid please
369 0 1 No reply
need help with identification
Posted on: 22/05/2018 03:04:37

small (4cm) salt water, atlantic, new england, shallow water, large eye, brownish color, 3 vertical, black stripes along body, 2 red pelvic fins, white underbelly, non bottom feeder, fanlike tail, possible spine near dorsal. please please please help with identification! email @[email protected]
428 1 0 ???? ?????? ??...
24/08/2019 14:38:02
By : RubenInale
unknown fish
Posted on: 23/04/2018 01:15:31

I took the photos myself in the Red Sea/Egypt. The fishes were both times moving around pretty fast. It has not got a parrot fish like mouth but rather that of a Hemigymnus. At first attempt the photo have not been uploaded
488 1 5 No reply
unknown fish
Posted on: 22/04/2018 07:08:44

I took the photos myself. The fishes were both times moving around pretty fast. It has not got a parrot fish like mouth buth rather that of a Hemigymnus.
393 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 14/04/2018 02:20:29

Can anyone help me to ID this fish? Someone told me it's grass carp but the dorsal fin is extended and longer than grass carp. If it's not, then what it is? Help me, please!
440 2 1 No reply
Spotted puffer fish care
Posted on: 09/04/2018 03:52:44

Needless to say I was making breakfast this morning which consisted of eggs and I usually keep the shells to make plant food for my plants. And sometimes I use them as straight compost. I had just fed my little puffer Freddy, as I call him, before I started making breakfast and i know he needs hard foods on occasion for his teeth. So long story short can you feed puffer fish egg shells? Like if I wash it can I just put a big ol piece in there and let him gnaw on it haha or is that just like the silliest, half asleep, just woke up question i could think of. I mean I don't feel like it would be bad but I don't know if eggshells contain anything that could be harmfull to my little chunky man.
540 0 0 No reply
Identification please
Posted on: 03/04/2018 10:15:16

This animal came from Papua new Guinea. It's about 12cm long. Can someone help me to indentified it? Thanks Dominique Belgium
458 1 3 No reply
ID Eastern Pacific Puffer
Posted on: 29/03/2018 10:56:53

Is this a different coloration/phase of the Bullseye Puffer (Sphoeroides annulatus), or is this a different kind of Puffer? This was seen off the Pacific NW coast of Costa Rica, in the Eastern Pacific. Thanks for your help!
435 1 2 No reply
Who am I?
Posted on: 20/03/2018 12:13:04

Sadly I dont know where the picture was taken :(
433 2 2 No reply
identify species
Posted on: 04/03/2018 11:45:51

can anyone letme know the scientific name
607 2 3 No reply
Unknows fish
Posted on: 17/02/2018 03:51:38

can any one ID this fish I got it at walmart it was with some tetra
519 2 1 No reply
Unknown Fish
Posted on: 04/02/2018 05:24:33

I found these fish in the store, but I can not identify.
512 1 2 No reply
cheilinus undulatus
Posted on: 03/02/2018 12:51:57

Can you find details of the abundance of this species in the ocean ranges that it is found?
408 0 0 No reply
Unknown Fish
Posted on: 23/01/2018 09:21:03

Want to know what type of fish in this photo.
493 1 1 No reply
7833 403 0 0 No reply
7832 429 0 0 No reply
Scientific name
Posted on: 22/01/2018 04:20:54

Hi all.. Please have a look at this still from the wonderful video from Rio Negro. Can anyone tell me he scientific name of this fish please? I've not been able to find it anywhere... Thank you all in advance!
513 1 1 No reply
butterfly fish (Chaetodon) northern Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
Posted on: 10/01/2018 12:45:05

Can anyone confirm the identity of this butterfly fish (see attached image)? It closely resembles the Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish (Chaetodon ulietensis) but the tail has a white band that I've not observed in any other online pictures of this species. I took this picture at the Ereke fish market in northern Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. I didn't have a ruler with me at the time, but this specimen was about 7 cm long. I would like to confirm the fish's identity as part of my work on a local language dictionary. Thanks much. I hope you can get the forum back to where it is working for the scholarly community.
526 1 1 No reply
Fish ID Curaçao
Posted on: 02/01/2018 02:44:22

Near the Mangroves at Curaçao. Any ID help would be appreciated.
545 1 2 ????????? ????...
02/02/2019 16:42:16
By : Janettat

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