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Topics for 2007
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very good
Posted on: 30/12/2007 12:25:00

very good , useful site
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/12/2007

i am into fishing company,please if you want to have a partner in cabo verde or Gunea bissau please cointact me;we have good fishes here,
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Hi guys!
Posted on: 19/12/2007 18:18:00

I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:
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water condition
Posted on: 18/12/2007 12:04:00

I would like to know if this fish is able to live in brackish water just like the bala sharks??? I know bala sharks and columbian sharks as they get older they need to switch from fresh water to brackish water.. please let me know ??
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Anguilla anguilla in Adriatic
Posted on: 18/12/2007 04:14:00

Seeing plenty of Anguilla anguilla in dense Zostera marina and Z. noltii beds in Novigradsko More, a lagoon off the Velebitski Cana, Central Croatian Adriatic. Wondering if Anan feeds on the also very common green urchin Psammechinus tubercularis. Cant find any reference to Anan feeding on urchins or other echinoderms.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/12/2007

Dear Sir, The photograph of Glyptothorax telchitta is not correct one. It seems to be Glyptothorax cavia. The adhesive apparatus is having central pit and it is only present in Glyptothorax cavia. I want to send the original photograph. I have some photographs of other species too. What is your suggestion in this regards. Looking forward for reply soon. With regards, LAKPA TAMANG
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Posted on: 13/12/2007 15:36:00

I thought my black molly had ich about three weeks ago and treated the tank with Maricide. After observing a couple of days later, I thought the medicine didn't take , so I re-treated the tank. (when I initially treated the tank, I didn't do a before water change, as that wasn't in the instructions, plus I had the light on the whole time, and I've been told that that was wrong) SO, I did a 33% water change, treated the tank on days 1,3 and 5 and on the 7th day did another 25% water change. This morning, (about 1 week later) i noticed other white spots on this other side. NOW, it looks as if the spots have fallen off and he has lost some gills. (it looks like little patches are missing if you look closely) Anyway, I REALLY hope SOMEONE can help me out. He's a funny fish and I really don't want to lose him.
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Posted on: 12/12/2007 00:24:00

Hi,I'm from china.I like fresh water fish,and I want to find some knowleage in fishbase.THX!
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Anyone know this fish?
Posted on: 10/12/2007 11:32:00

Can anyone identify this beautiful fish, spotted in a small pond, in the middle of a Texas coastal marsh off the Gulf of Mexico. Many thanks!
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Posted on: 9/12/2007 14:15:00

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!
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Hi guys!
Posted on: 8/12/2007 19:21:00

I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 6/12/2007

i need name , genus , ordo, fish from indonesia name arwana, or water dragon fish
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English usage
Posted on: 6/12/2007 03:12:00

I would like to which is correct usage -An atlas on elasmobranchs or An atlas of elasmobranchs.
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cfs student loan consolidation
Posted on: 3/12/2007 21:00:00

Hello I was very much helped by the information with this article. Many thanks at you very fascinating resource. G'night
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Moxostoma austrinus o M. mascotae?
Posted on: 3/12/2007 13:36:00

Alguien puede ayudarme? He revisado y medido muestras de peces del Genero Moxostoma de la vertiente derecha del río Santiago en Jalisco México y del río Mascota del mismo Estado y no he encontrado ninguna diferencia entre ellas despues de un PCA. Alguien se interesa y publicamos juntos?
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Frogfish reproduction
Posted on: 2/12/2007 22:01:00

I have photographs of a group of 3 painted frogfish Antennarius pictus in Fiji apparantly mouth brooding or cannibalising eggs - does anyone have any information on the likelyhood of either of these activities please? Thanks
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Fish & Coral info
Posted on: 2/12/2007 12:30:00

Come and see all the wonderful fish and coral info at: anythingsaltwater
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red protrusion under throat
Posted on: 2/12/2007 09:34:00

I have caught a bass and a catfish that have a big red sore on their undersides under their throat. Other than that they seem healthy. shall i remove them from my lake and does anyone know what they are and what causes them? Thank you.
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What is the name of the fish?
Posted on: 1/12/2007 11:42:00

I caught this fish at the Ionian sea, west of Corfu island (Greece) at a depth of 300m. can anyone tell me the name of the fish. Thnx
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 29/11/2007

i have a cool pictures about Pattaya Beaches (Thailand) Please check out sometimes. Saturday, 01 December 2007
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Posted on: 28/11/2007 18:23:00

Hi. Good design, who make it?
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Any idea what this fish
Posted on: 28/11/2007 13:43:00

Any idea what this fish is??? I was told it was caught in the coastal waters in Mexican Pacific coast.
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what is this... from Texas gulf waters
Posted on: 27/11/2007 22:19:00

Any idea what this fish is??? I was told it was caught in the coastal waters of Texas.
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Non-repetitive bone in fishes
Posted on: 27/11/2007 17:35:00

Hi I am graduate student and I need to know the non-repetitive bones in fish skeletons. I will appreciate if someone can help me to find this information. Thanks Carola Flores
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What is the name of the fish?
Posted on: 27/11/2007 00:57:00

Hi, I have two fishes I want to know their names. Could anyone please help me
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/11/2007

am compiling a seven language glossary of kosher species of marine and freshwater fish so any assistance you can provide will be appreciated!!!
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Trying again with attachment
Posted on: 24/11/2007 12:56:00

Maybe I found the species name. Is it Chrysiptera annulata?
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Fish identification
Posted on: 24/11/2007 06:20:00

Hi Have been taking some pictures of fish in seagrass meadows in Zanzibar and need help with the identification. I´m attaching pictures of a species that seem to live in pair and is territorial. Grateful for any response.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/11/2007

This site is very useful for my education.
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Intertidal fishes
Posted on: 21/11/2007 14:17:00

I´m working in intertidal fishes in the west coast of Colombia, in Utria, Choco, Colombian Pacific. If somebody have information about this topic, please send it me.
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How to query for specific data?
Posted on: 19/11/2007 23:07:00

I would like to query fishbase for specific data (max length, latitude, depth, region) for all the members of a specific family of fishes. Is there anyway to do this besides clicking on each species? What I really want is a table with the variables I am interested in that can be exported or at least copied???? Can someone help?
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Posted on: 18/11/2007 16:53:00

i have to do a research powerpoint on what my professor calls "megafish" but i can't find them anywhere. any ideas? anything would help, thanks.
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Can you help me identify this fish?
Posted on: 17/11/2007 03:45:00

Hy, I think these are a sort of tetra but dont know what kind Any help would be really appreciated.
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Fish ID
Posted on: 14/11/2007 00:10:00

Can somebody please identify this for for me - it was caught in the Yanayaku river in the Peruvian Amazon in April - about 30km from Iquitos. I has been suggested that it is a giant candiru - any ideas? Cheers, Glenn
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/11/2007

Hi On the 08-11/2007 i caught a 3.88 kg green happy on the Zambezi river weighing 2.88kgs, The species and weight can be confirmed by the owner of island View lodge and i also have a photograph of yhe fish. How do i go about registering this fish as a record. please advise
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/11/2007

your books are recommendable.
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Trying to identify a a video game...
Posted on: 9/11/2007 19:10:00

The fish Taito used as a basis for the Darius games' main enemies are usually easy enough to pin down. Except for one Prickly Angler. It's not the Lophius variety of anglerfish, I believe. Fortunately, the game's artist was nice enough to include a photo of it on his website, which I'm including.
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Anyone known this fish?
Posted on: 8/11/2007 03:34:00

I guess this is a juvenile of ... Epinephelus lanceolatus?, actually I have no idea. I found it in Tofo (Mozambique) it was 30-40 cm. long. Thank you
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 31/10/2007

I have also updated information for fishes from Portugal Please inform how to send you these information
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dory fillet
Posted on: 29/10/2007 18:25:00

Anyone know chinese name for 'Dory Fillet' ?
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Broodstock Prices
Posted on: 29/10/2007 13:43:00

Is anyone able to tell us where we can find prices for various broodstock, ie; Onchorhynchus mykiss or Pampus argenteus from countries around the world.
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is it a Symphodus roissali?
Posted on: 26/10/2007 15:50:00

I found this fish at my last dive and I can't find which labridae fish is? It looks like Symphodus roissali but it has very strange colors. Can anyone identify my photo. thx! and have nice dives.
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Kosher caviar
Posted on: 25/10/2007 12:16:00

Does anyone know a fish that produces roe similiar to that of sturgeon, but is considered kosher? My sister is getting married & we are tring to find an alternate possiblity - thanks!
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Fishbase problems?
Posted on: 25/10/2007 09:34:00

When I click some of the species in Fishbase there is no information besides the species name and the primary reference at the top. All the other info is missing. Yet if I Google the species, the full Fishbase page is cached. Are people re-doing these pages? I also get error messages when clicking links on the species page. Re-clicking often gets it to work.
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help about finlets
Posted on: 22/10/2007 06:22:00

Hello, My name is Lin and I am studying biology! I have a paper and there is a question about finlets and families of fish that have finlets! If anyone can help me please send me a reply! Thank you very much!
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Pangasianodon hypophthalmus
Posted on: 21/10/2007 19:45:00

This species of fish was alraedy introduced by BFAR as a potential aquaculture species in pond system
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/10/2007

Hello! I'm a marine biologist, diver and uw-photographer from Portugal. I'm currently workig on a project concerning the creation of a marine fauna guide from the Berlengas Islands, a natural sanctuary archipelago in the Portuguese shore. Therefore, i have thousands of fish photos that maybe could be usefull to you. Get in touch with me if you have any question or if you want me to send you any photos. Sincerely, Nuno Rodrigues
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Lizard Fish from southern edge of Georges Bank
Posted on: 19/10/2007 07:20:00

We captured the attached pictured fish by trawl on the third leg of the NOAA MMFS NE Groundfish Bottom Survey in the area off of Cape Cod USA. I imagine it could have been caught in the Gulf Stream and dropped off here but did not see any occurences on the dot map of reported occurences for Synodus saurus which it superficially resembles from this fish physiologist's perspective as a volunteer on the fish survey. I would like to correctly label the picture in my online pictures of my participation.
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Look some site
Posted on: 17/10/2007 07:21:00

Hi. I look site aboutweb hosting
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 16/10/2007

Cordial saludo Mi nombre es HUGO ALEJANDRO WILSON. Las herramientas de esta pagina son excelentes.
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Posted on: 15/10/2007 17:23:00

Hello! Good Site! Thank you!
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Could someone ID these fish heads
Posted on: 15/10/2007 07:30:00

Hi guys I was wondering if someone could ID these frozen fish heads for me? The site I took the picture from states they are both New Zealand ling (Genypterus blacodes). The smaller of the heads I am confident is as described, however I'm not sure of the larger head. Thanks and Regards Gus
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forum engine
Posted on: 15/10/2007 07:01:00

Hello ! Sorry to bother you. I found this forum when looking through google for forums to use. I need to install a forum on my website but I cannot find where it is sold. Where did you get this one Thanks for any assistance
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 15/10/2007

I have visited your site 472-times
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4767 894 1 0 Keflex Coumadi...
02/09/2019 09:03:47
By : LesProk
Fish ID
Posted on: 13/10/2007 21:39:00

Does anybody know what fish these jaws could belong to? Photographed at Brazil-Guyana border. Thank you.
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scientific name of mrigal
Posted on: 12/10/2007 22:43:00

Please confirm the scientific name of mrigal (Indian major carp) whther it is Cirrhinus mrigala or Cirrhinus cirrhosus
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about this forum
Posted on: 12/10/2007 17:35:00

Hello, Great forum! I found a lot of interesting information here. Does this forum helpful for you also?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 11/10/2007

I found this website is a would class service and I congratulate all the team members who run the website. I found that local names of some fish species found in Sri Lanka was not added in the web site. Here are they: Emporer Angel fish: "Uru hota" Trigger fish (in common: "Pothubara", "Muhudu Kukula" Clown Trigger fish : "Raja pothubara" Butterfly fish (in common): "Panawa" Parrot fish (in common): "Girawa"
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Posted on: 7/10/2007 10:32:00

hi, good site :) Wish you good luck!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/10/2007

I have visited your site 784-times
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/10/2007

Your site was very helpful and found resourceful. I can understand the efforts it might have taken to host it and maintain it. keep up the good work. I am looking for exporters of Chilean seabass, Alaskan Black Cod, Rock shrimps and african wildcatch blacktigers. I would appreciate if some one is interested to share information of the sources.
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looking for images of Galeus schultzi
Posted on: 2/10/2007 09:33:00

Hi I,am Danny IJgel from the Netherlands and I study biology at the university of Amsterdam. My study is about bio diversity of sharks and there for I try to collect at least one shark images of all the shark species living today. I,am looking for a image of the Galeus schultzi. My project is to get a good image of all the shark species. The images will be turned into a page and this pages into a script only one copy for my project, and at the end of my study I turn it in for a grade. After all this the script will be returned to me. So the images wont be copied or published they wont be placed on a web-page.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 1/10/2007

i love this website it has every fish in the world. its really cool. keep up the good work guys
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Posted on: 28/9/2007 15:48:00

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Posted on: 26/9/2007 15:13:00

I have had convict ciclids for about a year. They have had babies and all that fun stuff, but when i went to get rid of them, sell them, or trade them nobody would take them becuse convicts aren't that "special". I talked with someone and they said that i could do african ciclids and be able to sell them. What i want to know is what would be the best in terms of sexing ability (like how easy), color, and how well i would be able to sell the offspring. Do you have any suggestions? I would like something with some color, and something that would look good. Along with that something that i would actually be able to find and buy, not something that is so rare i wouldn't be able to find. Thank you for your time and help!
943 1 0 No reply
ID assistance
Posted on: 26/9/2007 09:42:00

I was just wondering if anyone might be able to assist with and ID for the fish in the attached picture, please. Thanks
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/9/2007

Its really very commendable work.Please keep it up.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/9/2007

Hallo, Ihr habt eine sehr gute und Informative Homepage aufgebaut. Gruß und Petri Heil aus Hessen.
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Posted on: 18/9/2007 17:15:00

Hi Very interesting information! Thanks! G'night
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Betta natural predators
Posted on: 18/9/2007 07:40:00

Hello Does anyone have any information on which could be the natural predators of the Siamese figthing fish, Betta splendens? Thanks a lot
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World Record
Posted on: 17/9/2007 19:36:00

Has anyone seen the world record white sea bass that was taken in So. Calif in June ? Just go to world record white sea bass WOW
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Posted on: 17/9/2007 05:29:00

Hi, Anyone here know the difference between Pterois volitans and P. miles? I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Thanks, Louis
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Good site
Posted on: 17/9/2007 01:20:00

Hello, great site. I found here many interesting information. Thank u very mutch!
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Fish ID - Guinness fish?
Posted on: 15/9/2007 03:21:00

Please ID this fellow (found on west coast of Scotland). Called Guinness fish (as in the famous Guinness beer ad). Can't find it in FB under this name, though. What is it?
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nautilus fish
Posted on: 14/9/2007 15:07:00

Bought a specimen at a store in Cape Cod, the woman called it a nautilus fish. It has a bony two pronged snout, and armour like scales....any one have any clue if this fish has another name. I can't seem to find it listed in the ID guides under this name. Thanks
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Fish Identification
Posted on: 9/9/2007 12:18:00

I am looking to identify a fish that was caught off the coast of Baja California.
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What is this?
Posted on: 9/9/2007 10:13:00

Hello, I found this during a dive at a reef outside the cayman island a couple of years ago. I had al kind of suggestions so far; stone fish, scorpion fish, dangerous and so on... Anyone her who knows exactly???
1199 2 2 No reply
Help with ID
Posted on: 7/9/2007 10:47:00

This wee fellow was found in a lobster trap off the coast of Cape Cod MA. I suspect it is a tropical or semi-tropical erratic ("common" this time of year here). Any idea what it is? THX
901 1 1 No reply
Posted on: 4/9/2007 15:29:00

Hi, Can anyone identify this blenny. I found it in a tidepool in eleuthera, bahamas. There is moderate, and sometimes extreme wave action there. He didn't stay in the same place for very long and seemed to be interested in me. Here's two pictures, note the spot on it's ventral fin. Thanks so much. Louis
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What fish is this?
Posted on: 2/9/2007 12:00:00

I was looking at the home page for my University and this photo was displayed. I have looked for about an hour online and don't know what species of fish this is. (Oh, please ignore the girl with the piano...)
1043 2 1 No reply
Serrasalminae key
Posted on: 30/8/2007 18:29:00

Hi, I'm making a study about Mylossoma sp in the Amazon River. I've found a specie that isn't registred in my country yet, and I need a specializated key of Subfamily serrasalminae to identify the fish. Anybody can help me?
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Sense of hearing listening
Posted on: 30/8/2007 07:58:00

Are fish capable of sensing any kind of sound,if so what would be the audible range or can they at least sense vibrations from a piece of sound audible to a human.Where can I find more information about this.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 30/8/2007

Hello sir, I found this is one of the best sites for fishes.I want the details of some of the best books on Aquarium keeping and maintenance. Specifically I need the kind of books which are less prised and easy to follow, becouse many publics (hobyists) in my city need this kind of simple and LESS PRICED books on AQUARIUM KEEPING AND MAINTENANCE. LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR REPLY
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Fish ID
Posted on: 29/8/2007 15:22:00

Is this a member of the jawfish family? Caught offshore in sub tropical Queensland Australia. Any identification help appreciated Thanks
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 29/8/2007

I just thought your website was interesting. Do send me more information, and I'll be glad to read it.
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Many errors
Posted on: 29/8/2007 05:09:00

The fish list of Madeira Island has many errors, for example: Chromis chromis it does not exist at Madeira Island and it lacks some species of fish at Madeira for example: Aluterus scriptus, Abudefduf saxatilis, Scorpaena canariensis, Abudefduf luridus or Sargocentron hastatum, among others. Tanks and sorry for my english.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 27/8/2007

I browse this web page as recommended by our trainers in Fish Survey.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/8/2007

The site is informative and user friendly.i am very pleased to visit this site and i took some help from this site for my Ms thesis purpose.
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Thank You for site
Posted on: 24/8/2007 10:24:00

Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information. Good site ! ;)
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Anemonefish red sea
Posted on: 24/8/2007 01:49:00

Try again for upload But here is a short description of the anemonefish yellow caudal fin like common A. bicinctus but forked (lyretail) type caudal fin
856 1 1 No reply
Amphiprion latisfasciatus ? from the Red Sea
Posted on: 23/8/2007 02:09:00

Dear colleagues, by reviewing my own fish picture base I found the attached pic of an anemonefish. Who can help on classification ? It seems to be the Madagascar Anemonfish A. latifasciatus. But the photo was definetly shot at Brothers Island in the Red Sea
936 2 0 No reply
Megachasma pelagios occurence
Posted on: 22/8/2007 19:25:00

SEAFDEC AQD, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines, has recovered a specimen of M. pelagios(?) last 2005. maybe you can update your occurences table with that.
934 1 0 No reply
Blind Betta?
Posted on: 21/8/2007 22:48:00

We have a male Betta for 3 weeks now. His color and mobility improved since we bought it and appeared happy. Just today morning he looked very pale and we noticed that he hits against the glass when he swims (it appears accidental) another thing: we noticed that he does not fight with his reflection in a mirror we put (not ever) and he is not eating well. What is wrong with my fish? is he blind? is he sick? he is very pale, what can i do?
859 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/8/2007

Thank you for such an enlightening article (Electric catfishes). I own four of these babies, (2 X 2.5in. & 2 X 8.5in.). Yep! Out of all my pet fish, (55 total), my elect. cats give me the best show. Watching them swim and eat and just plain be, is a sight to behold.
929 1 1 No reply
Posted on: 21/8/2007 11:38:00

Hello! Good Site! Thank you!
823 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/8/2007

i want more information about seaweeds and deep sea animals
841 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/8/2007

Ihave just arrived but already I feel grateful to have discovered this amazing site. To finally see for myself that there are people out there to whom fishes mean so much. Im sorry I cannot say more at this time because I need to go exploring right away. Thank you to all who have contributed to its making. simone
841 0 0 No reply
Mysterious Death?
Posted on: 12/8/2007 16:06:00

I bought some pet flounders 3 weeks ago and kept it in a tank.Then one day i went for a trip for about a week telling my dad to feed it. when I came back the Fish looked Darker and it was dead. please help me
967 4 0 No reply
How to breed rasbora kalochroma???
Posted on: 12/8/2007 07:42:00

Hello..Have anyone here ever breed the rasbora kalochroma and betta coccine..if yes please reply this message..i really want to know about it...thanx.
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Identify this wrasse (hybrid?)
Posted on: 11/8/2007 03:35:00

Can anyone please help identify this wrasse. It's caught in Sweden a few days ago, was about 8-9 cm long (about 3.5 inches), and has resemblances of both the Ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta) and Cuckoo wrasse (Labrus mixtus), both of those were also caught during the same fishing trip, as well as Corkwing wrasse (Symphodus melops). Would this be a hybrid between any of those species mentioned, or is it a totally different species? Maybe one that isn't normally a native of Swedish waters? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Posted on: 10/8/2007 14:50:00

Hello, I'm setting up an offshore fish farm in the Gulf of California, the fish I;m interested in is Seriola Rivoliana and Seriola Lalandi. Can anyone tell me where can I get fingerlings comercially, besides Hawaii.?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/8/2007 is the mother website for all fisheries concerned people. Hats off to the organisers.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 6/8/2007

Website is extremely useful, Thank You!!!
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Hi all!! Meet me :)
Posted on: 5/8/2007 08:03:00

Hello everybody! I've found in Google and I like this forum! I'm new here but hope we'll have interesting conversations in future! You can call me Martirosso :)
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/8/2007

I posted before that I had Guppies and that one had died. Well they all died. Before I get more I figure I need to understand why every single one died on me. If it was hostility I would have expected some to survive. Since I live in Arizona it gets hot so i thought maybe they were too warm. Most likely I believe it was the water, but I poured the tank out before taking a sample. Any thoughts based on similar experience would be appreciated. Guppy Killer John P Berry [email protected] Arizona's best name in ready mix concrete
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school project
Posted on: 1/8/2007 23:26:00

1. Would counting the number of eggs in the ovary of a female be a good taxonomic character? 2 Give reasons why metabolic rate as measured by oxygen consumption may not be a good taxonomic character? 3 What kind of characters are useful identifying living fish in their natural habitat? Are these necessarily the same as the best characters to distinguish preserved specimens? 4 Would gill raker counts from both sides of a fish provide twice the useful taxonomic information as a single count from left side? 5 Why is relative eye diameter ( eye diameter expressed as a percent of standard length ) usually greater in juveniles than in adult fish?
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Taxonomy of Snappers
Posted on: 1/8/2007 07:01:00

Hi! I am woking on snappers. I am in confusion between Lutjanus lutjanus and L. madras. I have come across lot of L.lutjanus. If anybody has distinctive characters of L.madras from L.lutjanus and photos or photos displaying distinguishing characters of the both snappers please send it to me. with regards, Pradeep. Chennai, India.
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Mitochondrial DNA analysis
Posted on: 30/7/2007 20:06:00

I'm planning a research project to study the genetic structure of a threatened freshwater riparian fish population in SE Michigan by using mDNA SNP analysis. I'm inexperienced with mDNA analysis save for some Carolina kits that I've used with students. I'm doing a lit search, but would appreciate some suggestions for good articles and workshops focusing on mDNA analysis of fish genomes. Thanks.
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blue thing
Posted on: 30/7/2007 11:36:00

hey can anyone tell me what this is please
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image paraterina
Posted on: 30/7/2007 03:12:00

can you give my the image paratherina sp
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blue squigly thing
Posted on: 29/7/2007 09:59:00

i saw this fish when i was diving in malaysia i'm just wondering if anyone knows what it is.
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What's the name of this fish
Posted on: 24/7/2007 01:12:00

Hi, I thought the name of this fish is GALLO, but I am not sure. Can you clear me.
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Mystery Fish
Posted on: 20/7/2007 08:24:00

A friend caught this fish in the Gulf of Mexico and asked me to help identify it. My first inclination was a Dog Snapper, but it seems to lack many of the markings. Can anyone help me identify it properly?
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Posted on: 19/7/2007 13:45:00

What kind of animal is this?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/7/2007

The page of Fish base is so important for our research about ichthyoplankton. My interesting now are engraulids eggs and fish larvae. I woul like to know more keys about Engraulidae and Clupeidae also (Tropical Pacific Ocean)
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Wrong info for "Trigonostigma somphongsi"
Posted on: 18/7/2007 04:15:00

Hello. I noticed the information of "Trigonostigma somphongsi" is wrong. The size mentioned, 10.5 cm, is way too big. A more reasonable value is like 1.5 or 2 cm. Please verify.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 16/7/2007

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fish disease
Posted on: 14/7/2007 11:50:00

Is there a "fishbase" for fish disease?
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Black spots on Fish
Posted on: 13/7/2007 12:51:00

My son just purchased 2 parrott fish about a month ago and now he noticed each fish with big black marks on them please let me know what kind of disease and if it could be treated, there are other fish in tank, such as silver dollars and dempsey and scavengers. thank you
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/7/2007

Dears Sirs, I would like to say that you need as soon as possible improve your English- Portuguese traslation . If you want I can help you. Sincerely Yours, Ana Maria
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Posted on: 12/7/2007 11:07:00

ive been spearfishing for awhile now and ive looking to find some pulpo but cant or dont know where to look in the rocks.. any ideas
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Searching techniques
Posted on: 12/7/2007 10:45:00

Hi Can anyone help me. I ma trying to compile a list of freshwater fish species from South america (all rivers, lakes and basins) and Africa (same). I have started searching in the country drop down menu for freshwater fish and that is great, but I also really need information on habitat and possibly river names. Could you tell me how to collate this information together because going through them species by species might take some time!!!! Many thanks for any help. Best wishes.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 11/7/2007

What is the difference between camalannus and procamalanus
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endemic fishes
Posted on: 6/7/2007 00:25:00

hi.good day to all. i am a college student from iligan. i have a report on 'endemic freshwater fishes in the philippines, particularly in mindanao'. could anyone give me specific area in this site where this infomation is given? thank you very much for your answers, in advance. God bless you all.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/7/2007

I am in dire need for courses in general aquaculture. I'd also be doubly rewarded if I happen to meet a penpal so we can exchange lessons and ideas on fish biology.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 28/6/2007

I am the National Records Officer of SADSAA and am also the All Africa Records Officer. I have found your site one of the most informative to my Office. I did recently queried whether there is any instance of a Epinephelus chlorostigma being recorded as bigger than 75cm. We have an angler from Egypt that has submitted an application for a record for a specimen of 119 cm and a weight of 23.9kg. Is this not a similar species? The catch was made in the Red Sea off Egypt.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 27/6/2007

I find the data provided by you to be very useful in identification with all current information on the species and excellent photographs. One specimen of an Haemulid from off Tuticorin coast (East Coast of India) has been tentatively identified by me as Plectorhinchus gaterinus based on colour pattern but the number of dorsal spines in this specimen is 14 and also the species has not been reported from this area. I would like to know if any revisionary work has been done on this group.
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Identification of fish species
Posted on: 25/6/2007 10:15:00

it is not stingray it is an electricray.
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Hemiramphidae and Ribbonfish
Posted on: 24/6/2007 04:16:00

Please send me an information regarding the spawning season for hemiramphidae species specially in the Bali strait area and any other details in regard to this species (life span, etc). I am also interested in any details in regard to the ribbonfish species. The spawning season also in Bali area.The species we have here in The Bali strait is trichiurus lepturus which is almost similar to the species in Florida. Thanks: Ani D
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Larval development
Posted on: 20/6/2007 07:30:00

I am writing to you to ask you if you can tell me what is the temperature at which larval development occurs under natural conditions for the following species. I need not the natural range at which these fish can live, but instead the range of temperatures that are likely to be found in nature before and during the period when sex differentiation takes place. Thank you for your advice. SPECIES Oncorhynchus nerka Carassius auratus Carassius carassius Danio rerio Gnathopogon caerulescens Odontesthes bonaeriensis Limia melanogaster Poeciliopsis lucida Verasper moseri
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/6/2007

I had enjoyed staying at your site.
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Carp sediment disturbance
Posted on: 19/6/2007 15:02:00

Everyone knows how much carp resuspend sediment in lakes, but to what depth of sediment? Is there a reference anyone can send that describes the depth of disturbance of sediments by common carp? Thanks!!
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How can I send photos
Posted on: 19/6/2007 02:53:00

I would apreciated if someone could inform me how can i send photos about some species that arent in fishbase.
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Posted on: 18/6/2007 03:27:00

Thanks for setting up this site. i really appreciate it a lot. However, i want to know whether i can get more information on catfish especially clarias gariepinus and tilapia species
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/6/2007

es una exelente pagina de consulta.
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I want to know if you have thia product's
Posted on: 14/6/2007 14:38:00

1. Horse mackerel (kote) size 25cm & 30cm 2. Mackerel (titus) size 25cm & 30cm 3. Herring (sawa) 25cm & 30cm 4. Sardinelle (Agbodo) 20cm -25cm & 30cm 5. Croaker MLS 6. Blue whirring (panla) 20kg & 30kg Argentine and i need to know what is the company prise.
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freshwater goby
Posted on: 14/6/2007 13:44:00

Does anyone happen to know what kind of freshwater goby this could possibly be? A great resource is, however this species was not listed.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/6/2007

Its great finding FishBase; I teach local people in Uganda-L.Victoria Islands of Mukono Distict:Koome Is.,and Buvuma Is.learn how to process fish(rastrineobola argentea)in a more hygienic way. I therefore find FishBase as one GREAT source of info. Thanx, Charles.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 11/6/2007

hello to fish base from saleh arebi . i am fishing by hand line for many years her in the costal area in tripoli how ever iwish to know the reord weight of blac sea fish bream -- spondyliosoma cantharus -- i have fished one has exactely one kilo. if you interested for more detailes ican do so. my best regards . saleh
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Amazonia Fish
Posted on: 10/6/2007 14:39:00

Could anybody recommend me a field guide for freshwater fish of the Amazonas drainage??? In the next months I will sample some tributaries of this River close to Manaos and I will need some help. Suggestions will be welcome!!! Cheers
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 8/6/2007

very inforrmative.looking for more
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Help identify a ray
Posted on: 8/6/2007 07:45:00

I have a picture of a ray from the Florida Keys. It was a shallow reef dive (40 ft?). I'm trying to identify it by the picture but I'm having trouble. I thought the markings sort of looked like Urobatis jamaicensis (yellow stingray) but I don't remember seeing any yellow on it, and this is the only pic I have. Thanks
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Info on fish nesting on algae wanted
Posted on: 8/6/2007 00:55:00

Hi, I'm studying the two-spotted goby, a small goby inhabiting rocky shores in W Europe.This species often attaches it's egg clutch directly on algae (kelp). Does anyone know of other fish species - gobies or other substrate breeders - that attach their eggs to kelp or other algae? As I've tried to search literature databases for such information without any success, any info wold be most appreciated.
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Posted on: 6/6/2007 23:36:00

hi, im aspiring aquaculturist here in philippines. im interested to culture siganus spinus and siganus vermiculatus. what are the physical characteristics that differs male from female? any help is fully appreciated
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herring? identification
Posted on: 5/6/2007 22:38:00

Are there any live-bearing (ovoviviparous) herring-like fishes? Physical characteristics seem perfectly aligned with Pacific herring, except for the internal non-alimentary bladder of smaller fishes off the chute.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/6/2007

Its an EXCELLENT site..But I want to know more about fresh water fish.Thank You.
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Mystery fish
Posted on: 3/6/2007 22:31:00

I was on holiday in Kiribati and saw a small fish of somewhat dogfishlike appearance and would like to identify it. Unfoturnately, all I have are some pictures of it in the water (we couldn't catch it) and it had escaped from some netting which was still partially strangling it around the gills. It was about the length of my hand and forearm, pale brownish-grey, with a broad, flat head (hence the dogfish idea) and a wide, sharp tail, a whiter blue trimmed with an almost black edge. It had 2 dorsal fins, two fins by the gills and an anal fin. Can anyone identify the species?
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Fish names in telugu
Posted on: 1/6/2007 13:02:00

Hi, i came recently to US ..i like fish so much.there is a chinese store near my hosue.. in that i see so many fishes can any one tell me which fish is good for cooking, and which tastes good.
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Unidentified silurid
Posted on: 1/6/2007 02:46:00

Taken from the Asahan river in Sumatra. Any help in identifying it would be much appreciated
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Posted on: 31/5/2007 18:26:00

I just bought a fish from an asian Baltimore store advertised as Palmburo (farmed in Taiwan). There is nothing I could find out about it. Does anybody know how to cook it at least?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 31/5/2007

Your reporting and explanations are excellent.
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catfish pectoral spine breakage
Posted on: 30/5/2007 09:34:00

We are working on growth of catfish pectoral spines in Ictalurus and Ameiurus and much to our surprise,small spines tend to be pristine and large ones invariably have their tips broken. Since a bigger spine is less likely to break than a small one, this finding is paradoxical. Does anyone have any specific information about what might cause a large spine to break?
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seasonal changes in length-weight regressions in f
Posted on: 30/5/2007 09:28:00

We are working on the fawn cusk-eel Lepophidium profundorum. We found that during the summer spawning season females are heavier for the same length than during the spring and fall. I don't imagine this situation is unusual, particularly in skinny fish. If anyone knows other examples of this change or has a reference or two, I would appreciate hearing from you.
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unknown fish
Posted on: 29/5/2007 14:57:00

We found this fish in the fishharbour in Lanzarote - Canary Islands. The mean lenght was about 15 cm. After removing the bowels, they put the fish on a gauze rack to dry. Can somebody give me the name of this fish?
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Posted on: 27/5/2007 18:43:00

I have recently discovered turtles in my bass filled pond.I have been told that they will eat all the fish in my pond. Is this true? If so what advise can you offer.
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Ugliest Fish in the world
Posted on: 27/5/2007 16:40:00

I was watching a fishing show earlier today and I saw what looked like a pig with gills. It had to be 90lbs at the least and I was just wondering if anyone knew the name of this disgusting, but intriguing fish-like creature.
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sexing of fish
Posted on: 24/5/2007 23:22:00

i need some picture about the procedure of sexing of fish gonad squashing and aceto-carmine staining method. help me plz
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Lifespan of clownfish Premnas biaculeatus
Posted on: 22/5/2007 04:51:00

Are there any data on longevity of the clownfish Premnas biaculeatus? I kept one in captivity for 15 years. Age on acquisition was approx. 6 years. Any data or speculations are welcome.
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Posted on: 21/5/2007 20:47:00

Im looking for websites where i could see the pictures of lobsters and their names, would anyone plz advice if they knew any website that could link to search details of lobsters. Thanks. MOHAMMAD ZAHID
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Florida Middle grounds
Posted on: 21/5/2007 13:04:00

Could some one help me I am looking for Lat, Long #s of shipwrecks in the florida middlegrounds
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about fish biology and spawning
Posted on: 20/5/2007 02:15:00

i have to submit a thesis paper on fish biology and fish spawning. so i need a 'introduction' of ''fish biology and fish spawning. that means some introductory speech on it. plz help me someone...i'l be greatful :)
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sparus marcocephalus
Posted on: 17/5/2007 02:55:00

hi..i heard that sparus macrocephalus fish can change their sex because of the decrease of female or male sex?can u give me more information??thx
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fish id
Posted on: 16/5/2007 03:25:00

Here is ome sort of trevally caught in wallis lake (forster) australia...any ideas on species ?..has gold spots and a few black spots.
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Larval fish
Posted on: 15/5/2007 12:53:00

Hello!! I cath a larval fish that have 2 lines of spines near to the caudal peduncle. Somebody can give me one idea of the possible family. This larvae was cath in coastal water with maximum dephtwater of 35m. Any help would be appreciated.
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Deep Sea vent active and inactive fish
Posted on: 14/5/2007 14:21:00

I have photographs of vent fish from the manus basin that I could do with some help with their ID. They are from about 1500m Any help would be appreciated.
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The pressure in vivo deepsea fish
Posted on: 14/5/2007 12:53:00

Hello! I`m physicist from Belarus and I search the answer for such a quesion: "Why the pressure in vivo deepsea fish is lower than the pressure at great depths?" I just want to find the proper sources that can explain chemical and physical processes of Fish Anatomy.
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Inquiry about doctor fish a.k.a garra rufa
Posted on: 14/5/2007 09:23:00

hi i'd like to inquire if you supply the fish in asia? specifically in the philippines. maybe you can email me a website so i can check it out. i tried the foot treatment in singpore.. and i'm reallly interested to maybe put up similar treatment spa here in the philippines.. thanks
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what is its name?
Posted on: 13/5/2007 08:26:00

Hello, my wife recently saw an aquarium fish in a local pet store, but when she returned later to buy it, it was gone and the staff could not remember the name of the fish in question. The fish was dark grey or black, and had red markings along its body which to her looked a little bit like chinese writing. Can anyone help us with a species name for this type of tropical aquarium fish, please?
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World Lemon Shark Population
Posted on: 6/5/2007 13:36:00

My daughter is completing a study of the lemon shark. Were having difficutly getting any information on the world population of the Lemon Shark. I've tried numerous internet sites to no avail. Thank You !
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Find information of sand goby
Posted on: 4/5/2007 03:33:00

Can you help me about information of breeding and rearing of sand goby
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Poecilipsis turneri color?
Posted on: 2/5/2007 09:20:00

En alguna ocación tuve oportunidad de fotografiar a poeciliopsis turneri pero por un descuido no lo hice y hoy necesito describir la coloración en vivo del mismo. Alguien puede ayudarme con una fotografia para hacer exactamente eso?
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problem with enter to site
Posted on: 1/5/2007 00:48:00

Hello. I have problem with enter to this site via GPRS. Please, help me. Thanks! Best regards.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 27/4/2007

I am searching for good quality images of sturgeon dermal plates, especially medirostrus and transmontanus. They occur, often in fragmentary condition, in archaeological sites in my area. I have found them in the past and had their identification confirmed by a specialist, but I don't have any comparative speciments to train students with. And if anyone is ever interested in Holocene biogeography, DNA, etc. of sturgeon, I have possibly relevant specimens from just north of Puget Sound.
892 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 24/4/2007 12:42:00

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from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/4/2007

aquaculture student.iran.Gorgan university of agricultural sciences and natural resources.working on ecology ond biology of Garra rufa and working on brobiotics on Acipenser persicus.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/4/2007

Dear Sir/Mdm, I am now an ecology student of HKU and I am presently doing a project on Coris julis. I have several questions regarding this fish. I hope that I can be redirected to the expert on Coris julis and ask him/her my questions. Thank You. Belinda
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/4/2007

Can I have a copy of your paper! I will appreciate it very much if you can send me.
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Pelagic Species Life History Info
Posted on: 18/4/2007 07:01:00

I am in search of life history parameters such as egg and larval stage duration and mortality values for pelagics (or surrogates) that occur in W. Atl. (eg., scombrids, istiophorids, etc)
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/4/2007

We have taken database for the fish species in the Gambia from your web-site for teaching field staff on fish identification. Are we allowed to print a small book on the Common Gambian Fish Species according to local names for teaching field staff. Regards
823 0 0 No reply
Myxocyprinus asiaticus
Posted on: 16/4/2007 19:44:00

This fish is sometimes very difficult if change the water conditions, otherwise it will die in few minuts in clean water.I bought pair of this species and kept in to the tank.Then i watched, in a few minut i died, i dont know why.But water conditions is good.There are other barbs are in the tank.Then i showed it to shopkeeper and told him that that happened.The he gave me a new one ,same species and again i kept in to a tank.Again it died.Why i dont know.
946 1 1 No reply
What is this fish?
Posted on: 15/4/2007 18:29:00

When I was sent this picture I though I would be able to figure the species out in a matter of minutes. WRONG!!!! Does anyone know what the name of these fish is? Looks to be maybe Pterocaesio tile or maybe some other fusilier!!!!
835 1 1 No reply
List of corallivore & herbivore fish
Posted on: 15/4/2007 02:56:00

Hi, Please send me a link where I could find a list of corallivore & omnivore fish in SE Sulawesi Sea in the Wakatobi Marine National Reserve. It would help me in my upcoming dissertation work in the region. Thank you
821 0 0 No reply
definition about minimum population doubling time
Posted on: 15/4/2007 01:46:00

I would like to be sure about the definition of minimum population doubling time. I know that it is the minimum time requested for a population to redouble its individuals, but in what ecological conditions? Shall we suppose that the population is not exploited and it finds, in the area we are considering, all it needs to survive (food, temperature,...), shan't we? Thank you in advance. Anto.
813 0 0 No reply
ichtiology question
Posted on: 14/4/2007 00:29:00

i want to knom what is sexual behaviour of cluoeidae? monogamy or polyandry or polygyny or promiscuous
1415 0 0 No reply
HELP for a test!
Posted on: 13/4/2007 17:49:00

hi! im an university student and i really need to know how many nasals orifices (nostrils) have the dicologoglossa cuneata (wedge sole or acedía in Spain). Thanks!!!
826 0 0 No reply
flatfishes (Pleronectiformes) taxonomy, with osteo
Posted on: 12/4/2007 01:24:00

This may kindly be communicated to Francois Chapleau, who did extensive work in the above group. I did extensive osteological work in flatfishes, of the east coast of India and published thesis in the year 1990. I did cladistic analysis also, but still could not publish any papers. I strongly require suggestions, help and encourgement from teachers and researchers like Prof.Francois Chapleau. At present Iam working as a Asst.Professor in B.V.K.College, which is under Andhra University, Waltair, Andhra Pradesh, India.
837 0 0 No reply
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fishing in Egypt
Posted on: 7/4/2007 14:19:00

Hello I'm going to Egypt, Marsa Alam in June. I would like to fish there from the shore in the Red Sea from the Hotel jetty or the Hotel beach. I heard that it is prohibited in Egypt to fish from the shore. Is this true? Or is it only on some reefs that it is prohibited? Kind regards Nico Belgium
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poisonos fishes
Posted on: 7/4/2007 05:01:00

i would like to know the most poisones fishes in persion gulf .
818 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/4/2007

i am fishing in persion gulf and looking forward to information about fish habitate .
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ephermal stream minnows
Posted on: 4/4/2007 13:45:00

As a child in southern Alberta Canada we used to see ugly little minnows (big head like a sculpin) in ephemeral streams that may only have water in them every three or four years. I'm very curious about this little fishes lifecycle. Anyone have a suggestion as to the species? (I've searched fishbase but can't find a match)
1122 3 0 No reply
otolith length-body weight relationship
Posted on: 4/4/2007 08:05:00

Hello all , can anyone write to me about the possibility to get -perhaps in the "grey" litterature- such relations for diet study and reconstituted diet mass. I made personnal relations, but many gap occur through many families and species ! Just for info I have the Smale ! many thanks in advance R. Sabatié
823 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 3/4/2007 09:07:00

hello have a ituglanis passnsis catfish are they quite common or rare .it must be about 9 years old.what food do they like.thank you for your help iain
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DVD of fishbase
Posted on: 2/4/2007 11:05:00

Hello I need qa dvd of fish base I am in morocco and I can't orde it if someone want to sale it o me i send him a equivalant objet with the same value price
835 0 0 No reply
fish classification information
Posted on: 27/3/2007 04:50:00

I am looking for a complete list of fish species that falls in the following categories: freshwater, didromous, demersal, pelagic, crustaceans, molluscs, cephalopods and aquatic animals. I would be grateful for any help in this regard. Thank you.
1006 0 0 No reply
regadring my postgraduate studies with fellowship
Posted on: 27/3/2007 03:53:00

Sir iam ranjith doing my final B.F.Sc Fisheries i like to do my postgraduate study in aquaculture and aquatic management i need some regarding university in US
825 0 0 No reply
Fish sellers in Somalia
Posted on: 26/3/2007 12:37:00

Hello ! I'm looking for a directory of all the professionals in fish in Somalia or Somaliland ; Please a web site or somme thing like this ? Thank's a lot
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Looking for Conservation Success Stories
Posted on: 26/3/2007 04:14:00

I am a researcher at a conservation foundation. I am struggling to uncover a fish recovery story for a book about saving endangered species from the brink. Specifically, I need examples of where an individual's or community's intervention was successful in altering the trajectory towards extinction, and hopefully in actually stablizing the species. Any thread of a story for me to research or expert to contact would be greatly appreciated.
839 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/3/2007

As a "fish-artist", I was thrilled to discover this site, and all the useful info herein... I had once seen a 200lb pink fish leap out of the water in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and have now reasonably identified it as a "Louvar" thanks to FishBase. Some of my own favorite shots of fish chasing lures and bait are at:
823 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 23/3/2007 17:11:00

I purchased a few fish from wal-mart that were being sold under the name Dragonfish...They have the long fins on their backs that stand up when exited and the length of the longest one is now somewhere between 15 and 20 inches....i can't find any information or pictures on these fish...plz reply
817 1 0 No reply
Fish ID
Posted on: 23/3/2007 11:52:00

To fellow fish observers. One of my employees caught this in the Gulf of Mexico off the southern coast of Florida. Unfortunately he did not get any fin counts, etc. I was hoping someone might recognize it by site. Thanks for the help
819 1 1 No reply
I'm need Yellow stripe goatfish
Posted on: 23/3/2007 07:59:00

if you have Yellow goatfish stripe in number many of the size 250 gr - Up. contact in + 6285246466700 enamel or: [email protected]
2111 5 0 ???????????! ?...
03/07/2019 08:43:16
By : Roccobrund
Fish identification requset
Posted on: 19/3/2007 02:24:00

sorry the specimen is not loaded. I am trying it once again
809 2 2 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/3/2007

Dear Fishbase: Today I was looking for information on a very large catfish that is caught in Amazonian rivers in Peru and certainly other South American countries. In Peru, the common name is "Salton" which means "Jumper" because it can be seen quite frequently leaping several feet out of the water. I have pictures of one we caught in 1975 on the Tigre river in northern Peru. This river empties into the Maranon above where it meets the Ucayali to become the Amazon above Iquitos, Peru. This fish was 2" short of 7' long and weighed 220 pounds. I have, however, seen pictures of a fish eight and one half feet long weighing 368 pounds. Some of my men caught another large one of which I did not get photos or any details other than it was very large. It was caught on the Ucayali river where it changes its name from the Urubamba. I am trying to get exact information on it and would be happy to provide my pictures if they would be of any use to your database. Sincerely, Tony Luscombe
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Marine fish reproductive mode
Posted on: 17/3/2007 10:26:00

Dear Fishbase, Do you know the reproductive mode (Gonochoristic, Protogynous or Protandrous) of one of these marine fishes? Alloclinus holderi Axoclinus nigricaudus Caulolatilus princeps Chaenopsis alepidota Chromis atripectoralis Chromis Chromis Chromis limbata Chromis punctipinnis Chromis xanthura Chrysiptera glauca Coralliozetus micropes Ctenochaetus marginatus Dicentrarchus punctatus Diplodus vulgaris Dissostichus eleginoides Dissostichus mawsoni Genypterus blacodes Haemulon flavolineatum Heteropriacanthus cruentatus Hypoplectrus aberrans Hypoplectrus indigo Lateolabrax latus Malacoctenus hubbsi Maurolicus muelleri Micropogonias undulatus Mulloidichtys vanicolensis Mullus barbatus Mullus surmuletus Novaculichthys taeniourus Polyprion americanus Pomacentrus moluccensis Pomacentrus pavo Pseudochromis fuscus Rhombosolea tapirina Salanx ariakensis Stegastes nigricans Stethojulis bandanensis Tripterygion delaisi Upeneus moluccensis Upeneus pori Zanclus cornutus Thank you! Julien
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What do I have here?
Posted on: 16/3/2007 15:10:00

I just started up a cichlid tank and was able to find a bunch of "assorted" fish. I was wondering if anyone knows what type they are?? I like to get breeding pairs but not sure what I have. Any help would be great thanks!
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Posted on: 16/3/2007

need techanial information about pearl essence from fish scales
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ID of fish
Posted on: 15/3/2007 22:12:00

These fish were caught on the Luangue river in the North East of Angola, At first it was thought to Kapenta or fresh water Sardine family, but they have black stripes down their sides, (almost like baby tiger fish, but that's also not possible, they have no teeth _
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Posted on: 15/3/2007 04:47:00

Thanks answering. I spent over 3 hours in a deliberatly studing of this base and actully i found this link which leads to 'identification'. Indeed, it's the only thing that could help me now, but i find it a really hard stuff. If you want to know, I need this information for a university study... Finally i thing that this could be a good start to an updated base with such tools.
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Posted on: 15/3/2007 00:40:00

please i need to know if there is any way to find those species which have a particular morphology or there isn't.
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Posted on: 14/3/2007 08:48:00

Please i need help. Could somebody tell me how can i search for species with a specific morphology? I mean how i' ll find all fishes which have for e.g. fusiform morphology or a specific form of mouth? please, it's emergency..
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/3/2007

I am unfamiliar with identifying eels - can someone assist me in understanding what I have and what to do with these guys. They were sold as fresh water Snowflake eels they are about 10 to 12 inches long. They seem to accept a Kuhli Loach in their curling up together. They do not appear to be distressed - they seem to like looking at me. I put hiding spots around the aquarium and they chose the one in the front of the tank where they can look out. I have several dozen guppy's in with them - they prefer fiddler crabs as food. I can't seem to figure out how often they eat or if they are eating the guppy's. All I find are comments like you might have to coax them to start eating. They eat crabs easily when no one is around. How do I determine the right amount of salt in the water for them? Any information in LAYMAN TERMS would be greatly appreciated! below you will find the photo link's to them - these aren't the best images. They seem to have a fin along the length of their body's. Thank you for any assistance.
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Oxyeleotris Lineolatus (Sleepy Cod)
Posted on: 14/3/2007 01:32:00

Would like to know how long it take for a fingerling (10cm) Sleepy Cod grown to an adult (40 cm @ 600gm).
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Fish identification
Posted on: 13/3/2007 17:01:00

Superb color photos of 679 species of Australian recreational and commercial fishes in: FIL-O-FISH AUSTRALIA published March 2007.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/3/2007

I would like to get an answer to a question. I thought that the correct spelling was majua not manjua, can you tell me if this is so,
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Fishery and Seafood Expo
Posted on: 6/3/2007 16:37:00

CHINA - The enormous Market. China has a population of 1.300 million inhabitants. More than half of them are living in the coastal region where there is more wealth and a relatively developed industry. Cities like Qingdao, Dalian, Yantai, Ningbo, Shanghai are famous fish processing and consuming ones. SIFSE is the abbreviation of Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Exposition, its purpose is to promote China seafood import and export, improve understanding of seafood trading between China and other seafood countries Import from China octopus, cuttlefish, squids, cods, sleeve-fish, salmons, catfish, carps, crabs, crayfish, etc. Export to China shrimps & prawns, eels, crabs, seashells, turbot, anchovies, caviar, etc. The rich Chinese are usually fond of abalone, shark fins and some other luxurious food. Exhibition Honour Committee China : a private evolution ? see the page Honour Committee : Mr.Wang Yiming's (Vice-chairman of ACFIC) congratulates the SIFSE. The All-China Industry & Commerce Federation has 1,64 million members, including 1,25 million from the PRIVATE sector. This All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC) is the national head organization of more than 3,000 regional chambers of commerce (federations of industry and commerce) in China. Don't miss the evolution ! Be part of it ! Exhibition visitors. Most of the exhibition visitors are from China. Since exhibitors are from more than 20 countries, there would also be a large number of foreign visitors. Exposition Committee Contact : Mr. Jacky Peng Tel:0086-21-34140855 Fax:0086-21-64516467 Mobile: 0086-13916407282 Email: [email protected] Web: Chat: [email protected]
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Please help identify my wrasse
Posted on: 6/3/2007 02:49:00

As the title says, my girlfriend bought me a wrasse which was sold as a 'Dwarf Parrot Wrasse' and I'd really like to know the scientific name for it. Any helpgreatly appreciate it. It's not a great photo, the fish is a very bright red colour with bright purplely blue sides and tail fin. It's dorsal has a yellowish tint. Thanks very much, steve
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Rare fish
Posted on: 5/3/2007 14:11:00

I don't know what kind of fish is this one.
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unknown fish
Posted on: 5/3/2007 14:03:00

Can anybody tell me what kind of fish is this one? It was found in Tarajalejo (Fuerteventura - Canary Islands) on 22 February 2007. Thanks
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Posted on: 5/3/2007 09:05:00

Hi. I wonder if anyone could help me. Im new to the saltwater hobby, and have had a 127 l tank set up for about 3 months. I have 1 clown and 2 humbugs, and a week ago i put a toadstool coral and a couple of KG of live rock in. over the week my tank has been taken over by red slime all over the sand, and now it is covering the tank walls, the live rock, and staring to appear on the coral as well. My fish appear fine, but the coral has still not come out in 8 days. What should i do to get rid of it? Its horrid to look at, and just feel a bit lost
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salmon fishing
Posted on: 4/3/2007 14:40:00

Fishbase i would like to know when do most salmon spawn because i would like to plan a fishing trip,thanks
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sick fish
Posted on: 4/3/2007 08:23:00

hi, please can you help, one of my goldfish has suddenly developed a massive bubble on top of one of his gills it is opaque and has a bloody patch at the bottom. any ideas, wasn't sure whether to try anti fungus or a parasitic medicine? thanks. annie
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coverting my mono argentus fish into a saltwater t
Posted on: 3/3/2007 18:49:00

Hello I was just wondering if anyone knows how to convert my fish(mono) into a saltwater tank succesfully?
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Posted on: 3/3/2007 10:47:00

Could some one identify this fish for me? Thanks
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Identification of fish species
Posted on: 2/3/2007 03:49:00

kindly identify the enclosed fish species
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Posted on: 27/2/2007

I am new to the fisheries industry and have been an observer on fishing vessels for only 3 5 week voyages so far. Your site is amazing, i wish I could take it to sea with me. Is everything on the website available on the CD's you offer. If so I would purchase it, or perhaps even get my employer to for me ???!!! Excellent Scott Yeoman
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loach species above 4000 meters
Posted on: 26/2/2007 19:06:00

I am interested in knowing LOACH species above 4000 meters in the himalayan fresh water streams. The species I have come across has 6 barbules, 4 on upper mandible and two on lower. Fins spotted, measures 7-9cm.
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ignore last picture
Posted on: 25/2/2007 15:03:00

sorry, don't know what happened there but the photo attached to my message does not come from my computer (and it's not a cardinal fish!) hopefully it works this time...
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who knows this species?
Posted on: 25/2/2007 14:52:00

Dear fellow fish enthusiasts, I could not identify this species of (most likely cardinal) fish using Lieske and Myers' Coral Reef Fishes. I photographed it off Sipadan Island in the Celebes Sea at a depth of about 20 meters. Thanks a lot for your help! cheers, michiel
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répartition geographique
Posted on: 25/2/2007 13:35:00

dans cet article, il est dit que cette espèce était strictement atlantique; pourtant , il est mentionné dans le livre de Nouguier et Refait comme indo-pacifique( poissons de l'océan indien - iles maldives )!
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PALMBURO Brazilian
Posted on: 22/2/2007 16:35:00

A Korean Asian Grocery store in the Northern Virginia area is selling a fish they are calling PALMBURO. I found no reference to this on the web or this site. It looks like Indian Silver Pomfret and tastes similar. Wanted to know if it is in the same family and what the correct name would be. Tx.
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hemigrammus genera
Posted on: 22/2/2007 13:53:00

Hi, I've been looking about the autor's name of hemigrammus genera, but I haven't found any answers. If someone of you know, it'll really help to my job.
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Arowana diet
Posted on: 22/2/2007 05:29:00

I am looking for information on the diet of wild silver arowana. Does anyone know of any references? Also captive diets. thank you.
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Pinjalo pinjalo?
Posted on: 21/2/2007 21:04:00

Attached photo taken at Richelie Rock, West Thailand in about 10metres depth. Is it Pinjalo pinjalo? If not what? Thanks for your help
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Fish identification requset
Posted on: 21/2/2007 05:47:00

Kindly identify the enclosed species.
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Identification of fish species
Posted on: 21/2/2007 05:27:00

Can any one help me in identifying the enclosed fish species
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Scavengers of Protein-rich Detritus
Posted on: 21/2/2007 00:01:00

I am looking for information on potential scavengers of suspended protein particles in lagoons and bays. Specifically, I want to know what would eat GFPs (and related compounds) liberated from organisms during storm events, collisions or death. Need actual sources to cite for my research.... Thanks!
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Posted on: 20/2/2007 06:20:00

can anyone tell me what fish this is? cheers andrzej
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Tiger Shark head deflection
Posted on: 19/2/2007 00:19:00

Hi all! I'm currently involved in the design of a robotic shark. I have had difficulty finding information on the angles of deflection of a shark's head, so I would be grateful if anyone could shed some light on this matter. Thank you
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Info please?
Posted on: 17/2/2007 03:53:00

Hi,i went fishing in the cairns esturay today and i caught a snake mackerel (TRICHIURIDAE)and according to your site they are found much more south of where i found it. Does that mean it has swam out all the way from down south to cairns??? The one that i caught was about 105cm long and looks pretty creepy!!! Should i have kept it? I only put it back because i had no idea what it was and didnt know if it was edible or not!Anyway if you could let me know about its herritage and a bit of info about it that would be great!!!
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ultramarine blue fish with gold-sparkling scales
Posted on: 16/2/2007 12:08:00

i was snorkeling at the wreck of the gamma or the cali reef near the port of georgetown in the cayman islands and saw a group of maybe 5 of these 5 inch long ultramarine blue fish with gold-sparkling scales. they seemed to be fiddling with the reef about 12 feet below the surface. the sparkling gold effect was not coloration bt rather an irridescent reflecting interference or filtering effect. i am not convinced that it was any of the following coral beauty angelfish - it was not disc-shaped really and did not have lobes on the fins. blue chromis - i have yet to find a good picture that shows the sparkling golden scale effect. blue tang surgeonfish - i think they usually appear in larger schools. young blue parrotfish - i didn't really see any coral chewing, and i imagine they are more solitary. does anyone know?
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fish pictures
Posted on: 14/2/2007 01:44:00

Thanks Pete, try to I.D. this one. I caught it in Mindarie Marina, approximately 15 kilometers north of Perth Western Australia. Sorry about the picture quality, in reality the fish was more of a charcoal-black colour
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Can you help me with a fish ID please?
Posted on: 11/2/2007 19:10:00

I was at the local LFS today and took some photos of a fish I have never seen before. I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what it is.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 11/2/2007

I am a recreational angler, and I was wondering if I could use this site to post pictures of fish for identification.
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Posted on: 9/2/2007

Hello, Google found for me at I would like to enquire if this image is copyright and if so if i could have permision to us it as the basis for my company logo. If possible I would like a larger version to use as the company computer wallpaper. I am a small startup (just me at the moment) but would be happy to negotiate an amicable settlement for it's use providing the resources could be made available for conservation or this and other wonderfull endagered species on our planet.
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Posted on: 8/2/2007

I student Of biology, my thesis is: Composition, abundance and distribution of Ictioplancton in the Colombian Pacific Ocean in Sep. 19 - Oct 9, 2004, ERFEN (Regional research of ENSO). First, thanks for the important information on the web, and second, I look for a sponsorship to be able to finish my thesis sucesfully, already I go in the stage of analysis of my results. in Colombia is difficult to do science and I need a support, after, order my curriculum to see in whom interested, thank very much and receive cordial greeting: Ingrid.
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SYNTHESYS Funding available
Posted on: 5/2/2007 06:29:00

SYNTHESYS Project funding is available to provide scientists based in European Member and Associated States to undertake short visits to utilize the infrastructure at one of the 20 partner institutions for the purposes of their research. Deadline 30th March 2007. See: contact: [email protected]
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/2/2007

Hello, I like your site very much, I learn a lot about fishes.Am from Cyprus and I like learning about marine life a lot, I even take photos of the fish here in Cyprus.I can send you my photos if you want there are very clean.I go fishing often and when I catch a fish I photograph it.It would be good if your site had information not only for fishes but also for other species in the Mediterranean Sea like ostracea, squids-octopus-shrimps and worms. Thank you/
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Fish pain
Posted on: 3/2/2007 02:34:00

Can anyone help settle an argument over wether fish feel any pain when hooked through the mouth and then released I say no as to me its the same as me cutting my finger nails. I think there no nerves or blood vessels in a fishes mouth. Thanks Brian
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Posted on: 31/1/2007 01:35:00

i have a coral it is bright orange and looks like a fan. does anyone know the name and where it would do best in my reef tank
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Single fish for the community tank
Posted on: 24/1/2007 03:23:00

Hi, Could someone please tell me a fish that would be ok on its own amongst some cherry barbs, black neons and corys in my 65l tank. I want something that's a different shape to the barbs and tetra's to stand out a bit and have only got room for one or possibly two. Thanks.
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Popular name
Posted on: 23/1/2007 02:04:00

When I search for "pladijs" the popular name in Flanders (the dutch speaing part of Belgium) for a fish that in Dutch is called "schol" is known as "pladijs": This name is a official Dutch word
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Posted on: 22/1/2007

The perfect Ref. for us available yet ,more good if it was totally in farsi...
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/1/2007

Please, There is a small fish (up to 35 cm or so) wich look like (and taste) the Salminus DOURADO, and we call it Saicanga, came from riverfalls isolated places in midle state of Paraná. I have pictures of 2 differente kinds, whatever species or variations. I would like help in know how much is then related. Thanks.
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Posted on: 20/1/2007

It has been 10 years in March since Dale Weber was killed in Brazil in an auto accident while he was looking for killifish. I would like to donate his fish publications (killifish and general acquarim) to the Steinhart or any group (San Francisco Aquarium Association, BAKA, etc.) that would like them. Please let me know if there is any interest my cell is 415-246-0530. William can deliver them within the bay area.
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Kamchatka Cutthroat trout
Posted on: 15/1/2007 13:33:00

I am a glass artist specializing in trout and am trying to find any photos or information about Kamchatka Cutthroat trout.I have a web site that shows some of my trout but not yet a Kamchatka Cut. would greatly appreciate any info available. Thanks Bernie Connon
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 11/1/2007

I was browsing online, looking for some reference on my last name and this website intrigued me. To think, me and a fish have the same last name. Funny. Whoever this message goes to, I'm doing some research on my roots and just wanted to know if you know anything about ISAZA. Obviously, if the fish has the name, it was given that for a reason. If possible, I would love a comment. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Samuel Isaza
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International Fishery And Seafood Expo
Posted on: 10/1/2007 00:44:00

We are a Leading Exhibition Organizer in China , and I want to introduce a Professional Exhibition specially for you. We will hold Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2007 in Shanghai , and the main exhibit will be Fishery ,Seafood, and some relative Equipments. The expo will be hold in Shanghai Mart (Exhibition Center) on June 22-24. 2007 We know you are professional in this area, and cooperate with us will not only promote your company in Asia area, Also there will be many local wholesalers come and order in the booth also buyers from all around the world. For details about our expo please visit : Email: [email protected] Online: [email protected] Please forgive for my interrupt, Wish you a great New Year Thank you for your attention. Hope to see you in Shanghai. Gehua Exhibition Service Co,, Ltd. Contact : Mr. Jacky Peng Tel:0086-21-34140855 Fax:0086-21-64516467 Mobile: 0086-13916407282 Email: [email protected] Website:
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Name of fish
Posted on: 9/1/2007 09:46:00

Does anybody know the name of this fish
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/1/2007

Necesitamos toda la información relacionada con la talla de primera madurez de las siguientes especies: Epinephelus sp Brotula clarkae Cynoscion stolzmanni Lutjanus peru Tetrapturus audax Istiopturus platypterus Xiphias gladius
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Sex change in fish
Posted on: 5/1/2007 03:49:00

If anyone has infomation on the biology behing how reef fish change sex i would be very greatful. Thankyou,
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Whats its diet?
Posted on: 4/1/2007 13:07:00

Hello, I just got a fresh-water puffer fish. When i put it inside my tank, I realized I had no idea what it ate.....if anyone knows what it eat please inform me. -Thankyou
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/1/2007

we are looking for partner in canada who can team up with us to breed black strip and eel fish in nigeria or in canada for commercial purpose.
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request info on weird fish sighted
Posted on: 4/1/2007 03:52:00

hi, i'm from malaysia. last couple of days i visited a man who recently caught, in his fishing net, a freshwater fish with a snout like a crocodile (complete with teeth & nose) from a nearby stream. it's alive & he has it in his aquarium right now. i'm not a fishing or fish enthusiast so my knowledge is very very limited. would like to know if anyone can tell me if this is a new species or what. i've taken a short video clip on the fish if anyone is interested. attached is a screenshot of it. cheers!
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Flying fish
Posted on: 3/1/2007 07:18:00

Hi Does anyone know what flying fish are carnivorous? I thought Cypselurus might be one but I don't know. THANKS!
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Your advice on Fishes edu project for kids
Posted on: 2/1/2007 22:24:00

Hello - All of you seem to be knowledgeable fish enthusiasts from around the world. I am an artist and founding director of an 18-year old nonprofit organization, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc., based in New York City. I'd like to receive your advice about a project we are developing about fishes for children around the world. From my personal amazement of extraordinary diversity, beauty, and human benefits from ocean life and fishes and concern about their rapidly-diminishing supply, ASCI is developing an educational performance project called "Fishes Feed Us." The power of teens to influence parents and elders has been proven -- they were instrumental in passage of the European seatbelt law -- and this power will be key to our public education awareness performance project. First the kids will learn about the simple concepts of fish reproductive biology and the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. This knowledge will inform their participation in a public performance where they wear fish costumes, move like fish, and will "speak" for the fishes, and for themselves -- putting a human face on this travesty. My questions to you: What do you see going on out there? off the coasts of South Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Pacific Rim, Alaska, etc. Do people in the fishing villages realize that by dynamiting the reefs that they are destroying what took 200-years to build the "homes" of the fishes? Do you see efforts at educating the local fishermen about how to create sustainable ocean fisheries? If you know of an environmental education center that works with children in these parts of the world, would very much appreciate your leads and your comments in general. Looking forward to your in-put. Happy New Year! Cynthia Pannucci Founder, Director Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. [email protected]
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/1/2007

Gentlemen: Please add the Pseudoplatystoma spp. = Castellano: "Surubí"; Categoría: Siluriformes. Cf. "WIKIPEDIA": Best regards, Matthias Bode.
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Change tank temp??
Posted on: 2/1/2007 01:28:00

I have a coldwater BiOrb with 2 small zebra danios. Id like to change my tank to tropical, I know these fish can live in warm water, so can i gradually increase the temp to tropical levels to add new ones, or shall I wait until they die & start again from scratch with warmer water? Many thanks
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