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Topics for 2004
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 31/12/2004

Uma ferramenta de grande utilidade para a ictiologia.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 28/12/2004

Interesting site. I've had little chance to explore it yet having learned of its existence through Charles Clover's "The end of the line", an interesting and frightening book that is well worth reading.
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Fish postcards
Posted on: 25/12/2004 12:45:00

Hi everyone, I am Tim, I am 15 years old, and I live in London... I collect fish postcard, that's way I joined this forum. Maybe someone can help. I can swap with other subjects or other things.... Please help. Thank you Tim [email protected]
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/12/2004

Muchas grasias por este servisio que les brinda al mundo en la red de internet ,grasias a su esfuerso por este home page,pude encontrar la informasion deseada.
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Fishes in The Niger Delta
Posted on: 25/12/2004 08:24:00

I am a Nigerian researcher in the UK and have a collection of Nigerian fishes (photographs), I have collected and identified from my field work. I need an assistance in the confirmatory identification of these fishes as well as their respective diet for my research. Could any one help me in this regard?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/12/2004

Proficiat met jullie website. Interessant voor al wie van natuur en zeker van vissen houdt.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/12/2004

I think the fishbase website is an excellent resource for any student.
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Importance of Aphia minuta
Posted on: 23/12/2004 01:19:00

The fisheries of Transparent goby (A. minuta) are interesting. I think that at least
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Looking For Fry of Green grouper (E.Coioides)
Posted on: 23/12/2004 01:06:00

I am looking for larvae or fry of Green grouper (E.Coioides) for our fish farm in Philippines. We need 200,000 pcs/month. Could anyone help me buy or locate the suppliers in South East Asian countries ? Thanks in advance Dean
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Length Frequency data
Posted on: 22/12/2004 05:52:00

I have collected data of length frequency for a number of species but since ELEFAN is not compaitble with my computers therefore, have tried with length frequency wizard available in Fishbase. I have arrange my data for almost all species according to months but Fishbase does not mention anything about monthly length frequency data. What should I do? I hope someone will help me in this regard.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/12/2004

Dear Colleagues I have lots of stuff (pdf, reprints - please give a postal address, photos, etc...) and I need to update my profile. I'm having access problems with my collaborator ID although password seems to be ok. Could you please help on that? Many thanks and best regards
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Cichlids wanted UK
Posted on: 20/12/2004 09:14:00

Hi Can any one supply me with the following species? Preferably pairs or small groups.UK Only Hypselecara Temporalis Cichla. Monoculus Hoplarchus Psitticus Paratilapia Bleekeri/Pollenii Regards Wayne
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About Cod. Please help me!!!
Posted on: 19/12/2004 16:03:00

When a writer mentions Cod, for example: "Cod Culture Norway", what kind of Cod is it? Atlantic Cod? Arctic Cod? or......? Please help me!! thanx!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/12/2004

Tremendous site.....very useful reference.....nice photographs. It's unfortunate I'm unable to have the information right at my fingertips when I'm underwater cruising a reef! Just kidding. What I like to do is remember and thoroughly research five or six fish or creatures each time I dive. Not bad. Ten, twenty, or thirty dives and you can lock a considerable amount of knowledge in the cranium! Anyway, thanks for an awesome website! Cheers Tony Lamb Calgary, Canada
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/12/2004

Ich finde FishBase sehr interessant, obwohl ich kein Aquarianer o.ä. bin. Aber die deutsche Übersetzung durch ein Übersetzungsprogramm ist ja wohl lächerlich. Sie hat fast die Qualität von aus dem chinesischen übersetzten Gebrauchsanweisungen. Da sollte man doch besser einen kompetenten Übersetzer dransetzen, der nach und nach eine vernünftige deutsche Version erstellt. Was da jetzt geboten wird ist jedenfalls ein Witz und passt auf keinen Fall zu der sonstigen Qualität.
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Posted on: 18/12/2004 20:02:00

do these cory's lay their eggs on a leave or just drop them in substrate? actually i have two albino cats and can't find them in the fish base and this is the question i would like to ask ;i have what appears to be hundreds of eggs on two leaves of a valisneria plant and only have two albino's and a very pragnet platy in the tank .So i don't know if these are eggs or something else?not familier with how catfish spawn??? thank you.
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What is that fish?
Posted on: 18/12/2004 18:17:00

Hello!!! Sorry again!!! I am from Brazil... i don´t speak english very well... I don´t know the name this fishes... Somebody can help me? Thanks!
849 1 3 No reply
What is that fish?
Posted on: 18/12/2004 18:14:00

Hello!!! I am from Brazil... i don´t speak english very well... I don´t know the name this fishes... Somebody can help me? Thanks!
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Now is fish right!!!
Posted on: 18/12/2004 10:52:00

Please... sorry... help me... I am crazy!!!
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What is that fish?
Posted on: 18/12/2004 10:36:00

Hellow!!! I am from Brazil... i don´t speak english very well... I don´t know the name this fish... Somebody can help me? Thanks!
774 1 2 No reply
Posted on: 18/12/2004 06:32:00

can anyone id this sp??
840 3 1 No reply
Danio rerio synonyms
Posted on: 15/12/2004 14:30:00

I can see that the species D. frankei has been included within D. rerio, and is now no more than an invalid synonym, but is there someplace where the background for this is explained? Kind regards Carsten
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cyprinus carpio in caspian sea
Posted on: 15/12/2004 05:31:00

send me some information about this subject please
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Length Frequency Data
Posted on: 14/12/2004 23:09:00

I have collected data of length frequency for a number of species but since ELEFAN is not compaitble with my computers therefore, have tried with length frequency wizard available in Fishbase. I have arrange my data for almost all species according to months but Fishbase does not mention anything about monthly length frequency data. What should I do? I hope someone will help me in this regard.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/12/2004

i consider your project very interesting, and i hope your data will grow, in information about the species and in photos. I have some photos of Portuguese fishes, and i can contribute with some for you. I notice that you don't have image of Rutilus macrolepidotus, there are a Portuguese book that have photos of them, and your team could ask for autorization to use it. It's importante that people know the species of their country and to reconize it so they can protect them. Congratulations for your work
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Posted on: 13/12/2004 11:55:00

Can someone help me to identify this fish. It's probably a Plesiopidae but what species. Thanks
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Assistant Professor in Ichtyology and Phycology
Posted on: 12/12/2004 23:05:00

The University of Guam is a premier institution of higher education in the Western Pacific. The Marine Laboratory is looking for a faculty member to carry out an active research and teaching program in the area of tropical marine ichthyology. The successful candidate is expected to: 1) teach and advise graduate (M.S. degree) students; 2) obtain extramural grants and maintain a continuous record of scholarly activity; and 3) perform university and community service. Qualifications: Applicants must have a Ph.D. in a relevant field from a U.S. accredited institution or foreign equivalent, a strong record of research as evidenced by recent grants and refereed publications in scientific journals, and ability to teach graduate level courses. Preference will be given to investigators with an established research record in tropical ichthyology. For details: or for the Phycologist position:
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nice resource
Posted on: 12/12/2004 16:42:00

just found this site. What a wonderful resource! My interest is mainly in fish for Ponds
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nice resource
Posted on: 12/12/2004 16:42:00

just found this site. What a wonderful resource!
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Growing Aquatic Plants
Posted on: 11/12/2004 18:39:00

I’ve been trying to grow Anacharis, or Egeria densa, in my tank for a while now, but my fish keep eating it. I don’t mind; it’s a good source of nutrients, however, buying more every month is getting old, so I decided to grow my own in a separate tank. I read that it’s not a very demanding plant, and if left unchecked it has the tendency to take over a tank, but when I tried to grow it, it died. I don’t know what I did wrong, but if someone could give me a push in the right direction I’d really appreciate it. I want to know about the ideal substrate, water temperature, lighting, and filtration. I have a 20-gallon tank, a 2-gallon tank, an under-gravel filter, and a cartridge filter I can use for it. I don’t know which tank or filter to use.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/12/2004

Juste pour vous témoigner toutes ma gratitude et toute ma reconnaissance pour ce site qui non seulement est un important outil pour les chrecheurs mais surtout pour les enseignants et les étudiants (vétérinaires surtout) mais aussi pour les garants l'hygiène des denrées d'origine animale que sont nous vétérinaires. Merci pour ce fantastique outil qui nous a permis au Service de Parasitologie et de Zoologie ainsi qu'à mes collègues du Service d'Hygiène alimentaire de l'Ecole Vétérinaire de Dakar de montrer à nos étudiants ce qu'ils n'ont toujours eu qu'en théorie. Vive la Science. Dr O. B.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/12/2004

Very useful site for both academics and students.
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which fish is this?
Posted on: 9/12/2004 06:14:00

what is the medical name of this fish?
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Zebrasoma scopas
Posted on: 9/12/2004 01:34:00

Does anyone know whether zebrasoma scopas ever has a uniformly yellow colour? I am diving in the Similan Islands off the west coast of Thailand where scopas is common. Very occasionally I see one which is scopas in all respects except that it is bright yellow! Often it is with a small group of others which are the usual dark brown. And I have seen one which is bright yellow but with some irregular dark brown/black patches around and behind the eye. Is this likely to be simply a colour abberation? Thanks
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prey troph values
Posted on: 8/12/2004 17:29:00

Great site. After cruising around for awhile, I was left with one question unanswered - where do I find the troph values of specific prey taxa (e.g., amphipods)? For example, in Case 2 of Box 25, I am supposed to enter the troph of individual food items based on Food Items table. I cannot find these values in the food items table. What am I missing?
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Posted on: 3/12/2004 09:42:00

Yea your server is horrible. email me when its accually worth being there and not getting the stupid ERROR message everytime. Good day.
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Sierra Leonean Fish Farm Stock
Posted on: 3/12/2004 06:00:00

HI, Can anyone suggest the best fish to use in a small scale fish farm in Sierra Leone. I have family (by my wife) over there and thought if I could help by supplying infomation for the best fish, habitat building etc, they could set up a basic fish farm. This would help drastically in supplying much needed food if developed correctly. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks. Charlie
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Strange White Growth in Tank??
Posted on: 1/12/2004 15:52:00

Been keeping fish for over 20 years and just encountered something new. After cleaning my tank, a strange white growth appeared on the bottom. It doesn't seem to be affecting the fish in anyway, but it is very unsightly. It looks like sheets of white mucus coming out of the gravel. Isn't getting any worse, but isn't getting any better either. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecieated.
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Posted on: 1/12/2004 11:43:00

Ce site est fantastique !!!!
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Posted on: 30/11/2004 09:42:00

I would appreciate an advase how to get from the data base (or other sources) a list of fish described by Marcus BLOCH Thanks, Vitaly Birmingham, AL USA
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Fish Distributions
Posted on: 30/11/2004 05:15:00

I am a student currently completing a dissertation on marine biodiversity in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean. Unfortunately i am having problems locating fish distribution maps for North America. Can anybody point me in the direction of a book or a website which might hold such maps. thanks
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Rays- Nitrogenous Waste
Posted on: 29/11/2004 22:23:00

Hello I have a biology lab that I have to complete and I am unsure of what kind of nitrogenous watse a ray produces. Is it ammonia, uric acid or urea? Please respond asap. Thanks so much
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Betta Fish
Posted on: 29/11/2004 18:33:00

I have a male betta fish in a one gallon tank. I was wondering if it would be okay to put another fish in with the betta. I read that my tank is too small, is this true? Also, I have an air pump and right now I have it off but should I put it on? Thank you for your much needed help!
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Xiphophorus variatus
Posted on: 29/11/2004 14:11:00

Hi Aqua-Frend My name is Stone Miller (In GB) from Denmark (a little land in Scandinavia) I have a question, it's about Xiphophorus variatus !!! It's true I have buy af fish with Xiphophorus variatus (punto palomas, mexico), With this name (punto palomas, mexico)in a Danish Aqua-Shop ? Have we not sort, type, description for Xiphophorus variatus who came from Nuevo León ? I now Xiphophorus variatus (Hawaii) and Xiphophorus variatus (Gerber) How many type off Xiphophorus variatus exist ? I can't not find my question i my book Aquarisen Atlas (Mergus) - Germany or on net or maybe som have answer to my question or you cant send my a link or web-site to me. I will bee a happy person for you help :-) Kind Regards Aqua-Home Ikast - Denmark Sten Møller
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Posted on: 29/11/2004 03:06:00

can anyone supply me with a photo or info on this chinese fish
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Fish ID
Posted on: 26/11/2004 06:49:00

Sorry here is the picture - any idea what this is? Spotted at Sodwana Bay (South Africa)2 weeks ago. Thanks
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Fish ID
Posted on: 26/11/2004 06:26:00

Hi Wonder if you could identify this fish for me - saw it on a dive (+- 25m) in Sodwanna Bay (South Africa). I cannot find it in any of my books. Thanks for a GREAT site
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Posted on: 24/11/2004 21:29:00

Quiero compartir estas fotografias de un Pseudopimelodus Bufonius (Nombre común: Pejesapo)y de una Brycon Moorey (Nombre común Dorada)de mi última ida a pesca hace un año al rio Sogamoso en Santander - Colombia
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/11/2004

Felicitaciones por tan elaborada página. Yo soy un pescador aficionado y conozco sobre EREMOPHILUS MUTISII porque soy del valle del Tundama en Colombia, Me gustaría enviarles algunas fotografias de este pez que por cierto, ya casi no quedan ejemplares de el.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/11/2004

Estimados Señores: Utilizamos fishbase hace unos años, para obtener informacion sobre distintas especies en Panamá, donde hemos estado trabajando con peces marinos y sobre todo de estuarios desde 1978. Al listado le hacen falta los nombres comunes y el reporte de algunas especies en diferentes areas, podría yo incluir información al respecto? a quien tendría que enviarle esa iformación? Para lo que podamos ayudar, estamos a sus órdenes
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Posted on: 23/11/2004 14:14:00

In the Eschmeyer base the family of Petromyzontidae is divided into 3 sub family. Why is not this step the case in fish bases.
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research on fish in Uganda
Posted on: 23/11/2004 05:29:00

Uganda has so many fish species ,as many as 234 fish in our major lakes like l.victoria and kyoga.
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Posted on: 21/11/2004 09:57:00

I am looking for diagrams and food webs of Neon Damselfish because I'm doing a project for tomorrow. Could you help me?
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Posted on: 19/11/2004 12:59:00

hello. i live in portugal and i am almost finishing my aquaculture curse in the universaty, when im finished i would like to bigin a fish farm, the spiecies im interested is just one and its the black bass, but i cant find any but any information about farming this fish. my question is could anyone suply me information or can anyone point to me a good site where i can find information about it, please. many thanks to all of you.
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Conger triporiceps
Posted on: 19/11/2004 03:29:00

Dear Colleagues I work on conger eel larval migration and otoliths, mainly with C. conger (and C.oceanicus). Do you know anyone who could send me some specimens of C. triporiceps leptocephali? Regards, Alberto
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Posted on: 18/11/2004 06:53:00

Does any of you recognize this species found In Jalisco, Mexico?
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identification of a species...
Posted on: 18/11/2004 06:39:00

I suppouse this is a Cyclasoma but I´m not shure about it. Any of you, Sirs, know this guy? We found them in a bassin in Jalisco State, Mexico. I will send a picture of the individual, please send me an e-mail. Thanks allot.
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Posted on: 18/11/2004 05:06:00

Hi, I am a marine aquarist and now writing a book on Fairy & Flasher Wrasses (Genera Cirrhilabrus, Conniella & Paracheilinus) in a single volume. I now have over 1500 photos of the group but I still want to get photos of Paracheilinus togeanensis. It seems rare in Togean islands, Sulawesi (type locality) and I would greatly appreciate anybody who could help me. I can send the present CD with 780 photos that shows every 57 described species of the genera. Thank you.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 16/11/2004

I could contribute to fishbase with some excellent sound-examples, SOUNDFILES (Wave-files) from the following species : 1) PERCA FLUVIATILIS (Flussbarsch), 2) STIZOSTEDION LUCIOPERCA (Zander) and 3) SILURUS GLANIS (Waller,Wels)!!! These sound examples have been registrated in freewater during night and during hunting-time of these species.!! From every species I can contribute with 4-5 soundfiles (Wave-format) or much more if you want !! If you are intersted to get these files please let me know !! Best regards Herbert Tiepelt
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Schooling species for marine aquarium
Posted on: 15/11/2004 12:16:00

Is there a small marine fish species that can be kept in a medium size aquarium (90gal) and will exhibit schooling? Thank you
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 15/11/2004

Please send me information about book: Kottelat M., European freshwater fishes, Biologia 52, suppl. 5-:271.How much costs?
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anatomy, morphology textbook
Posted on: 14/11/2004 23:43:00

Please, could you recommend comprehensive textbook, publication etc. on fish anatomy and morphology, on the best concerning all or most of the fish orders? Thank you in advance JP
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Cardinal in Mangroves?
Posted on: 14/11/2004 01:30:00

Hi there, Can anyone give me a positive id on this fish we filmed in the mangrove in northern mozambique? Possibly a cardinal sp.? Thanks in advance
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non farmable sea fish
Posted on: 13/11/2004 06:24:00

I am interested in list of all comocly eatable sea fish which are not suitable for farming
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In correct placement of Chinses name of Cirrhinus
Posted on: 10/11/2004 15:46:00

On the page on Cirrhinus molitorella in Chinese, the 3rd colloquial Chinese name given under the title of the subject is incorrect. The two Chinese characters, pronounced "Tou Leng" (Romanization according to The Linguistic Society of Cantonese Pronunciation, Hong Kong), should be placed under Cirrhinus chinensis, the Cantonese name of which is "Tou Leng Jyu". On the Common Names page of the C. chinensis page in English, at the bottom, the Hong Kong common name for C. chinensis given here is correct, though the Romanization is 'incorrect': it should be "Tou Leng" (the 1st column of this row). Please check, and revise. Bee.
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Happy fishing this
Posted on: 10/11/2004 02:12:00

All for fishers - Shimano, G. Loomis, Mepps, Halco, Rapala, Nils Master, Mister Cro, Blue Fox, Kamasan, Eco, Luhr Jensen, Lukris, etc.
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Hoki Fish Scales
Posted on: 9/11/2004 22:14:00

Hi Everyone, i have found some conflicting information on the web regarding this fish, is the new zealand hoki fish Macruronus novaezelandiae born with scales or not ?? thanks in advance
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Total species of fish?
Posted on: 9/11/2004 15:58:00

Anyone have a total or approximate total as to how many species of fish there are that live in the oceans?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/11/2004

A very good d-base as we plan to introduce aquaculture in Tororo/Uganda . Thanks a lot. Frans Lit Eindhoven the Netherlands
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Fish ID?
Posted on: 9/11/2004 12:12:00

Anyone know what fish this is? I caught them in the gulf of alaska this summer. Thanks
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Fishbase in XML structure
Posted on: 9/11/2004 03:55:00

Is it possible to buy the fishbase so i can use it on my website ? If this is possible is it possible to get it in a XML structure ? Regards Jarle Svennerud
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Posted on: 8/11/2004 06:14:00

Hello, Would anyone know why Mr Walbaum gave the species name "mykiss" to this fish, because "mykiss" is not particularly latin, as far as I know. Thanks Gilles
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Marker ?
Posted on: 6/11/2004 21:23:00

I am M. Sc. Student from Widlife Institute of India, working on Golden Mahseer (Tor Putitora) in india. Looking at its Population Structure in the State of Uttaranchal, North India. Can any body Suggest me what Fish Marker should be use for capture - recaprture method. My study will be for six months.
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worms in whiting fish
Posted on: 6/11/2004 16:38:00

I bought fish in a local supermarket. As a I was preparing the fish to be cooked, I found 2 works that were a med pink color and about a inch long. Is that common?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 6/11/2004

i am intrested in fish farming the reason 4 visiting ur site. i hope 2 get enough information that wioll b useful 2 me.
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Can anyone ID this fish pleaase?
Posted on: 5/11/2004 09:45:00

Couild it be a kind of juvenile grouper? I cannot find fish of similar colour at Fishbase.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/11/2004

I am interesting on research of coral reef fishes, at specially on Indonesia sea's. I was studied at Diponegoro University for six years in Marine Science Program.
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looking for professor
Posted on: 4/11/2004 17:37:00

Dear Fish Foum, i am looking for a fisheries professor come from Universities from Japan. I need some professor for my research plan. thx. contact me by mail [email protected]
758 0 0 No reply
Bony Fish
Posted on: 4/11/2004 09:21:00

I am trying to do my reseach paper on the "Structure and Function" of Bony Fish. On my paper, I have to include infromation from Taxonomic information to its characteristics, and different organ the systems. So, where can I find good infromation about Bony Fish? Thank You.
777 1 0 No reply
The deepest living fish.
Posted on: 4/11/2004 07:07:00

Is there any fish that can live as deep as the Marianer? If not which is the deepest level any fish has been found on?
962 3 0 No reply
Missing link
Posted on: 4/11/2004 02:10:00

I tried to look up the common nales for Platycephalus laevigatus, but it only gave me something in Chinese. The Fuuny thing is the same latin name comes up when you search for Rock flathead.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/11/2004

We are currently in Biodiversity Training sponsored by Haribon here in DLSU-manila. We are very much interested to know more about Sardinella species especially recent studies on science and technology base. Thank you and more power.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/11/2004

I just wanted some quick information about a fish sp for an environmental report; that was this morning about 08:30, it is now 18:24 and I am still within FishBase, looking for all sorts of things. I need the time but this lengthy visitit has been very worthwhile. Serendipity is the key word here! I do have a pair of questions: 1. where are the definitions of the entries to a table, for instance, TROPHIC LEVELl [I wanted to check this feature for Prochilodus magdalenae, it is a detritus feeder and also scrapes periphyton from inert or plant substrates; how are dewtritivores clssified? Another example is HABITAT, again, adults of P. magdalenae spends most of the time in shallow, lentic waters, in the flood plain, and migrates to the river and up-stream during the low water season; a reverse migration occurs during high water after reproduction and juveniles then are transported by the currents to the flood plain shallow lakes. How is this type of habitat described in FishBase? 2. what is needed to include a given sp in trhe register for a river basin? For instance, P. magdalenae alas is not in the register for Magdalena river basin in FishBase [http://], eventhough it is the commonest species in there; the sp summary [ SpeciesSummary.cfm?ID=26150&genusname=Prochilodus&speciesname=magdalena e]thus indicate. P. magdalenae is not reported for the Catatumbo and Rancheria rivers, but it does occur there as well. Thank you!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/11/2004

I work for conservation and management of population natural of engraulis encrasicolus between spain and morrocco tank you
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Marble goby fish wanted
Posted on: 1/11/2004 06:59:00

We wuold like to prechansed the live , frozen marble goby for our local market. size from 400 grams up to 2.0kgs per fish, for frozen fish must g & g . We will pay in good price for all the time.If you have it pls contact mr sunny . H/P 65-96755755 singapore.
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Labryinth Fishes
Posted on: 1/11/2004 02:08:00

I wanted to make sure I remember correctly that labyrinth fishes do not just breathe atmospheric air, but must consume or take in some amount of water for gas exchange in the "lungs". The labyrinth system is too rudimentary for pulmonary functions as found in mammals, correct? Thanks.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 31/10/2004

Nice site. I wondering what this sie was all about, but the whole concept seems quite original, especially if we analize the cnetrionic properties of such generalized potestative analisis. If you suqare root the result of the nominal cube, we still get a similar result, so in plain english, good work, people! :-)
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Posted on: 29/10/2004 11:48:00

is anything being done to help Atlantic salmon? anything is helpful thanx
1002 4 0 No reply
permission to use photos
Posted on: 29/10/2004 08:36:00

Hello, how can I get permission to use some of the pictures of fishes on the website for a handheld electronic guide I am creating
805 1 0 No reply
software for teach fish biology and anatomy
Posted on: 29/10/2004 01:59:00

I am looking for any media tools who help me to teach fish anatomy and fish biology. Any help?. Thankyou in advance. Carlos.
807 0 0 No reply
looking for research
Posted on: 29/10/2004 09:51:00

804 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 27/10/2004 18:36:00

Anyone please give this Thalasomma from Indonesia a try.
815 1 1 No reply
Tilapia in Wisconsin
Posted on: 26/10/2004 18:42:00

My biology class is constructing an aquaculture of Tilapia and need to know where we can purchase eggs or fingerlings in the area or where we can have them shipped from
867 1 0 No reply
Common Sole
Posted on: 26/10/2004 15:55:00

I am looking to do some research on growing out of common sole. Does anyone know where I might get weaned juveniles in Europe? Also if you have any other information on the growout of common sole e.g. another growout facility, then I would also be interested to hear about that. Regards, Adrian.
844 1 0 No reply
maliputo (Caranx ignobilis)
Posted on: 26/10/2004 07:07:00

i am currently doing a research on maliputo of taal lake. i am planning to analyze the mtDNA control region of different populations of maliputo w/in the lake for genetic variability, as well as determine the phylogenetic relationship between the freshwater species and their relatives in balayan bay. unfortunately, there seems to be molecular studies yet on caranx ignobilis. i was wondering if there is anyone here who can provide me with any info (articles, on-going studies, etc.), i would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance! Gerard Santos
803 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 25/10/2004 18:42:00

My boyfried and I were fishing on the Peace River in Punta Gorda, FL and saw what we thought to be bait fish, We thru the castnet and came up with at first look were small catfish on closer look the scale were different along with the eyes we have never seen these. We also showed them to a couple of other fishermen who were unsure also. So we checked the and found them to be Armored catfish known only in South America. These catfish are in very high numbers in the inlets of the river and thought maybe Hurricane Charley brought them here. But apparently an aquarium released them????? If so they are doing very well if not????? So anyway we thought this may be of interest to someone. Tara and Jake
896 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 24/10/2004 18:25:00

Caught a pike in Jackson Lake Georgia-we think it's a pike. Any idea if they live this far south?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/10/2004

It is really astonding to see the Day's fishes on the net sir can yu help me to identify some of the fishes from Orissa recently collected by me .Will you please tell me about the CDS about fish classification so that it will be easier for me to identify further thanking you Mahesh
805 0 0 No reply
Emerald Sleeper
Posted on: 22/10/2004 15:32:00

We netted what appears to be an Emerald sleeper (Erotelis smaragdus) but can find no evidence that they have been found anywhere near our area. It was caught in a brachish estuarine river near Swansboro North Carolina. Have they been found north of the Florida.
777 0 0 No reply
Sunfish I.D.
Posted on: 22/10/2004 05:37:00

I need some input regarding the identifiable differences to distinguish between 3 species: 2 species commonly referred to as pumpkinseed (Lipomis gibbosus, Lipomus auritus)and the bluegill (Lipomus machrochirus). Can anybody help?
974 2 0 No reply
identification please
Posted on: 22/10/2004 04:26:00

this summer I was on vacationin Iceland, and found a strange dried fish with remarkable large protruding teeth on the north eastern beach (Langanes). I took some photographs in order to identify it but I could not find it in the FishBase. Can anyone give a hint please?
1053 1 2 No reply
need identification please; terapon jarbua?
Posted on: 21/10/2004 06:49:00

I encountered this fish while snorkeling in the Red Sea, Egypt,about halfway between Hurghada and Marsa Alam. It was in shallow water over the reef top close to the rocky beach, the underground was rock/sand (no corals). It was not shy at all, and there were several of them. My identification books fail me on thisone. The best I could come up with, reinforced by my findings in the fishfinder on this site, is that it is some sort of terapon, maybe terapon jarbua. Except, as you can see in the picture, the fins are in a very pronounced brown to downright yellow color, while the pics in FishBase seem to suggest a much darker coloration of the markings for this fish. Maybe a juvenile form? It wasnt too small (compare the Sergeant barely visible in the lower left of pic.). Thank you for your help!
869 2 1 No reply
Interesting fish
Posted on: 20/10/2004 16:59:00

Hey, in my science class, we have a type of dried fish thing hanging in our room. Nobody really knows quite what it is, my teacher says its a devil fish, but i looked that up, and i can't find anything that fits its discription... its got a kinda cone head thing, its fairly big, not something that would fit in most fish tanks, if u'r intersted email me and i'll send you a pic
1037 1 0 No reply
sunfish identification
Posted on: 20/10/2004 09:03:00

We are looking for expert assistance in the identification of sunfish fry, particularly bluegills(Lepomis macrochirus)and pumpkinseeds(Lepomis gibbosus). The former are NOT indigenous to Maine; the latter are native to the state. Any assistance would be very much appreciated
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Sunfish in the USA
Posted on: 20/10/2004 03:35:00

I need input. Being investigated for importing "Bluegills". Didn't do it. Found bluegills in my private pond.
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Feeding wild fish
Posted on: 20/10/2004 03:31:00

Does anyone have any views on fish feeding from diveboats? I am working as a diving instructor for a company whose policy it is to throw remains of food (rice, fruit, vegetables, meat etc) over the side much to the entertainment of guests as naturally we are then swarmed by various fish (rabbitfish, triggers, rudderfish primarily) and the occasional turtle who come to eat. My concerns about this primarily relate to affecting fish behaviour however I wonder whether there are any additional concerns relating to fish (or turtle) health. Some people say there is - high potassium levels in bananas for example - but I have no idea whether such stories are simply some of the apocryphal stories which get told around the place and passed on and on and on.... So does anyone actually KNOW whether there are any adverse effects (as opposed to having heard once on a diveboat somewhere....!) Thanks
831 0 0 No reply
Feeding wild fish
Posted on: 20/10/2004 03:31:00

Does anyone have any views on fish feeding from diveboats? I am working as a diving instructor for a company whose policy it is to throw remains of food (rice, fruit, vegetables, meat etc) over the side much to the entertainment of guests as naturally we are then swarmed by various fish (rabbitfish, triggers, rudderfish primarily) and the occasional turtle who come to eat. My concerns about this primarily relate to affecting fish behaviour however I wonder whether there are any additional concerns relating to fish (or turtle) health. Some people say there is - high potassium levels in bananas for example - but I have no idea whether such stories are simply some of the apocryphal stories which get told around the place and passed on and on and on.... So does anyone actually KNOW whether there are any adverse effects (as opposed to having heard once on a diveboat somewhere....!) Thanks
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/10/2004

Dear sir/madam I am a student in fisheries and aquaculture and i have a subject about the internal relations of fishes from the same spieces. for example how they create families, caniballism, etc. Any information you can provide would be useful. Thanks for your time.
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Help in identifying a red fish
Posted on: 18/10/2004 11:54:00

Please, anybody known this red fish, captured in Indian Ocean,to northwest of Mauritius Island?.
788 1 3 No reply
looking for in the US
Posted on: 18/10/2004 11:11:00

Besides the wonderful collection of info about fishes, I did not realize this forum was attached to it until pointed out by a colleague. In the US, does anyone know where I might find a copy of Olaosebikan, B.D. and A. Raji, 1998. Field guide to Nigerian freshwater fishes.. Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries Technology, New Bussa, Nigeria. 106 p.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/10/2004

Sir, The service being rendered to the academic community is excellent and deserves appreciation. All the members of the team desrve a pat for the service.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 17/10/2004

Can I find here the name of this fish (in English): Clupea harengus membrus L. I could find only Clupea harengus Could you write me an exact name?
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Help in identifying an oddball fish
Posted on: 17/10/2004 02:23:00

I caught a very odd looking fish from one of the freshwater streams in Malaysian Borneo (Sarawak) and have problems identifying it. It's a bottom feeder that has modified pectoral and ventral fins to cling on rock surfaces in fast flowing water. It's about 2" in length with mottled yellow-brown coloration with a red-striped tail. Your help in identifying this fish will be very much appreciated. Cheers, Mark C.J. Ha
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 15/10/2004

its very good informative site. i ll keep contact with it
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a fish I cabt I.D.
Posted on: 15/10/2004 09:11:00

can any one help me find out what species a fish is that i caught this week. I do not have a photo but do have a discription. I was fishing of the coast of San Diego California, the fish was similar shape to an opaleye or perch species, the coloration was a dark deep purple with the tips of it's pectoral fins being bright oarange. I've tried to find it on the internet and have had no luck. I'm just curious as to what it was as i have fished of the coast for years and never seen one. We practice catch and release but i was wandering if it was an endangered speciesor related to a girabaldi such as a juvenile or something. Any help or responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dustin Gilmore
766 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 11/10/2004 20:13:00

I am having some trouble nailing this one down from Indonesia due to coloration. If you could take a look...
815 1 1 No reply
first water change fluval 2 plus has stop
Posted on: 10/10/2004 15:26:00

help i do not know what to do, my first water change 19 fish, Turned off my fluval 2 plus changed the water, now my pump won't turn back on i've clean it and sill no joy the fish have been 3 hours now with no air 11.30pm wating for them to die help, trevor south london.
755 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/10/2004

Oct.9.04 Dear Sr. I´am verry interesting in the frozen fish "pangasius pangasius" for the Greek market. My address is : Kyriakos Papathomopoulos "PAKYMAR", S.A. C/Padre Mariana, Nº5 - 7ºD 03004 - ALICANTE (SPAIN) phone & fax : 0034.965.209.586 e-mail: [email protected]
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/10/2004

Dear Sir! I appreciate you knowing where to orded or obtain the following book: AL MAMUN 2003: A hand guide for identification of Inland Fishes of Bangla Desh Looking forward to hearing from you ! Faithfully yours! Primoz
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Gold Panchax or Aplocheilus Lineatus ???
Posted on: 8/10/2004 06:41:00

Would Some Kind Person please clarify this species or mutation as the shop owner was a dunce. shoud I see differances with sex's Thank you kindly for your time
998 0 0 No reply
salmon vs. sturgeon
Posted on: 4/10/2004 08:41:00

is it true that wild alasken salmon is one of the most sustainable fisheries and the sturgeon is one of the least? I've been searching the web and have not found very much on the subject.
799 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 4/10/2004 04:28:00

Hi everyone, i have been doing some research on Datnioides and would like to ask the following questions: How do u really see the differenece between pulcher and microlepis? Please see the following diagram that someone has compiled as a summary for newbies. (1) Cambodia Tiger (CT): Not sure what classification is this under. (2) Siamese Tiger (ST) : pulcher (2) Indo tiger (IT): microlepis (3) silver tiger/americian tiger: quadrifasciatus It has been mentioned that "[i]bar 4 on posterior half of caudal peduncle (courtesy of[/i]" which correctly describes the Siamese Tiger in this case. As there are now LFS or hobblysts selling ST that look like IT and vice versa, thus i would like to ask: What kind of Datnioides are these? Pls notice their tails I am at a forum where someone is selling dubious looking pulchers but he insist it is a pulcher although he cannot really prove it. I would appreciate if anyone can send me by email [email protected] if anyone can give me any info. Thanks!
784 0 0 No reply
vertical migration
Posted on: 3/10/2004 20:38:00

I'm looking for research on vertical migration of zooplankton in relation to latitude. If vertical migration is a response to light intensity, and functions to protect zooplankton from damaging light, then shouldn't we see more vertical migration in refions with highest light intensity. I am looking for research that has been done to test this.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/10/2004

I am looking for a technician/ industrial partner for various fisheries projects in the philippines.
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Unknown fish / Red Sea
Posted on: 3/10/2004 10:19:00

Hello I encountered this strange fish while diving North of St-John' reef in the Red Sea. It was acting like a piece of dead alguae being carried away in the current, approx. at 10m deep. It was flat with lots of little extensions that camouflaged it as a debris. I have checked existing bases for ghotfishes, paperfishes and the like, and cannot find anything that relates. Any idea? A picture attached, not great but may hlp, the fish is right at the center. thanks
820 2 1 No reply
Nemipterdae in Central Indo
Posted on: 2/10/2004 17:06:00

This is for the Nemipterid specialists, I think. I thought this was a Scolopsis bilineatus but the markings don't match. So I don't have an idea. Perhaps I am up the wrong tree.
823 2 1 No reply
Oceanic whitetip shark found in Sweden!
Posted on: 2/10/2004 04:18:00

Someone who knows how to update the site will have to add Sweden to the list of countries where the Oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) has been found. The 2.3 meter long shark was found dead in a bay (Gullmarsfjorden) on the west coast of Sweden this Thursday, and according to newspapers it's the first time ever it's been found this far north (at least in European waters), normally the northern range appears to be Portugal. Here's a link to a news article from a Swedish news site, with a picture of the shark.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/10/2004

Thank you so much for the fantastic site.I might not be into pisciculture , but i love fish.Your site gave me answers to many of my doubts. Gracias
799 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 30/9/2004 01:59:00

I'm studying fisheries biology at the University of Iceland and yesterday my icthyology teacher told me that there is no way to see the age of a shark without raising it from it's hatching/birth day. Is that true? I know fish have otoliths. Is there no part of the shark that will show this information?
910 1 0 No reply
unknown fish
Posted on: 29/9/2004 07:03:00

In a pool in Flanders we recently found this (see pictures) species of fish. I used to work on fish, but this species is unknown to me. I would be pleased if anyone could help naming it.
798 2 2 No reply
Driftfish???? Young Blackfish???
Posted on: 28/9/2004 23:43:00

This fish is giving me fits. It is I believe in the intermediate stage of development which is making it difficult to pin down. Or maybe I am just stupid. I certainly have no hair left. HELP!
824 1 1 No reply
Amount of Fish To Move & If To Move
Posted on: 29/9/2004 04:18:00

Being new I believe I have too many fish in a 5.5 Gallon so I purchased a 2nd 5 Gallon Tank. I have 1 Black Moor, 2 Fantails, 2 Corydoras and 2 Small Ottos. I plan to move the 2 Fantails once the new tank is cycled is that enough or should I also move 1 otto and if I move the 2 Fantails will the Black Moor be okay without them or are they all fine as they are. I really could use the help here. Thanks in advance.
788 1 0 No reply
abstract pictures fish
Posted on: 28/9/2004 03:49:00

Could anyone tell me where i could find abstract pictures of fish
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 28/9/2004

On October 11 I will be crossing the Pacific again from Easter Island to Fiji. Observations will be made at some of the more remote Islands and atolls such as; Ducie, Henderson, Pitcairn, Palmerston, Niue and Wallis. At each of the island groups a list of species observed (by snorkel or SCUBA)is maintained. I do not have permits to collect, but if specific observations or underwater video are requested, I am willing to share the footage and/or observations made. Thanks.
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Name this cichlid
Posted on: 27/9/2004 12:15:00

Any idea which one this is. I can't figure it out.
868 2 1 No reply
Rockfish culture for stock enhancement.
Posted on: 27/9/2004 11:25:00

We are currently researching the feasability for raising rockfish for local stock enhancement. I am in the literature search phase and an looking for a specific journal article. It is in the journal Fisheries Science, by Munro, J.L. and J.D. Bell from 1997.5(2): 185-222. The title of the article is Enhancement of marine fisheries resources. Also any other leads on published references for rockfish culture/rearing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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About my book on Marine Food Fishes of Andaman and
Posted on: 27/9/2004 01:32:00

Dear sir I am born and brought up in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Now I am working in Zoological Survey of India for last 18 years. I am also a suba diver. I publish a book on marine food fishes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, published by Zoological survey of India. The price of the book is 75 $.and I would like to join in your fish friend group.
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Posted on: 26/9/2004 20:05:00

This is an Indonesian apogonid which I am trying to confirm. I have checked A. moluccensis and A ventri. but am not seeing the white dorsal dot.
782 3 4 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/9/2004

Where you say "Drawings done by former FishBase artist Robbie Cada are public domain and can be used freely" are you aware of the implications? Anyone could take that work, make any or no modifications, and legally claim they produced it and potentially profit from it. "Freely distributable" is generally preferable to "public domain". Oh, and thanks for helping me identify a troublesome fish! (posted from guestbook, please email any reply though none is necessary)
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Unknown Pempheridae
Posted on: 25/9/2004 19:24:00

I cannot find this fish on fish base. It is a sweeper in Indonesia. Notice the white spots on back and white border on dorsal fin. Thanks if you can help.
796 4 1 No reply
Ctenops nobilis
Posted on: 25/9/2004 07:06:00

What is the good water quality for Ctenops nobilis, some say pH around 4, some alcaline, brackish! Thank you for your help!
793 1 0 No reply
anadromous fish
Posted on: 24/9/2004 14:17:00

I am doing a research project on 5 anadromous fish species and I'm trying to find an atlas showing, or a book listing what bodies of water they are found along the eastern coast of the U.S. I've checked on line and I've check libraries and books stores...
797 0 0 No reply
Puffer identification
Posted on: 23/9/2004 12:52:00

Can anyone clear up my confusion regarding 3 Canthigaster species - solandri, papua and margaritata? Attached photos were taken off the west coast of Thailand. Fish appears very similar to Canthigaster margaritata which is said to be restricted to Red Sea. FishBase entry for papua gives a distribution which might include Thailand. However entry for solandri refers to a variation in the west pacific which it describes as 'formerly papua'. Is Papua form now considered a sub-species of solandri? And what is this fish anyway?!
800 0 1 No reply
Fish Identification
Posted on: 23/9/2004 10:57:00

Hello all Recently i bought an aquarium including a lot of fishes. I have been trying to identify some of them but am having no luck. If anyone knows the common or latin name for this fish ill be very gratefull. Im pretty sure its some kind of catfish but cannot find the exact type. Thanks in advance. Bas
1213 2 1 No reply
Fish Identification
Posted on: 23/9/2004 10:50:00

Hello everybody. Recently i bought an aquarium including a lot of fishes but i am having trouble identifying some of them. If anyone knows what fish this is I would be really gratefull. Thanks in advance. Bas
785 1 1 No reply
Posted on: 23/9/2004 10:43:00

i was wondering where i can go to find pictures of marine animals that i can print out it is for a marine bio lab book???
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/9/2004

I love this site im in the Marine tech program at CFCCand this helps me with alot o fmy research work!! Thanks
800 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/9/2004

Excellent.A great helpful information fornew researcher as well as an expert.
794 0 0 No reply
eastern little tuna & tuna longline fishing
Posted on: 21/9/2004 20:16:00

Hi everybody, my name is Al, i`m searching for the scientific name of eastern little tuna. and also, i`m researching on longline fishing industry. any information is fathomly appreciated.
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Skin cysts on Clarias batrachus - Please Help
Posted on: 21/9/2004 14:11:00

My 25+ years old Clarias batrachus have got rather quick growing cystlike swellings on her dorsal neck region. The swellings have unevenly rugged surfaces and around 3 mm to 1.5 cm in size. I couldn't match any disease like that in any resources I could find. Thus, I cannot start a treatment. I'm worried. Please help if you have any clue or suggestions on that. Thank you.
808 0 1 No reply
Chocolate with cherry red lips reef fish
Posted on: 21/9/2004 14:22:00

Some years ago i was fishing for red snapper off a party boat about 50 miles off galveston, TX. Bringing up my line after I had a hit I found a small reef fish had gotten the barb of my gold snapper hook in his mouth(not hooked but jammed head first). The fish was 1-1/2 - 2 inches long,compressed cylindrical with a completely milk to slightly darker chocolate color except for its lips which were completely cherry red lips. I decided to release it as I thought it might be very rare and I didn't want to be the one to cause its species to become extinct. However over the years I have tried to find it in various books on Gulf of mexico fishes and have never found anything resembling it. I am pretty sure it was not a goby. I remember its dorsal fin as having many rays but I did not count them. Is there any way to search by picture on this web site? Yesterday I met someone attending the Zoo and Aquarium conference here in New orleans who told me about this site. Any ideas anyone as to this fish's identity?
898 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/9/2004

Hi, My name is Bruno and I`l like know what I should do to post or send a photo. My tese it ís about Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus and I have some pictures of it. Thanks for all.
832 0 0 No reply
spotted blue fish
Posted on: 20/9/2004 18:53:00

Can anyone help me identify this fish? I took this picture during a shore dive in Cozumel. The fish was around 3 inches long. See the attached photo.
778 1 1 No reply
Damsel identification
Posted on: 20/9/2004 06:41:00

Can anyone help with a species identification of these damsel fish? Attached photo was taken in the Surin Islands off the west coast of Thailand. From the shape I would think they're some kind of Pomacentrus. The position and colour of the ocellus is nearest to vaiuli, bankanensis or proteus but none of them seem quite right and none of those have been reported from W Thailand anyway. Any ideas? Thanks
793 2 2 No reply
Fish Identification
Posted on: 20/9/2004 00:52:00

Hello all Recently i bought an aquarium including a lot of fishes. I have been trying to identify some of them but am having no luck. If anyone knows the common or latin name for this fish ill be very gratefull. Thanks in advance. Bas
861 1 1 No reply
Diseased puffer
Posted on: 18/9/2004 15:09:00

Can anyone identify this disease on puffer from Indonesian waters?
846 3 1 No reply
Posted on: 14/9/2004 21:02:00

I was just wondering if there is a endnote filture for FISHBASE. Thanks
818 0 0 No reply
Help! I was stalked by an unknown shark!
Posted on: 14/9/2004 07:14:00

Good morning! I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me with this, as I am not a professional fish person, but just a librarian. I've been doing a lot of research on this (job hazard), and I found you all, and started narrowing down the culprits. I was in Cozumel at Chankanaab Park this past weekend, and snorkeling for the second time (the first time was the day before that!). I was swimming around, and when I went under the water a bit to see the fish better, I kept feeling something brush the backs of my legs. I didn't pay much attention at first, and then I thought, "seaweed", but eventually, after 15 minutes or so, I looked under and behind myself, thinking that I had seaweed caught in my suit or something. As it turned out, it was a something, and not seaweed! The very first thing I thought when I saw it was "shark", but then I told myself that I was being paranoid. I spun around, tried to "shoo" it, swam away quickly, spun in circles, (and I'm embarrassed to say, screamed a little) but no matter what I did, he wouldn't go away! He stayed right behind my bottom or thighs, and sometimes slightly between them. I told him that I was taken, and that he was getting a little too fresh and personal, but he didn't seem to care. :) I was pretty far out, and it took me another 15 minutes to get to shore, and he stayed with me the whole time. It doesn't sound so bad now, but it really shook me up. I've looked through a lot of the "mug shots" on this site, and unfortunately, I think I've narrowed it down to a shark. He was about 18-24 inches long, blue-ish, and he had a dark stripe down his side. He had a rounded nose, and he didn't have the traditional triangle top fin, like a requiem shark would, but a lower, smaller one more towards his tail. He looked more like a shark from the Scyliorhinidae (Cat sharks) family, though I don't know if he actuall WAS a cat shark. I'm not sure if this will help, but he also "wriggled" from side to side more than glided, if that makes sense. Not quite an undulation, but he was a bit more flexible than a traditional shark. Can anyone help me on this? I think I'd just feel a little better if I knew what it was! Thank you so much! Elizabeth (who is now a little nervous about snorkeling!)
1268 3 0 No reply
Salmon consumption in Canada
Posted on: 13/9/2004 09:55:00

I am working on a research project that requires me to know what types and preparations of salmon are most commonly consumed in Canada. Does anyone know, in Canada, what types of salmon are most commonly purchased as fresh/frozen, and what types are most commonly purchased as canned? Furthermore, what proportion of salmon purchased in Canada is wild vs. farmed? Any advice onj where to look for this information would be great. Many thanks, Heather
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barbus esocinus
Posted on: 13/9/2004 05:15:00

Dear friends, I am in Iran in Khorzeestan province atthe border of Iraq. I know from licterature that here lives the very big Barbus esocinus than can reach 200 kg. If anybody Knows where to go for catching it please let me know. Thanks in advance,
802 0 0 No reply
Albino pike?
Posted on: 12/9/2004 16:10:00

Some while ago I was in a discussion on a board about whether or not there have been reported cases of albino northern pike (Esox lucius), I claim there have been such cases (I think I've read about it in the past), can anyone verify this, preferably with a photo? Couldn't find any good info about this with Google. Also, how about all green pike, with no yellow dots? Thanks, Mike
792 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/9/2004

Need this infomation for a theme to discuss about strange creatures.
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Fish ailment
Posted on: 12/9/2004 12:00:00

Hello everyone,anyone.I'm having a bit of a problem with my Betta Splenden(fighting fish) lately.His belly has bloated to an extent that his a problem just keeping himself straight.I did a little bit of research and found that it could be just a simple "overfeeding" or could also be some disease.I look at him and feel sorry.I don't want to loose him,or whatever. Do anyone have any suggestion on what proper medication or what I could do to get him well again?
873 2933 0 No reply
Sceintific name of the tilapila
Posted on: 12/9/2004 02:53:00

Hello, I am looking for the scientific and common name of an african carnivorous fish that has been introduced in the island of Niuafoou (Tonga Islands, South Pacific)in the seventies. I have been told that its name is tilapila, but I can't find it in databases. Anyone can help me? Thanks a lot!
787 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/9/2004

Hello, thanks a lot for your fine and informative site. You give me much help to find out a lot information about some fishes. Now I read your article about Aplocheilichtys normani, which is the newcomer in my aquarium). Thanks Jens
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Posted on: 10/9/2004 11:25:00

where can i get some big cichlids, like dovi, or fenestratus, or other large south and central americans
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internet relay chat channel
Posted on: 10/9/2004 03:22:00

Wow... great site, i do love the search page. Im the channelowner of a chatchannel #fishing on the irc network Undernet. ( and we had always difficulties to make eachother understand what kind of fish we did catch.
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food and feeding habit of the mullet Liza abu in
Posted on: 9/9/2004 21:39:00

Dear sir i am an assistant lecturar and Iam working on the diet of the fresh water fish Liza abu and i need some papers about this subject . So , I will be thankfull if you send me some papers about my work Thankyou for your cooperation .
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/9/2004

Hello from the Northeast Thailand. This is a wonderful page and very informative. We have been using it to find the English language name for the native fish, known here only by their Thai name. We live on a rice farm and have many of the fish listed here in our fields and canals. Thank you, Bryan
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cold water fish - gold fish
Posted on: 9/9/2004 12:34:00

I have 2 gold fish - new tank. the fish have been in the tank for 1.5 weeks, they have become unactive and have 'white' spot on them. I have had the water tested and everything is fine. Whats going on ? And what can I do ???
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/9/2004

Here is a resource: The Dynamic Great Lakes, a critically acclaimed book that has been re released and updated by Independence Books. There is an emphasis upon fish. It is suitable for teen through adult readers. It should be on your list of reference books. Available at 1-301-695-1707, etc. Please add my link as a resource. Many schools use it as well as individuals. Barbara Spring . The Dynamic Great Lakes The Wilderness Within Barbara Spring . The Dynamic Great Lakes The Wilderness Within
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Posted on: 9/9/2004 09:28:00

A fish popular in hungary is called Hekk. What is this fish? Where doesit come from?
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Identification please
Posted on: 9/9/2004 08:49:00

Hi any one knows this tetra, is from Colombia. common name pingui here is the picture
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Identification please
Posted on: 9/9/2004 08:49:00

Hi any one knows this tetra, is from Colombia. common name pingui
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Cross breeding of fishes
Posted on: 9/9/2004 05:20:00

I cross breeded diffrent varities of fish GUPPI(poacea ciliata)the fish with diffrent tail colours.what i want to know is that whether there is any specific ratio for the F1generation like that of mendelian experiments.If so pls give me the ratio&additional notes on cross breeding7its results.pls reply as fast as u can.This is for a skool project.
755 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 8/9/2004 19:36:00

recently i bought a goldfish from the markets and i think its blind coz both of its eye is different do u tell if ur fish is blind or not?? pls reply~~
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Posted on: 8/9/2004 17:55:00

811 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 7/9/2004 13:43:00

For some reason this forum has become a haven for aquarium keepers. This is primarily a site for ichthyologists (professional and amateur). Aren't there any better places you can go? I don't think that there are many answers to these types of questions here...
804 0 0 No reply
parrot fish
Posted on: 7/9/2004 08:19:00

i have two parrot fish that have laid eggs in our aquarium and i would love to fin more info ion them but wheneve i try punching in "parrot fish" ...nothing. please send info on the reproduction habits (how long eggs take to hatch, how many eggs they lay and what to feed the babies, does the mom eat the babies)and anything else you might have. thanks.
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Posted on: 5/9/2004 09:52:00

I just recently purchased two pimelodus pictus catfish.I would like to know how to tell their gender.
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white spot on black molly
Posted on: 4/9/2004 18:43:00

I have a 37-gallon, Eclipse 3 tank with a bio-filter in the hood with a carbon filter, and an under-gravel filter too. Thursday, 9-2, morning I noticed a black molly in my tank had developed a white spot about 1/4 inch in diameter on his side. My first thought was that it was some sort of fungus, so Thursday evening I treated the tank with Tank Buddies Fungus Clear. Its active ingredients are nitrofurazone, furazolide, and potassium dichromate. Then Friday, 9-4, I noticed that the white patch was eating a hole into his body. I thought that might have been an ulcer, but when I read about ulcers, they were described as being red. What is it? Did I treat it right? Is it contagious? Is there anything else I can do?
1208 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 4/9/2004 18:14:00

870 2 1 No reply
Posted on: 4/9/2004 08:07:00

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from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/9/2004

informacion de pomadasys macracantus
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perca fluviatilis ('redfin perch')
Posted on: 3/9/2004 04:22:00

Anyone know the spawning habits of this fish? Does it swim upstream in early spring to strew eggs, then return to lake? Thanks for the help, Mark 0419 568 860
890 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 3/9/2004 01:49:00

Is this the female of Symphodus tinca or Symphodus roissalli?
798 0 1 No reply
Posted on: 2/9/2004 06:23:00

Hi can anyone identify this specie. The shoot has been taken in Karpathos island, Aegean sea, Mediterranean.
856 1 2 No reply
Posted on: 2/9/2004 06:14:00

Hi can anyone identify this specie. The shoot has been taken in Karpathos island, Aegean sea, Mediterranean. Thanks
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unusual fish (i think)
Posted on: 1/9/2004 14:48:00

i was fishing at lake barkley in kentucky when i saw a dead fish in the water he was pretty big so i drove over to look at him he first looked like a shark which was funny because i was in a lake, it had fins kind of like a shark and the skin was not scaley but think looking, i was wondering if anyone knew maybe what kind of fish this was
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luli indra
Posted on: 31/8/2004 22:42:00

i am a student of college university and my research about omega 3 from fish oil. May i get information (like journal, etc) about that? thank's before
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common carp
Posted on: 31/8/2004 21:28:00

i am a college student and now i am in the middle of my final project before i can pass my tesis. i am in major of chemistry. my project is about fatty acid which will be given to common carp. my question is, is this fish forum discuss bout the things like this?is these only discuss marine fish or not? thank you
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Can anyone identify this panfish?
Posted on: 31/8/2004 03:36:00

Last summer a friend caught this fish in Nebraska, and I've been trying to find out what species it is by asking around, and I get different answers from various people, some say it's a young smallmouth bass, some say it's a rock bass, some say warmouth or goggle eye, even heard perch. Anyone here knows exactly what it is? Here's a pic I took of it. Thanks, Mike
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is that one ?
Posted on: 30/8/2004 01:18:00 thanks chris
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Additional fishing area of Mesopristes cancellatus
Posted on: 29/8/2004 23:29:00

At present, I am conducting assessment on endemic species in Abra River covering 2 provinces, Ilocos Sur (downstream) and Abra, northern Philippines (upstream)and one of the species observed is Mesopristes cancellatus. Based on data gathered, M. cancellatus is caught in Abra and Ilocos Sur side. Majority of those caught in Ilocos Sur side are in their gravid stage and fishing season is noted from May to August. Same species is also noted in Abra side (with egg also)but in August. Average catch is 5.0 to 8.0 kg/fish.
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About fishes with scales and fins
Posted on: 29/8/2004 10:22:00

Is there any sea creature that has real scales (clenoid and cycloid) but no fins? Thank you very much!
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taxonomic word list for spell checking
Posted on: 27/8/2004 20:40:00

Hi All, I'm looking for a compreshensive taxonomic word list of macroscopic marine species to use as a spell check dictionary. If you know where I might find one, please drop me an email.
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Ctenopoma spp
Posted on: 25/8/2004 08:05:00

Reposting owing to an error msg
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Ctenopoma spp
Posted on: 25/8/2004 07:57:00

I am looking for an ID for this Ctenopoma photographed in the Senegal River Delta in 2001. Thanks,
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ID Fish in the Caribbean
Posted on: 25/8/2004 05:52:00

The ID problem is related to the fish I think is a juvenile yellow-mouth grouper. The classical look is two-colored, white below and black above, with the dividing line diagonally from below the eye to above the tail. Fin on the back is light colored, part yellow part white. Tail is white with blue rear border. The real problem is with a slightly smaller fish than the above, mostly dark brown. In the area where the above is black, there are small bluish (sometimes white?) spots. Just below what would be the border between black and white in the above, there is a bar on the rear half of the fish that is lighter colored. Tail is dark, but have same blue rear border as the above. They both do use the tail when swimming; both have a tendency to disappear below a stone when they find I am looking at them. Is this another version of the yellowmouth grouper? I have not been able to find this in Reef Fish Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas by Paul Humann, Ned DeLoach I live in Dominica, and I have seen this fish snorkling, meaning that they are on 10-15 feet of water. Rocky area, corals etc living on some of the rocks. Fish comes one at a time. thanks Niels
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Anadromous and Catadromous
Posted on: 24/8/2004 16:08:00

Hello, i'm trying to find specimens, their common, scientific names an their families that present anadromous and catadromous behaviour. This is the first time I visit this page, and I've tried everywhere but I keep getting anguilas and salmons. Thanks!
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Problem in Family List
Posted on: 23/8/2004 09:31:00

When one scrolls through your family list, Pleuronectidae is missing -- now. If you look up an individual species (e.g., Liopsetta putnami), you will see that the family name Pleuronectidae has slid to the left under the "menu" and isn't available for indexing. p.s. Thanks for getting Sebastes marinus straightened out.
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record size for a convict (Cichlasoma nigrofasciat
Posted on: 21/8/2004 11:47:00

Is there a confirmed world record for the size of (Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum)?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 20/8/2004

I'd like some books for fisheries and aquaculture, please give me any this book. Thank you.
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2785 782 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 19/8/2004 04:58:00

Hello everybody, I investigate internet to find all the possible information on tetraodons travancoricus and schoutedeni. Regrettably the information is often contradictory and I do not know too much what it is necessary to believe. (Some people say that they are harmless and others than they are aggressive) would anybody have a personal experience to be shared either information on these sorts? Thank you in advance
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Thank you
Posted on: 17/8/2004 14:26:00

thank you Pete Liptrot for replying. I have a ten gallon aquarium, with a Japanese Fire-bellied newt, Fiddler crab, and an algae eater. temp. 80*F
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Wetland fishes of Uganda
Posted on: 17/8/2004 03:57:00

i would like to get information on the different species of fish that occur in Ugandan riverine swamps
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my peacock is skinner
Posted on: 16/8/2004 17:49:00

I bought this peacock eel about 2 months ago. I thought he was eating something because he is still alive. But then a couple days ago I found out that he was getting skinner than he was before i bought him.
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Stone Triggerfish in Caribbean?
Posted on: 14/8/2004 21:20:00

On June 24th, I photographed a fish that was swimming against the current inside the Palancar Reef near Cozumel, Mexico. It was making a beeline parallel to the reef, and I fired off 4 pictures from a distance of 30 - 40 feet. It was at about 20 feet depth. I couldn't identify it using books on Caribbean fishes, but it sure looks like the Pseudobalistes naufragium picture on FISHBASE. The only range described is the Galapagos, though. I'll try to attach a photo or two. Do you know what fish this is? (It was about 2.5 feet long.)
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what to do??!!!random thoughts....
Posted on: 12/8/2004 22:04:00

i have a 3ft tank and a 4ft tank on the way (which i am dividing into 2) i want to breed Neolamprologus Multifasciatus.... in half the 4ft tank what is another rare type cichlid that could be bred in the other half but has the same water requirments as a multi's?? i also have a breeding pair of blue eyes and way too many fish in my 3ft tank i was woundering if i split this tank in half could i breed blue eyes in one side and cockatoo cichlids in the other? and are corys ok with breeding multi's ? i dont know for certin what i am going to do but please if you can answer any other these questions it would help me decide a plan for my tanks..... thanx kel
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Grouper like fish (Mycteroperca xenarcha)
Posted on: 11/8/2004 07:20:00

I have recently been shown a strange large "grouper-like" fish being sold at a market in Portugal. I had no camera then, but I took note of its remarkable caudal fin which was concave, with exserted fin rays, and the long anal fin rays. The overall appearance was dark and it was about 90cm, 15kg. Since then I have searched for the fish in several databases and books but the most similar fish I found was Mycteroperca xenarcha from the Pacific. Is this possible? Are there fish with similar exserted caudal fin rays in the Atlantic? I was told it had been brought there by a spanish dealer but I do not know the origin of the fish.
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request data
Posted on: 11/8/2004 03:26:00

I studthe variation of few pelagic species (fishes and cetacean) over the mediterranean Sea in comparison with oceanographic changes (period 1950-2004). I need, an indicator of fishing effort to use catches from the FAO Fishdatabase. Is there somewhere in a base a such indicator (nbr of fishing boat, fishing boat power....) ? Dr A.L.
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name of fish ?
Posted on: 10/8/2004 06:58:00

wat is neme?
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Posted on: 10/8/2004 03:01:00

What an excellent site, especially for anglers like me. Question: A quick search of your site on the local Philippine name "maliputo" yielded two results: 1. Caranx ignobilis (giant trevally) - Maliputong laot 2. Carangoides fulvoguttatus (yellowspotted trevally) - Maliputo I'm just wondering how come the descriptions of either fish do not list "freshwater" as its environment? The maliputo is well-known in the Philippines as a jack/trevally that inhabits Taal Lake in Batangas. It is usually considered gourmet fare and better tasting than the usual marine jack/trevally, commonly referred to as talakitok. What really is the maliputo of Taal Lake? Is it really one of the two fish species? There are no observations of any of the above species in Taal Lake. One other interesting note, the common name "maliputong laot" simply means "maliputo from the sea." How come there are no observations in freshwater of the yellowspotted trevally? More power to your site! Allan
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Posted on: 9/8/2004 18:36:00

Just purchased three aerowanas (spelling is incorrect); the fishes are not eating and there are now white spots on their bodies. Please advise
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potters angel
Posted on: 7/8/2004 11:41:00

why are potters angels concidered so hard to keep in an aquarium and if i did decide to keep one what would be the requirments. I dont want to try to keep a fish i dont think i have the requirments for it.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/8/2004

Soy u biologo intersado en el trabajo con `peces. ahora estoy realizando un trabajo en repoblamiento con peces nativos de la cuenca Orinoco y estoy intersado en informacion sobre liberacion de peces con fines de recuperacion del medio acuatico. La pagina me paece muy interesante y con informacion muy valiosa para la coumunidad cient´fica pesquera
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 6/8/2004

I am a diving instructor in Marmaris (TURKEY) and I am diving everyday about 10 times and I take a picture our guests and fishes I learned you web site from my girl friend And we want to send you some photos ýf it is possible. We want to be your member is it possible too what can we do about it Waiting for your answer thanks a lot.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 6/8/2004

I am a final year student, who is specializing animal science and also studing Aquaculture. I hope to do my final project about fisheries, So I have interest about new things based on fisheries. so please be kind enough to help me. And also I need a picture of Hyporhamphus xanthopterus (red tipped half beak). If can send me. thank you!
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A Hawkfish from Bali, species?
Posted on: 5/8/2004 11:39:00

Can you help me identifying this fisch:
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Posted on: 5/8/2004 09:17:00

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breeding photoblepharon fish
Posted on: 1/8/2004 23:12:00

how can I information on breeding photoblepharon thanks
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What is this fish?
Posted on: 1/8/2004 08:37:00

Can anyone identify what kind of fish this is? Thanx! HJ
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 31/7/2004

Very nice educational despite I'm not a marine biologist, I am learning from this site.
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Hypancistrus Zebra L-046
Posted on: 31/7/2004 10:21:00

please can you helm me to get Hypancistrus Zebra L-046! I want to bread tghem! Brgds, Marc
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Fishing Pacific waters of northern Peru
Posted on: 30/7/2004 07:29:00

I will be travelling to Peru in Sept. & hope to fish the north coast of Peru & am trying to find out what main species one might expect to catch using mostly artificial lures and if there is any specific source of such information available to fishermen for this area. Thank you, Tony Luscombe
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previous message
Posted on: 29/7/2004 17:26:00

Perhaps the photo will upload as a message rather than a reply.
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Mandarinfish Compatibility!
Posted on: 29/7/2004 07:41:00

I know mandarinfish are NOT compatible with anemones, lionfish, filefish, triggers, angels, butterflys, puffers, tangs, surgeons, wrasses, gobies either from endangerment or they eat the same food supply. What ARE they compatible with (other than seahorses)??????? thank you!!!!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/7/2004

A great resource to have and an interesting forum as well!!! Cheers, Shiraz Ahmed Reef Imports Johannesburg South Africa
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Posted on: 25/7/2004 07:47:00

sorry I am new here and all kinds of stange things happen the picture moray is not mine I tried a new one with another extention moray bnc.jpg
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2735 787 0 1 No reply
Posted on: 25/7/2004 07:28:00

I shot a small moray in the philipinnes a couple of months ago. I fisrt did not know what it was but closser inspecion shows a moray of some kind. I can't figure out what species it can someone be of some assistence. It was seen on a nightdive at about 10 meters (30 feet). The area is Bohol. There whas a lot of small shrimp in the water which are viseble on the attached pictute I think it was not larger than 5 0r 6 cm.
818 0 1 No reply
Posted on: 24/7/2004 16:41:00

first , thanks to ADAM . i try again to send the pictures of the 2 fishes i caught in Méditerrannée . if it doesn't work can you give an e-mail adresse to send the pictures directly by my hotmail box ? thanks for reply
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/7/2004

I am sooooo glad I found your website. I have never taken care of fish before and I was given some fish that were unidentified. With your website, I was at least able to identify them as aspidoras fuscoguttatus. Are they bottom-feeders? I have 5 of them (3 adults) in a 20"L, 10"W, 11.5"H rectangular tank. I currently feed them once a day with tetramin tropical crisps (flakes). Do I need lights? I change 20% of the water twice a week. I do not have a filter and I use a 120V water pump. Please advise on what else I need to do. Anything is apreciated!
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Three Indonesian species
Posted on: 24/7/2004 07:30:00

Hello everyone. Here are three Indonesian species for assistance with anything (species, genus, family, good eating...)
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Uploading photo
Posted on: 24/7/2004 07:29:00

Just a note to everyone, you need certain more advanced levels of browsers to upload photos here.
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What is this?
Posted on: 23/7/2004 11:32:00

Caught in a North Carolina inlet. Any idea what it is?
767 4 1 No reply
Posted on: 23/7/2004 06:48:00

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Naming a new species
Posted on: 21/7/2004 15:35:00

Who can tell me the process for naming a new fish species?
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aquarium plants
Posted on: 21/7/2004 14:53:00

Can someone help me, i need some web site about aquarium plants! Someting like a fishbase but about aquaplants!!!
790 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 21/7/2004 03:11:00

Can you help me find a web site that gives information on crustaceans similar to what fishbase gives on fishes?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/7/2004

estoy interesado en seguir conociendo mas de ustedes, y poder tomar cursos de ictiología.
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Indonesian Nempteridae or Lethrinidae
Posted on: 20/7/2004 10:43:00

Something strange with uploading, last try. Clues on this species?
789 1 1 No reply
Indonesian Nempteridiae or Lethrinidae
Posted on: 20/7/2004 10:35:00

This ia an individual photographed in June at about 25m. Size is about 16-22cm. If you have ever seen this fish or can provide a clue to its identity, appreciated. Photo doesn't want to upload. I'll try again later.
791 1 1 No reply
Indonesian Nempteridiae or Lethrinidae
Posted on: 20/7/2004 10:35:00

This ia an individual photographed in June at about 25m. Size is about 16-22cm. If you have ever seen this fish or can provide a clue to its identity, appreciated.
758 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 20/7/2004 09:34:00

Can someone identify this specie? It was photographed in ~90' off Palm Beach, FL.
813 0 1 No reply
Whats going on!
Posted on: 20/7/2004 01:18:00

First wrong picture is displayed. Then second try has no picture and third doesn't even show up. Ok.... One more time!
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Help identifying this atlantic drum?!
Posted on: 20/7/2004 01:11:00

Can someone confirm or corret the identity of this fish. I think it might be "Larimus fasciatus", Banded drum!
841 1 3 No reply
genus Vasnetzovia of Catostomidae
Posted on: 19/7/2004 10:08:00

In Inland Fishes of Mississippi, p 253, author Ross mentions a genus Vasnetzovia. can anyone tell me anything about this genus, or where there is information on it? thanks, g phillips
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very peculiar fish
Posted on: 19/7/2004 09:39:00

Hey I saw this very peculiar fish at the Johnson Aquatic Complex at the Columbus Zoo and have been trying to find out what kind of fish it was (not smart enough to look at the name while I was looking at the fish) There was just one and it was a rather large fish. It had a long snout like protrusion, much like a sawfish but beneath that was what must have been its mouth, it was a large (several inches in dimater) opening that reminded me of looking down through a ribcage. The fish swam around with this open and looked as if there wasn't anyway that it ever closed. I'd appreciate it if anyone has any idea what this fish is, I've been searching the internet all day and unfortunately the zoo doesn't have any sort of listing of its current animal population. thx! Naomi
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buying fish online
Posted on: 19/7/2004 08:11:00

I am considering buying a fish or two from Drs. Foster and Smith website online. Can anyone advise as to having any negative or positive experiences. Thank you, Karen.
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Equetus punctatus
Posted on: 19/7/2004 06:27:00

I believe i found one of these near the keys in florida but not sure. It was probably the size of a half dollar, very juvenile. Black and white colors were all that I could see on the fish. What was unusual was that the top and bottom had extensions that were about the same size that moved worm like. It was by itself, swimming above a sponge and a reef and below it was a fish hole with this very ugly fish sticking out of it. What was even more fascinating was that the fish I caught swam in only circles it seemed, very easy catch. any info about this fish would be greatly appreciated.
803 0 0 No reply
Who recognizes this Indonesian fish?
Posted on: 17/7/2004 13:37:00

I have looked through the field guides, FBase, and hace not located this one.
767 2 1 No reply
Posted on: 16/7/2004 21:45:00

Please send to me all data about Auxis thazard, specially I need data about teeth type of Auxis thazard and the picture of the teeth
834 0 0 No reply
Can anyone identify this fish
Posted on: 16/7/2004 20:44:00

I am sorry, I had trouble attaching the images to the previous two messages. These pictures were taken by an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) at 3000m depth off the west coast of India. The fish appears to be scale-less and is at least 1 metre long.
753 1 2 No reply
Fish Id what else? ;)
Posted on: 15/7/2004 23:48:00

Need to Id this fish, found in the belly of a dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi) [img][/img]
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2693 739 1 0 No reply
breeding Periophtalmus sp.
Posted on: 14/7/2004 12:27:00

Dear all, i need some information about breed and raise this genus of fish; could someone give me some titles of articles or books about it? Thanks so much ><((((°>Matteo<°))))><
817 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/7/2004

Thanks for these side and congratulation for this kind of information but i really like more information about the fisheries and acuaculture in Guatemala
805 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 12/7/2004 21:07:00

Looking for some more in depth descriptors of hexagramminae and ophiodontinae. If anyone can point me to relevant Journal Articles or other information I would appreciate it.
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Need help with names of fish on Singapore Stamps
Posted on: 12/7/2004 18:52:00

I am the ichthyology editor for a stamp collecting journal of the American Topical Association. I am trying to identify the fish on a set of stamps issued by Singapore with the following common names (In Malay). I found two of them in FishBase (see end of list). Any help would be appreciated. Iban tenggiri papan Ikan kertang Ikan kakatua Ikan bambangan Ikan parang Ikan buntai pisang Ikan ketang Pari hitam Telinga gajah =Orbicular batfish =Platax orbicularis of the family EPHIPPIDAE Ikan babi = Bluering angelfish = Pomacanthus annularis in the family POMACANTHIDAE
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Posted on: 10/7/2004 03:28:00

pleas give me the information for the squids(conserv)
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/7/2004

I am a TV Producer and I am always looking for information about the fish that are in the rivers of Bolivia. I produce a Sport Fishing Show and I try to teach our audience how to protect the species that we have here. Any information that I could get is always usefull. My tv show is called Tv Aventura. If you need information in how we called (common names) fish here in Bolivia, I will be glad to give it to you. Sincerely, Jimmy Moya
838 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/7/2004

I am searching about spawning season of Pagrus bajad
754 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 8/7/2004 08:53:00

i m searching for informations about the induced spawning,larval rearing,feeding of sperata aor or aoricthys aor or mystus aor
822 1 0 No reply
Eastern Brook Trout burst speed
Posted on: 7/7/2004 11:41:00

Hello, Anyone have references for burst speeds of Eastern Brook Trout. I looked on this site and found nothing. This piece of info seems hard to come by. Thanks in advance
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/7/2004

This site is really good for fisheries and aquaculture as it contains very good data. we found that this work should be continued with more universities and research organization. this site also useful for conservation programme for endangered species. good work and appriciable work by fishbase. Thanks to this site and hope for good development.
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Firemouth & Convict Cichlids
Posted on: 6/7/2004 08:59:00

Can someone please tell how I can tell the male from the female when lookig at these fish? Can you also email me the answer. I am desperate, thanks.
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Anatomy of European eel (Anguilla anguilla)
Posted on: 6/7/2004 07:12:00

I am looking for figures or photographs of internal anatomy of eel (digestive tract, gills ...). Do you know where I could find some ? My researches on the web are still unsuccessful. Thank you very much
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/7/2004

nice one and iam enjoying this,this is a wonderful site .this is very useful to me ,as iam studying P.G in fisheries
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Posted on: 5/7/2004

wonderful site. send new information
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Posted on: 5/7/2004

This is a very good site and it is very help full for me as iam a fisheries student in P.G level. i have being refering this since begining of my course,so i would like contact with you.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/7/2004

hello sir, this is ravi from india.i have 10 tonns of milk fish in my i can market it.i would like to rate/kg of milk fish,i have contact whom to sale those milk fish.please help me in this issue. thanking you sir, Ravi Narsipalli
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breading habbits of oscars
Posted on: 3/7/2004 18:54:00

i hav bout 20 oscars. an they hav been multiplying for about every 2 weeks an the babies are dieing.what can i do 2 solve this problem? please hurry..
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/7/2004

A very good site with much useful information about most of the fishes. It also gives information about the ecological study and gives very good reference about the datas of fishes.
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Seafish Farms in South Africa
Posted on: 2/7/2004 13:53:00

I am looking for information on existing sea fish Aquaculture in South Africa and existing market studies on this topic. Could anybody help me find information and/or addresses on this. Thanks, Jean Michel
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Chemicals released by fish
Posted on: 30/6/2004 06:52:00

I'm doing a predator/prey study and am trying to determine the chemicals released by Fundulus heteroclitus (mummichog) into the water. It has been determined that grass shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio) are able to determine when a fish in the water is a predator or not, so we are attempting to see if it is by sensing chemicals in the water. Is it possible to find out the chemicals that are released by mummichogs somewhere?
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hypsopanchax modestus
Posted on: 29/6/2004 01:02:00

I've just obtained 2 pairs... but I do not know how to keep them and reproduce them!!!
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Need help with identification
Posted on: 26/6/2004 11:48:00

Hello, can anybody tell me what species this is: It was shot a few weeks ago of the coast of Gozo (Malta) at roughly 5 meters deep during a night dive. I guess it is some kind of seabream but I cannot find the exact species in a book or on fishbase.
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help identify?
Posted on: 24/6/2004 23:06:00

it apears that i have a lace catfish, syndontis nigrita, with the exception to a blotchy white line running from the base of the tail fin to just before the gill plate. is it a unique lace cat or something eles?
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physical deformities mangrove fish
Posted on: 24/6/2004 06:56:00

When recently sampling for mangrove fish, I found one specimen of Ambassis natalensis and one of Acanthopagrus berda with physical deformities that really caugth my attention. A. natalensis has an S-shaped spinal column and A. berda a protruding, well-developed vertical lower jaw really looking like a tooth. Can anyone tell me if this is caused by genetic problems within the fish population or maybe pollution? There is a restaurant quite close to the sampling site. Thanx
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BROODERS OF Clarias liocephalus
Posted on: 21/6/2004 09:47:00

Please connect me with address where I can purchase mature breed of the above stated sp
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aiptasia butterflys eaters
Posted on: 19/6/2004 15:40:00

heelo what species are reef safe and eat aiptasias? saludos
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Possible different ID for a photograph
Posted on: 18/6/2004 09:17:00

I think this image represents a different species. Pterygotrigla hemisticta occurs only in the western Pacific ocean from Japan to Australia (the fish in the photograph is from the Red Sea). (see "Richards, Yato & Last, 2003: Revision of the guarnard fish subgenus Otohime (Triglidae: Pterygotrigla)") The picture is most certainly of the deepsea species Pterygotrigla (Otohime) spirai (the only species of the genus found in the Gulf of Aqaba from were the photograph is). In that publication it is also noted that the photograph published by Randall (probably the same photo as on fishbase) as P. hemisticta is actually P. spirai (page 11, under synonym of P. spirai). Hope this info is helpful.
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What's this fish?
Posted on: 18/6/2004 04:55:00

Oops, The upload of the image failed. I've posted it on my website instead. Many thanks again, Matt
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What's this fish?
Posted on: 18/6/2004 04:49:00

Hello, Does anyone know what species this might be? I think it's either a Parodon or Apareiodon, but my knowledge of parodontids is rather limited... Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, Matt
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S.C.S Giant Tarpon fishing as described in FIELD
Posted on: 17/6/2004 17:10:00

S.C.S Giant Tarpon fishing and snook fishing Trips in Nicaragua and Costa Rica , as described in FIELD & STREAM magazine. Long time since I post a fishing report.. this one cover what happened in our Jungle river since the beginning of the year. .We are a small company, a guest told me recently than to present my activity I should say: “ We are a small specialized operation that caters to custom Jungle River fishing trips for small groups of fishermen “ that’s what we do . My fishing trip for Tarpon, snook, Rainbow bass are in San Juan River ( Rio san Juan ) this Historical tropical Jungle river, is the border between south Nicaragua and north Costa Rica....Spot is UNIQUE because we can go for Giant tarpon ( 90lb/250lb+ ) any day, any month all year round....this is the reason why more and more anglers and now some celebrities.. are coming and coming back to fish with us.. even if we cannot offer Florida style accommodations... Good new is than from July we will offer much better lodging with the opening of my new comfortable Guests house in front The Jungle town of SAN CARLOS and ..also with the reopening of Hotel Mancaron in Solentiname and finally with a new place down San Juan River in Saballo./Castillo. Since beginning of the year we have been very busy . We are even more busy lately as many guest wish to come after publication of an article concerning our operation in famous magazine FIELD AND STREAM , Author Mr. Bill heavey as been fishing with us and article been published in May Edition It says: Alone in Tarpon Paradise. There’s a river in Nicaragua filled with thousands of giant tarpon and very few fishermen. in other words , go now. Link to article is Rumors concerning quality of our fishing are expending ( It’s not everyday than a new fishing destination appears.. and we have more journalist from other Media , TV etc than are coming... more articles are going to be published soon ...I wish not to be misunderstood I am not singing victory , etc etc... I think that what is happening is the correct prize for years of hard work for me , my teams and local friends.. ... anyway with me or not all this is going to be positive for Rio San Juan as it will bring more Tourism in an area and to people who really need and deserve it , this is the most important and what will remain.. ... Well so far it is quiet and very very lay back... I have no idea for how long time.. Back to fishing: it as been great for all guest, I will only say than since beginning of the year everybody coming ( 88 guests in this 6 first month ) had Tarpon on , Common size of fish between 90lb and 200lb some monsters also around 250lb .. I know many readers and some ‘dear Confreres “ are going to be very very suspicious about what I wrote to day about because it is about an exceptional spot with the biggest Tarpon in the Americas.. but all this is 100% true, if still in doubt please ask Mr. Roy turner from Magazine FEDER PESCA SPAIN. , to Mr. Bill Heavey FIELD AND STREAM magazine or to Mr. George LARGE Vice president of RAPALA they all have been fishing with us recently, and got some 200lb... .., I was looking at The IGFA world record book recently i have the 2003 edition and I like to report than NO OFFICIALLY we made several time some IGFA line class record , 8lb in 12lb Men and Women, and all the children IGFA All tackle record for tarpon Boy and girl ( my sons...and friends..). In these numbers I may be wrong from a few pounds because we FISH AND RELEASE, we do not want to kill tarpon.. also since 2 months we do not use gaff anymore.. ( Thanks to RAPALA. new lock’n weight.) . well we .estimate fairly the weight of fish by measurement .. NOTE Due to an accident once we weighed one of “ our “ tarpon it was a 235lb pounder ... I have written many fishing reports in the past about our giant tarpon and the fact than we are almost alone on the river.. I had many comments full of doubts of suspicions.. , nowadays Known specialized Sport Fishing journalist came and are writing about us I wish to thanks all of them ...and , as say Bill Heavey in FIELD & STREAM “Alone in Tarpon Paradise” The civil war is over in Nicaragua. The tarpon, unfished for 30 years, are hungry. And no one knows.... This Report is from Philippe Tisseaux. My E mail is: [email protected] , m y Web pages , other Fishing reports, pictures are at: and:, site en francais a: , Sitio en Espanol : My E mail is: [email protected] , m y Web pages , other Fishing reports, pictures are at: and:, site en francais a: , Sitio en Espanol :
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message 2815
Posted on: 17/6/2004 06:44:00

european plaice (plueroectes platessa )
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Difference between Bathophilus metallicus and Bath
Posted on: 17/6/2004 03:15:00

I need some info on the differences that separate B. metallicus from B. vaillanti (B. metallicus was listed as a valid species by Harold, 2003 in "The Living Marine Resources of the Western Central Atlantic, it was also listed as a valid species in the most recent online edition of the Catalog of Fishes) The only thing I could find was that B. metallicus has always 3 pectoral fin-rays (Paulin et. al. 1989) whereas B. vaillanti has 3-5. (Whitehead et. al, 1984-86, but this included the details of B. metallicus) but I couldn't find any more-detailed information. Thank you in advance for any info you may provide.
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Anguilla rostrata--American eel
Posted on: 15/6/2004 07:41:00

I am researching these fish in the vicinity of Guadalupe, Hays and Caldwell counties (San Marcos River). They are legendary fish, but incredibly illusive and hard to sample. Any eel experts out there? What I want to know is any known spots/actual locations (GIS coordinates) where they are known to inhabit (in the Guadalupe River Basin). I've been trying to catch them for 10 months and caught (1). They are a species of concern and globally imperiled (at 1% recruitment as of 2003 for American, European and Japanese species--AFS December 2003). No anecdotal evidence, please, I have heard all the "stories".
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pic's for oxyeleotris
Posted on: 14/6/2004 18:42:00

I have a fish (Fresh Water Cow) that that I am looking for info on. I think that this might be related to my fish but I can not find any pic's for this genus name. Can some one help to find a site that might have pic's.
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Posted on: 14/6/2004 13:11:00

here in north norway we get a few plaice with black spots is this normal or a sub species,can any one help.
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Posted on: 14/6/2004 10:11:00

Does anybody knows something about this brazilian tilefish?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/6/2004

I was certainly surprised to find my name listed as "collector" in connection with the fish specimen, name: Sardinella fimbriata that I sent to Charles Breder of the Museum of Natural History while stationed in New Guinea during WW II. I had been majoring in zoology at Cornell at the time, but am now an artist. Please advise if I am mistaken regarding the specimen identification  
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water temp/related to fish activity
Posted on: 12/6/2004 17:08:00

in a deep water lake what is the temperature range that will make fish shut down (bass) will the fish go to a more stable temperature at a certain depth? say if it is at 82deg fahrn on top and the temp is at 70 at 15 feet what does this make the bass do?
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Induced Spawning Ompok hypophthalmus
Posted on: 11/6/2004 01:01:00

this messasage is a result from my reasearc at Fisheries an Marine Sceince University of Riau Indonesian Ompok hypophthalmus familiar with 'ikan selais' at Indonesian expesially Pekanbaru Province Riau. berhasil dipijahkan dengan menggunakan rangsangan hormon ovaprim dengan dosis 0,5 ml/kg bobot badan hingga 1,5 ml/kg bobot badan, dan dosis terbaik adalah 1,o ml/kg dengan waktu
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Coregonus clupeaformis
Posted on: 10/6/2004 07:47:00

Are there any sources that cite the distribution of this species in the Pacific Northwest other than references to its presence in the upper Columbia drainage impoundments?
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Anguilla anguilla ( Freshwater Eel ) Migration
Posted on: 10/6/2004 05:46:00

Many thanks to all those who responded to my earlier request for information on Anguilla Anguilla migration. Please note that I am still researching this interesting topic and would still like to hear from anyone who has seen, or has evidence of mature eels undergoing overland migration. Please note my new email address. Kind regards, Kevin Thornton
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Posted on: 10/6/2004

I really enjoyed with your web. Easy to use, clear, technical, useful, ¡great! Congratulations.
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Posted on: 9/6/2004

Hi I was surprised to see that Australia is not listed as a country c European carp. We have massive infestations of this fish, particularly in the Murray River. Perhaps I have the wrong binomial?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/6/2004

You have a very useful resource here to assist in the research and sustainable management projects for the coastal as well as deepwater fisheries. I would like to obtain permission to use some of these photos for a fish identification sheet for use in the markets, roadside surveys and fish landing depots.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/6/2004

I have what appears to be a Ctenopoma Nebulosum from the SENEGAL River Delta - how can I positively identify it? Can I send you pictures?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 8/6/2004

comments to the site gives the designer and the owner a good relaxation when they read viewrs comments; i like this site visit these website Games, Search, Pastlife
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what kind of fish is this?
Posted on: 7/6/2004 10:17:00

Hi there, was recently at the aquarium in Osaka Japan and saw a tank full of these guys, but there were no labels in english. Does anyone know what kind of fish these are?
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needle nose gar
Posted on: 6/6/2004 20:09:00

Hello, I bought a needle nost gar yesterday. We also bought 10 feeder fish that we put in the tank with him. We assumed he would eat when he got hungry. He has not eaten at all. This afternoon I took the feeders out of his tank. This evening I put one back in. He has still not eaten in 24 hours. How can I correct this? The pet store said he eats one in the morning and one in the evening. But none so far. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Freebird
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Puntius denisonii
Posted on: 6/6/2004 03:46:00 for more information of this lovely fish.
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Cyprinus carpio anatolicus
Posted on: 5/6/2004 04:23:00

Would anyonbe know, or be able to discover, the nationality and full name of the biologist B. Hanko? His description of Cyprinus carpio anatolicus was published in 1925 and I understand the discovery was made in Turkey in 1924 although I have not been able to discover the dating of those fossil finds. He may have been Danish, Finnish or German it seems but I can find nothing about him. If you are able to assist, please let me know. Very best regards, John Langridge Spain
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Fishing for Piranhas in Bangkok, Thailand
Posted on: 3/6/2004 22:53:00

Fears dealers released piranhas into canals Fish can live, breed in local waterways There are fears that red piranhas, the fierce little fish renowned for eating flesh that are native to South America, may be inhabiting some parts of Bangkok waterways, after they were believed released by scared exotic fish dealers to elude a crackdown. But fish experts say there is no need to panic. Police launching raids in the last month say they seized 112 piranhas. They suspected some fish dealers might have released their stock into canals. ''Let me warn people who live by the river or canals to be careful when going into the water. Especially, men should cover themselves well, otherwise they could be sorry for the rest of their lives,'' Pol Col Wichit Nanthawong told a press conference on the wildlife and wild plant trade held by the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department and World Wildlife Fund, an international conservation group. So far, the Fisheries Department has not found any of the fish in freshwaters in the country. Chirdsak Vongkamolchoon, director of the Fish Trade Inspection Section, said some fish buyers might know little about the fish and might release their eggs into freshwater while cleaning fish tanks. That could allow the fish to grow in the country's waters. Jaranthada Karnasuta, deputy director-general of the Fisheries Department, said the fish are capable of living and breeding here. However, he said their survival depended on competition in the wild, especially against Thai native fish which feed on other fish's eggs. Chavalit Vithayanon, head of the WWF Nature's Marine and Freshwater unit, said the fish's survival also depended on habitat. He said piranhas would have less chance of surviving in the Chao Phraya river with its polluted water. He said piranhas likes to lay eggs in a dense forest ecosystem. As such they would have more of a chance to survive if released in the South. However, as the fish were aliens, they should not be released into freshwater because no one knew what impact they could have. Mr Chavalit said Thailand, as a signatory to the Convention on Biodiversity, was obliged to develop regulations to prevent its biodiversity from being contaminated. The fisheries law should be revised to cope with aquatic alien species. Mr Jaranthada said the department might require exotic fish traders to register, to control aquatic alien species imported into the country. With kind regards, Roel
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Unidentified Moray
Posted on: 2/6/2004 17:06:00

I found this moray in about 10 feet of water while diving in Bonaire - Netherlands Antilles. The people at the dive shop couldn't identify it and I'm wondering if you can.
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Here is another one!
Posted on: 2/6/2004 15:51:00

This fish was caught in the Galvaston, Texas! It was probably 4 inches tall and much longer. Body was somewhat compressed (narrow from left to right)! It was caught in about 10 feet of water near moody gardens. Any ideas. The guy that caught it said it looked like a nail gun went of in its mouth. Teeth looked very much like the teeth on a "toothed seadevil"!
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Least cisco
Posted on: 2/6/2004 12:38:00

I am doing reasearch on least cisco(coregonus sardinella) and am looking for information on maturity, spawning, reproduction. Anything will be useful. thanks
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can it crack
Posted on: 1/6/2004 18:52:00

i have had an aquarium before of 55 gallons but i just got another one to set in my room and its on my night stand but its hanging off about two inches on each side i want to know if it will crack or do any damage to the tank (the tank is to big for the night table)
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information wanted
Posted on: 1/6/2004 03:02:00

will u please provide me information about the fishes of the genus rita species.
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Posted on: 1/6/2004 01:55:00

will u please tell us , if there is any fish species of the genus Rita having more than 3 pairs of barbels.
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Mortality rate
Posted on: 1/6/2004 01:33:00

I am looking for data on natural mortality rates (whithout predation) about coral fish and diet compositions in order to run a model on fisheries. Can someone help me please? Thank you. P. Rabbat
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 30/5/2004

rainbow trout input-output relationship (production function)
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 30/5/2004

Fishbase represents a huge amount of basic scientific informations on ichtyology specially fitted for all those involved in applications like fisheries, aquaculture, biogeography, ecology... Thank you to those having taken initiative to launch the project and to all collaborators and contributors in building and leading fishbase. Prof. Guy T. Houvenaghel Laboratoire d'Océanographie biologique et Aquacultures Université Libre de Bruxelles and Haute Ecolel de Bruxelles
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What might this black and white barred fish be?
Posted on: 29/5/2004 18:42:00

This fish is certainly an exotic transplanted somehow to Southeast Michigan. Looks like it might be a cichlid but not that I can match it with. The fish is about 9 inches long. Any ideas?
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Black Sea Fishes
Posted on: 29/5/2004 14:47:00

I am looking for references on the fishes of the Black Sea. If anyone was willing to refer me to an investigator who has done research in this region I would appreicate their contact information. In particular, I'd like a species list and with any fisheries information available. My expertise is in the eastern Tropical Pacific, so this is an area I am not familiar with. In Auguest, I will be doing a complete circumnavigation of the Black Sea. Thank you.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 29/5/2004

This page is excellent. I am interested in fish farming and the page is very informative on the kinds of fish found in the fresh waters of The United Republic of Tanzania.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 29/5/2004

I have worked for 10 years with paddlefish, in Romania. I am currently rearing some Huso huso and other sturgeons and I am interested in more information about the feeding habits of juvenile belugas.
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Posted on: 28/5/2004 03:58:00

Hi, can anyone tell me how to search Fishbase to obtain a list of diadromous (anadromous and catadromous) fish species.
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food ecology of fiches
Posted on: 28/5/2004 02:28:00

I'm interested in methods for the estimate of food rates of fishes in natural environment. It means, methods based on the study of guts of captured animals.
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systematik of fishes of world
Posted on: 27/5/2004 21:06:00

hi i wanna to know a bout systematik of fishes ? how didi we seprate each other and about marine fishes just about or 3 pages best regards elahe
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Name this fish
Posted on: 27/5/2004 16:01:00

Can you help identify this fish my son-in-law caught recently in a lake near Fallujah, Iraq?
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What is this fish?
Posted on: 27/5/2004 15:45:00

Can anyone help me identify this fish? It was caught in the Cayman Islands namely, Cayman Brac, in 1000' of water. Some of the older folks have seen the fish before, but really don't know what it's "real" name is. Thank you
814 2 2 No reply
Post-mortem sexing
Posted on: 27/5/2004 07:41:00

I'm looking for information on post-mortem sexing of eels. Preferably chemical/hormonal tests instead of physiological via dissection. particularly, can frozen specimens still be sexed by hormones? thanks.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 27/5/2004

Congratulations, this is the best site of the world for divers.
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Posted on: 27/5/2004 02:07:00

My friend found on the beach in Liguria (North Italy)an unidentified strange anatomical structure of some animal (I think a fish). It seems a scale but it is not flat. It shows growth lines... what is it ?
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Sea cucumber species of the Philippines
Posted on: 26/5/2004 15:40:00

Looking for web site where I can find info and see pic's of species of sea cucuber found in the Philippines
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/5/2004

Reference data for Channichthys normani Balushkin, 1996 is an error. This species was described in "Similarity of fish of family Channichthyidae (Notothenioidei, Perciformes), with remarks on the species composition of a new species from the Kerguelen Archipelago. Voprosy Ikhtiologii, vol. 36, no. 1, pp. 5-14, 1996."
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endocrinology research
Posted on: 24/5/2004 06:20:00

hi i'm doing a research on the anguilla anguilla, please send me peactures of it. thank you avital
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/5/2004

Since I am writing a manual on "How to make the change from hobbyist to the owner of a small hatchery", I have found this site extremely useful and I recommend it to as many people that I can in the tropical fish hobby.
796 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 22/5/2004 04:27:00

Does any body has a literature on postlarval rearing of Portunid crab: Sylla serrata
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 20/5/2004

grazie per il servizio offerto
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help me someone
Posted on: 18/5/2004 18:13:00

does enyone know the name of the fish with teeth on its snout
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/5/2004

I have a picture of a longspine porgy if you are interested.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/5/2004

Dear Sir; We are very happy about this valiable site. You add a lot of things... keep going to forward. Thanks, & Best regards
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swordfish publication
Posted on: 18/5/2004 03:55:00

Does anybody have this publication (PDF): GUERRA et al (1993), Cephalopods in the diet of the swordfish, Xiphias gladius, from the northeastern Atlantic ocean in OKUTANI T., R.K. O'DOR & T. KUBODERA (Eds), Recent Advances in Fisheries Biology, Tokay University Press. Tokyo Thanks
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Using Distichodus rostratus to eradicate aquatic p
Posted on: 18/5/2004 00:26:00

I were asking is this species are using for eradicate plants in canal like grass carp. How quantity of plant this species can eat per day? If not, i will use this with gass carp in North Sénégal.
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cant find
Posted on: 17/5/2004 20:42:00

I cant seem to find any info on palaemonetes australis (fresh water srimp) found in south west of west australia. main night time feed scorce for galaxias occadentalis.
787 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 17/5/2004 11:52:00

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Posted on: 15/5/2004 15:03:00

merci de vouloir bien donner des informations ,sur un phénomène ,concernant le merou(epinuphalus gazae)qui echoue sur la cote mourant thank you for your info!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/5/2004

un sito dai contenuti notevoli!!!
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Posted on: 13/5/2004 14:33:00

Hi! I'm looking for the current Stuart G. Poss e-mail address, if any one may give me a hand thank you.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 11/5/2004

A very comprehensive web-site; full of interesting information including the detailed references.
741 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 11/5/2004 17:36:00

I've attached the picture.
847 0 1 No reply
Help identify
Posted on: 11/5/2004 17:34:00

Hello, I am writing a paper on piscinae and fish mosaics in ancient Pompeii. I was hoping to get some help in identifying the fish in a mosaic. Thanks!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 8/5/2004

Thank you for this marvelous resource. Your efforts are commendable. Where I live I don't have access to English-language scholarly or scientific libraries so Fishbase is a tremendous help in my avocation of the study of fisheries.
756 0 0 No reply
Can Anyone ID this Blenny
Posted on: 8/5/2004 14:24:00

My LFS used to get these in occasionally but they closed... I am looking for another one but need something more than the common name to go by, since it is not a common, common name . I have searched thru as well as asked at wetwebmedia. They listed them as Tidepool Blennies Collected from the Indian Ocean. It is an algae grazing blenny although it loved meaty foods and ate anything I threw into the tank. Very social and active always at the front of the tank. Very very entertaining as well. The fish was not even afraid to steel food out of my Dogface Puffers mouth. They are a solid dolpin steel blue color and about 6 inches long. They have 2 dorsal fins. All the fins are large. The night coloration is a little darker with verticle white bands or stripes. They have irridesent blue speckles on their face. The dorsal fins have a thin band of red at the base. The pectoral fins have 14 rays The anterior dorsal fin has 12 rays The posterior dorasl fin has 22 rays The caudal fin has 13 rays which look like they split at the tip in a narrow Y shape attached in the next post. Here is a photo with a another to follow.... Thanks for your help, Leslie
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Fish Photos
Posted on: 8/5/2004 03:27:00

I am yust back from fishing trip on Red Sea (Hourgada-Sharm El Sheik)My big hoby is fishing and making photos of yust fished fish, espetialy new species. Many time till now I use your fish base to found name of some species. This time I am ready to send you my last fish photos to help your tim, making your base more atractive. All my photos are free for you of course. If you thing my photos will be of interes for you send my short mail on my address bellow. In attachement is one not known fish.
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Posted on: 6/5/2004 12:40:00

Can anyone give me an opinion? Are these fish one and the same. See attached images.
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Help with IDs
Posted on: 5/5/2004 18:42:00

Hello. I wonder if anyone can help with identifying these two fish-- our supplier calls fish number one "huachinango", but they don't appear to match any of the listings here on fishbase. The second is being called "corvina" but I can't seem to find any likely matches for it either. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks Paul
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Help: pictures needed
Posted on: 5/5/2004 15:11:00

I am looking for a picure a Anoplogster
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/5/2004

me gustaria recibir y compartir informacion y fotos
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How to photograph larvae?
Posted on: 4/5/2004 10:29:00

Could anyone please help? I am interested to know how to photograph fish larvae to produce results similar to the one in the attached file. Can this be done with an SLR camera? If so what lense would I use? Also larvae are normally translucent how come they are not in the attached file? Regards, Martin
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How to photograph larvae?
Posted on: 4/5/2004 10:29:00

Could anyone please help? I am interested to know how to photograph fish larvae to produce results similar to the one in the attached file. Can this be done with an SLR camera? If so what lense would I use? Regards, Martin
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what is this?
Posted on: 2/5/2004 22:22:00

Hello, can anyone familiar with trout and such identify this for me. It looks like a trout but doesn't have an adipose fin!
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What happens to fish in the winter
Posted on: 2/5/2004 14:27:00

When ponds and lakes freeze what happens to the fish. Do they hibernate like bears? And if a pond freezes completely, do the fish die? I live in a state where winter can be quite cold and was wanting to know about fish survival. Please respond to my E-mail Thanks, curious
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fish problem pic
Posted on: 1/5/2004 18:38:00

Just saw the pic attachment deal at the bottom. I Have a pond i stalked about 2 years ago and have some red ear sunfish that are looking pretty bad. I will try to attach a picture but the problem seems to only be with the sunfish. I have bass and blue gill also. Pretty big and deep pond, kids swim in it alot also. I dont know how to attach a picture to this forum but If you think you can help me i can send you a piture. I am trying to catch this before it gets bad. Out of about 50 fish getting caught only about 6 have had this like pimple looking rash on the side. If you can help me please email me at [email protected] and [email protected] I have also emailed Texas A and M on this because the company that stocked my pond recommended me to contact them. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks bobby
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 30/4/2004

An excellent site. It will be very helpful especially for the students of ichthyology as well as for the individual researchers to have a full Greek text or translation. Also there is a gap in the common Greek names of many species and fish which is responsibility of the Greek Univarsity I suppose. Thank you so much Regards Antonis Balaskas Abs. I visit your site at least once a week!
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I've a problem to identify a larva fish.
Posted on: 30/4/2004 00:55:00

I found it at north sea. in my opinion, this is a gadidae and I looked in Russell an I think that could be a T. luscus but I'm not sure because my larva has the tail forked and in the Russell: no! is somebody could could help me? I made photographes of them. Thank you.
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porcupine fis with strange eyes
Posted on: 29/4/2004 15:03:00

last time when I was in the Philippines I saw and photographed a small porcupine fish which had like golden sand dusted across his eye lenses. Is this normal or did this fish have a desease or parasites?
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coregonid larvae
Posted on: 28/4/2004 07:38:00

I'd like to know the Food Conversion Ratio of the larvae of Coregonus lavaretus, at different stages until juvenile.
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unknown PNG species
Posted on: 28/4/2004 03:26:00

Ad unknown species from Papua New Guinea: finally I got information, that the species HAS adipose fin. Now it is probable that it is genus Prochilodus. But what about species? As I promised, I attach to this message two pictures of Prochilodus (P. argenteus???) that I've met on PNG. Do you think that it is the same species? I have serious doubts...
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different area salmon aquaculture
Posted on: 26/4/2004 21:52:00

Where can I find the information about feeding salmon cage aquaculture in North-American, South-American and North European?
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Posted on: 26/4/2004 15:00:00

hi all.. iam trying to do a study on these fishes and would be gratefull for any information i.e: biotypes ,,identification,,literature,, etc.. i have over the last two years successfully bred an erethistes?? the fish get regular water changes and is only fed live food in the two years i have kept these, they have hardly grown they entered the u.k. as burmese rock cats.. at the present i have maybe seven types including laguvia and psuedolaguvia any aid would be gratefully received adrian (medaka) visit this link for adult with young
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smoking mandarinfish
Posted on: 25/4/2004 13:51:00

i have a mandarin that appears to emit a smoky substance from its gills....what is this and is it something to worry about...
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salt in water
Posted on: 24/4/2004 12:34:00

how much salt i have to put int the water, i have 2 Allenbatrachus reticulatus, i have two know the mesurments pls.
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unidentified fish
Posted on: 24/4/2004 02:13:00

thought this was a wolfish when I bought it, but now I;m not so sure.
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Diplodus Sargus vs D. Vulgaris vs D. Bellotti
Posted on: 23/4/2004 04:22:00

Can anyone tell me if the juveniles of Diplodus can be easily distinguished by their external appearance? I got a little confused because I have read that juveniles of these species may all have 5 dark stripes and I really needed to distinguish them in the field... Thanks in advance,
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What is the reef fish with the big nose!
Posted on: 22/4/2004 16:43:00

What is the reef fish with the big nose! I think it is from Hawaii.
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Poissons du monde
Posted on: 21/4/2004 19:34:00

'essai de trouver sur le "web", sans succès, une liste cpmplète, en français, des poissons du monde. Pouvez-vous me fournir le nom d'un site web que je pourais consulter ? Merci!
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Posted on: 21/4/2004 19:04:00

I've been trying to find a picture of a viperfish with it's body parts labelled. I have not had any luck...Most of the sites I come to can tell me a little bit of information, but then they say that they really don't know more about this particular fish. Has anyone seen a picture of this?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/4/2004

Message starts here: In searching fishbase, i've come across a field that I don't understand. An example follows a search for British Columbia, Canada, pelagic fish, Pacific Herring. In the country information section, there is a heading for Uses. I understand the "gamefish: yes" and "bait: yes" The following was copied from the selected page... British Columbia, Can. country information Common names: ...Pacific herring,... Uses: live export: yes; gamefish: yes; bait: yes What does "live export: yes" represent? What is FishBase's definition of "live export"
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fish habitat
Posted on: 21/4/2004 09:04:00

In the map of puerto rico , what fishes are typical of each area or cities ?
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strange species introduced to Papua New Guinea
Posted on: 21/4/2004 04:37:00

Dear all, who replied to question about strange fish from PNG, Thanks for your advise, but I'm not sure, if it is genus Prochilodus and/or species P. lineatus. I saw Prochilodus species in PNG waters and it is different from this questionable species. However, the body and scale shapes could be similar... I'm going to send a detail foto of Prochilodus mouth to the forum, but it will take a few days. Unfortunately I don't have any other picture of the strange species and I know it only from these two pictures. I think that it is hard to decide, if the object on the left is adipose fin. I will try to get more information about this 'stranger'.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/4/2004

Excellent, Please give more references/links to journal articles
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what about this one???
Posted on: 18/4/2004 14:03:00

What about this one??? Anybody know what species this is?
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White Tuna
Posted on: 17/4/2004 11:04:00

Does anybody knows about this fish?? What is the scientific name of this fish?? Cannot find it in the fishbase. Thx. AC
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Posted on: 16/4/2004 18:59:00

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Everybody is good!
Posted on: 16/4/2004 07:18:00

I come from China, and who want to understand the fishery of China?
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unknown fish species
Posted on: 16/4/2004 05:16:00

Hello, I want to know what species is in two pictures attached to this message. The species was introduced to Papua New Guinea, live in streams and reach considerable sizes (around 1 m). Thanks a lot!
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Posted on: 16/4/2004 02:10:00

please send information that you had about iran fishery
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Posted on: 15/4/2004 17:44:00

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Shannon Wierner diveristy indexs and whether or not they are a reliable tool to use when testing the diversity in a marine ecosystem. Thanks.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 15/4/2004

Fishbase is a very great resource! Keep up the good work.
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Horned Fishes
Posted on: 14/4/2004 16:36:00

Hi! I went fishing today in my pond and I caught a different fish. It had little spiny horns on it's head above it's eyes. It looked like a brook trout but it had the horns. Does anyone know what kind of fish this is?
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moorish idol
Posted on: 13/4/2004 11:59:00

need some info on this fish..need to know number of spines and rays on each fin...looked at a 1000 pictures of they have a gill cover..need to know where it is on this fish
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2463 740 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 9/4/2004 18:00:00

I am wondering why, in the top 10 fastest fishes,are not bonefish on the list, and at the very least above Rainbow Trout? The speed of a Bonefish has been clocked at 25-28 mph or if Im doing the math right close to 35-40 feet/second making them faster than the Rainbow Trout.. Can anyone help out? Thanks RobG
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Posted on: 9/4/2004 16:15:00

can anyone tell me the how to identify between a male and a female oscar. a picture might possibly help. need to know if i have a male and a female or 2 females or 2 males. please help
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Red finned Minnow
Posted on: 9/4/2004 11:17:00

Can anyone please help me to identify this fish found in the Baviaanskloof area, South Africa? A photo will be most welcome!! Thanks
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unknown fish
Posted on: 9/4/2004 10:16:00

Hello, during a journey with a containership I made this foto near Dakar / Africa. Who knows the name of this fish? If yes, please write an email. Thanks.
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Key for the identification of Gobiidae of Northen
Posted on: 8/4/2004 07:02:00

Dear Fellows Hello I am student of PhD and working on the coastal ecology, I found some gobiidae fishes but I ahve not enough refernces to make their justification and i havent any Identificationkey to identify them,If any of you have this type of key kindly reply on me. Thank you.
765 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 8/4/2004 04:14:00

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Posted on: 8/4/2004 04:07:00

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Posted on: 8/4/2004 04:02:00

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Still an Identity crisis
Posted on: 8/4/2004 03:28:00

I have had no luck in trying to get these fish identified ,except for Myleus species(could be correct). They were sold to me as juvinile Myleus gurupyensis i bought 4 of them 2 turned out to be M. gurupyensis & the other 2 i still don't know what they are,they looked similar to M gurupyensis(eye size gave it away in the early stages).The attached pictures show them at approx.15 centimeters(6 inches).Can anyone tell me what they are OR can someone put me onto any other website, database, person that may have some information about SILVER DOLLARS, PACU, PIRANHAS, ANYTHING SIMILAR.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/4/2004

Will you extend the database to include nutrient data? Can you advise any good sources of nutritional data on vaious fish species.
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Posted on: 7/4/2004 08:46:00

Post photo for previous message
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Posted on: 7/4/2004 08:30:00

I would like help to identify the fish in the attached photo.The closest I could come to is Brycinus Imberi. Could someone confirm this.Fish caught in the Niger river,Bamako,Mali
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Posted on: 7/4/2004 02:39:00

ok, so this doesn't work. I'll just transcribe them into latin: taymen (hucho taimen) davattshan (???) lenok (don't know which one - it lives in Baykal) soroga (???) Do you know their names of these Baykal fish in dutch?
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fish names in dutch
Posted on: 7/4/2004 02:29:00

I'm translating a book about the Lake Baykal in Siberia from russian into dutch for my thesis and I'm still struggling with some fish. Could anyone provide dutch names for these sneaky fish: òàéìåíü (hucho taimen) äàâàò÷àí (???) ëåíîê (don't know which one - it lives in the Lake Baykal) ñîðîãà (???) Thanks a lot! You'll be remembered for this!
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Unknown Goby
Posted on: 6/4/2004 05:49:00

I would like to re-post the photos of the unknown goby. Grateful if someone can help me to identify it.
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A Unknown Goby
Posted on: 6/4/2004 05:27:00

Grateful if someone can help me to identify this goby, which was taken in marine water of Hong Kong
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Posted on: 5/4/2004 18:24:00

HOW many species does the lutjanus inlcude?
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for morphologic description!
Posted on: 5/4/2004 18:16:00

Is this species in too much common with lutjanus vitta?? Please tell about the difference.Thanks!
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Red Sea Anemonefish
Posted on: 5/4/2004 06:29:00

Can the Red Sea Anemonefish (Amphiprion bicinctus) have a lyre tail? any help would be greatfully accepted.
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Can Bettas and Guppies live together
Posted on: 5/4/2004 03:49:00

I have a question: Can bettas and Guppies live together? Will the bettas hinder the reproduction of the Guppies? [size=9] === [i]My Quick Help Info[/i] =================== Tank Stats ------------------- Size of Tank (Gallons / Litres): 10 gallon Running for how long: 2 months Water Params ------------------- Temp: 74-76 pH: 7.0-7.2 Ammonia (ppm): 0 NitrIte (ppm): 0 NitrAte (ppm): .5 Water-change Schedule: every day-every second day Water-change Amount: 2-5% Any Water Additives: chorline eliminator What fish are in the tank, length, age, etc. ------------------- 3 female Bettas [2 inches] 3 Guppies [1 inch each] male betta [2.5 inches] ===================================[/size]
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analpl-south african fish
Posted on: 4/4/2004 18:21:00

I am wondering if there a fish called analpl- a South African fish with four eyes- 2 above the water and 2 below the water. Perhaps I have the wrong name for the fish- is there a fish like this?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/4/2004

This FishBase really very useful to our work. Thank You!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/4/2004

such good site that i vist it every week and follow its data. i am m.s.c student of fisheries in tmu field is on ichtyology.i like become one of your collabrators if be possible. i can help you with any imformation about irans fish. tank you for your sientific site.
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Fisheries Economics
Posted on: 2/4/2004 01:32:00

Dear sir, Iwill be thankful if any one can give Economics of various types of crafts and gear and the socio economic conditions of the craft owner households. thank you very much.
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Identify this fish
Posted on: 2/4/2004 00:36:00

Can anyone help me to identify the fish in the links below? I found them while surfing, but there are no describing texts so I have no idea what species this is. Maybe the two pictures show different species too, not sure, but they look like the same species to me. They look like they belong to the cod family?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 1/4/2004

My company is seriously looking for fish exporting company from any part of the world.
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Giant Gourami, Osphronemus gorami
Posted on: 1/4/2004 04:37:00

Hi My name is Stan O`Donnell and I live in Brisbane. I was Just wondering if you could tell me info on Breeding Giant Gourami, Osphronemus gorami , as I cant seen to find out much info on this subject. I already have 4 Giant Gouramis, 2 Giant Grey Gouramis, and 2 Giant Pink Gouramis. I really love these fish, I have bred many fish in the past. Some of the fish I have bred include Discus, Betta splendens, Angel fish, many types of African Cichlids, Marine Clown Fish and Banggai Cardinals (Marine) And I would really like to breed Giant Gouramis, as not many people in Australia have bred these wonderful fish. ANY! help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Stan O`Donnell
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RE: Use of Fish Base pictures
Posted on: 31/3/2004 12:52:00

Hello: Could anybody assist me with information regarding a few pictures of fish from Fish Base for non-profit use? Is there a possibility to use some pictures with your permission? Who should I contact? Thanks in Advance. Andy
728 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 31/3/2004 07:48:00

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seek for behavior information
Posted on: 30/3/2004 02:33:00

Could u please give me useful links on fresh-water fish behavior? Email me as following: [email protected] Thank u in advance!
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Blue Runners and Bar Jacks
Posted on: 29/3/2004 07:16:00

Is there an easy way to tell these two species apart? Seems to me a lot of bar jacks are being called blue runners by anglers becuse of the blue stripe along the back. Do blue runners ever develop this definate blue stripe? Thank you. Guy Alberta Canada
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Posted on: 29/3/2004 04:11:00

Will you please inform us if there is any Rita species having more than three(3) barbels.
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hypostomus luteus photos
Posted on: 28/3/2004 01:20:00

Please, somebody could sent us the Hypostomus leeus photos?
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Cleidodiscus spp
Posted on: 27/3/2004 00:27:00

If any one can help in supplying any information about Cleidodiscus spp (Gill Fluke).And i would like to know is it fresh water in origin or marine?. I would be grateful for your help. Thank You
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Posted on: 26/3/2004 20:21:00

can they see ? thank you Richard.
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White Albino Cat Fish
Posted on: 26/3/2004 19:45:00

My Wife and I have Caugth three White Albino cat fish in lake Hamilton, In Hot Spring, Arkansas. they were about 12 to 14 inches long, we put them back in the water and let them go, I would like to know what is the biggest any one has caugh??
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Fish diseases etc.
Posted on: 26/3/2004 13:59:00

I just got hired as the biologist for a marine reserve in Belize. I have recently noticed that some of the fish species in the area especially Yellow Tail Snappers have small drak spots on them. i am not quite sure what it is. It is possible that it might be a fish disease or something. Any information on fishes diseases, parasites, fungus, etc. in mariune fish species wouold be useful. Anything that would help me to identify what i'm seeing and know if it should be of concern or not.
811 1 0 No reply
flatfish pleuronectiform
Posted on: 26/3/2004 12:54:00

We are looking for any information on flatfish for a report we have to do at university. It would be fabulous in French, but English will do. Can anybody tell us where to look for information?
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species info
Posted on: 25/3/2004 05:58:00

Looking for info on King Klip, aka Congrio
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2389 769 1 2 No reply
Unidentified wrasse(?)
Posted on: 24/3/2004 07:25:00

Thanks for all the previous help with identifying fish photos I've posted. I could use some more help. These two photos appear to be of a wrasse but I am not familiar with Pacific species (of which I believe this to be a specimen). Thanks in advance for any guidance on the identification. Also, could someone suggest a few good references (keys) for species identification of Pacific species, especially those important to the seafood industry. Thanks.
879 3 6 No reply
burst speeds
Posted on: 24/3/2004 04:50:00

I was wondering if anybody had any data on the burst speeds of fish local to the south west Australian area. These fish include common jollytail, Congolli, Bony bream, flathead gudeon, black bream, Small mouthed hardy head, Tamar River golby, Blue spot golby, Greenback flounder, yellow eye mullet, river garfish,jumper mullet, mulloway and Sea mullet This would be much appreciated
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Posted on: 24/3/2004 00:57:00

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Coelacanth(Latimeria chaelumnae)
Posted on: 23/3/2004 06:29:00

Could you please help me find,any kind of informations about coelacanth? Especially the morphology of the fish,reproductive system e.t.c. Thank you a lot!
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/3/2004

I am in search of a picture of Barbus Mariae for private use non commercial can anyone help me Jack Loscher Holland.
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Help in identifying these fish...
Posted on: 22/3/2004 08:58:00

These fish can be found in grocery stores and restuarants in Houston, TX. I would appreciate any help in narrowing down the particular species. The first appears to be some type of wrasse. Thanks.
768 2 2 No reply
Small Fish
Posted on: 22/3/2004 08:02:00

I am having a birthday party for my son and would like to give fished to the kids, now what type of fishes can you recommed for that? thank you
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aquiring a synodontis robertsi
Posted on: 20/3/2004 19:14:00

I saw a Robertsi in a pet store 10 years ago. I have been looking for a robertsi for several years now. I'm located in southern Florida now. Can anybody help?
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 20/3/2004

Very usefull resource. Good work. I appreciate it all
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new fish?
Posted on: 19/3/2004 22:27:00

i have got a single specimen of Odontaspias rhodopeplus from Indian coast. Can anyone give me information on its presence here?
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try again
Posted on: 19/3/2004 20:26:00

Sorry - should be attached this time. Dave><>
741 2 1 No reply
species identification
Posted on: 19/3/2004 20:21:00

This specie was caught by a recreational angler in the UK. Any ideas? Dave ><>
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2369 761 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/3/2004

I allready read this citus and interest as contributor. My last reaserch (2003)is about : Distribution and gonad development endemic fish Rainbow celebensis (Telmatherina celebensis, Boulenger)in Lake Towuti, South Sulawesi. I would like to give some new information.
884 1 0 No reply
Eelpout? Sold live in Houston restaurants
Posted on: 18/3/2004 14:31:00

Attached are a couple of photos (of marginal quality) of an unidentified fish being sold in Asian restaurants in the Houston, TX area. Can anyone offer a suggestion as to the identification? It was advertised as a "Yellow Dragon". The three being held in the store had been sold upon returning about a week later. Thanks.
996 1 3 No reply
freshwater eels
Posted on: 17/3/2004 21:46:00

Looking for information and photos
739 0 0 No reply
Looking for a new place to buy fish
Posted on: 17/3/2004 15:11:00

My husband and I had a wonderful salt water tank with terrific fish. We lived in Atlanta GA and had a sterling fish store that helped us start up our tank and had very nice salt water fish. Now we have moved to Kansas City Missouri and the stores we have visted have little stock. Anyone have experience with buying tropical fish in the KC area? We would appreciate hearing from someone who might have a suggestion about where to go.
743 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 17/3/2004

Until 1 month ago my interest in fishes wasn't so big,but now I have an university course on commercial fishes and my opinion on this argument is changed.It's interesting,but there aren't many books about the species of fishes and without this web site this work should be terrible! Compliments...and thank you! Annalisa
741 0 0 No reply
Scorpion starfish
Posted on: 17/3/2004 10:07:00

I was wondering if anyone could give any info on Scorpion starfish, found in Japan, suppose to eat coral .?
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Good Fish Page
Posted on: 17/3/2004 05:36:00 This is a very good fish page made by me. It has fish information and fish pictures.
747 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 15/3/2004 11:14:00

last night my roommate who is from China originally was cleaning fresh fish in our kitchen and it was wihout a doubt the most horrible smelling affair i have had the misfortune to endure lately. He explain that he was preparing Bellfish. I have never heard of such a fish (and have worked in restaurants for over 20 years). What is the story on this rancid smelling delicacy? Where does it come from? Is this a fish only chinese people eat?
883 1 0 No reply
Biotech fish pictures
Posted on: 15/3/2004 07:56:00

My son needs some pictures of Biotech fish for a school report. Any idea where I can find them? They are those zebra fish that glow. Thanks!
808 1 0 No reply
Good Fish Page
Posted on: 15/3/2004 07:24:00
758 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/3/2004

All of us here at pete's party would like to thank you for such an impressive and difinitive database of fish. It has helped us in many a time of need. We will always remember the 'bastard cunning fish' with fond memories. Arv said there was a hitler fish, but oh how we proved him wrong.
902 1 0 No reply
Have your heard of a "Yellow Dragon"
Posted on: 12/3/2004 09:20:00

Unfortunately I do not have photos or a specimen yet but was hoping someone has heard of this fish. They are being sold live in Asian restaurants in the Houston, TX area and are reported to look like "the head of a cod attached to the body of an eel". Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 11/3/2004

I need help finding info on international fishing laws and regulations. Specifically in the middle eastern areas.
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Betta Care
Posted on: 11/3/2004 06:29:00

I have gotten conflicting information about how often to feed my betta fish. Some say weekly and on the package of Hikari Betta Bio-Gold food it says two of three times a day. What is the proper amount and timing for feeding them? Will they quit eating if they are no longer hungry, or will they eat themselves to death? Also I read that they like mosquito larvae. Do you recommend that? There are plenty of mosquitoes in Texas. One other often am I supposed to change the water? Thanks for you help.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/3/2004

Hello, You have the best site on the whole of the internet! I own a fish restaurant and would be happy to send in pictures of filleted fish to your site. At the restaurant, called Fish, we specialize in jet-fresh seafood from all over the world and we carry up to 18 types a day. If you can give me a format that you like I can get you pictures of beautiful specimens, skin and flesh sides -- if you wish it. Pictures would include identifications. I would love to help out the site with what resouces I have. There may be other ideas that you have. If so, let me know. The restaurant is a pretty small place and financial resourses are limited, but I would love to do what I can. Please contact me, or put me in contact with a local, or semi-local representative -- or at least a contributor here in the US. I have strong contacts at Colorado State University and the University of Colorado, but am no longer affiliated with either institution, if that helps. Thanks, Mike
785 0 0 No reply
food good for the color of flowerhorn
Posted on: 10/3/2004 17:34:00

what is better food for developing color and shape of flowerhorn?
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Fish x-ray images
Posted on: 9/3/2004 17:58:00

A couple weeks ago I happened upon some great x-ray images of different fish on this site (, many of them high-resolution. Now I can't find them. Could someone tell me how to get to them again? Thanks!
992 2 0 No reply
Two-way Fish Migration through Bosphorus (Mediterr
Posted on: 9/3/2004 06:23:00

I am looking for any information on the fish migration properties through the path Mediterranean Sea-The Sea of Marmara-Black sea. Particularly, those of on timing of migration by species will be appreciated. Apart from the information themselves, any guidiance towards the accessible literature sources for those information will also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
802 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/3/2004

WOW! i have been searching for a reliable data to search for fish. everything so far seemed so subjective. you can thank for their link to this and for their link to that :S Well anyway...i see myself spending more time here as i upgrade from a 3ft to a 6ft 180g tank :) Don't suppose there is feature where i can search by PH, dCH and temp to get fish that suit my particular setup? Cheers, Ri©
685 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 8/3/2004 19:31:00

I have a longhorned cowfish and I have been haveing some problems with him. He was doing really well when I first got him and now hes not eating and he has bubbles around one of his eyes. He has be swimming really weird he bumbs into everything and gets spooked often. I havent been able to find out what medication to use. He is curently set up in a separate tank so as not to kill my other fish if he dies. He is my favorite fish that I have and I would really lke to help him. I would also like to know what the suggested feeding would be for this type of fish.
769 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 7/3/2004 06:12:00

Is a seahorse a fish or does it belong to another kind of species? Grateful for any answers.
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chromosomes of chinook and chum salmon
Posted on: 6/3/2004 21:03:00

Need karyotype information for chinook and chum salmon.
718 0 0 No reply
identity crisis
Posted on: 5/3/2004 23:01:00

can someone identify these fish please
758 2 1 No reply
Wich kind of fishi is it ??
Posted on: 5/3/2004 01:33:00

Clik here: I do not know, i found in internet, and i'm very curiosly thank
691 1 1 No reply
Labeo boga
Posted on: 4/3/2004 19:46:00

I understand that this fish comes from India/Myanmar and goes by the common name of Red - gilled violet shark Source: Practical Fishkeeping Magazine (U.K.)September 2002 page 37. Yet I have never even seen a photograph of one.Can anyone help. As a "shark" enthusiast, it is the only one I have never seen and it's driving me insane!
1164 2 0 No reply
green backbone
Posted on: 4/3/2004 15:41:00

Does anyone know of a fish with bright green vertebrae and backbone that could be found in the Eastern North Atlantic? Thank you
697 2 0 No reply
long island sea horses
Posted on: 4/3/2004 07:35:00

if there's anyone who can answer a simple question,is it possable for seahorses to be in the long island sound??
798 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/3/2004

I was fishing in Zambia, Kafue River and got some Lepard Squeakers (Synodontis leopardinus). To my surprise, when lifting the fish up from water, it started to keep noise. I have even recorded this voice Is this a typical feature for squeakers ? I could not find any picture of the fish in the Internet. Regards, Erkki Salminen
791 2 0 No reply
Posted on: 3/3/2004 01:16:00

Hi, I´m looking for references & information on diretmoides sp. Can anybody help me?. Thanks
702 2 0 No reply
Posted on: 3/3/2004 00:45:00

Do you know to which fish belong these otoliths ? Thanks
767 2 1 No reply
Find the fish's picture
Posted on: 3/3/2004 00:29:00

I'm looking for the picture and science name of the Capia fish. Could you please help me to find them. Thank you so much!
694 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 1/3/2004 15:15:00

My son has a science project where he has to name marine fish from A-Z with pictures and a description or comment of at least 2 sentences. Do you know of any online references where he might start to find this information? I have found pictures but no description or commentary. Thank you in advance.
732 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 1/3/2004

I am happy to see that there is such a site where one can learn about the marine life in our region. Keep up the good work.
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New photos of trout
Posted on: 28/2/2004 13:39:00

I've just started a new website including lots of photographs of wild trout in a local northern Wisconsin river and underwater photos of other interesting river residents, as well. Hope you like it. :)
761 0 1 No reply
new fish??
Posted on: 27/2/2004 20:34:00

I found an article on a new glow in the dark fish. It is a genetic alteration of another fish i think. They are suppose to glow under a black light. That is pretty much all the article said. I need more information. What kind of fish is it? Fresh water or salt? Tropical? Where can I find them???? Has anyone heard of this new fish?
754 2 0 No reply
Help Me Identify These
Posted on: 26/2/2004 20:09:00

Hi, Photographed these at Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia in rockpools. First two and second two are the same fish. Can anyone identify these? Second fish seems to be a Weedfish, Blenny or Threefin Thanks
730 2 4 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/2/2004

Thanks you for your excellent reference service on fish. Do you include fossil records? I work on fossil sharks and am currently working on the origin of teeth, spines and scales in sharks and would like to see links to modern shark species included. I edit the newsletter for fossil fish workers, Ichthyolith Issues, which is used by some citation indices. Sue Turner
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/2/2004

Can the Aba Knife live with other agreesive affrican cichlids? RED DEVIL'S CONVICS...
775 1 0 No reply
Etosha Pan fish species
Posted on: 25/2/2004 14:10:00

Which is the only species found in the Etosha pan of Namibia?? Everyone says there is one, but not what it is!!
825 2 0 No reply
Mugal caphalus Production
Posted on: 25/2/2004 04:38:00

I'm looking for the contact details of any companies currently involved in Mullet propogation and rearing. Commercial producers or researchers.
734 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/2/2004

I want to know some of imformation abuot Atule mate fish, for exapltotal catch, fecundity, mature old, total leng, standar leng
748 0 0 No reply
Fish Flashing
Posted on: 24/2/2004 14:07:00

How is the silvery coloring of many species beneficial as it makes them subject to predation from birds and larger fish. If camoflage is so important to many bottom dwellers why would species have bright, light reflecting coloration.
775 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 24/2/2004 04:48:00

I'm interested to find out whether anyone or any company has successfully bred and hatch leopard coral grouper (plectropomus leopardus)and potato grouper (epinephelus tukula)for commercial purposs. any idea?
769 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/2/2004

give me cat fish feed formula
752 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/2/2004

I looking for more photos of acipenseriformes
731 0 0 No reply
Hyperiid as food of fish
Posted on: 21/2/2004 10:45:00

I am looking for references mentionning Hyperiid (Crustacea, Malacostraca,Peracarida, Amphipoda,Hyperiidea) as food of fish. Please also note that many species of Hyperiid are parasitoid of jellyfishes, salps, etc.; whether their presence in fish stomachs containing "gelatinous animals" is due to their parasitoid habits, is unclear to me.
766 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/2/2004

References for Zaprora silenus: Keith R. Smith, David A. Somerton, Mei-Sun Yang, Daniel G. Nichol. Distribution and biology of prowfish (Zaprora silenus) in the northeast Pacific. Fish. Bull. 102:168–178 (2004). From the bibliography of above reference: Tokranov, A. M.1999. Some features of biology of the prowfish Zaprora silenus (Zaproridae) in the Pacific waters of the Northern Kuril Islands and Southeastern Kamchatka. J. Ichthyol. 39(6):475–478. Sturdevant, M. V. 1999. Forage fish diet overlap, 1994–1996. Exxon Valdez oil spill restoration project final report (restoration project 97163C), 184 p. Alaska Fish. Sci. Cent., Auke Bay Laboratory, Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., NOAA, Juneau, AK. [Available by order no. PB2000-100700 from Natl. Tech. Info. Serv, 5285 Port Royal Rd., Springfi eld, Virginia 22161.] Best regards, JP Lebel
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55g tank-- good to go? suggestions?
Posted on: 21/2/2004 07:53:00

Golden Ram Glowlight Tetras x 8 Cardinal Tetras x 10 Rainbowfish x 6 -Melanotaenia praecox (4) -Melanotaenia trifasciata (1) -Melanotaenia boesemani (1) Lemon Tetras x 8 Zebra Otos x 5 Cories x 6 Temp- 79°, pH 6.5-7.3, KH 4-8, Hardness 80-120 ppm Plants: Java Moss and fern, Amazon Sword, Anubias ~90 w fluorescent lighting Fluorite and gravel substrate Drifwood and rock..... Fluval 304 Hagen Tronic 200w Heaters (2) That sound good? BTW, any ideas for a 'centrepiece' fish... or any other fish for that matter?! :)
831 0 0 No reply
Can i put differnent kinds of CORYDORAS in one ba
Posted on: 18/2/2004 23:31:00

HAllo, im from germany and I hope you can help me. My favorite fish are all kinds of CORYDORAS and i want to have six different kinds in my basin. Can I do that and do they build one group? Thank you! Marcsu
740 1 0 No reply
nonlethal methods for examination of fish stomach
Posted on: 18/2/2004 19:01:00

hi! just wondering if anyone can help me and my group about this topic. we are trying to come up with a proposal but we still need additional literatures to support our topic. I hope someone can help us out in this matter. the exact procedure of going about these nonlethal methods would also be of great help. thanks a lot! Good day!
760 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 18/2/2004 09:35:00

This is a great site. But i still cant find the english name for the norwegian fish "rognkjekse", Jorgen
740 2 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 17/2/2004

To: FishBase, I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm just trying to find imformation concering species known as Jacks? The imformation is for myself just to use for indentificaion needs. Would like to find a (chart in full color) concerning all these species. Caranx Igonobilis, Aleectis Ciliaris, Sexfascitus, Lugubris, Uraspis Helvola, Melampygus, Gnathanodon Specious, Carangoides Ferdau, Caragoides Orthogrammus, Seriola Dumerili, Pseudocaranx Dentex etc. I find these species very powerful creature of the sea. I contacted Division of Aquatic Resources, in Hawaii all they have is a black/white indentificaion sheet concerning these species. Trying to find imformation concering all the history of the jacks from the islands to wherever they migrate to. Any imformation would gladly do! Thanks
1189 0 0 No reply
mechanism behind lionfish stunning
Posted on: 17/2/2004 11:29:00

I am a graduate student at Northern Arizona University and my study organism is the red lionfish (Pterois volitans). Under the Biology section on the Fishbase page it states that lionfish hunt their prey, corner it using their pectoral fins and then stun it before consuming it. I am curious to know, how exactly do lionfish stun their prey? Is there a reference or article to this behavior? Any information on this subject would be extremely useful to me. Thank you in advance, Heidie Hornstra
710 0 0 No reply
fish evolution
Posted on: 17/2/2004 09:25:00

Anybody know anything about fish species in the Mississippian period? I'm not exactly an expert here-- this is for a school project. :) Answers by 2/17 , if possible.
737 0 0 No reply
Royal Clown Knife & Black Ghost Knifw as tank mat
Posted on: 16/2/2004 01:35:00

I have a 11" Royal Clown Knife, and am wondering if it would be able to live comfortably with a Black Ghost Knife in a 135 gal.tank. Also what kind of electrical pulses does the Ghost emit,can that harm the Clown? Any advice would be extremely appreciated.
753 1 0 No reply
What is this?
Posted on: 15/2/2004 10:32:00

Can anyone help me ant tell me what kind of fich this could be? All I know is that it is schooling orginasied!? tanx from Sweden!
763 1 1 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/2/2004

your site design is good
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Inviting Short Articles
Posted on: 14/2/2004 03:04:00

Dear All, We are inviting short articles from researchers for the University Journal of Zoology, Rajshahi University Volume No. 22(ISSN 1023-6104) which will be published very soon. For good paper no page charge will be taken. To speed up the publication the author(s) is requested to review the same from two competent authorities and attached their comments and their addresses (including e-mail)along with the ms and send by e-mail to: Thanks Prof. Bidhan Chandra Das Member, Editorial Board University Journal of Zoology, Rajshahi University
716 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/2/2004

Can I use pictures of fishbase in my site when notified I took them from fishbase? Greetings
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Comparative external morphology
Posted on: 12/2/2004 04:42:00

Hello I'm trying to write an essay on variation and adaptation in the external morphology of fish living in diff. env. I have lots of info. but it's all v.fluffy. Would anyone have any good sources of info.? Thanks Paul
705 0 0 No reply
Grouper and lobster offer
Posted on: 12/2/2004 00:16:00

Dear Sir/Madam We like to introduce ourselves as one of the largest company dealing in breeding and exporting of marine life products located in Sumatera, Indonesia. It is our pleasure to be in contact with your company and offer our service to do business with you directly. With our long experience in the business over the past 15 years, we believe we can offer the service and different products according to your market needs. Please visit our website at to view some of the marine life products we currently exporting. We are confident with quality and competitive prices we offer, it will be in our mutual interest to take a further step in developing this prospect. I invite you to take into consideration and kindly reply at your convenience to our fax number 62-61-4567350 or email address at [email protected] Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Killy Chandra
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Papua New Guinea
Posted on: 9/2/2004 18:30:00

I am looking for Saratoga (Scleropages sp.)for aquarium use. Would anyone know of collectors of fresh water fish in Papua New Guinea? Thanks
768 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 9/2/2004 07:28:00

I'm looking for otolith's photo of two species: Symbolophorus vernayi and Lampadena speculigera. Thanks
721 2 0 No reply
Posted on: 7/2/2004 09:21:00

im quite new to fish though im asking for some help on the proper scienific name for the dog fish that IS NOT THE SHARK! wuite like a tropical fish wondering is anyone knows. a clue would be the movie"male gigalow duece bigalow" where a dog fish is being saved from a japanese chef. i seem to find it hard to find this fish please help ..
733 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/2/2004

I'm so impressive for all that you've done and very grateful to you, because fishbase is an extensive, professional, valious and very usefull source of knowledge that can help anybody both searching important data and learning about fishes. Congratulations!
733 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/2/2004

Great source of information also for non-ichthyologists. I was researching avian type specimens of Eduard Rueppell, and by doing so I also transcribed his correspondence with John Edward Gray (London). Obviously, these two gentlemen did not limit their correspondence entirely to birds so that your data-base proved very helpful for being able to read the odd fish names. James Maclaine from the fish section, BMNH, who helped me with the transcript, would know more about Rueppell fish types at that institution.
738 0 0 No reply
Commercial definitions for frozen fish
Posted on: 5/2/2004 01:52:00

Dears Sirs, I'm searching some definitions about sizing of frozen fish. In detail, I need to know the definitions of terms "UP" and "U" used for defining shrimps and squids size. Thank you!
751 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/2/2004

I am a student in the aquaculture program at Carteret Community College in Morehead City, N.C. I am currently investigating the culture of the Striped Mullet for experimental purposes. If you see fit, I would appreciate any additional information you could send to me. If possible, I would like to attempt a spawn in the near future on an experimental basis only. I look foward to a reply. Sincerely, Trent C. Boyette
1101 1 0 No reply
Jade Goby
Posted on: 4/2/2004 13:30:00

I recently purchased what was called a jade goby in a pet store- I have experience identifying gobies- and he doesn't look like one to me- more of a sleeper or darter- if anyone has heard of this guy and had any info I'd appreciate it!
771 0 0 No reply
Please help me identify this
Posted on: 4/2/2004 13:16:00

On December 22nd 2002 during a night dive in Porto Koufo , Chalkidiki , Northern Greece , I found this fish or eel which I cannot identify . I sent those pictures to the Ichthyology Department of The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and nobody has ever seen this . I would appreciate very much an opinion . Thanks Michael
751 2 2 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 4/2/2004

Quite an informative web site. Keep up the good work.
730 0 0 No reply
Can you identify this fish please?
Posted on: 4/2/2004 01:01:00

Can anyone help in identifying this fish? I have found them at 3 different sites in Burma's Mergui Archipelago, each time at a depth of around 50m. Each time I encountered a "mogul field" of heaps of dead coral. The 14cm blue fish hover over the "moguls" and then dive into them for cover as I approach with my video. Are these some type of wrasse, or knifefish, or fusilier? Do they build the moguls themselves or are they created by another method? Many thanks.
1259 1 2 No reply
Unknown Sternoptychidae
Posted on: 3/2/2004 08:47:00

Two years ago while conducting pelagic trawls during a Pacific Hake survey off Southern California (San Diego) I collected a few pretty beat up specimens of what I think may be a member of the Sternoptychidae but so far I cannot locate a key that has this animal in it. From all the sources that I have sent the photos to have come back with the same guess that it is Danaphos oculatus but the size, shape and pattern of the photophores is wrong. It also has a small anal fin with only 5 or 6 rays visable in the photograph and if you stretch the imagination it may have more but definitely not the 24-25 listed in the texts.
760 1 1 No reply
Water test kits
Posted on: 3/2/2004 08:28:00

Can anybody assist me in assembling my own testkits to test water for Nitrite,Nitrate,Ammonia,Gh and Kh.I am a fishbreeder and manufacture medicines and watertreatments for aquariums and pondfish as a hobby.
782 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/2/2004

Interested in African ornamental fish species
732 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/2/2004

Verry good and I need update information
732 0 0 No reply
Disease of Oscars
Posted on: 2/2/2004 19:40:00

My Oscars seem to eventually develop a disease that causes their scales to drop off. The membranes in their fins also deteriorate and disappear. I have lost two already (in a period of about six months) and now the third, an albino, is showing signs of ill health, scales falling off, etc. Is there any treatment?
830 1 0 No reply
white spots.......
Posted on: 2/2/2004 15:02:00

Hello. Can anyone help me please? I have two goldfish and a weather loach in a tank. The goldfish are showing white spots on the gill flaps and along the leading edge of the bottom fins. I have treated with white spot treatment with no result. I dont think it is white spot as the spots are not dropping off and are not dispersed evenly along the body. The weather loach has been unaffected by the spots throughout this four to six week period. Does anyone have any idea of what this is and how to treat it?? Clifford
744 1 0 No reply
feeding Salmon
Posted on: 30/1/2004 14:21:00

Greetings, people in this area are questioning , "what is contained in the food for FARMED SALMON" ? aalso alteration of coloring of fish by chemical means. THANK YOU FOR ANY INFORMATION, allan
766 1 0 No reply
unknown type of fish
Posted on: 27/1/2004 14:41:00

I was snorkeling today in shallow waters off Cayman Brac in the Carribean. I ran across a very large fish, perhaps 2 ft. that on first glance I thought sunfish, but it looked more like a triggerfish. Large, very long thick fins, equal in length on both the top and bottom of fish (just like a molo molo), located in about the middle of it's body. But it had the head shape and body shape of a trigger, but no long tail. From the back it distinctly waved these fins back and forth like a sunfish would and they were pretty thick, undulating not in unison. I looked at pictures of ocean triggers and that's not it, I looked at pictures of molo molo's and that's not it either. Can anyone help here?
772 1 0 No reply
vertical cat fish
Posted on: 25/1/2004 20:50:00

can someone please tell me whats wrong with this fish i had it about 6 months.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/1/2004

Together with Alan Davidson's Companion to Food I am able to find any fish; good stuff; thank you. What I missed is the name monk fish for angler fish or zeeduivel in Dutch
881 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 24/1/2004 05:20:00

hello! i am currently working on my undergrad thesis about halfbeaks' sexual maturity but i havea hard time looking for literatures about its reproductive biology (i.e. identification of egg's stages through microscpic examination). Anyone here who specializes on halfbeaks? pls help..Thanks
706 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/1/2004

DUTCH: Ik lach me rot met de automatische vertaal mogelijkheid. ENGLISH: I smile me broken with the automatic translation possibilitie
763 1 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/1/2004

Thanks for your site, from Belgium... Very usefull for me and easy to navigate. Good work... Sabrina sonneries logos
773 0 0 No reply
Apistogramma Macmasteri?
Posted on: 19/1/2004 13:30:00

i'm having some doubts on anothe fish that i've bouth, i'm sending you some picture os wath i thought it was Apistogramma Macmasteri female, i bought a couple of them, the male i'm absolutly sure that is a Macmasteri but i'm afraid that the female is an Apistogramma Borelli becouse they had this same species in the tank were the Macmasteri was. Can you help me?
719 2 5 No reply
Trimma mendelssohni
Posted on: 19/1/2004 03:46:00

does anyone out there have a photograph or a reference for a photograph for Trimma mendelssohni???
702 1 0 No reply
Hadness, dH, kH, and gH
Posted on: 18/1/2004 15:43:00

I have about 5 tanks, and all my fish are great. I've ever worried about hardness or pH because of the water quality here is perfect for the species I have. Now I want to get some Killifish, and they need acidic hard water. I've been researching it.I found a site that lists the proper dH for any given species, and another that lists the gH & kH for a few select species, but not the others. When I look for tests to deal with hardness they test both kH & gH. Most of the products that lower or raise gH or kH raise one or the other. I have not found a test for the overall, or dH only. I can't find products that adjust the overall hardness. So what good is it to know the fishes dH range, if I don't know their kH and gH. To get to the point, how do I determine the waters degree of hardness as a whole, instead of kH and gH separately. Is there a formula?? It's hard enough finding info on killifish. But now I'm confused on how to determine hardness. Thanks for your time! Julia
833 1 0 No reply
Which is vaild ?
Posted on: 18/1/2004 06:40:00

Hello. I am an amateur aquarium hobbyist in Japan. I have an idea but have no conviction. My idea is that a name Trichogaster trichopterus is not valid. Because of the sex disharmony between genus and species. The valid name is Trichogaster trichoptera. It seems same rules had been used by the name of Canthigaster janthinoptera. My knowledge of Greek grammar is poor,@I want your judgment. Would you please give me the answer? thank you.
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Other databases
Posted on: 17/1/2004 09:09:00 is a very fine thing. But does something similar exist also for other groups of animals?
778 1 0 No reply
Flowerhorn and the heavenly maiden
Posted on: 16/1/2004 20:56:00

Looking for new variety of nice flowerhorn fishes?Please feel free to have a look at for more informations and give us some suggestion too.Thanks.
725 0 0 No reply
Number of species
Posted on: 15/1/2004 07:34:00

Hi, I'm documenting with the database the number of species per family. When I click "Family info", in the Information by Family menu, it gives me a different number usually lower that the one in the "Identification" and "Identification keys" sections. I would like to know why these numbers are different, and which one is more reliable. Thanks.
761 2 0 No reply
Looking for a reviewer
Posted on: 13/1/2004 22:02:00

We are looking for a reviewer (non-remunerative) for an artilce `SWAMP TYPES AND ITS POTENTIAL AS FISH PRODUCTION` that has been submitted to a journal (University Journal of Zoology, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh) for publication.
778 0 0 No reply
Looking for Reviewer
Posted on: 13/1/2004 21:50:00

Dear All, We are looking for a reviewer (non-remunerative) for an artilce `CAPTURE AND MARKETING OF MASTACEMBELUS PANCALUS (Hamilton)' that has been submitted to a journal (University Journal of Zoology, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh) for publication.
880 0 0 No reply
Leptodoras linnelli
Posted on: 12/1/2004 07:48:00

Have found nothing on this species which denotes that it is a mouthbrooder. Along with many other doradids. Any thoughts?
760 1 0 No reply
Posted on: 10/1/2004 16:22:00

981 0 0 No reply
Chilean Native Fish
Posted on: 9/1/2004 17:36:00

I am a Biology Grad student interested in looking at the effects of non-native salmonids on native fish species in southern Chile. I'm in the preliminary stages of my research just trying to learn as much as I can about the native species of southern Chiles rivers. Do you know of any good references? Is anyone else out there interested in this line of investigation?
768 0 0 No reply
Aspect ratio
Posted on: 8/1/2004 10:46:00

I would like to know how to estimate a fish aspect ratio. Thank you
703 0 0 No reply
averse effects of introduction to Sri Lanka
Posted on: 6/1/2004 04:22:00

I am a science graduate interested in research work on native fish fauna. Currently my interests are on exotic fishes that pose a threat to local fauna. Among such species I am concentrating on Chitala chitala. This species is becoming a serious invader in coastala wetlands and the local fishery is affected aversely. So I think you should be aware about the invasiveness of this species. (Entry from FB guestbook dated 06/09/2001)
815 0 0 No reply
Flowerhorn and the heavenly maiden
Posted on: 4/1/2004 19:23:00

Looking for new strain of flowerhorn fishes?Please feel free to visit for more informations and let me know your opinion.Thanks. Jeffery
744 0 0 No reply
Port Focus Asia Pacific Launched
Posted on: 4/1/2004 17:37:00

PORT FOCUS ASIA PACIFIC ONLINE NEWSPAPER LAUNCHED Publishers of the widely acclaimed Port Focus newspaper have responded to international customer demand and have created an online version of the paper-with a twist. The website covers the latest maritime news from Australia, Asia, New Zealand and the Pacific Basin. In addition to the site being updated twice daily – which means the user gets immediate access to all the latest news stories - it provides a forum for maritime professionals to share their knowledge, opinions and get on their soapbox about the latest happenings in the industry. The site also features less time-sensitive, but recent articles from Port Focus to provide added human interest. Features may include company profiles, industry-related stories or biographies of prominent industry players. “The purpose of is two fold: firstly it allows our readers to keep up to date with the very latest goings on in the Asia-Pacific port industries wherever and whenever they want. Secondly it provides a valuable forum for members of the port industry to debate current issues and learn from each other,” said Jack Boote, General Manager of Focus Media and Editor of port Focus NZ. For more information: or Contact: [email protected] Phone: +64 3 546 3386 Fax: +64 3 546 3387 ENDS
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fish distribution
Posted on: 4/1/2004 11:26:00

can anyone give me a link or something where i can find the list of all freshwater fish species of the Santee Cooper, or the list of all freshwater species in south carolina and a distribution map of ther locations?
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I can't find the species of my fish....
Posted on: 2/1/2004 01:08:00

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me a fish as a present...But I can't find the species...It's black with a lighter colour next to its gills...It has a quite big for it's size tail...And its eyes are quite swelled..Any help??I'll post a photo of it sometime later today...
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