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Topics for 2009
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Fish distribution maps
Posted on: 30/12/2009 11:46:00

Two questions: 1) Does anyone know of any digital distribution maps (either GIS-friendly shapefiles, or even just .jpgs) for freshwater fish species in North America? 2) Is it possible to search FishBase for sub-national (e.g. state level) distributional information? For example, getting state species lists? Is this sort of info more readily obtainable for other parts of the world? Thanks, Allen
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tank mates
Posted on: 27/12/2009 14:22:00

can you keep a skunk grouper, fuzzy dwarf lion, blue throat grouper, dog face puffer together. I have a blue throat trigger and fuzzy dwarf lion now, want to add the others but not sure if good idea?
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max size of louti skunk grouper
Posted on: 27/12/2009 14:20:00

wondering what the max size of skunk grouper will be. havent found much good info on it one says min tank 75 gal other says 300 gal puts cherry in with skunk not sure if its me maybe its same fish not sure
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/12/2009

your site The Best Refrence for study about fishes
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Posted on: 19/12/2009 19:30:00

i need some information about walking catfish...
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Fishing in the Gulf of Aden
Posted on: 18/12/2009 04:01:00

Hi, Im looking for big companies who actually work these days in the Gulf of Aden. Does someone know? was someone there recently?
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fish ID
Posted on: 7/12/2009 16:25:00

East coast. Northern NSW Australia. Saw a blue/ white fish about 50 mm in length, but trailing behind it for 3 to 4 times it's body length were blue streamers and white ones trailing off it's fins. underneathe it's body were little almost like 2 little arms blackish in colour. I first thought it was a blue bottle!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/12/2009

Fishbase Hallo! I enjoy your brilliant web site!
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help ID this fish?
Posted on: 7/12/2009 08:13:00

hello, can you help ID this fish:
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 6/12/2009

سلام خدمت شما\همكاري
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CD rom
Posted on: 6/12/2009 05:36:00

I am interested in a CD rom (preferably with search facilities and a bit up to date) of the fishbase. Can I buy one somewhere? I cannot find it on the site. Not on the homepage and not in the 'book'. Or do my browsers with Mac spoil things? (Safari and Firefox I use). One more thing: Why do I first see all sex messages on the forum??? I thought I was at the wrong place.... Please remove those and prevent them from placing these on the forum. Or is that impossible?
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Fish Identification
Posted on: 4/12/2009 06:21:00

I'm a researcher from India and I'm studying the traditional fisheries along the Coromandel coast. As the major part of my work is focussed on fish ID (part of the biodiversity component) I was wondering if I could post pics here when I need help in identifying certain groups. I've only recently started morphometry but the volume of data coming in does not allow me the luxury or doing morphometrics for all fish sps! I use Fishbase alot and think it makes a huge difference for researchers like me. Getting back to my query, if I do post pics here, how long would it take for someone to get back to me regarding this? I've put up one pic on Fishbase of the species Caesio caerulaurea and have not yet received a confirmation regarding my identification till date. Hope to hear from you soon.
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Posted on: 4/12/2009 06:01:00

Help... wahts that for a fish...
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reproducciòn y alimentaciòn
Posted on: 3/12/2009 09:20:00

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from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/12/2009

i am very much interste of fishes biology, this material very helpful for me.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/12/2009

Greetings, I would like to suggest that the article on Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) include 'Asian Seabass' as the first Common Name listed (it is currently conspicuously absent) as Asian Seabass is probably the most widely used common name for this species used by FAO and others in the international community. Additionally, when one searches Fishbase for 'Asian Seabass' under Common Names, only the US shows up as a referenced country when in fact this is the de facto (non-native language) common name used within most of the major producing countries (Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam). Thanks for the great work you do. I trust these suggestions will be useful and can be incorporated into the database.
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endogenous bacterias and fishs bite
Posted on: 27/11/2009 21:02:00

hello. I need information about endogenous bacterias associated with fish´s bite. bacterias like a monster gila or komodo dragon bites. Im sorry for my english, is no good. thank you
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 27/11/2009

My english is not very good, but I think that the fishbase is a good font of information to learn about fishes. This type of information can help many people in different areas like biological, fish farming, etc.
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Posted on: 24/11/2009 15:27:00

How many years need a specie to change For example, Same specie: Salmo Salar. first introduction to Argentina: 1904. Second introduction: 2009. Both "exotic" for us. Could we said that exist any diferences among them? Was enough quantity of time?
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Posted on: 24/11/2009 06:21:00

Hi. What should I do to upload avatar in my profile? Thanks.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 17/11/2009

I would like to know if it is possible to use some of the photos on your database for a profil project we are currently working on called Underwater World. Do I simply need to provide a credit or do I need to do more. Thanks in advance for the information! Jacquie The species I am looking for are : - Muskellunge - Rainbow trout - short finned squid - Yellowtail Flounder
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name of the drid seacucumber
Posted on: 17/11/2009 09:22:00

dear sir we are looking name of the sea cucumber of mauritania dor sending photo fersh sea cucumber contacte my email
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/11/2009

Fish Base is my Bible .I´m responsible for the Temaikén Aquarium ,and I have to look for different names ,species ,etc.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/11/2009

I have been doing fisheries studies in Ghana over the last couple of years in the Tano and Pra river basins. I have numerous photos of fish species from the study areas that could be useful to fishbase and other researchers. How do I make contributions of these photos to fishbase. I believe I may have some photos for species for wich you have no current photos or images. Please let me know. Best Regards, Mike McDowell
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mystery fish
Posted on: 8/11/2009 16:16:00

i bought this fish home from the pet store i work was hidden in a log..i thought it was a catfish..because it has is albino or palomino in has a wide mouth with an under keeps getting bigger so i know its the one whos been eating some of my other 2 elephant nose, a betta, to name a cant eat anything else since they are all bigger than him now..of course so was the elephant im now feeding him shrimp pellets..maybe thats why he stopped eating the other fish...idk.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/11/2009

Fantastic database with a link in, in Madeira's fish list. Thank you for your knowlage and work!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/11/2009

i want to know about the fish amblypharyngodon mola
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/11/2009

Dear Sir/Madam, In case there are new changes in the taxonomy(all aspects) of any fish, may you please send me information (e.g. a newsletter, etc. ) about it. I need this new information so as to update my lectures and laboratories in my Ichthyology classes. This will make your organization a more organized one in disseminating important accurate information. Thanks a lot. Best regards, Prof. Ichthyologist
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/11/2009

Need the paper, especially photo of N. mcdadei Johnson, 2002
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Posted on: 2/11/2009 05:02:00 Does anyone can identify this fish? I have met it a lot of times swimming inside the Poseidon oceanica weeds. It is probably a juvenile and it leaves in Aegean sea in the east part of Mediterranean sea.
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environment tables
Posted on: 30/10/2009 08:04:00

Will FishBase generate tables that include species-specific habitat-related information? I would like to generate tables of species that include information from the Environment section of species pages: 1. Scientific name 2. Freshwater, brackish water (or estuarine), marine, and possibly salinity range 3. Potamodromous, oceanodromous, catadromous, anadromous, amphidromous or non-migratory 4. Possibly water temperature range if known If FishBase cannot provide such information in a table, might I be able to obtain that information electronically elsewhere? Thank you for any advice.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 30/10/2009

hola como puedo ubicar esta referencia numero 26423
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Ice fish
Posted on: 29/10/2009 13:28:00

Hi everyone!! I would like to ask.. is there a list of species of fish that live in north and south pole?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 20/10/2009

Thanks for all the information...!!!
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need help to identify
Posted on: 11/10/2009 03:51:00

hi there i was wondering if any new about a fish i bought an at the shop it was called a round loachee it looks like a worm or eel with out the fins its about 5 cm long an it has red an black stripes down it body i have tried to look it up on the net with no luck so any help would be muchly appreciated
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Posted on: 8/10/2009 20:13:00

hi there. i am looking to retreive all relevent case history data (species, location, distribution, frequency etc.) for ciguatera fish poisoning that was collected (and presumably updated from the ICMaP database). preferably i would like to obtain these data in one database as opposed to searching by species on the web link. is this possible?
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Introductions of Lates perches into Lake Victoria
Posted on: 3/10/2009 02:52:00

Introduction of Nile perch in Lake Victoria was made by transplanting Albert,Edward and Turkana perches but, today the Nile perch found in Lake Victora is mainly one species! Does it mean that all other species were not fit in Lake Victoria environments? However, Lakes Edward and Albert are morelss having the same climatic conditions. What could be the reason? Thank you.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 30/9/2009

I dont have a comment about your site. I just want to know if you have the list of different indigenous fishes here in the Philippines for our references. Thanks and God bless.
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fish ID
Posted on: 30/9/2009 08:47:00

hi im having troble in identifying a particular fish species... could u please help me.. its as freshwater fish with 7 fins...
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 29/9/2009

Just bought a Catfish and am interested in getting to know the species better. I have a large aquarium with one Ray etc and would love too know more as I'm a novel fishkeeper and having lost a ray even though I check the water regularly I'd appreciate some advice to insure I don't lose any more and I think this forum will help. Kind Regards Patrick
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 29/9/2009

i love fishes...fishbase keep me on track and helps me review lessons i learned when i was still in college (have taken my Bachelor's Degree in Fisheries)
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Fish ID help with Family?
Posted on: 29/9/2009 20:29:00

Hi, We have a request to help ID the fish at Looks like a blenny to me but I'm having trouble IDing it on FishBase. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch for any help, David
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Information about fins
Posted on: 28/9/2009 20:08:00

I'm looking for some specific information about fish and their fins as part of a small research I'm doing on the subject. I would really appreciate it if you could answer the questions bellow, since I assume you posses a lot of knowledge in that area. 1) Are there are any fish that their fins are not being used for swimming at all? (if there are any, could you please tell me their names?) 2) Does every fish have to have at least one fin, or are there some that got no fins at all? (if there are any, could you please tell me their names too?) Thank you very much.
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Posted on: 23/9/2009 22:49:00

On a recent dive trip to Layang Layang I came across what appeared to be pseudanthias but they were entirely blue. They are not in FB or in Lieske or Debelius. I took a good pix. Could this be an endemic of the S.China Sea?
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Lamprey observation, identification help please
Posted on: 23/9/2009 17:34:00

Hi, I came across this lamprey 2 days ago and would like to add an observation report about it, but I'm really not sure of the specie; it's obviously parasitic, and so according to what I read could be a Sea Lamprey, but it looks very different from the photos I could see (maybe a juvenile?). It was in the Mille-Iles river in Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada. Pictures: While at it, I would be very curious to know what species of fish the host is too. Thanks in advance!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 16/9/2009

I want to know about food and feeding of fresh water cat fish.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 15/9/2009

We Found some fish in Citarum River, West Java Indonesia, but very difficult to identified, becouse I have no refferences. People around the river say itu "LALAWAK". I try to compared with FB picture and I have conclusion as Barbonymus altus, but I am not sure. I have some picture, take at September 13, 2009, but I affraid to attach to FB, I affraid its wrong species. please help me to identified this species. Please check
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whats that fish
Posted on: 15/9/2009 02:31:00

Hi guys, my first time using this forum. just wondering if anyone could tell me wat type of fish i have in my tank, I have attacht a picture to this massage and i was wanting some breeding info too. posibly correct pH. levels, temp, and objects needed to make them feel at home. at the moment they are sitting at about 23.0 c and pH. is nutral thanks jason.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/9/2009

I massively appreciate your services.thank you so much
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unknown fish
Posted on: 13/9/2009 06:24:00

In 1978 to 1983 when doing exploratory rivers as a young river guide in Costa Rica, I came across an unusual fish in the mountains on the Alantic Side. I consider myself a keen observer of nature and a very good birder (my only fish studies was in a Marine biology course), but I know little of fish and have always wondered about this fish. I think I have determined it was some sort of Gobi (Cling fish) but not sure. One Febuary, I came across a small dead fish in the Rio Chirripo Alantico, at between 3000-4000ft elevation, it is a fast moving river with lots of large rapids. The fish was about 5 inches long, mostly tan, but had some bright blue markings, very smooth skinned and had a large mouth (which at the time I recognized as gobi like), but most unusual was the suction cup on the ventral side where the pectoral fins met. The next year at about the same time (maybe a mth earlier) I was exploring the river to the north, called the Rio Pacure. I was at a somewhat lower elevation, but still a clear fast moving rocky river with large rapids, we were camped below a large cataract and I noticed large schools of minnow sized fish (1-2 inches) moving determinedly upstream. There were millions of these small brown fish and they appeared to be a smaller version of the dead fish I had found the year before, except no blue color. There were two nonstop line(both morning and through the night) of the smallest fish very near the shore in water about 4-12 inches deep and another line of the larger fish in water about 2 feet deep, these lines of fish where on both sides of the river. Once they got to the large volcanic boulders that formed the rapid they would swim(swarm) up in mass over boulders near shore that had intermittent and varying flows over them, the distance the fish had to go up in this rapid was atleast 20 feet and the boulders were jumbled with vertical faces, that the fish were climbing. Many of the individual boulders they clung to had approximately 5 foot vertical faces. When the surge of water over a boulder backed off they would cling to the rock face and each other with their suction cups in mass groups entirely covering the rock in places, many losing grip and falling back into the torrent. Then they would hold still and wait. When another surge of of water came over the rocks the fish would in mass swim like mad up the face and the rocks would appear to be wiggling. The optimum surge appeared to be 1-3 inches of water. I spent hours that evening and the next morning observing them and scooping up handfuls of these little fish that were filling the small pockets of water beneath these boulders and catch the ones falling back in my cupped hands and move them above their obstacle. The tiny pools of water just below the most diffucult obstacles were brimming with these little guys, more fish than water in some cases as they all jostled and squirmed to get in position to make the leap up the boulder while awaitng the next water surge. Fascinating moment in my life and I have always wondered if anyone else had ever seen this? i look forward to hearing from the experts.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/9/2009

there is a bug in this site web who is the webmaster???
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Electric Eel?
Posted on: 8/9/2009 12:00:00

While diving here in Ireland three weeks ago I came across the guy in the attachment. I took that photo in the aquarium in NOLA Looking for a positive ID please, it's bugging me!
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zebra fish
Posted on: 8/9/2009 10:29:00

Is it possible for a zebra fish to die from having to much eggs in it belly? ,and how can i identify the sex of this type of fish?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/9/2009

please i,m working on cichlidae and clariidae in an abandoned mining lake,can you help me with information on the impact of mining on the biology of these families,importantly on their reproduction and fecundity; food and feeding habit. i will be grateful if you can get back to me thanks.
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Posted on: 4/9/2009 08:15:00

HELP!! I recently spotted a school (?) of 8 tropical fish in Wakayama prefecture japan. They had the body shape of an angel fish BUT they were dark and light blue striped!! They also had very long tails, one coming off their heads(top) and one coming off their bottoms! these 'tails' were a sparkling blue color and moved around like dancing ribbons, in the water!! Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of them. Does anyone know what kind of fish they could be?? I have been searchin for pics online and I haven'T found anything even remotely similar to what I saw!! If you can HELP ME, please!! thanks!!
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Unknown black "waving" fish
Posted on: 31/8/2009 02:58:00

In the agean sea, at the island of kythnos, while I was swimming with my mask, I saw at a depth of ~3 m, on a rocky bottom, a black coloured fish, not more than 25cm long, which instead of pectoral fins it had something looking like a membran propagating like a wave in the fishes longitudinal direction and movement. Has anyone any idea what kind of fish (or other species) this is?
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wierd fish
Posted on: 28/8/2009 16:12:00

Hi all, trying to identify a fish some friends found washed up on a north sea facing beach in the UK. See following if attachment fails... Would appreciate it if anyone can help, i can't find anything even similar on any fish identification websites.
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New name for family Arridae
Posted on: 27/8/2009 00:25:00

I found lots of Genus Arius changed to new name. Is it means Fishbase realy changed the name.
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Unknown fish
Posted on: 24/8/2009 21:29:00

Sorry, message 22708- & 9 did not attach my foto correctly. Will try again. Is this still Fish Forum? I cought this fish in a small stream in Betty's Bay near Cape Town in South Africa. Not sure what it is. Can somebody help me identify it?
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Unknown Fish
Posted on: 24/8/2009 12:14:00

Is this still Fish Forum? I cought this fish in a small stream in Betty's Bay near Cape Town in South Africa. Not sure what it is. Can somebody help me identify it?
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Unknown fish
Posted on: 24/8/2009 11:44:00

Is this still Fish Forum? I cought this fish in a small stream in Betty's Bay near Cape Town in South Africa. Not sure what it is. Can somebody help me identify it?
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Cat Fish Farming
Posted on: 22/8/2009 09:10:00

Please can some body tell me how to identify a cat fish fingerling that will grow over 1kg in weight. And where can one source for good quality feed for concrete pond cat fish
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 20/8/2009

The Turkish name (sea of Marmara region) for the Rainbow Wrasse (Symphodus Tinca) is "Lapina"
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Posted on: 16/8/2009 15:45:00

caught in Belfast Lough while shore fishing but we don't know its type.see pic can you assist many thanks
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 15/8/2009

I have a pix of a fish I caught that no one seems to be able to identify. Can you please help? It appears to be some kind of snapper, caught on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Even the natives don't know what it is but it's beautiful. Here's the link: or try: I would appreciate anyone's help!! Sue
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Posted on: 13/8/2009 09:40:00

what aquarium fish would be heavy on the top thin on the bottom and look like a dragonfly?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/8/2009

It is a great achievement to envisage the idea and start a website like this. It is the reflection of the great commitment, hard work and huge efforts put by all the persons involved. The website is informative and well presented. I liked to browse the site and has added so many new species from the world. Congratulation once again sir for a beatiful database with all the details.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 6/8/2009

This site is very good because have so much things about fish!!!! Congratulations!!!
881 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 2/8/2009 03:40:00

i am doing a quiz where all answers are sea dwellers from queensland waters in Australia, clue is lazy fish answer has two words with 7 and 8 letters
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Can someone identify this fish
Posted on: 1/8/2009 08:11:00

Seen while snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh Ras Nosrani area. Small fish, thought it was a Goby or Blenny but cant be sure.Only about three inches long
903 2 1 No reply
help identify please
Posted on: 1/8/2009 04:36:00

caught in Belfast Lough while shore fishing but we don't know its type.see pic can you assist many thanks
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Unknown Eel
Posted on: 31/7/2009 16:22:00

Hey everyone Snapped this guy (there were 2 identical in the hole) in Philippines. Head was about size of my thumb. No more info, ideas please?
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Help me identify this fish!
Posted on: 29/7/2009 19:13:00

This fish was photographed in Sipidan, Borneo. I have looked all over but cannot find the type of fish. It seems maybe like a Wrasse or Snapper but can't find it. Please help!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/7/2009

Sometimes I´m visiting your growup excellent forum. Now! I´m loking one fish named - BELONIDAE (Tylosurus Acus) you have no photos - ISTIOPHORIDAE(Tetrapturus Belone) 2 fishies are loking the same in Turkey for boat of fishes they ZARGANA AZMANI (big belonidae) Please help ! [email protected]
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/7/2009

refer to your pictures for different country to have a common point of view.
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Unable to identify fish.
Posted on: 19/7/2009 12:52:00

I recently spotted this fish close to shore in the Gulf of Mexico, off St Pete's Beach in Florida. I have been trying to identify it with no luck - any help would be appreciated. I am having no luck uploading the photo's direct so here are the links to them;
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Male female floran fish diffrenciation
Posted on: 18/7/2009 12:31:00

I have 4 floran fishes. I couldn't find which is male & which female. Could u guide me?
2479 0 2 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/7/2009

I have a question about aquatic weed control. I know grass carp can be used for it but I was wondering if that since things like goldfish and koi eat plants too whether or not they are any use at all for controlling aquatic plants.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/7/2009

I want to know all about the species of catfish and the best for artificial breeding.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/7/2009

Concerning comments on Lophotes Fiski Gunther, I was 8 or 9 years old when my dad captured a Lophotes Fiski Gunther while surf fishing at Boca Raton Fla. This is the first reference I run across and was delighted to read. I still have the mounted at our home. 6'10'' and the fish shrank by app. 4" while transporting to our home in Fort Lauderdale. The Miami Hearld reported this at the time. Steve Thomas
844 0 0 No reply
aquatic weed control
Posted on: 13/7/2009 10:06:00

I heard that you can use grass carp to control aquatic plants? I was just wondering if anyone knew whether Goldfish and koi were any good for doing this too?
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What is this?
Posted on: 11/7/2009 11:16:00

Took this photo of a blenny (I think) on Elphinstone reef in the Red Sea at about 10m depth. Can anyone identify it?
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English common name of the fish
Posted on: 10/7/2009 01:35:00

I got to aware that there are dominant enlgish common name with "Japanese .... " comparing with other countries. Why it should be ? As Japan is sharing water body with Korea and China, which means that fish species is same with what they call as Japanese ... anyone would suggest why ?
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all fish species in french, dutch, german and engl
Posted on: 3/7/2009 01:38:00

hellow, has someone a list of all fish species in french, dutch, german, english and Scientific Name (if it is possible). I also search a list of al mutations of fish, also in french, dutch, german, english and Scientific Name (if it is possible). Has someone such list? thanks, Corneel
826 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/6/2009

Wonderful site,great for personal reserch,however,I just have one problem. The New Zealand Black flounder is listed as an Australian fish. Be great to get this sorted...bloody Aussies steal enough of our stuff as it is,lol. Keep up the great work. Mark
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/6/2009

We collected a large black fish that had just beached itself while on vacation this month in South Florida. None of the local fishermen had ever seen a fish like this so I photographed it and froze it. I emailed the photos to several scientists in Florida and now the frozen specimen will soon be examined by the University of Florida Icythyology staff. Would you like to see the photos? They think the fish is Cubiceps or Psenes, Family Nomeidae.
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yellow snake eel in Florida
Posted on: 24/6/2009 18:24:00

Yesterday I saw an eel I have never seen before at Commercial Pier in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. It was skinny and yellow. It might have been a juvenile sharptail eel which is common where I was diving but I have never seen a juvenile one before so I don't know what it looks like. It was bigger than the ID descriptions say the orange moray is. It had a sharply pointed bright yellow tail. It was searching fast through the rocks on the bottom of the water at about 12-15 feet deep.
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dive buddies
Posted on: 24/6/2009 05:46:00

If anyone is available to dive in Ft Lauderdale or Pompano and would like a dive buddy, feel free to ask. I just need a day's advance notice. [email protected]
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yellow snake eel
Posted on: 24/6/2009 05:45:00

I am trying to post a message about a yellow sharptail eel but I can't seem to post it. Please help. Ariane
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Tropical Fishwatching Group
Posted on: 22/6/2009 00:30:00

Hi I've started a Facebook Group for those interested in fish watching in Shallow Tropical Reef and Muck Marine (STRAMM) habitats. If you're a Facebook member, look it up - STRAMM Fish Watch - and send me a request to join. Feel free to tell your friends and colleagues too. You might also be interested in a general website I've set up for Tropical Fishwatchers: Ditch
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Strange ray
Posted on: 20/6/2009 01:23:00

took this picture off the coast of Zanzibar (eastern indian ocean) while diving. first time seeing this kind of ray and cant get an ID. looks like a southern stingray but we dont get them here... any ideas?
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Fish identification
Posted on: 18/6/2009 16:20:00

HELP: I need to identify these attached species. Were captured in Guinea Bissau. Thanks!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/6/2009

Please use the Chinese translation of the text again, I can not understand
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Peces del Golfo de California
Posted on: 17/6/2009 12:55:00

I would like to know more about the endemic fish from Golf California. If you studies about them please write. You know some fish names endemic from this zone? Tk.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 17/6/2009

Soy Administrador de Parques Nacionales en el Santuario de Flora y Fauna El Corchal "El Mono Hernández" y me interesa mucho recibir información respecto al tema.
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Fish identification
Posted on: 16/6/2009 23:22:00

I`ts about 30 cm. I`m not sure I`ts Carassius carassius, C. c. gibelio, C. gibelio or.....!!!
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Posted on: 16/6/2009 11:25:00

what are the longest-living fishes?
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Fish identification
Posted on: 16/6/2009 04:32:00

Please, can anybody help me to identify this species of Carassius, from blacksea basen, in southeastern Balcan, Kosovo.
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Malaysian goby ID
Posted on: 9/6/2009 11:25:00

I wonder why my question was deleted? I'll try again: Any help to ID'ing this goby's genus and perhaps species would be greatly appreciated. It was caught on the east side of Malaysia (South china sea/west Pacific), near the island of Rawa in Johor. If I remeber correctly it was caught in around 10-15 meters of water. The white stuff at the mouth is just the squid bait.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/6/2009

Sir/Madam : May I share to you our weblog-, so that you may now us more. Our flag ship fish is milkfish-Chanos chanos. We look forward for a possible collaboration in any ways in the future.
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fish found in Canary Islands
Posted on: 3/6/2009 03:32:00

Hello, What fish is it?
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help id this fish
Posted on: 3/6/2009 01:37:00

All I know is it is a saltwater fish from an aquarium store.
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new forum
Posted on: 2/6/2009 11:09:00

Since the subject matter of the last two posts had nothing to do with fisah. I suspect a sign in and password is needed. Ron
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Fish from Eastern Island 2
Posted on: 29/5/2009 13:49:00

(Continued from post 17826 below): ....Or I can figure out what the filename was supposed to be :-) I've reposted one of Fernando's pics below, something in the Haemulidae/grunt family perhaps?
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Fish from Eastern Island
Posted on: 28/5/2009 09:21:00

My friend Mike Rapu found this fish in a 300 meters deep line in Eastern Island (Rapa Nui). Any body knows it? Thanks
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What is this fish?
Posted on: 25/5/2009 05:55:00

Hello, I have encountered a very strange fish in the Black Sea, which I never saw before, and nobody seems to be able to tell me what it is.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/5/2009

Iam a capeverdean student of Marine Biology Master in Portugal. About the specie Coris atlantica in Cape Verde i think there could have a subspecie or other specie in the same genera- Coris sp. I think we need genetic studies in that to know exacly how many species of Coris, we have in Cape Verde.
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Salmo distribution
Posted on: 19/5/2009 15:35:00

Hi, in an archaeological sample from Yucatan, we found an otolith, apparently from Salmo. As I searched the (modern) distribution of that genus, I found that those fishes only occur naturally in Eurasia and Africa. Is that true? Or do / did these animals also occur in the American continent (northern hemisphere, I presume)? The find is about 1000 years old and was stratigraphically verified. Thank you in advance for an answer, Christopher Götz
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Mystery Fish
Posted on: 18/5/2009 18:12:00

I found this fish in about 3 feet of water off Eleuthera, Bahamas. It is about an inch long. It was found in a quiet bay - a typical sand and rubble environment. I think it is a goby, can anyone identify it? - Louis
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Fish ID
Posted on: 16/5/2009 16:27:00

Can you identify the Scorpionfish scientific and common names What is the scientific name for the Black Lionfish? What is the common name for the other fish?[email protected]/3537129726/in/photostream/[email protected]/3537150688/in/photostream/[email protected]/3536331585
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Fish ID
Posted on: 16/5/2009 16:27:00

Can you identify the Scorpionfish scientific and common names What is the scientific name for the Black Lionfish? What is the common name for the other fish?
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Nemipteridae or Priachantidae
Posted on: 12/5/2009 21:24:00

Dear milister, does any body known what kind of species is fish number 10 and 13 ? is it nemipteridae or priachantidae ? thanks Ahmad Mukminin WCS Marine Indonesia Program Aceh Representative Office Weh Island Aceh, Sumatra
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Another un identified fish
Posted on: 12/5/2009 20:07:00

Thanks for the is very helpful... actually we are in the middle of reef fish catch by fishermen in Weh Island, Sumatra... there's also 3 pictures of fishes that we can't identified yet... but, it is a big shame to sent it again to this forum many thanks thorke... regards AM
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LionFish ID
Posted on: 12/5/2009 19:36:00

Can I get some help identifying the Lionfish at I have several images in that set, unlabelled. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted on: 7/5/2009 22:46:00

Bonjour a tous, Je cherche une facon d'obtenir le systeme ELEFAN et ses programmes. Quelqu'un saurait-il m'orienter vers une source qui pourrait me transmettre le programme ou alors me donner quelques conseils a ce sujet. Merci par avance
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commun name of fish
Posted on: 6/5/2009 05:53:00

Good morning every body. Je ne sait pas si le nom est correct, mais il m'a était donné comme ça et je veux savoir les synonymes en français et english: Miscellaneous variado ... Merci d'avance...
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unidentified fish
Posted on: 5/5/2009 20:03:00

dear all, does anybody know what kind of species this fish regards Ahmad mukminin
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Forum is practically worthless
Posted on: 22/4/2009 22:21:00

This forum is a spam magnet. I have no time for this kind of crap. Get a better forum, this is just a freaking Blog. A shity one at that. Better of getting rid of the forum.
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growth parameters
Posted on: 20/4/2009 00:31:00

Dear sir, I am having problem in estimating growth parameters (Linfiniti, k and to) using Ford-Walford plot. The to value that I got from the plot is not reliable. I understand that there is a kind of software that can be used to calculate and estimate all the growth parameters. Could you please suggest me on what other method on how to get all the values correctly? For your infomation, I am doing research on fish growth of arowana. Thanks very much.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 15/4/2009

YOUR SITE IS AMAZING!! I live by it! How often do you guys up-date? I have many types of fish (names and barely any info) that you do not have a lot of information on. Is it just not out there or have you not been up-dated? This is not a critizm, I cannot find them either, but I was just wondering. =) for example: Ancherythroculter kurematsui
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/4/2009

Formo parte del grupo de personal de la agencia gubernamental llamada Cominsión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (CONANP). La información de varias especies de peces en el Golfo de California nos son de suma importancia. Por ahora la consulta ha sido muy valiosa. Me pregunto ahora, ¿Como es que se debe citar las distintas páginas que son consultadas dentro de Fishbase para que se les otorgue el respectivo conocimiento? Gracias y saludos
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/4/2009

Dear sir, Good day and greetings from Craft Concepts International based in Karachi. Sir, at the moment, we are upgrading our website and putting in new and more information about export and fish industry of Pakistan, so outside world could have more and easy access from more than one link. In this connection, we are planning to use some data publish on Fishbase onto our website( Please let me know, who should I contact at Fishbase for having official permission. Sincerely Zulfiqar
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Cardinalfish identification
Posted on: 3/4/2009 03:34:00

Hi. Is anyone able to help me identify the attached Cardinalfish (3-4 cm), photographed in the daytime under a jetty off north Borneo? Of note to me are its forked tail, larger 1st dorsal fin (some of the shoal had no black tipped dorsal fin which is otherwise also interesting), translucency, yellowish snout, and lack of caudal base spot. Thanks.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 31/3/2009

I am very interested in the study of connectivity of CCaribbean ecosystems. The fishes are a key element in my study and a tool as FishBase is a right hand. I hope get benefits from the Base and I contribute to the development of the Base too.
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Posted on: 28/3/2009 09:08:00

I've run across the term "ambiguous synonym" on FishBase and some other sites. Can someone direct me to a definition? Nothing appears in ICZN (that I can find).
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Unknown fish
Posted on: 24/3/2009 12:24:00

Please help me to identify fish on the attached photo
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Unknown fish
Posted on: 24/3/2009 04:40:00

I cought these fishes with a net in a stream about 10cm deep, 50cm wide and only about 5 meter from where the water sypher from the ground and the stream begins. This is in Betty's Bay, coastal village about 100km from Cape Town in South Africa. The fishes is about 4cm long and I see them in other small streams with tadpoles to. Can somebody help me identify them please?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/3/2009

this book i think that is the best resource which exists!!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/3/2009

very useful web, thanks, ned more information about fish filogeny, embriology, genetics....I should be traduced to croatian language,
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orange roughy samples
Posted on: 16/3/2009 19:57:00

Hello, My name is Andrea Varela; I am from Chile and now I am starting my PhD studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. I am trying to make contact with people that could help me getting samples of orange roughy from any place of the world. My PhD project is about the study of the genetic structure and connectivity among populations of orange roughy and I am intended to do it in a global scale. It would be great if anyone could help me with this! Cheers, Andrea
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Rare Fish
Posted on: 13/3/2009 23:34:00

Hallo, i'm philip from Papua New Guinea. We are currently developing Maraine Aquarium trade here in PNG.Fish Collectors from one of area sites have caught a rare species of Wrasse, believed to be rare.. pls if anyone can help id it and tell us what fish it is... our guess would be a Halichoeres sp...
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Makkarel photos
Posted on: 12/3/2009 17:42:00

I'll tray to load picture,again
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Posted on: 12/3/2009 06:20:00

Please could you help me identify this fish?
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Posted on: 12/3/2009 06:16:00

Please could you help me identify this fish?
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Hi All review
Posted on: 8/3/2009 06:44:00

Excellent site and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. It's taken me literally 1 hours and 46 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)
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does anyone know what this is?
Posted on: 4/3/2009 22:56:00

hey everyone i know this is an eel but im not sure what type i caught it in a marina in qld and thought it was really strange in that it has a row of teeth in the cetre of its top jaw
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Can Someone please tell me what this is?
Posted on: 4/3/2009 22:42:00

i caught this is a marina in queensland australia was just wondering if anyone knows what it is i thought it was strange as it has a row of teeth down the centre of its top jaw cheers
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what kind of fish is this?
Posted on: 4/3/2009 15:37:00

i caught one of these fish and put it in my tank, i'd like to know what it's called
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Sending my paper's list
Posted on: 2/3/2009 11:48:00

First, I should thank you for you valuable Scientific activities in Fishbase. I wanna submit you my International scientific articles as Fishbase references
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/3/2009

Dear Colleagues The Fish Base Office First, I should thank you for you valuable Scientific activities in Fishbase. I wanna submit you my International scientific articles as Fishbase references. Guide me please to send you my paper's list. ------------- Sincerely Your's Masoud Hedayatifard (PhD) -------------------------------------------------------- Chairmanof Fisheries Sciences and Technology Department Agriculture and Natural Resources College Islamic Azad University, Ghaemshahr, PO Box: 163, Iran. Tel: (+98-123) 2240672 - 2261144 Fax: (+98-123) 2240090 - 2261147 e-mail: [email protected]
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confrence on fish and fisheries
Posted on: 28/2/2009 23:04:00

Hi All Could anybody assisst me in locating a website shoing list confrences and workshops on fish and fisheries issues. Your assistant will be much appreciated. Please contact me on my e-mail: [email protected]
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What species is this?
Posted on: 26/2/2009 06:16:00

I caught this guy in Southern Mozambique in about 35 m of water. It looks like one of the kingfish species, can anyone help identify it.
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Fish body width
Posted on: 26/2/2009 00:50:00

Does anyone know if a database exists on the relationship between body length or body weight and body width for different fish species?
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Fish Stock Assessment
Posted on: 25/2/2009 21:37:00

hello! Could you please refer me some one who could help me out with a study that I have done. I need to find out a way to do the fish stock assessment of a lake here in Pakistan. The report is in a draft form, and the data is their but I need expertise on finalizing it. Could you please recommend some one to help me out? I belong to a nature conservation organization.
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Fish Stock Assessment
Posted on: 25/2/2009 21:37:00

hello! Could you please refer me some one who could help me out with a study that I have done. I need to find out a way to do the fish stock assessment of a lake here in Pakistan. The report is in a draft form, and the data is their but I need expertise on finalizing it. Could you please recommend some one to help me out? I belong to a nature conservation organization.
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No title
Posted on: 23/2/2009 13:31:00

Hello (and good evening). My name is hjortch, and I like to eat the fish. I think we eat the fish for during this week, and I was think that someone in this community could recommend a delicious one (a picture would be useful). The fish that are overfished are not my preference. Godnatt.
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striped bass
Posted on: 22/2/2009 12:09:00

I am a chef from Long Island, NY. I was wondering if someone can tell me what the coffee ground-like spots are on the livers of sriped bass. My estimate is that it occurs in half or more. Seems like an otherwise healthy fish.
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Wet mass:Dry mass ratios
Posted on: 19/2/2009 12:34:00

Does anyone know a good reference(s) or fish mass database where I can determine dry:wet mass ratios for fish (in general). I am interested in its variance and whether this ratio differs from other vertebrate taxa.
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Salmonid jump heights
Posted on: 5/2/2009 10:35:00

I was wondering if anyone knew how high a Chinook salmon, a coho salmon and steelhead salmon adults could jump.
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another fish swimming along a school of smaller fi
Posted on: 3/2/2009 05:41:00

And then there's this other fish swimming along with the school of small fish immediately off the shore in Los Roques, Venezuela. I cannot seem to find any clues about what species it could be. They swim in small groups of about 4 to 6 closer to the bottom. Attached there's a picture of one of them. And again, any help would be highly appreciated!
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small fish swimming in a school in Los Roques
Posted on: 3/2/2009 05:32:00

Dear all! I was wondering what species of fish I saw while snorkling in Los Roques, Venezuela. I'm inclined to believe it's an anchovy but I'm not sure. They are found immediately when you go into the sea and there are hundreds of them in a school, each fish measuring around 5 cm. Their most obvious characteristic is the light neon blue line running from eye to tail. Have a look at my picture! If anybody could help me out I would be very grateful!
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Posted on: 3/2/2009 02:51:00

Please define the following that i am coming across this website:: i)L oo ii)SL iii)TL iv) K (1/y) v) Ø' With Regards Vijay
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Fish Size
Posted on: 3/2/2009 01:40:00

Hi all Am new to this fish industry and this site is great.I have one doubt.Please look in the website below. In the link below am getting maximum size of the fish (200 cms) and its life span as 10 years.But i wanted to know how many years or months does it actually take to grow to 200cms.And similarly i want to find that data for many types of fishes.So that i can sell my fish at that time in my yet to be started business.Also respond to my email through [email protected]
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Hybrid Striped Bass
Posted on: 2/2/2009 16:24:00

I am in the process of designing a recirculation system and I am trying to find references for the oxygen consumption rates for hybrid striped bass (as larvae, fingerlings, and juveniles). Any assistance would be most appreciated.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/2/2009

Could you tell me how I should cite the Fishbase data base. I found it very useful for gathering information about various fish species trapped as a part of a vegetation survey in a brackish coastal pond, and would like to reference the organization in my report.
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Petrus rupestris
Posted on: 31/1/2009 11:23:00

Hello! Could someone help me to find more info about Petrus rupestris? Thanks
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unknown scorpionfish species
Posted on: 26/1/2009 13:54:00

I have attached 2 photos, the species was caught in the Eastern gulf of mexico in ~ 400' of water. Any help would be great.
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Help id this north atlantic fish
Posted on: 25/1/2009 04:44:00

Caught in the North Atlantic, more east side than west.
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asking for help
Posted on: 24/1/2009 09:36:00

Hello, FishFriends! I am sorry to duplicate my post, may be it has been ignored because of SPAM? Sorting of summer pics grew few questions I cannot solve myself, so I'm asking for help from The Club and will be very thankful for any information on the followings: Could someone please help me in understanding, what has happened (or going to happen) with this lonely Chromis chromis? This fish definitely belongs to Labriidae, but I'm unable to decide to wich specie: This blury fish was about 40cm long and swam jetfast. Could it be Trachinotus ovatus or Caranx crysos, or Campogramma glaycos? Is it possible to distinguish if these are Sardines or else? all pictures are taken in north of Aegean, july 2009. I would appreciate any information, If You'd be kind to drop me an e-mail, I'll be happy to mention your name on the pages of online album! Thank you in advance, Tim Gavrilin
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Ichthyology information
Posted on: 23/1/2009 04:24:00

My students are working on taxonomy and distribution of fishes of Gujarat State, India. How we will be able to post information generated by us on your web site? Please provide details like User Account and password.
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asking for help
Posted on: 22/1/2009 15:11:00

Hello, FishFriend! Sorting of summer pics grew few questions I cannot solve myself, so I'm asking for help from The Club and will be very thankful for any information on the followings: Could someone please help me in understanding, what has happened (or going to happen) with this lonely Chromis chromis? This fish definitely belongs to Labriidae, but I'm unable to decide to wich specie: This blury fish was about 40cm long and swam jetfast. Could it be Trachinotus ovatus or Caranx crysos, or Campogramma glaycos? Is it possible to distinguish if these are Sardines or else? all pictures are taken in north of Aegean, july 2009. I would appreciate any information, If You'd be kind to drop me an e-mail, I'll be happy to mention your name on the pages of online album! Thank you, Tim Gavrilin
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/1/2009

Very good comprehensive details available on this site. Some of my students are doing taxonomic work on fishes of Gujarat, India. How do I upload the details which we generate out of our research?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/1/2009

great resource, thanks so much, however many of the morph data is missing-- does anyone know of a super comprehensive database containing scale counts and fin/ ray counts? Thanks
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mouth gape of swordfish
Posted on: 21/1/2009 05:13:00

has anybody some data among mouth gape, mouth opening, angle of opening for swordfish ?? or for other billfishes ? many thanks in advance
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 16/1/2009

I'm a Canadian, wintering in South Texas. I recently picked up a fish bone on the coast of South Padre Island, Texas --- it has a distinct 'crucifix' in it. Fisherman here are telling me it's from a devil fish. The information posted here doesn't indicate this. Does anyone know for sure if the back/head bone of a devil fish would contain bones/spines that look like a crucifix? Thanks.
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Posted on: 15/1/2009 03:44:00

Please could you help me identify this fish? Fam Diodontidae
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Ecosystems-based species counts
Posted on: 11/1/2009 21:46:00

Hi All, My question is more about use of the online database than fish per se. I'm trying to get total fish species counts for geographic areas smaller than nations. For instance, Tikopia, Manus, or the Lau area of Fiji. Is there a way to do this via the ecosystems function, perhaps? I was unable to find a list of ecosystems with locations and so am not quite able to figure out whether the particular areas I am interested in are separable from the country areas. Thanks for any help or suggestions. Cheers, Michelle
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Fish ID
Posted on: 10/1/2009 08:16:00

I have tried before. I try again. This parrotfish at max 40 cm. I see every year at Phi Phi Island, Thailand. I just don't know what species it is. (and it is not a bumphead parrot). Please look at the attached photos
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/1/2009

I look for polish name the akwarien fish Pseudochromis aldabraensis
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Posted on: 9/1/2009 14:08:00

Goodday I'm new here And it looks like a good forum, so just wanted to say hello! :):):) And looking forward to participating.
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I do not agree all round what is at stake
Posted on: 9/1/2009 11:57:00

adept stretch of day. Could the originator described in fine points the soul of blast P.S. I be obliged say that - identical cognitive Web resource!
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Fish identification
Posted on: 8/1/2009 03:21:00

Please could you help me identify some fish? There is 2-3, no more, i think! I post this message for seconf time. Waiting for answer.....
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Posted on: 7/1/2009 09:10:00

Please could you help me identify a pair of fish, they are chclid or talapia or similar. They have recently bred so I now have 2 different colour schemes. In full breeding colours they are quite a lot darker than thay are in the photo's. the yellow colouration is there normal colour. they are a little smaller than the Herotilapia Multispinosa that apears with them and the male is a bit bigger than the female. Hope that you can help.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/1/2009

Dear Fishbase: I keep goldfish. We in Cincinnati, OH had a power outage. It lasted about a day. I lost two big goldfish: a telescope and a red orando. The red cap died later, although I tried to help him breathe. I had on my second set of fish. Two are calicos(I am not sure what type) and one is a red orando again with a touch of black on his fins. Anne If you could send me any help, I'd appreciate it. They are fed well.
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what kind of fish are these
Posted on: 5/1/2009 17:09:00

I have this river i like to go to about 5 miles east of Sturgis, Michigan, i love to go to, i catch you basic kind of fish out of it, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Rockbass, Carp, and some Pike, and one day i caught these 3 fish and havent caught any since, im not sure exactly what they are, i think they are a kind of trout, but im not sure.
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what kind of fish are these
Posted on: 5/1/2009 17:03:00

I have this river i like to go to about 5 miles east of Sturgis, Michigan, i love to go to, i catch you basic kind of fish out of it, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Rockbass, Carp, and some Pike, and one day i caught these 3 fish and havent caught any since, im not sure exactly what they are, i think they are a kind of trout, but im not sure.
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Which is this species!
Posted on: 5/1/2009 01:50:00

Please, can you determinate which is this species of fish catched in one Kosovo river, Black Sea pond.
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New Too forum sayin hi
Posted on: 3/1/2009 14:09:00

Hi My name is jay and im a noob here and just thought i would say hi, so hi all.
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Posted on: 1/1/2009 02:09:00

How do I send information of fishes collected and identified from riverine source of India? We have collected this fish and identified as per Day,s vollume as Ambassis ranga.
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