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Topics for 2010
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Posted on: 12/12/2010 06:33:35

This little damsel, found in Thailand: I get confused when I look in FishBase. Is it a juvenile Chrysiptera unimaculata or a n adult Chrysiptera brownriggii ? Cheers Lars Bindholt
656 2 1 No reply
PhD project in octopus venom evolution
Posted on: 09/12/2010 11:40:44

PhD opportunity commencing in 2011 This will be the first study to comprehensively examine the full taxonomical and biochemical breadth of coleoid venoms. Research will include the first ever comparison of the convergent strategies between Arctic and Antarctic endemic fauna for adaptation to subzero temperatures. Central to the project will be the characterisation of bioactivities of the crude venoms and purified toxins. This will be accomplished by combining proteomic and genomic approaches. Novel small venom peptides will be investigated as potential lead candidates for drug design and development. The multidisciplinary nature of venom research necessitates a collaborative approach that taps into expertise across a wide range of scientific disciplines. Thus, funding is available for travel to collaborators laboratories in Australia and overseas and for fieldwork in locations such as at the University of Queensland research station on Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef. The results will help us to understand protein evolution, will cast light on the classic problem of how venom systems evolve, and may provide leads in the search for commercially-exploitable venom peptides. An extensive array of samples are already assembled, including over 200 samples of Antarctic octopuses. Additional samples will be field collected during the project and a live research collection will also be maintained by the student. The student will be based within the University of Queensland’s Department of Biological Sciences under the primary supervision of Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry, with co-supervision by Professor Richard Lewis at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience. A 5K top-up scholarship will be offered to the student who successfully obtains a PhD scholarship. Please email Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry for more information.
915 0 0 No reply
Identification of Aggressive, Large Fish, seen in Maldives
Posted on: 06/12/2010 05:23:46

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me identify a large fish that attacked/behaved aggressively towards me and a friend while out snorkelling in the Maldives. Unfortunately, I have no picture to attach to aid in identifying it. The fish was greyish, about 2m in length by some 1.5m, and a rather compressed, squarish, body and broad head. Seemed broadest at, or immediately behind the head, tapering gently towards the tail. Was a fast swimmer. We had moved off the reef into open water, following a pod of dolphin when it came up at us very quickly from deep water. It behaved very aggressively, charging us, then veering off when just 1-2 meters away to circle beneath us before charging again in a burst of speed. The fish repeated this behaviour, pursuing us until we reached the reef again and shallower water, when it finally abandoned the pursuit. The local dive centre were unable to help identify the fish, and I've tried searching the web for a possible match but as yet have been unsuccessful. Doesn't seem to be a giant grouper (dorsal fin and tail were different, and body was more compressed) or giant trevally (dorsal fin and tail were different, head a bit broader and longer). I would be grateful for any help in identifying this fish. Thank you!
609 1 0 No reply
Fish ID
Posted on: 29/11/2010 05:24:36

First I would like to say thank you for the quick and very qualified answers to questions about fish on FishBase. I am gratefull. And here is another: In a small rock pool, Similan Islands, Thailand, I saw blennies of this species (ca. 10-12 cm long). Which species?
468 1 1 No reply
Fish ID
Posted on: 20/11/2010 07:18:42

This kind og needlefish is found many together around Phi Phi Islands, Thailand. I don't know the species. Often seen with crocodile longtoms.
733 2 7 No reply
Fish ID
Posted on: 20/11/2010 07:16:28

This very common mullet I see often around Phi Phi Islands, but what species is it?
472 1 1 No reply
Fish Identification
Posted on: 20/11/2010 07:14:05

This is a little gobi found in the Similans, Thailand. The species is unknown to me.
484 1 1 No reply
Fish identification
Posted on: 20/11/2010 07:12:08

This little pipefish I saw in Patong Bay, Phuket. I cannot find the species in FishBase.
412 1 1 No reply
Fish identification
Posted on: 20/11/2010 07:09:59

Attached is a small black damsel from Phi Phi Islands, Thailand. What species?
495 2 1 No reply
Fish identification
Posted on: 20/11/2010 07:08:01

This wrasse I have seen many times in Patong, Phuket. I don't know what species. Please help.
477 1 1 No reply
Posted on: 17/11/2010 07:00:24

I this a strange color pattern? Pictures taken by one of my students.
672 2 6 No reply
Posted on: 11/11/2010 10:17:09

Hello I am trying to find information about a fish sold here where I live in Auckland, New Zealand called Sanmar. Can someone please point me to more info on these fish? Or any other known names for this species? I am particularly interested to understand where they are naturally found, and their current stock levels. All I have been able to discover is that they are often used for bait. They are similar to Sardines. Sorry I don't have a picture now, but can post one over the next few days if that is helpful. Many thanks, Louise
2384 3 1 No reply
yellowfin damsel
Posted on: 10/11/2010 10:44:41

changes in colour. why has one fish gone whiter on its sides and the fin gone a vivid yellow . the other one i have has gone a darker blue on sides and there is not much yellow left on its top fin
612 0 0 No reply
Unidentified Chaetodon species
Posted on: 05/11/2010 03:52:49

I am posting this on behalf of a colleague. Has anybody seen this butterflyfish? It looks like C. octofasciatus except that the 3rd and 4th bars are replaced by 2 unconnected ocelli, one on top of the other. This does'nt look like the result of injury - the other side of the fish has the same pattern.
609 5 1 No reply
benifits of embedded scales
Posted on: 30/10/2010 10:50:17

What are the evolutionary benefits of embedded scales? Could they be vestigial remnants of scales that a species no longer needs and is getting rid of but has not yet entirely removed. or have they moved inside intentionally to allow some benefit derived from having exposed skin while still providing some rigidity or protection from the inside? There are always plenty of potential answers but unfortunately I have been unable to find any papers addressing the question. thank you
4101 24 7 No reply
Unknown fish Fuerteventura
Posted on: 29/10/2010 05:26:17

Hi, I found this fish on a beach of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. It is about 150 cm long, covered with small bony spines, has a pointed tail, huge eyes. Does anybody know this species? Thanks Iver
577 3 1 No reply
Channa striata
Posted on: 28/10/2010 16:19:10

Hello. I am looking for research materials on the same stage Channa striata. Who can help me with. Thanks!
3064 2 0 No reply
5620 426 2 0 No reply
ballerus or abramis or what?
Posted on: 25/10/2010 08:57:08

I would be pleased to know if someone can tell me at least if this fish from abramis genre or not Thanks in advance
823 5 1 No reply
Unknown Ray.
Posted on: 22/10/2010 01:43:38

Hello, is it possible to identify this massive ray? It was really big. I took the picture in March at the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth, Western Australia. The quality is bad, but is it maybe even possible to identify the other fish above the ray? Looks really beautiful! Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
1165 2 2 No reply
Unidentified Fish
Posted on: 20/10/2010 09:36:21

Can you please Identify this fish for me
568 6 4 No reply
Salmonidae from Ningaloo Reef?
Posted on: 17/10/2010 12:15:07

Hello, this fish looks to me like a Salmonidae. I took the picture in March at the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth, Western Australia. Is it possible to identify this fish? Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
568 2 1 No reply
Siganus doliatus and another fish
Posted on: 04/10/2010 01:57:55

Hello, I took this picture around the Whitsunday Islands in Australia in the Great Barrier Reef. I think, that the left fish is Siganus doliatus. Is that possible? And is it maybe possible to identify the right fish, I think its a wrasse? Couldn´t find it at fishbase... Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
556 4 1 No reply
What kind of fish?
Posted on: 01/10/2010 05:48:04

Hello I have a few fish in the aquarium, which I do not know any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for replies and best regards, Drago
831 3 7 No reply
5609 670 1 1 No reply
Rachycentron canadum?
Posted on: 17/09/2010 11:54:29

Hello, in March I went on a boattrip in Exmouth, Western Australia, to see the whalesharks. We were lucky and had the chance to see even to of them. It was so amazing and the whalesharks are absolutely beautiful! I send a picture of one of them... Next to the whalesharks there were a few other fishes, like this one on the second photo. Is it Rachycentron canadum? It´s the only similar species I found on fishbase. Thanks in advance for replys and best regards, Mario
567 3 2 No reply
Arothron hispidus and manilensis?
Posted on: 14/09/2010 08:58:27

Hello, this two pufferfishes are from the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth in Western Australia. Am I right, that the species are Arothron hispidus and Arothron manilensis? Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
627 2 2 No reply
Some easy species!?
Posted on: 13/09/2010 09:10:19

Hello, I hope it is okay, that I use this forum so much the last days. I think, that all these species on the pictures are easy to identify. But it is the first time, that I saw them and I really dont know if there are other similar species. If all these species are correct, I promise I will never ever ask about these ones :) Is it possible to identify the wrasse on the picture of Chaetodon auriga? The quality is bad, so its no problem, if an identification isnt possible ;) Many thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
617 3 7 No reply
Dendrochirus zebra?
Posted on: 13/09/2010 01:57:16

Hello, another fish from the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth in Western Australia. Dendrochirus zebra seems to be a good guess when I look at the pictures on fishbase. Does my photo show Dendrochirus zebra or is it another species? Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
536 2 1 No reply
Apogon wassinki?
Posted on: 09/09/2010 08:53:52

Hello, these fishes are quite difficult for me. I took the picture in the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth, Western Australia, March 2010. Apogon wassinki looks quite similar. But isn´t there another species in the photo as well? Can anyone say something to these fishes? Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
634 8 1 No reply
Abudefduf bengalensis?
Posted on: 08/09/2010 10:03:32

Hello everybody, this fish is from the Ningaloo Reef at Coral Bay in Western Australia, too. Is it Abudefduf bengalensis? Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
662 4 1 No reply
Abudefduf sexfasciatus?
Posted on: 07/09/2010 11:35:27

Hello, I took this picture at the Ningaloo Reef in Australia at Coral Bay in March. Am I right, that it ist Abudefduf sexfasciatus? Thanks in advance for replies and best regards, Mario
555 2 1 No reply
Deep Water Fish Identification
Posted on: 05/09/2010 06:47:52

Greetings, here is a deepwater fish that a Marlin had spit up on us, while we were fishing far offshore in the Gulf of Mexico... Not sure if it is a Black Eyed Dragonfish, Hammerjaw, or Viperfish (or something else) Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!
584 1 1 No reply
5600 3771 1 3 No reply
Posted on: 09/08/2010 00:00:01

Onbekend3.JPG and Onbekend2.JPG
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I.D. Help - Fishes caught while collecting.
Posted on: 02/07/2010 08:59:03

Collecting yesterday in So. Maine I caught 2 fish - look to be male and female as one is patterned and the other not. Here are pics of patterned one. Is about 1" long and in 3rd pic can see a suction cup like appendage. They can stick to bucket / glass pretty good.
1070 1 4 No reply
Posted on: 22/06/2010 15:45:45

What kind of rainbowfish is this? It was labelled as Australian rainbowfish at the pet store. I think it might be an eastern..
1105 1 1 No reply
5593 1012 1 1 No reply
gan sy mau tanya gw punya ikan...
Posted on: 15/06/2010 18:57:35

gan sy mau tanya gw punya ikan gaint barb tp ndak tau nama asli atau latinnya tolong gan dibantu nama aslinya thanks
1065 1 1 No reply
Posted on: 26/05/2010 14:30:49

This is some trevallys from Mergui Archipelago. 20 cm long. I don\'t know the species. Photo attached
1043 4 1 No reply
Tade Mullet
Posted on: 20/4/2010 06:47:00

Please let me know does the specimen looks like a Tade Mullet (Liza tade) ? It has a very pointed snout. The specimen was purchased very fresh from a market in Hong Kong. Thank you.
2505 0 1 No reply
Unknown species from Indian Ocean
Posted on: 9/4/2010 12:46:00

Can anyone tell me what fish this is? Filmed in Southern Sulawesi. Curious little guy who walks/hops on the bottom, digging in the sand.
1087 1 1 No reply
using fishbase
Posted on: 5/4/2010 12:47:00

hello.. i am doing research and intend to use fishbase, however, i cant seem to get the information i need. i created a .5 x .5 grid of an area in southern pacific. i want to know the kind of fish that were found/occurred in area as reported in fishbase. i tried querying fishbase in a variety of ways but to no avail. please help!!!
1074 1 0 No reply
Strange fish
Posted on: 31/3/2010 02:04:00

Cna anyone please tell me what kind of fish this is, the mouth is a flap at the bottom\
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/3/2010

I would like to know more about spanish mackerel and on ichtyology.
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Photobacterium in sea water
Posted on: 25/3/2010 00:33:00

Hello to all We are going, for the first time, to isolate Photobacterium damselae subsp. piscicida in sea water. What is the best protocol to use for culture ? Thanks in advance Lilia Messadi
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/3/2010

i am very thankful to fish base team that whenever we face any shortage of information fish base is always with us to provide us knowledge. Recently i have been searching for a fish species (Tor progeneius) i did not get much infortaion. it may happen that the reports on this species are very less available. or the species may be facing threat for which it is not recently available to researcher for further study. in this connection i would like to get help from fish base to ascertain the status of this species in its natural habitat.
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What is this fish?
Posted on: 20/3/2010 07:43:00

Saw it on the sandbar in Jupiter sound. About 9" long.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 16/3/2010

Hello! I do not know if this is the best place to make the following request ... I'm an editor at the Catalan Wikipedia and I specialize in writing articles on species of fish (I've written to date over 22,000 articles) and the problem we face is that we do not have enough pictures to accompany articles ... My question is: is possible to reach some agreement with FishBase, my main source of information, to use your photographs for use on Wikipedia? Of course, at all times, we would emphasize that the origin of the photographs has been courtesy of FishBase. Thanks for your attention. Sincerely, J. A. Corral.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/3/2010

Hi, Last week I caught 4 fish in the Gambia which I can not verify in this fishbase. I am talking about 2 species of jacks, 1 guitarfish, and 1 stingray. Can you identify them for me? Of every of these fish I do have pictures. Please let me know if you want do identify them for me. Thanks.
1106 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 2/3/2010 12:58:00

1043 1 0 No reply
Exallias sp. (F: Blenniidae) identification
Posted on: 28/2/2010 23:47:00

As part of a long term study on the diet of tunas, I have come across what I have identified as a Blenniidae and specifically from the genus Exallias. I seek you time assistance to let me know if my identification is correct or not and potentially to guide me to the species level. You help is much appreciated. General description Standard length size 16.7 mm Body depth 3.9 mm Weight 0.2 g The specimen is elongated and slender. The snout is elongated and the eyes are relatively big compared to the head. There are no apparent spines around the head and opercula area. The specimen has 2 upward and inward facing hooked teeth on both lower and upper jaws. Fin count Dorsal XII to 12 Anal II to 14 Pectoral 15 Caudal 13
1325 0 4 No reply
Red Sea: unknown reef associated species (2)
Posted on: 27/2/2010 04:33:00

Sorry, new link:
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Red Sea: unknown reef associated species
Posted on: 27/2/2010 04:21:00

Who can identify this Red Sea species? Juveniles for sure, each about 4 inches long (10 cm), swimming in a swarm at the back of the reeftop. Mackerels? Any hints, ideas? Thanks! Uli
1065 4 0 No reply
lessepsian imigrands
Posted on: 22/2/2010 02:19:00

I have a work for the lessepsian imigrands and I want to find information on 6 types that I have 1)Siganus rivulatus, 2)Parexocoetus mento, 3)Siganus luridus, 4)Lagocephalus sceleratus, 5)Leiognathus klunzingeri and 6) Stephanolepis diaspros in relation with their ecology and biology that it has relation with theme (with details please) if can somebody help me I would appreciate a lot!! send to my email: [email protected] Thanks!!
1752 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/2/2010

Sir, I am very thankful to the organisers. This website is very useful to us. I am a researcher in Fish Taxonomy and Biology. Earlier I have made a work on Fish Taxonomy.I have some photographs of eels which are not clear in your website. So I sant to send those photos to your website.Please send the proceser in E.mail as early as possible. Thanking you Yours Sincerely K.M.S.Rao
1298 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 18/2/2010 00:32:00

I am a Biological Oceanographer from India,I am doing Ph.D in the Gulf of Mannar region.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 17/2/2010

This web is very good and very importent to make my disertasion
1045 0 0 No reply
Spanish Mackerel Habitat
Posted on: 17/2/2010 20:09:00

Good day. I appreciate if someone could provide me with some info or links on spanish mackerel habitat particularly in the area of Andaman sea. Thank you. M A Sani
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/2/2010

Gostaria de saber se o peixe gigante "Regalecus Glesne" é comestível, se sua carne é boa. Se é verdade que quando ele vem para a praia é para morrer. Se o mesmo acontece com o Salmão, vem morrer na praia.Obrigado. José.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 8/2/2010

Sinceras felicitaciones por el trabajo desarrollado.
966 0 0 No reply
Taste of fish
Posted on: 5/2/2010 03:15:00

Could you please inform the tastiest fresh water / salt water fish?
986 1 1 No reply
Posted on: 28/1/2010 22:10:00

Can anyone help identifying this species. It was caught in 200m sub tropical east coast of Australia Thank you
8826 35 2 sdfsdfdsfrhcbv...
15/09/2019 17:16:37
By : sdfdsf
Fish Body Proportion
Posted on: 27/1/2010 02:07:00

Can any one help me if there is any information regarding fish body proportion using Morphometrics? or is there a standard way of measuring them thank you very much please email me if there is any one who can help [email protected]
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/1/2010

A great tool for the study of fishes. How do I access information on the tracking of the spread of Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome of fish in Africa. Concerned and interested on if this condition which appeared on the continent about 2 years ago will reach Nigeria
1072 0 0 No reply
spawning pajama cardinal (Sphaeramia nematoptera)
Posted on: 22/1/2010 12:48:00

I just discovered the pajama cardinals have spawned, evident by the lower extention of the lower jaw. I raised many African Cichlids in the past and I am familar with the signs of egsg or fry being held. My real question is, does the male release the fry to feed and they retreat to the month of the male until they are to big to fit? If so are released at night? How long do they hold the fry?
1646 2 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/1/2010

Dear FishBase people, First of all I should thank you guys for this great database of information about fish. It's really helpful.I wish you guys all the best. Please keep up the good work. Take Care Jeewantha
1069 1 0 No reply
fish identification
Posted on: 20/1/2010 19:28:00

hi.. i'm a water resources student. during our field work, we found a fish. according to the junior fish expert that came along with us, its not yet in their directory. i needed help in identification of the fish. the body looks like puffer fish but its not. i have the picture, but i didnt know how to put it inside the forum since i'm new to this. can anybody help?
2368 4 5 No reply
Orange Filefish
Posted on: 20/1/2010 13:59:00

Orange filefish travel in pairs or as singles. When they are in pairs, there is almost always a brightly colored one paired with a much duller spotted one. Never 2 dull spotted ones or 2 birghtly colored ones together. Always one of each. As far as I know it has nothing to do with gender. Is there an answer?
1105 5 0 No reply
ID for Spicara
Posted on: 17/1/2010 04:51:00

Hi, Who can help me with the ID of this fish? I think it is Spicara smaris, but looking at the pictures in Fishbase, the difference with Spicara Maena is not so clear. Pictures are made in Croatia during spawning of this species
1024 3 1 No reply
fish identification
Posted on: 16/1/2010 05:16:00

Frank Hart caught this fish 12 miles off Antigua south coast in the Caribbean & would like someone to identify the fish.The depth of water was approx 1000', but the fish was caught on the surface.
1078 1 3 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/1/2010

If you expect a reply, please check this box to also post this entry in the FishForum.
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What is this fish?!
Posted on: 13/1/2010 14:18:00

Hey all I've been told that this is the best place to come for a fish identification. I have a tropical tank and I have had this fish for about a year... Don't know what it is though!! It's about 5 inches from tip to tail and quite agressive. It's not in any books I've looked in so would appreciate some help! Thanks guys!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/1/2010

Thank you for this website. I learn so many type of fish from this web. I need an information about Osphronemus septemfasciatus and for Osphronemus exodon, I think here in Indonesia especially Borneo, we have this type. why? because I have the similar one, which I got from west Borneo. Thank you for your help. Rgds, Wira Arifin
1113 2 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/1/2010

Hi and happy new year to all fish people, I am a PhD graduate of the University of Guelph (1990), I am ecotoxicologist. This is a great database for information about fish species/ etc. Thanks to all people who created this amazing tool. For some year I worked on fish ecotoxicology of the Caspian Sea and now I am more involved with the Persian Gulf pollutions. Best regards, Ahmad Mahdavi, PhD, ecotoxicologist, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
1191 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/1/2010

Long Line Fishermen in Tanzanian EEZ cought uncommon fish in this region. I made a photo and one of my friend in USA I dentified it as Lamris gutttus. I submited it to Fishbase database.
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