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Topics for 2000
Topic # Discussion Topic Views Replies No. of pictures Last Reply
FishBase 99 Installation
Posted on: 29/12/2000 14:14:00

I have installed FishBase 99 on my D drive (i.e., not on C)due to space configurations on my computer, and I cannot access the pictures - all the "parts/files" are there. I keep getting and error message - "Showpics file cannot be found". Is FishBase 99 C drive specific? I tried the same CD's on the C drive of another computer and it runs fine! Anyone else had/solved this problem? Please respond to my email address. Thanks for any help.
1505 1 0 FishBase needs...
11/1/2001 06:06:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 22/12/2000 04:44:00

845 1 0 Chaetodontoplu...
16/2/2001 04:20:00
By : Benjamin Vallejo
climate category
Posted on: 20/12/2000 06:41:00

Hi--I'm looking for the temperature ranges in which various fishes are typically found. Is this what the temperature ranges given within the climate category on line in fish base are? If not, what, exactly, are the temperature ranges given? Common temperatures, viable temperature range (including extremes)? Thanks
871 1 0 Most temperatu...
2/1/2001 05:42:00
By : Rainer
Rockfish taxonomy
Posted on: 13/12/2000 10:35:00

I am confused. Can anyone shed some light on the topic of rockfish taxonomy? Are they of the Family Sebastidae or Scorpaenidae or something else? Which genuses are included? Which aren't? What is the difference between classifications?
865 2 0 Search fishbas...
17/12/2000 14:31:00
By : Kelly Boyle
Posted on: 12/12/2000 17:03:00

Does anybody know where I can find larval/juvenile oarfish (Regalecus glesne)?
866 0 0 No reply
Argentine Fisheries
Posted on: 12/12/2000 15:12:00

Need info about ITQs. It is going to be implemented in our fishery. Are they good? Are there social damages? What about the fishermen? Also have info fm here if anybody needs.
941 1 0 There is a hug...
12/1/2001 15:04:00
By : Daniel Pauly
Posted on: 12/12/2000 11:35:00

i have been thinking about putting mollies in with my guppies,my guppies are 1 month to 2 years.I have read that other fish will bit at the guppy's fins.Will the mollies bother my babies and my adult guppy?
829 1 0 Mollies should...
2/1/2001 05:50:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 9/12/2000 04:47:00

Does anyone know if the following 2 species of Butterflyfishes, Chaetodontidae, has ever been repported east of Sri Lanka: Chaetodon xanthocephalus and Chaetodon gardineri. Both of them I have recently photographed in Thailand. Also I have photographed a few Chaetodon ephippium in the Similans (Andaman Sea), where they apparently has not been seen so far..??! I checked in the Fishbase List of marine species of Thailand, but this is not complete as there were only listed 3 species of Chaetodon and I have photographed 20 common ones. Also I was surpriced to see that two highly oceanic shark species, Carcharhinus longimanus and Isurus oxyrinchus, which prefer to have several hundreds of meters of water below their bellies, are listed as native Thai species.Thai waters are relatively shallow, and I have never heard of a catch or a sighting in my time in this country. What does it take to be on the list as a native species? If someone could help, I would be very happy. Thanks.
913 2 0 According to A...
3/1/2001 00:16:00
By : J.E. Randall
Largemouth Bass
Posted on: 8/12/2000 16:45:00

I am trying to find out where the first largemouth bass was stocked in California. Was it Clear Lake? Crystal Springs? or the San Joaquin Delta? Thank you.
819 1 0 Have you looke...
18/1/2001 11:15:00
By : Eugene
Silurus glanis
Posted on: 7/12/2000 03:57:00

Anyone think or can demonstrate that Silurus glanis in european freshwaters is not so dangerous for endemic populations of fishes? Then pleae reply or write to me
847 1 0 Have a look at...
8/12/2000 17:47:00
By : Rainer
Sting rays
Posted on: 5/12/2000 11:23:00

I need some info for an essay i'm doing in school. Any info on sting rays ( types eating habits/behaviour, habitat and just cool facts) would be appreciated.
802 2 0 Skates prefer...
23/1/2001 16:59:00
By : Jay Anderson
Tetraodon suvatti
Posted on: 3/12/2000 04:56:00

I need to find more information on this puffer: Tetraodon suvatti. Would appreciate any info, pointer, etc.
824 1 0 Look up info f...
8/12/2000 17:36:00
By : Rainer
Black Lights for ciclid tanks???
Posted on: 1/12/2000 21:34:00

I have a Malawi ciclid tank with several beautifully colored fish. Someone suggested I put a black light on the tank to make their colors stand out even more brightly. I've never seen this done before and wonder why not. My aquarium shop said it could be bad for the fish, but couldn't say why. Any thoughts? Thanks! Steve
817 0 0 No reply
Toxines of Scorpaenidae
Posted on: 1/12/2000 07:40:00

Does anybody know, if the direct or indirect application of acetylcholine is a common strategy of Scorpaenidae? Do all toxines of this fish family have a similar composition? Thank you very much. Jan
1011 0 0 No reply
About Ichthyology
Posted on: 30/11/2000 15:08:00

Some body Know where can find the funcional y ecological Clasification and Adaptationes nectonical and estuarin of Ichthyoplankton?
890 1 0 Your request i...
16/12/2000 10:07:00
By : Bernd
Posted on: 28/11/2000 10:46:00

recording a book on fishing for the Library of Congress' Talking Book Program. Need a pronunciation guide or pronouncing dictionary for Scientific Names of fish.
830 1 0 Having the sci...
1/12/2000 18:36:00
By : Rainer
school project help
Posted on: 28/11/2000 07:25:00

gotta find a freshwater fish, cant be dangerous or a potential pest, for our aquarium. any ideas?
825 1 0 You don't stat...
1/12/2000 18:38:00
By : Rainer
More Sharks
Posted on: 16/11/2000 22:58:00

Where can i find information on Trigognognathus kabeyi, Mollisquama parini, and Isistius labialis?
832 1 0 Search in Fish...
1/12/2000 18:46:00
By : Rainer
River Shark
Posted on: 16/11/2000 22:58:00

I don't know how fast you update your database, and I rely on your vast information about elasmobranchs.Here is my question: is Compagno recognizing a new species of River Shark, Glyphis siamensis?
814 1 0 Glyphis siamen...
3/12/2000 18:22:00
By : Nina
West-->East Atlantic
Posted on: 16/11/2000 09:07:00

I've noticed that there are alot of West Atlantic fishes that have ranges that extend to the Eastern Atlantic. Why, then, are there so few Eastern Atlantic fishes that extend into the West Atlantic. There is an equatorial current heading west, there are islands to jump to, and Brazil is close to westernmost Africa. It seems to make sense that there would be a migration of eastern atlantic fishes to the brazil at least. There is a similar environment on both sides in the equatorial region. Could there be species but we haven't discovered them yet? Is Brazil well studied? How is it easier for the West Atlantic species to cross over to Africa and not vice versa?
834 1 0 I have little...
2/12/2000 01:14:00
By : JER
Company Introduction
Posted on: 13/11/2000 19:20:00

Dear sir/madam, First of all we would like to introduce our company to you. We are breeding farm of freshwater tropical fishes and aquatic plant cultivation in Indonesia. We are also collector of marine animals, which we get from our fishermen in Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumatera and Sulawesi. We export our products to all over the world from Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe and Africa. We have plenty regular customers in each continent with regular shipment of fishes and plants. We will expand our market, therefore we would like to establish mutual business relationship with your organization. We believe that we can give you the best products, and therefore we can grow together in near future. You can visit my simple site at : to study more detail about our company and if you have any further questions, you can send your comment or letter to : E-mail : [email protected] Fax : 62-21-6333503 or 62-251-333786 Thank you for your kind attention and we are looking forward to have your earliest reply from you. Best Regards, Joe Lung Director
845 0 0 No reply
passive larval gears
Posted on: 13/11/2000 14:09:00

I will soon be sampling ichtyoplankton from a densely vegetated, freshwater marsh. The boat-pushed nets we ordinarily use have proven unsatisfactory for collecting a quantifiable sample. Unfortunately, my ordinary business is conducted with ichthyonekton, not ichthyoplankton. Thus, I am seeking precedents for the collection of fish larvae via a stationarily deployed passive gear that samples a relatively large volume of water, perhaps with a pump. Any advice appreciated.
951 749 0 Thanks Ranier....
5/12/2000 07:49:00
By : Eugene
Mystery Fish (NE Atlantic)
Posted on: 12/11/2000 15:22:00

Hello, Mystery Fish I have been unable to identify the fish (I assume this has been caught in the NE Atlantic Ocean) in the photograph at: Also on the file at: This is (by necessity) a large file. The first URL will be quicker to load. For fish people, this would really test your mettle on identification. The photographs are clear. There is no further information about this fish reported by Bill Chadwick. It is not in my books, or I could not find it! Cheers Andy Horton British Marine Life Study Society Mailto:[email protected] (EMail messages are not monitored by third parties.) Marine Wildlife of the North-east Atlantic Ocean Smart Group (commenced 1 August 2000) Group Home: The best way to receive the message in one digest every day is to go to the Group homepage and amend your personal details, by clicking on the menu item YOUR SETTINGS and searching for the menu item MESSAGE RECEIVE METHOD Alternatively, to receive a Daily Digest of the day's messages send an email to:
871 1 0 It looks a lot...
13/11/2000 00:14:00
By : Thorke
Great Barrier Reef
Posted on: 10/11/2000 13:39:00

I am desperately looking for a species list of all the reef fishes found in the Great Barrier Reef and I have so far come up empty. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
822 1 0 J.E. Randall's...
11/11/2000 03:40:00
By : Rainer
Tetra-specialists needed! (3)
Posted on: 9/11/2000 05:45:00

This species was around 5 cm in lenght.
832 1 1 The image asso...
18/11/2000 01:21:00
By : Barry Chernov
Tetra-specialists needed! (2)
Posted on: 9/11/2000 05:43:00

This species was around 4,5 cm in lenght.
822 1 1 Picture 800 in...
18/11/2000 01:24:00
By : Naercio
Tetra-specialists needed! (1)
Posted on: 9/11/2000 05:30:00

Hi. On a recent anglingtrip to the Rio Negro in Brazil, I caught several species of small tetras (Family Characidae) which I can't identify. Are there any aquarists or tetra-specialist out there that can help me? The fish were caught in Rio Cuieras near Manaus, both in open water, and in shallow pools adjacent to the river proper. The first species was around 7 cm in lenght, and found in mixed schools with a very similar species(?) with a darker tailspot and larger scales.
1247 1 1 I believe that...
18/11/2000 01:19:00
By : Barry Chernov
BOOK of the native fishes and Fauna of the State o
Posted on: 8/11/2000 21:46:00

A new book dealing with the Native fishes(50)of the State of San Luis Potosí,México, birds and mamals. 176 Pages Spanish Only,$15 dollars includes Postage.This book received an honorific mention of the governament of the State.Send Your Chek to José Vilet Compeán,Cumbres de Acultzingo 225,Col. Cumbres, San Luis Potosí,México,C.P. 78210, Tel(4)8149132,Fx(4)8149780. It contains the history of the Fauna in the State,How many Species were threatned through the time,Which animals exist in the State,The birds around the main cities.and Places,the animals in the San Luis Potosí Zoo and the history of the zoo,Wild animals around the Zoo(122 species),The main dams and rivers of the State and Its Native Fishes and the Natural History Museum in the Zoo. Help the Zoo and buy this interesting book.
825 0 0 No reply
"Four eyed" South American fish
Posted on: 6/11/2000 10:04:00

I am trying to find information about a peculiar looking fish from South America. It's eyes are divided so that it can look above water for predators and below surface for food at the same time. I would like to find out it's name and more general info as I am writing a report on adapted eyesight for an animal behaviour course.
830 1 0 That would be...
10/11/2000 02:18:00
By : Thorke
Pampus argenteus
Posted on: 5/11/2000 03:53:00

At 22 august 2000 was find Pampus argenteus in north-west coast Sakhalin island (53 degree of north depth). Please send your information about aviability so long to north.
829 1 0 The silver pom...
12/11/2000 01:32:00
By : Rainer
Red-banded trout\ rainbow or steelhead
Posted on: 2/11/2000 14:03:00

Can some one tell me where to find information on red-banded trout. This is for a HCP plan and I'm being told that they exist in a dry creek near my apple orchard. Any help would be of great value.
833 1 0 The book "Trou...
10/11/2000 02:30:00
By : Thorke
Posted on: 31/10/2000 21:47:00

I have read that Synbranchus marmoratus is present in Australia. Is it true, or there was a missidentification?
826 1 0 Unless it has...
4/11/2000 01:54:00
By : Rainer
DNA from scales
Posted on: 31/10/2000 05:13:00

how can I exctract DNA from fish scales? with witch lysis solution or protocol?
815 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 30/10/2000 19:40:00

how do I get to keep Hippocampus alive in my laboratory?
824 1 0 Have a look at...
4/11/2000 02:03:00
By : Rainer
Carasius auratus
Posted on: 30/10/2000 12:14:00

I'm captured one live rarefish in saltwater of Northwest Spain, Eastern Atlantic. I'm identified this fish as the freshwater "Carasius auratus". Do you know any reference about the presence of C. auratus in saltwater?
818 1 0 The goldfish a...
5/11/2000 01:38:00
By : Rainer
Box Filter
Posted on: 27/10/2000 04:59:00

I just built myself an 18" box filter, which has been running for about 2 weeks now, i have noticed that there is a film of scum forming on the water surface, but my tank is perfectly fine, is my box filter acting a bit like a skimmer or do i have a problem in the filter? Any answers would be appreciated. Ade..
906 1 0 That film is c...
5/11/2000 01:42:00
By : Rainer
se puede en español?
Posted on: 21/10/2000 18:16:00

Tambien en español se puede participar en este foro?
823 1 0 As many others...
25/10/2000 01:42:00
By : Rainer
Postdoc opening (Fish Parasitologist)
Posted on: 20/10/2000 08:16:00

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION PARASITE ASSEMBLAGES AS INDICATORS OF THE HARVEST LOCATION OF FISH A Marie Curie Development Postdoctoral Fellowship is available at the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology of the University of Valencia, Spain. The position is offered for 2 years. The successful candidate will develop and optimise methods to establish legally indisputable evidence for the harvest location of marine fish based on statistical analysis of parasite assemblages. Besides, he/she is expected to contribute to develop and consolidate new research lines in marine fish parasitology at the host institution. The appointee must hold a doctoral degree or have at least 4 years of full-time research experience at postgraduate level and be competent in identification, taxonomy and ecology of helminths, crustaceans and protozoons of marine fish. Good knowledge of multivariate statistical techniques, particularly those concerning statistical classifiers, is also highly desirable. Salary will be EUR 44,904 pa. Criteria for eligibility are in accordance with the Marie Curie Fellowships Scheme. Therefore, applicants must be a national of a EU Member State or an Associated State or be a resident in the EU for at least 5 years, and fulfil additional requirements regarding age, mobility and previous fellowships (see for further details). The Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology was founded in 1998 as part of the University of Valencia's strategy to foster research excellence by relocating the best research teams in biodiversity and evolutionary biology to an autonomous institute. The institute is located in purpose-built accommodation furnished with state-of-the-art facilities for biodiversity and evolution studies. Applications in quadruplicate must include a CV with list of publications, copies of 5 selected publications and the names and addresses of 2 referees. Send applications to Dr Juan Antonio Balbuena Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, University of Valencia Polígono de la Coma s/n, 46980 Paterna, Valencia, Spain Tel.: +34 96 398 3658, Fax: +34 96 398 3670 E-mail: [email protected] We regret that applications cannot be made by e-mail. Closing date: 1 December 2000. The University of Valencia is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from suitably qualified people from all sections of the community. Female candidates in particular are encouraged to apply. Further information on this project can be obtained at, entering HPMD-2000-00037 under "Contract Number".
1228 0 0 No reply
common carp, pH, water hardness and temperature
Posted on: 20/10/2000 03:11:00

Hi, i'm a phD student from the University of Antwerp, and i need information about the common carp (Cyprinus carpio). I need to know the upper and lower limits of the pH, the water hardness and the temperature in which carp can maintain itself. I would appreciate it very much if anyone can help me. Regards, Alain
815 2 0 The SpeciesSum...
25/10/2000 01:48:00
By : Rainer
Electric ray
Posted on: 19/10/2000 16:01:00

Has anyone read the Reef Fish Identification-Caribbean and Bahams by Paul Humann? If you have, they have a picture of an electirc ray called the Caribbean torpedo. The caption says it is undescribed and it has no scientific name. It is white with tan spots. It was photographed near the Caymans but nothing is known of it. It is not Torpedo nobiliana because that occurrs farther north and is dark in color. I saw on fishbase a Torpedo andersoni but it is only found on Florida straights. Is there another species of Torpedo ray in the W. Atlantic?
830 1 0 In Search Fish...
25/10/2000 02:06:00
By : Rainer
sexing gray corydoras
Posted on: 19/10/2000 09:06:00

Hello;Reguesting info on how to sex the gray cory catfish.I have two that are different but want your advice on this matter.Regards barbara
816 1 0 In other Coryd...
25/10/2000 02:23:00
By : Rainer
Capros aper and environment conditions
Posted on: 18/10/2000 01:32:00

Is there more information on Capros aper and its environment?
856 1 0 A paper by Kay...
18/10/2000 07:12:00
By : Murat Bilecenoglu
fish egg transport by birds
Posted on: 16/10/2000 22:59:00

I am doing my MSc in fishery science and was recently told that a lake that apparently had no fish in was inhabited by black bass Micropteris salmoides. The angler in question told me the fish could only have been introduced as eggs in weed wrapped around waterfowl that flew from another lake. Does anyone have proof of or evidence against this to support/disprove my theory that this is highly unlikely?
817 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 16/10/2000 04:57:00

There is a mistake in my E-mail. My e-mail is : [email protected]
824 0 0 No reply
Breeding Paracheidoron axelrodi
Posted on: 16/10/2000 04:35:00

From six month I attempt the breeding in captivity of Paracheirodon Axelrodi (cardinalis). Tree weeks ago Some pair of fish gived eggs, but they was white and only a few gived alevins ( 5 alevins for 150 eggs). Presently, in the same conditions the same pairs gives no more eggs. Who know articles or books treating in breekdown the breeding in captivity ot this fishes, or better, who had an experience and success? Could I have the précis conditions of this expérience: age and conditionnement of the sires before reproduction( food, température,water...)measurement and equipement of the laying aquarium ( luminosity, plants, ground..., water:pH, Hardness, température...) Thank you very much for your help.
979 1 0 My book recomm...
25/10/2000 02:26:00
By : Rainer
about Rasbora
Posted on: 16/10/2000 01:46:00

I'm looking for litterate about Rasbora aprotaenia for my thesis. Especially, how they eat and their food habit... Could somebody help me. Please contact at my email :[email protected]
816 0 0 No reply
How Skipjack Tuna recruit and reproduce?
Posted on: 15/10/2000 07:24:00

I am second year Fisheries science student at the university. I have been given an assignment on the recruitment and reproduction of skipjack tunas but I did not have enough information on this specific species. Therefore I would you to give me some informations on the two topics I had specified if it is possible please.
834 1 0 FishBase has i...
18/10/2000 10:23:00
By : Rainer
strange sighting
Posted on: 13/10/2000 13:51:00

Today in the Long Island Sound I came upon a strange sea creature. It was approximately 3 feet long and about a foot in diameter and had a fin that rose about 7 or 8 inches from the surface. The strange aspect about the fish was that it used this fin as a means of propulsion. From a vertical postion it would sweep the fin backwards to give it forward thrust (which placed the fin totally under the water,) then lift the fin out of the water and start the movement again. The fin appeared to have a serrated trailing edge. It was not at all scared of my presence nor did it appear to come up for air. It swam just under the water's surface. Any clue on what I saw??
1183 1 0 Could have bee...
14/10/2000 06:07:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 10/10/2000 19:42:00

The new FishWatcher routine is being used! Have a look at and click on some of the points.
808 0 0 No reply
significance of some fish's facts
Posted on: 8/10/2000 19:32:00

What is the significance of knowing the length-weight rela- tionships of commercial fishes, or their diet compositions, or their growth habits? What are the methodologies used in if I choose to use this in my thesis? (I'm specially interested in the length-weight relationships) Are their references in which I could use in my study?
1043 2 0 The other adva...
20/10/2000 08:48:00
By : Upali Amarasinghe
Platys & Mollies
Posted on: 1/10/2000 19:02:00

Can platys and mollies mate with each other?? Cuz I think mine did.... I have an orange platy (female) and a white lyre-tail molly (male) and the platy just had some silver babies!
805 0 0 No reply
west atlantic fish
Posted on: 30/9/2000 14:59:00

Are there any books or websites that cover all of the fishes of the west atlantic, not just the common ones. Most books do not give a full account of the rarer or southern species. Fishbase gives a list by region but many of the socalled species are just synonyms of another species, not valid species. Can i get a list without synonyms?
955 3 0 Oooops, a clas...
4/10/2000 06:21:00
By : Thorke
Posted on: 26/9/2000 20:15:00

FishBase now offers a new service: Divers and anglers can upload their observations of fish, to be displayed on maps and to aid in understanding fish biodiversity. In FishBase, go to the Species Summary of the fish that you have observed and click on the 'Fishwatchers: add observation' link. You will obtain your personal ID number and a password there. Minimum information required per observation is: species name, a photo (scanned), coordinates of locality (get from a map), and the date of collection. In Search FishBase, click on the FishWatcher link to get more information.
824 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 26/9/2000 06:50:00

I have an 8 yr. old that is doing a project on stingrays and he needs to know what the correct a male, female, and baby stingray are called.Please help!!!!He needs this info by wed morn 7 am. thanks trang
806 1 0 Males are call...
26/9/2000 20:06:00
By : Rainer
Fish Names Poster
Posted on: 25/9/2000 04:15:00

I wonder if someone could help me with a non-academic inquiry. There are posters of edible Fish for Atlantic, Maditerranean and Pacific regions which have a drawing of each fish and the name in the most relevant languages of the region. Do you know where I could find these? Thanks!
1003 1 0 Please contact...
26/9/2000 02:26:00
By : Upali Amarasinghe
question on mollies and other related species (bad
Posted on: 25/9/2000 02:42:00

Do you have any information about Mollies and the reproduction of mollies and other related species? If yes, has it evr been published? If yes again in what journal/periodical and in what year? Pls., I'm badly in need of the information for my Biology project
918 1 0 All aquarium b...
26/9/2000 20:09:00
By : Rainer
research paper - critical review
Posted on: 24/9/2000 22:11:00

i am taking my first University course in fish biology..Yahooh! My term paper must consist of a critical review of some topic in fish biology. Any of you fish lovers want to give me some insight on some hot topics in fish biology? I am particularily interested in British Columbia and Great Lakes Populations. Thanks
839 2 0 You can also g...
28/9/2000 19:27:00
By : Rainer
Hudson Bay
Posted on: 23/9/2000 16:59:00

Would anyone know of a source of information for fishes that live in Hudson Bay. I would like to know all of the species but i also would like to know some of the major saltwater species that are gamefish.
800 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 23/9/2000 09:58:00

I saw a fish at St. Abbs (UK), it resembled a monkfish ( Squatina squatina )but had much larger lips. Can anyone help me find more information so I can confirm the identity of this mystery fish
843 1 0 The only thing...
25/9/2000 07:03:00
By : Thorke
striped Bass
Posted on: 22/9/2000 15:30:00

can anyone give me tips on catching Striped Bass in the san Fanciso Bay. Going out of Okland to north bay
824 0 0 No reply
Fish reproductive strategies and sexuality
Posted on: 22/9/2000 08:01:00

Dear colleagues, I would appreciate it very much if anyone could suggest one or a few books where to read about fish sexuality (gonochorism, hermaphroditism and unisexua- lity). I am interested to learn how these strategies are distributed triamong the more than 20,000 species of fish. Thank you in advance.
808 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
23/9/2000 00:07:00
By : Rainer
tropical codfish
Posted on: 22/9/2000 07:22:00

Reading through the book entitled "Cod" by Mark Kurlansky, the author mentions a species of tropical cod, the bregmaceros. I couldn't find any reference in Fishbase. Could anyone tell me what species could this be?
816 1 0 In Search Fish...
22/9/2000 23:43:00
By : Rainer
eels (green wolf )
Posted on: 21/9/2000 22:22:00

i have a problem i need help with i currently have one green wolf eel or congrogadus subducens. and i can find zero info on them. breeding habits eating habits anything, as i am trying to breed them if possible? please help if possible. i do understand that this is NOT a morray eel.
806 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
22/9/2000 22:46:00
By : Rainer
Fish species in the Philippines
Posted on: 20/9/2000 11:22:00

Interested in learning what species of fish live in the waters around the Philippines, including the reefs and flats in Coron Bay, Philippine Sea and South China Sea. any info is greatly appreciated! Please reply to [email protected]
806 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
By : Rainer
Posted on: 19/9/2000 19:02:00

Is there any information out there on sex-change in parrotfish? Do all species change?
779 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
23/9/2000 00:11:00
By : Rainer
Unknown lighted fish
Posted on: 19/9/2000 13:51:00

I'm looking for info on a type of fish I've seen in Moriches Bay on the southshore of Long Island, NY. While out on my boat the other night, I saw fish moving below the surface which were producing a glowing light. I've never seen this before. Does anyone know what type of fish this is?
792 0 0 No reply
Pop-eye disease
Posted on: 18/9/2000 18:29:00

Hi, I'm trying to findout if there is any way to treat the disease sometimes called pop-eye in minnows. The eye of the fish becomes very swollen and appears to be popping out if its head. Thanks!
816 1 0 Protruding eye...
23/9/2000 00:15:00
By : Rainer
FW Grouper
Posted on: 18/9/2000 15:22:00

I have seen a fish in a local FS stated as a FW Grouper. Anyone have any info on these?
803 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
23/9/2000 00:24:00
By : Rainer
636 800 1 0 Most fish lay...
23/9/2000 00:30:00
By : Rainer
Attention Rainer - RE: Ompok
Posted on: 18/9/2000 14:16:00

Please see message #693 for the information I could find on the ompok, thanks.
954 1 0 There is a col...
26/9/2000 02:33:00
By : Upali Amarasinghe
Hippo Fecal Eating Fish in Africa
Posted on: 18/9/2000 11:27:00

Does anyone know the name of the fish (and where to find information) that eats African hippo feces? Thanks! Moeser
810 1 0 Labeo congoro...
23/9/2000 00:37:00
By : Rainer
UK Gudgeon
Posted on: 17/9/2000 09:18:00

Could anyone tell me how to sex the gudgeon found in the uk. Or how to sex bitterling. Thanks.
786 1 0 Gudgeons (Gobi...
17/9/2000 22:17:00
By : Rainer
meanings of Latin names
Posted on: 16/9/2000 10:47:00

Hi! Does anyone know of a good reference -- book or website -- that explains the meanings of Latin/Greek roots commonly used in scientific nomenclature for fish (also, birds, herps, and/or mammals!)? I've seen such things for botany, but not zoology. (I'm a grad student who's a little older than the norm, and find it easier to memorize the Latin if I have some understanding of what the different parts of a name mean!) Thanks.
1073 4 0 Message for Th...
3/10/2000 18:13:00
By : Cecilia Morgan
North Atlantic Fish distributions
Posted on: 15/9/2000 08:45:00

I should be extremely grateful for information on the extent of the ranges, particularly the northern limits in the Eastern and Western North Atlantic of the following Fish species. (They have all been reported from British waters recently with varying degrees of certainty) Sand tiger shark (Carcharius taurus) Hammerhead (Sphyrna zygaena) Couch's or Common Seabream (Pagrus pagrus) Pandora (Pagellus erythrinus) Saddled Seabream (Oblada melanurus) Bogue (Boops boops) White Seabream (Diplodus sargus) Mediterranean Horse Mackerel (Trachurus mediterraneus) Greater Amberjack (Seriola dumerili) Lesser Amberjack (S. fasciata) Guinea Amberjack (S. carpenteri) Almaco Jack (S. rivoliana) Dolphinfish or Dorado (Coryphaena hippurus) Many thanks, Doug Herdson
916 1 0 FishBase conta...
17/9/2000 22:26:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 15/9/2000 05:42:00

I live in Massachusetts and have heard that there are free sources of hatchery fish that I could use to stock up a farm pond in my yard. These would help keep the Mosquito population down & with the WEST Nile virus in this area I want to get rid of as many mosquitos as possible. Does anyone know where I can get these minnow? [email protected]
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Blue Ompok
Posted on: 14/9/2000 15:48:00

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am looking for information on the common blue ompok that is often found at pet stores. I am trying to find out about their color. Is it naturally blue and enhanced by food or someother non invasive method, or is it painted or injected. Please provide me with any information you can and also if you know how to maintain this color and if they are a very social fish and should be kept in multiples. I have not had any luck on the net finding this information. I will continue to check this site for any information you may have - andI thank you in advance for your help.
886 3 0 Ompok bimacula...
19/9/2000 07:51:00
By : Upali Amarasinghe
Tenth European Congress of Ichthyology – ECI X
Posted on: 13/9/2000 02:51:00

Tenth European Congress of Ichthyology – ECI X Prague, September 3 - 7, 2001 “In the heart of Europe!" First Announcement and call for contributions. Invitation to ECI: On behalf of the Board of the European Ichthyological Society, we cordially invite you to attend the Tenth European Congress of Ichthyology to be held in 3-7 September 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic. Why Prague? Prague is centrally located in the middle of Europe, with convenient access for most participants. Participants will survive better and, we hope, cheaper here than in most large capitals, enjoying a flood of famous Czech beer. The ECI X in Prague also renew the original idea of alterning Congress sites between East and West as proposed in the early history of the European Cogresses of Ichthyology (Sarajevo in 1973, Paris in 1976, Warsaw in 1979, Hamburg in 1982, Stockoholm 1985, Budapest 1988, The Hague in 1991). In the days of the iron curtain - Congresses enabled mutual, but otherwise difficult contacts between many European ichthyologists, studying the same fauna, but unable to communicate freely. With the collapse of the iron curtain, East bloc economies faced new challenges making organisation of Congresses less feasible for some time. This is undoubtedly the main reason why the last two Congresses were held in the West (Oviedo in 1994, Trieste in 1997). It is a pleasure to come back to traditions in a way but in a Europe entirely different from that of 1973. There are no political barriers to meeting and Prague is no longer in the East. It is not in the West, nor in the South, nor in the North. The city is literally “In the heart of Europe". The Czech Republic is a rapidly transforming country, soon joining the European Union. A clear example of changing Europe. We deeply hope this will apply also for European ichthyology. Last but not least: Prague is one of those rare cities whose thousand-year history is preserved in its architecture. The city did not suffer any serious war damage for the last 500 years – a reason why it has been declared the World Heritage Site. Come and see! We look forward to greet you “In the heart of Europe!" Hosting institution: Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (CAS) Supporting institutions: Institute of Vertebrate Biology, CAS, Brno Moravian Museum, Brno National Museum, Prague Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University, Prague Czech Agricultural University, Prague University of South Bohemia, Èeské Budìjovice Programme: The European Congresses of Ichthyology are one of the world´s major international ichthyological meetings organised at three year intervals. The aim of ECI X is to provide a forum for exchange of scientific information which usually include history of ichthyology, anatomy and morphology, zoogeography, behaviour, physiology, ecology, taxonomy, cytogenetics, molecular genetics and ecology, molecular phylogeography, databases, as well as analytical contributions on evolution, biogeography, systematics and conservation of fishes. Applied topics (e.g. fisheries), unless they are strongly related to the above fields of ichthyology are not covered by European Congresses of Ichthyology Internationally renowned speakers will be invited to give key note reviews (45 minutes) for the main sessions. Other presentations will be given in multiple parallel sessions and oral contributions (15 + 5 minutes) are invited. Posters are invited from all participants. The prospective organizers of intra-ECI symposia and workshops should contact the convenor for any consultation, advice, help to make the proposed sessions successfull. Place of venue: All sessions will be held on the Campus of the Czech Agricultural University, Prague – Suchdol. The campus is located in a park area and is easily accessible by urban traffic (four bus stations from Metro station). Accommodation (preliminary information): Four 3 - 5 stars hotels located in near distance the Congress site will be available for participants of ECI X in adjacent parts of Prague – Dejvice which will be served by a shuttle bus. At the the Congress site, student dormitories will be available Official language: English. There will not be simultaneous translations. Publication of ECI X contributions: For those who wish to publish their contribution to ECI X, Folia Zoologica – an international journal of zoology, published by the Institute of Vertebrate Biology, CAS, (and indexed by most abstracting services) will publish a CEI X Supplement volume. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed. More information about journal can be found at: Congress tours: Several post-Congress tours will be proposed both touristic/social and specially designed for „fish heads“, including a sightseeing trip to the faunistically most diverse part of Czech Republic – the fluvial forest at the confluent of Dyje and Morava Rivers (Danube basin). Social programme: Prague and its vicinity offers numerous really interesting places to visit and enjoy. Historic medieval sites, Prague castle, a number of museums, theatres, historic nearby castles, pubs, coffee houses of well-known writers (Kafka), musicians (Smetana , Dvoøák), painters (Mucha), etc. to list only some of the numerous interesting sites waiting for your visit „In the heart of Europe!". Programmes of visits for accompanying persons will be arranged and detailed in the 2nd Announcement. ECI X home page: All ECI X information will be available at This will include registration form, abstract submission form, accommodation booking form and information about costs. Of course, colleagues who are not on-line will receive all ECI X information forms and documents by normal mail upon request. Further information: To be included on the mailing list to receive further information on ECI X, please, complete the attached reply card and mail it to the address of ECI X convenor Petr Rab, or fill up the electronic version available on ECI X home page. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact the convenor or any of the EIS Board member at the addresses that can be found at Information can also be found on EUROFISH-L National Steering Committee: ECI X Convenor: Petr Ráb, Laboratory of Fish Genetics, IAPG, CAS, 277 21 Libìchov Tel: xx420 206 697024 Fax:xx420 206 697186 E-mail: [email protected] Technical Director: Martin Ledvinka, UNICOAGRIC, Kamýcká 129 165 21 Prague Tel: xx420 2 24383426 Fax: xx420 2 24383430 E-mail: [email protected] Members: Rùžena Gregorová Moravian Museum, Brno E-mail: [email protected] Stanislav Lusk Department of Water Ecosystems, IVB, CAS, Brno E-mail: [email protected] Miroslav Å vátora Department of Zoology, Charles University, Prague E-mail: [email protected] Martin FlajÅ¡hans Department of Genetics and Breeding, RIFH, University of South Bohemia E-mail: [email protected] Joerg Bohlen E-mail: [email protected] Petr Kotlík E-mail: [email protected] Vlastimil Å lechta E-mail: [email protected] Laboratory of Fish Genetics, IAPG, CAS
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latest studies
Posted on: 12/9/2000 19:05:00

I'm a marine biology undergraduate student here in the Philippines and I would like to ask what are the latest stu- dies about fishes here in the tropics. I'm hoping that your response could give me an idea on what to work on my baby thesis.
813 1 0 Why don't you...
17/9/2000 23:06:00
By : Rainer
I'm not even sure if it's a fish
Posted on: 12/9/2000 12:18:00

I live in Robertsville, Missouri on the Meramec River. Recently we found skeletal remains of what we believe is an aquatic animal. It appears to be the top part of the skull. Approximately 6 1/2 inches long, 3 inches wide, 3 inches to top of the bony fin. Two oval shapes are at the front (eye sockets?). There are 6 indentions on each side of the skull (teeth?). I will have some pictures in a few days. Anyone have any idea about what kind of animal/fish it might be? Or anywhere I can find out more information. Thanks for your help. Tanya
905 1 4 Here are some...
12/9/2000 13:17:00
By : Tanya
Canadian Roughy
Posted on: 11/9/2000 21:13:00

I have a question and I am hoping someone can answer it for me. I recently bought a package of frozen fish sold by Agora Food Merchants. The ingredients list identified the fish as Rough Head Grenadier, but the label on the package advertised the fish as 'Canadian Roughy.' Can anyone tell me where the term 'Canadian Roughy' came from?
911 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
12/9/2000 08:48:00
By : Rainer
Solomon Islands Tuna Fisheries
Posted on: 11/9/2000 06:46:00

I am finding it difficult to get up to date information on the tuna industry in the Solomons. Can I get some help in getting the latest information concerning catch rates and what processing plants are operating or available to be operated. Thanks Phil Hunter
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flying fish
Posted on: 10/9/2000 21:34:00

Do flying fish really fly?
794 1 0 They glide, an...
11/9/2000 13:37:00
By : Rainer
Suborder and Subfamily
Posted on: 9/9/2000 18:41:00

I can find information on Order, Family, Genus, and Species. I am having difficulty finding the Suborder or Subfamily of certain types of fish. An example would be the Suborder for Pacific herring, or the Subfamily of the chinook salmon. Any help is appreciated.
797 1 0 We do not reco...
11/9/2000 13:40:00
By : Rainer
Skates and sting rays
Posted on: 9/9/2000 16:54:00

My teacher asked us the other day the difference between right handed and left handed skates or rays, and since no one knew the answer he decided to make it an extra credit question on our next exam. So if anyone can help my out with this that would be great.
890 1 0 Are you sure h...
10/9/2000 06:15:00
By : Thorke
Concerning Dog-face Puffer
Posted on: 9/9/2000 07:33:00

I would like to know which fish are compatible w/ Dog-face puffer fish.
821 1 0 There are a nu...
10/9/2000 17:42:00
By : Greg Montalbano
Tilapia Fish
Posted on: 8/9/2000 07:18:00

We are using tilapia fish to clean our hydroponics system. How many pounds of fish can we raise per gallon of water?
840 2 0 Some informati...
19/9/2000 07:45:00
By : Upali Amarasinghe
Posted on: 7/9/2000 02:41:00

what is wrong with my guppy? It keeps on rubbing its gills against the gravel and has a swollen throat. I'm not too sure if it is swollen but it looks like it is fat under the neck. Apart from that, he's his normal active and inquisitive self.
833 1 0 Try changing h...
11/9/2000 13:46:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 6/9/2000 14:51:00

What is a Hydropysche and how does it catch detritus? Many thanks.
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Gulf of Mexico fishing in Late November
Posted on: 6/9/2000 14:05:00

I will be vacationing with my family and boat(Montauk) on the coast of Mississippi for the week of Thanks Giving. Would anyone know the types of fish I could expect to catch during that time of the year in the gulf? I entend to troll and bottom fish.
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Posted on: 6/9/2000 11:54:00

Please forward any info on trends in fisheries in caribbean and latin america.
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Selectivity (Longline vsTrawl)
Posted on: 6/9/2000 06:50:00

Hello! I am looking for information that regards the selectivit of Longlines and Trawls. I am doing a Masters project that compares the selectivity of the two gears in South Africa. Information should include where such studies have been done before so that I can search for papers. Cheers! Terence.
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Spadefish Collection
Posted on: 5/9/2000 13:05:00

Does anyone have any information on collecting spadefish? I am looking for juvenile spadefish ranging in size from 1 cm to 10 cm total length for a research project I am involved with. Any information on juvenile spadefish spatial distribution on frequencies during the year would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Hump Headed Wrasse
Posted on: 5/9/2000 06:28:00

Hello! I would like to learn more about the hump heaed wrasse and its prospect as a species for aquaculture. Can anyone point me to resources on-line dealing with this subject? Thanks a lot!
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Address from Ronald Watson
Posted on: 5/9/2000 03:20:00

Does somebody know the new address of Ronald Watson, a specialist in identification of freshwater gobies. He left Germany to go to Florida ?? Thank you Christine
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Clarias gariepinus
Posted on: 4/9/2000 18:26:00

Are there any Clarias gariepinus in US or Canada labs or aquaria? They are native to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique. Similar to the Walking Catfish now in Florida which is C. batrachus or some similar name. I worked with them in Africa and would like to try some here in the US. Thanks,
848 1 0 dear murray I...
15/3/2002 01:12:00
By : gulnaz narin
Black mosquito larvae- "culex"?
Posted on: 4/9/2000 00:38:00

To everybody, Could you please tell me how to attract these common black 'mozzies' to water so that i can 'fish' them out and feed to my fish. If you know, do you know how to do it using clean and crystal CLEAR water? Last time i went 'fishing' for these guys, they all hid in the dirt. I heard that beetle juice attracts them but please tell me another way. Please reply at your earliest convenience Thanks alot, Keith
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Sucking catfish
Posted on: 4/9/2000 00:34:00

To everybody, could you please tell me about the sucking catfish? I heard that it becomes boisterous as it grows larger and larger. I also heard that it attachs and sucks off the 'slime' coating that the fish have and can cause infections/infestations for other "innocent" fish. If this is true what should i do to rectify my sucking catfish's behaviour? Please reply at your earliest convenience. Thanks alot Keith
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fish fins
Posted on: 3/9/2000 14:57:00

Will someone out there please tell me what material the rays in a fish's fins are made of ? I would also like to know about the skin in between them. A referal to an ichtyology website that covers this would be great.Thank you.
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toredo worm biology/ecology
Posted on: 2/9/2000 15:27:00

I am trying to source some info on the above. At the moment I am living too far away to get to the nearest University so need material thats accessible electronically but can't find any.
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Upper Gulf of California
Posted on: 31/8/2000 16:56:00

I am looking information about this zone, if some body has something please write to me. I need population dynamics information, as well as trophic interactions between species.
824 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
11/9/2000 13:53:00
By : Rainer
New filtration system for marine aquariums,reef or
Posted on: 31/8/2000 13:59:00

If anybody is looking to start a living marine ecosystem,I would like to suggest a great filtration system.There are 2 models and they cover aquariums 40-150 gallons.The web address is
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Fishing for a name..boy I'm corny
Posted on: 30/8/2000 20:13:00

Hello, I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, but here goes. My Gr. 10 Art teacher just gave us a very difficult assignment: Read a wordy description (of what I believe is a fish) and draw a picture of it. Not surprisingly, I'm finding it very difficult to draw this, and I was hoping that one of you may recognize from the description what type of fish it is. That would be incredibly helpful. So, if you can, NAME THAT FISH! Description: Size small medium, 12-27 inches; slight or no neck; anal entire; ventrals short, caudals in single series; scales small with length and width about equal, smooth, in rows 35-45 or more; rudimentary hind legs present (more evidence in males); tail very short, blunt, rounded, and ending in large rounded plate not prehensile; large shield on top of head; scales on chin between lower labials small; snout short and broad; rostral large, broad; 1-2 loreals; eye small with vertical pupil; eye rests on upper labials; maxillary and mandibular teeth in graduated series. Color: above pale tan to dark brown or drab, frequently with yellowish, greenish, or bluish tinge, sides olive brown, and the belly some tone of yellow-orange or orange-yellow; tip of tail may be slightly lighter brown than the rest of the body; generally no pattern. Thank you very much Steven
1150 628 0 I don't think...
17/9/2000 17:10:00
By : Cecilia Morgan
Parasitofauna of Mullidae
Posted on: 30/8/2000 19:52:00

I am looking for information on the parasitofauna of mullidae from the tropics (marine). Have there been comprehensive parasitological studies on this group?
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Anglers diary scheme
Posted on: 30/8/2000 15:40:00

I am seeking examples of angler diary schemes. In particular I am interested in the type of information that trout fishery managers have asked anglers to record. Many thanks, Wayne Donovan
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Trout spawning
Posted on: 30/8/2000 15:37:00

Does anyone know what surface area in a stream rainbow trout require for spawning. I have a figure of 20 square metres which is the area required for spawning activities. Many thanks, Wayne Donovan
811 1 0 The actual are...
31/8/2000 13:35:00
By : Gregory Montalbano
Chinese carps
Posted on: 30/8/2000 06:47:00

Is there anybody dealing with established Chinese carp populations in the wild?
778 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
18/9/2000 00:17:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 30/8/2000 02:25:00

I would like to know if there is any database concerning larvae of reef fishes ? CD ROM - books .... Can you help me ? Thanks in advance annie Brunel
827 2 0 I have all of...
9/9/2000 20:31:00
By : David Aissen
Tiger Shovelnose Catfish
Posted on: 30/8/2000 00:37:00

Can anybody tell me how to breed a tiger shovelnose catfish? How do I set up my aquarium for this fish?
813 1 0 You need a pon...
1/9/2000 18:31:00
By : T.H.A.
Canned Tuna
Posted on: 29/8/2000 09:55:00

I am trying tot make heads or tails out of the various grades of canned tuna. What is skipjack, tongol and albacore. What does chunck light mean. What do the various grades mean and how do your itentify them. Are Blue fin and yellow fin tuna canned/ If so what are they refered as?
1008 2 0 Obtain a copy...
7/9/2000 12:18:00
By : Gerald Jennings/Calypso
lipids levels
Posted on: 29/8/2000 06:15:00

I am looking for a database that provides information on the lipid content of freshwater organisms. Does anyone know such a stuff ? Thanks.
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fish identification needed
Posted on: 26/8/2000 16:06:00

can you identify what species this is?
923 5 1 Go to http://c...
7/9/2000 12:22:00
By : Gerald Jennings/Calypso
Posted on: 25/8/2000 01:02:00

Please furnish this office any information on freshwater phytoplanktons. We need it for our on-going research on lake biomass. Thank you and Mabuhay from the City of Baguio, Philippines.
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Freshwater Stingrays
Posted on: 24/8/2000 22:08:00

Hello All I have just recently set up a group about freshwater stingray an am inviting anyone that loves stingrays, keeps stingrays, or just want to know more about them to check this group out. It is a new group, so we are short on members but I am responding to all questions posted and am very interested in any information about these animals anyone might be able to supply. I hope this message isn't taken the wrong way; I am not trying to solicit anyone away from this great message board, just trying to provide another source of information about f/w stingrays. If writing this does offend anyone, please let me know and it will be my last. The address to the group is Hope to see all you stingray fanatics there. T.J.
817 1 0 You can attach...
5/9/2000 12:27:00
By : Rainer
Fish Statistics
Posted on: 24/8/2000 01:01:00

We urgently in need of accurate fish statistics of Lake Victoria by species from 1960-1999.
795 1 0 We will try to...
25/8/2000 08:44:00
By : Ali Mohamed
I have some Pictures
Posted on: 23/8/2000 19:14:00

I have some photos of the following fish. I would like to put them onto Fishbase (There are more to come): Yellow-Eyed Mullet - Aldrichetta forsteri (Valenciennes, 1836) Family: Mugilidae Order: Perchiformes Eastern Australian Salmon - Arripis trutta (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Family: Arripidae Order: Perchiformes Western Australian Salmon - Arripis truttaceus (Cuvier, 1829) Family: Arripidae Order: Perchiformes Soldierfish - Gymnapistes marmoratus (Cuvier, 1829) Family: Scorpaenidae Order: Scorpaeniformes Blue Morwong - Nemadactylus douglasii (Hector, 1875) Family: Cheilodactylidae Order: Perchiformes Purple (Saddled) Wrasse - Notolabrus fucicola (Richardson, 1840) Family: Labridae Order: Perchiformes Blue Throat Wrasse - Notolabrus tetricus (Richardson, 1840) Family: Labridae Order: Perchiformes Tailor - Pomatomus saltatrix (Linnaeus, 1766) Family: Pomatomidae Order: Perchiformes Red Rock Cod - Scorpaena cardinalis (Richardson 1842) Family: Scorpaenidae Order: Scorpaeniformes Japanese Goby - Tridentiger bifasciatus (Steindachner, 1881) Family: Gobidae Order: Perchiformes ------------- Does would this entitle me to a copy of the CDROM?
984 1 0 Yes, this will...
18/9/2000 00:11:00
By : Rainer
fishing by use of dynamite
Posted on: 23/8/2000 05:39:00

I would like to know if available documentary or books concerning the distructive effects of fishing by dynamite. Despite forbidden by the law, such method is used in Philippines where I spend my vacation. Documentaries (video cassetts or pubblications) could help me to explain the devastation they are doing. tks Giorgio
843 1 0 Minestrini, th...
31/8/2000 13:53:00
By : Gregory Montalbano
Educational Materials
Posted on: 22/8/2000 13:08:00

I recently saw (on-line) a reference to a booklet that had been done (I believe in New Zealand or Australia)to target elementary school children and teach them about the fishing industry. Does anyone know of this book/project and where I might find more information? Thank You
802 0 0 No reply
L-W relationships
Posted on: 22/8/2000 03:50:00

Greetings! I am interested in how best to apply L-W relationships to determining biomass in the context of a fish visual census.
806 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 20/8/2000 15:20:00

I am interested in a degree in which will lead to a qualification in fisheries biology. I would be extremely interested to hear from any qualified biologists with advice on universities and education.I am based in the uk and cannot find a specifically fishery related degree
814 0 0 No reply
GIS Database for Fisheries
Posted on: 18/8/2000 21:00:00

Dear Fish Folks, I am proposing a PhD study on Geographical Information System [GIS] having integrated database for fisheries management in Malaysia. The rational of this comprehensive integrated Geographical Information System is to handle and integrate the large sets of information on fish and its environment so as to develop into GIS and GIS modeling systems, which suit for monitoring fish, fisheries and their complex marine environment. Thus, I would like if anyone could send, suggest printed papers or point anyone who is doing such research so we can exchange views and ideas which would be helpful for our outreach mission i.e. sustainable fisheries. Hope to hear your valuable information Musse Gabobe Hassan JICA/MASDEC Putra Environmental Laboratory Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Universiti Putra Malaysia 43400 Serdang, Selangor Malaysia
896 2 0 Some informati...
19/9/2000 07:56:00
By : Upali Amarasinghe
Help wanted on angling in Ireland
Posted on: 16/8/2000 12:24:00

I would like to go to Ireland for fishing brown trout. Can anyone tell me if this is easily feasible for a Spaniard and how could I organise this kind of travel?
805 1 0 Angling (sport...
18/8/2000 07:59:00
By : Thorke
Phosphorus Compounds used in noble fishes
Posted on: 16/8/2000 03:20:00

I recently read that the noble fishes were injected with phosphorus compounds were injected into noble fishes, right on the boat, to preserve color and freshness. What species comprise the Noble Fishes?
1012 1 0 In Search Fish...
18/8/2000 21:05:00
By : Rainer
best fishes for eating
Posted on: 15/8/2000 00:30:00

I´d like to know the best fishes for eating from Australia. We in Germany do not know much about fishes from downunder. so please be kind to send me a list of the best and most famous Australian fresh- and saltwater fishes. Thank you very much. please if you have any pictures attach them. yours sincerely Stefan from Hamburg in Germany
803 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
18/8/2000 21:14:00
By : Rainer
Asking about trout
Posted on: 13/8/2000 09:12:00

In my region we call "common trout" and "indigenous trout" to a trout having a nice green-brownish and black speckled upper zone and with red dots in the flanks and a white-amber lower part that I think must be the well known "brown trout" or "salmo trutta fario". But our local fish farms grow another kind of trout the locals call "german trout", which are very similar but somewhat darker, more markedly black-speckled and with a definitely grayish hue instead of the green-brown one of the former (when fishing, it permits you see them easier against the greenish background in the watercourses). Their red spots, being less noticeable and numerous, have also an orange tonality rather than the bright red one in brown trout. Can anyone tell me which could be the scientific name of that species of "german" trout?
1038 1 0 I believe your...
14/9/2000 23:56:00
By : Kyle Bouchard
about the predatory status of fish
Posted on: 11/8/2000 15:16:00

My co-worker says that most fish are predators, but I'm inclined to think that most fish (saltwater or freshwater) are not. Can you settle this? Please send response to: [email protected] Thanks
792 1 0 FishBase' Ecol...
11/8/2000 20:06:00
By : Rainer
native mexican fishes aquarium
Posted on: 10/8/2000 18:27:00

we invite you to visit our aquarium at the san luis potosi zoo in mexico. we have more than 35 native fishes in our acuariums including: xiphophorus pigmaeus, multilineatus,nigrensis montezumae, herichtis labridens,herichtis bartoni, cualac tesellatus, ilyodon whitei, chapalichthis encaustus, zoogenecticus quitseotenicus,skiffa francesa,stc...
881 1 0 It would be gr...
11/8/2000 01:53:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 10/8/2000 00:01:00

Is it ok keeping foureyes (anableps anableps) in an aquarium with no possibilities for them to "get up on land" (=staying in areas with shallow, 1-2cm, water)? For the moment I keep them with mudskippers, and I´ve noticed that foureyes seems to enjoy spending time "on land" (at shallow water-areas) together with the mudskippers.
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The Hokie
Posted on: 9/8/2000 18:25:00

Can anyone tell me what kind of fish the Hokie is? Would like a picture if possible. Thanks in advance. You can e-mail me at [email protected]
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10/8/2000 07:23:00
By : Thorke
Posted on: 9/8/2000 13:39:00

815 2 0 if you want to...
3/8/2001 17:54:00
By : paul adams
Yellow, Ozark, Shadow Bass and another species
Posted on: 9/8/2000 09:00:00

Looking for information and pictures on these species. Can't seem to find a pic of a Shadow Bass anywhere. Also, we have a cross between a Smallmouth and Spotted bass up here in Missouri. I would like any information on that species also. If you can e-mail this to me it would be great. [email protected]
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11/8/2000 01:58:00
By : Rainer
African Tigerfish
Posted on: 8/8/2000 20:33:00

I just wondering how to tell the differences between juvenile Hydrolycus Goliath & Hydrolycus Vittatus. Thanks
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Pig farms and tilapia
Posted on: 7/8/2000 11:00:00

I am trying to build a system ti use the manure from a pig farm to feed fishes, tilapias seem like the best choice. Does any one has some information about similar projects or experiences. Thanks Daniel Orlich /Costa Rica
1017 2 0 The person to...
9/8/2000 17:57:00
By : Anne
protein sparing
Posted on: 7/8/2000 06:15:00

where can i find information on protein sparing, any current or past research and studies would be useful, thanks.
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11/8/2000 12:19:00
By : Lucy
Emperor Angel Fish
Posted on: 7/8/2000 03:16:00

Could someone please supply references to work on the behaviour of Pomacanthus Imperator?
874 1 0 Have a look at...
7/8/2000 23:21:00
By : Rainer
Australian Fisheries
Posted on: 6/8/2000 00:49:00

I'm lookin for reference about Australian fiheries management especially in lobster management. It is for my comparative study for recomendation to decision maker in indonesian fisheries. Could you help me, please !.
808 1 0 The book 'Aust...
6/8/2000 19:52:00
By : Rainer
Fish and scallop genome sizes
Posted on: 5/8/2000 19:39:00

Hi there, i'm trying to find out the genome size of fish and scallops. if anyone knows where i can find this information, could they please email me at [email protected] thank you
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British Marine Wildlife EForum
Posted on: 5/8/2000 05:00:00

British Marine Wildlife Forum (commenced 1 August 2000) Group Home: Not only fish but crabs as well etc. Cheers Andy Horton British Marine Life Study Society
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Fish populations
Posted on: 4/8/2000 03:50:00

In need of written information as to the establishmentation of a fish population to a pond or lake. How a population can become established without involving mankind in any way. Need information as to their establishment via animal, bird, or other means. Thanks, Jim
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Sturgeon Fishing
Posted on: 3/8/2000 11:08:00

Im looking for ways to help catch sturgeon in a lake setting, any help would be appreciated. I will share information.
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Management of Plectropomus leopardus
Posted on: 2/8/2000 05:46:00

In regards to my previous message #570 I am currently completing a degree in Fisheries and Coastal Management at University and am researching market prices for Plectropomus leopardus for my class assignment. I am looking at the exploitation and a sustainable fishery for this species. Thankyou.
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acuario nacional de los peces mexicanos
Posted on: 1/8/2000 19:26:00

we manage an aquarium of native fishes: cualac tesellatus, ataenobius toweri,cichlasoma labridens,cichlasoma bartoni, xiphophorus nigrensis, xiphophorus pigmaeus,xiphophorus multilineatus, chapalictis pardalis, skiffia francesa,ilyo- don furdicens, skiffia lermae, zoogenecticua quitzoensis, xenoophorus captivus,etc... parque zoologico de san luis potosi, mexico
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Shark Species
Posted on: 1/8/2000 10:56:00

Does anyone know what common shark species are found along the east coast (preferably those around the South/North Carolina area)? Thanks in advanced! Wes M.
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Singapore and West Malaysia Freshwater Fishes & et
Posted on: 31/7/2000 21:19:00

Hi everybody, I have a website for your viewing at: titled as Freshwater Fishes (NON-commercial, non-profit). Please freely utilise the images stored there for Fish Base, if you find them appropriate. Thank you for dropping by. By the way, Fish Base is really fantastic! A super great resource website!! Best wishes, CHAN Sow-Yan
796 1 0 Thanks a lot f...
4/8/2000 20:35:00
By : Rainer
Coral trout Plectropomus leopardus fisheries value
Posted on: 31/7/2000 17:53:00

I have accessed this information but dont know how accurate this is. Up-to-date information would be much appreciated. Fisheries value Major Queensland commercial finfish worth about $8.2 million in 1989-90. They comprise a minor part of the Western Australia and Northern Territory fisheries. Wholesale prices as at 1992; WA $7.9/kg fresh, NT $5.30/kg gilled and gutted, QLD $12.00-$14/Kg for frozen fillets and $9.00/kg for fresh whole fish. Recently, (all species) are brining $100/kg on the live fish trade in the Asian markets. Any additional information would be excellent. Thankyou
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Posted on: 28/7/2000 06:24:00

Please help me to find free publications about freshwater fish toxicology,heavy metals bioaccumulation.
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28/7/2000 21:46:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 26/7/2000 08:07:00

Does anybody know what "peche a la palangrotte" is? Thanks.
822 1 0 La pêche Ã...
10/8/2000 18:18:00
By : Nicolas
white roughy
Posted on: 24/7/2000 12:31:00

Does anyone know the genus species for "white roughy". It was recently seen in a fish market as white fillets from Vietnam.
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28/7/2000 21:59:00
By : Rainer
Reliable, recorded max. sizes of certain sharks
Posted on: 24/7/2000 09:56:00

I'm a former marine science teacher now editting books for Harcourt School Publishing. We need to confirm some information on several species of shark and a bony fish. We have already gotten the maximaum lengths and weights from the database, but need to know if these are the same as the largest recorded lengths/weights for the fish below. We would like to verify the largest, recorded (and reliable) lengths and weights (approximate) of the following species: Whale shark Great White Shark Smalleye pygmy shark Ocean sunfish If possible, please respond back to my email: [email protected] Thanks very much in advance!!! Jennifer
812 1 0 The maximum si...
28/7/2000 22:06:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 23/7/2000 23:07:00

What are the anatomical characteristics that rockfish family share? How does the rockfish behavior relate to their method of camouflage? Any help that I can get on the two questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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23/7/2000 23:30:00
By : Rainer
Need to identify 1906 species
Posted on: 21/7/2000 08:10:00

I need to know the current species name for what was in 1906 "Platophrys ocellatus" (Agassiz). No common name given. The study from 1906 states, "Jordan and Evermann give the range of this species 'Western Atlantic from Long Island to Rio Janeiro, on sandy shores.' The only other record of its occurrence north of Florida seems to be that of Bean, who collected 2 small examples at Fire Island Inlet Beach, Great South Bay, Long Island, September 30, 1890." Specimens taken (3) in the 1906 Martha's Vineyard study were about 2.5 inches long. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!
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23/7/2000 22:47:00
By : Rainer
Lophius eggs
Posted on: 20/7/2000 12:58:00

We are looking for goosefish (monkfish) eggs for a research project at the Hofstra University Aquaculture Laboratory in New York. The eggs can be found in large, gelatinous masses (up to 25ft long), floating near the surface, on the open ocean. At first glance the egg veil may look like a submerged plastic bag. Closer inspection reveals thousands of BB-sized eggs. The eggs must be kept alive. We will advise as to how to keep them alive. REWARD !!! Contact: Todd Gardner at [email protected] (631)757-0123 or (516)463-4211
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How do you breed catfish?
Posted on: 20/7/2000 04:44:00

Hi I'm Isuru from Sri Lanka. I have been wondering all over the net to find out information on breeding catfishes and so far I have had no luck what-so-ever. The problem is that here in sri lanka their aren't many varietys of catfish available so the most common type of catfish here is known simply as "catfish". (I don't know it's scientific name) so if any of you know how to breed catfishes or know about locations where I can find such information, please let me know either by posting an answer here or e-mailing me at the following address. Please! I'm desperate.([email protected])
815 1 0 In Sri Lanka,...
25/7/2000 08:59:00
By : Upali Amarasinghe
indonesian fish
Posted on: 18/7/2000 17:44:00

I need some photos of the following fish out of zamrud lake in indonesia, Pinang Merah, Arwana, & Balido any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Short period of sexual muturing
Posted on: 18/7/2000 10:20:00

Dear Colleges, I am looking for the most convinience fish for the follow investigation. We are going to study the influenvce of definite complex of extreme factors on the genome and we would like to improve some effect of selection. For this purposes we are going to take fish (because there is possibility to obtain a big quantity of individuals in each generation) and to obtain a several generation under the influence of this complex of extreme factors during 2-3 years. For this aim I need to choose fish that could have not very long period of sexual maturing, that could be bred not very hard and that this fish would not have very little size. Because I need to make an artificial fertilization and make some manipulate with reproductive cells of fish. I am searching now such information, but may be somebody who had a big experience in fish breeding could me give a some advice, which fish could I choose. Thank you very much for help.
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20/7/2000 08:06:00
By : Ed Stansbury
San Marcos River Fishes
Posted on: 18/7/2000 09:36:00

I am thinking about writing a guide for San Marcos River Fishes. Where would be a good place to start for research and photographs/pictures. i am a layman and snorkler. and i cant identify half the fish i have seen in the san marcos river in texas. any advice would be appreciated go ahead and email me
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Painted Tetras (glass fish)
Posted on: 17/7/2000 11:44:00

I have been told by two pet stores that painted tetras (glass fish) are injected with dye to make the neon colors. Is this true??
780 3 0 Yes. It is ind...
25/7/2000 20:10:00
By : Tyler W.
Defornation in fishes
Posted on: 15/7/2000 23:44:00

Would like to know about deformation in marine fishes. Any information
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23/7/2000 23:27:00
By : Rainer
consulta sobre Cynoscion leiarchus
Posted on: 15/7/2000 07:51:00

Deseo informacion sobre la alimentaciòn, reproducciòn, crecimiento y habitat de esa especie.
779 1 0 FishBase has g...
19/7/2000 04:41:00
By : Rainer
Strange Fish
Posted on: 14/7/2000 19:07:00

I recently went on a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico, while we were fishing our boat was approached by four strange fish that nobody on board had ever seen before. They followed behind the boat as we drifted but would not take a bait. The biggest was about 26 inches in length, very narrow maybe 4 inches wide and 12 inches tall. They were brown and gray in color with slope like faces and puckered lips and they had big humps on their head. I have done some research but as of yet have found nothing. The closest i have come to describing them would be somewhere between file fish and box fish. Any ideas??
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British Marine Fish
Posted on: 11/7/2000 12:08:00

British Marine Life Study Society ------------------------------------------------------------ GLAUCUS HOUSE : 14 CORBYN CRESCENT : SHOREHAM-BY-SEA : SUSSEX : BN43 6PQ Tel: 01273 465433 EMail: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------ Hello, If you are stuck for information on British marine fish, you may just find the answer on: There are also links to other pages on the same subject. Best for inshore smaller fishes. Unlike, Fishbase, it is not a comprehensive site. There is also a news page for British marine life at: for year 2000. Is there anything comparable in the rest of the world? Cheers Andy Horton.
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17/7/2000 14:47:00
By : Todd Gardner
need help setting up tank of fish native to CO
Posted on: 10/7/2000 15:06:00

I have been given $2400 to set up an aquarium containing fish native to northeastern Colorado prairies. I had originally planned on just doing a bluegill tank b/c that is what is currently in our lakes (along w/ bass, channel cats, pike, etc...all of whom are too big & messy to keep in a tank) Does anyone have any suggestions for what type of set up would be best and what kinds of fish I should be putting in. thank you very much! I can be replied to either here or at [email protected]
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Comment on Diversity Lecture
Posted on: 8/7/2000 05:53:00

Suggest diversity "lecture" includes alot of generalizations and obscure data. For example - how does one "verify" a 250 year old record as claimed? Further, graphs and figures included no ref as to their origin and no statistical treatment - leading one to wonder at its scientific (vs. casual) significance. Finally, the critical questions were not directly addressed - one was expected to derive from graphs that chnage in diversity had/was indeed taking place and was a problem.
859 1 0 What does this...
1/9/2000 17:42:00
By : Daniel Pauly
Mississippi R. Egg Sac?
Posted on: 5/7/2000 21:19:00

Hi! This may sound a little strange - but my husband and I have been trying to find an answer on our own & aren't having any luck. Recently my husband and a friend went out on a fishing trip and came across something neither of them had seen before. They think they seemed to be clusters of some sort of jelly-like eggs. The clusters were spherical in shape and ranged from the size of a cantelope to the size of a basketball. They were floating separately, mostly submerged. The boat had hit one and a blood tinged substance spilled out. My husband then pulled up beside one and touched it with his finger, he said they were a slimy texture, but that they gave just a little under slight pressure. I think my husband said they made him think of a brain - size & texture wise - I am not sure of the color. Apparently the "egg sacs" were near shore & some of them may have been attached to low hanging branches that had dipped into the water. They were fishing in some of the back waters of the Mississippi, near Keithsburg, IL. We are both fairly familiar with the fauna of the area but we're all stumped. We've asked many friends and aquaintences & no one has any idea what they could've been. I you have any ideas as to what these may have been, or if you know someone who might, we'd greatly appreciate your input. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Joyce & Cole B. IL
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ghost shiner--notropis buchanani
Posted on: 5/7/2000 09:11:00

Hello--I've looked everywhwere and can't find out a lot of life history information on the ghost shiner (Notropis buchanani). Does anyone know: egg diameter, length of larvae, incubation time, fecundity, and its habitat preferences (lentic/lotic)? If you have any of the above information or know where I might find it, please reply. Thanks!
806 1 0 If you find su...
12/7/2000 06:59:00
By : Rainer
life histories of Eurasian fishes
Posted on: 5/7/2000 09:06:00

Hello everyone, I am also looking for the following life history characteristics for the following Eurasian fishes: German whitefish--Coregonus maraena--egg diameter, age at maturity, and habitat information (lentic/lotic) tubenose goby--Proterorhinus marmoratus--egg diameter, length of larvae, length at 1 yr, incubation time of eggs, and habitat information (lentic/lotic) If you have any of the above information or know where I might find it, I would be very happy! Thanks.
797 1 0 If you find su...
12/7/2000 07:04:00
By : Rainer
tropical fish life histories
Posted on: 5/7/2000 08:57:00

Hello, I am working on my PhD at the University of Notre Dame. My dissertation has to do with exotic fishes in the Laurentian Great Lakes. I am looking for the following life history characteristics of species that have been found (but have failed to become established) in the Great Lakes: cachama/tambaqui--Piaractus brachypomus--egg diameter, length of larvae at hatch (mm), spawning substrate, and length at 2 yrs of age pacu--Myleus pacu--egg diameter, length of larave, spawning substrate, length at 1 yr, length at 2 yr, incubation time of eggs, fecundity, longevity, and age at maturity oscar--Astronotus ocellatus--egg diameter, length of larvae, length at 1 yr, length at 2 yr suckermouth catfish--Liposarcus pardalis--egg diameter, length of larvae, length at 1 yr, length at 2 yr, fecundity, age at maturity, longevity. If anyone has any information on any of these life history characteristics, I would be grateful for a reply to my email. Thank you.
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Shedophylis Povalis
Posted on: 5/7/2000 02:20:00

We are catching a type of butterfish in the Indian Ocean which we are led to believe has a latin name of Shedophylis Povalis. We are unable to find any reference to this name in any published fish directories. Is this name or species known to members of the fish forum
1623 473 0 payday loan re...
05/01/2019 07:33:23
By : hhyunecy
which net to use
Posted on: 4/7/2000 19:53:00

Though the question seems simple, it touches upon one of the key areas of contemporary fisheries research, i.e., the issue of ecosystem-based fisheries management. Essentially, any fishing you do on one species will impact on the others (thought bycatch, and trophic interactions). The only way this can be really addressed is through a dynamic ecosystem model. Such models (e.g. of a lake) are now relatively easy to construct (see information and free software on
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Deformation in fish
Posted on: 3/7/2000 19:06:00

Can anyone tell me about skeletal deformation in marine fishes, Any references? etc.
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Posted on: 3/7/2000 13:34:00

My brother has a baby payara who's broken one of his bottom fangs he would just like to know what to do about this or if he even needs to do anything about it. any info that you can give me would be greatly appreciated thanks
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Hydrolycus Scomberoides or payara fish
Posted on: 3/7/2000 13:22:00

My payara has had one of it's two main bottom fangs broken near the root. It does not seem at this point to cause any feeding problems, but I am curious as to whether or not it will grow a new tooth or not.
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snowshoe flounder
Posted on: 3/7/2000 12:38:00

The winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) has sort of a sub species that is caught off of east end of long island in new york. these fish inhabit deeper water and are quite larger than the average winter flounder. "Experts" can distinguish the difference between the two. Is there really a sub species or have a certain stock of winter flounder adapted to a variable in the environment that has been overlooked? Thank you, Eugene Evans
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Deformation in fishes
Posted on: 3/7/2000 07:14:00

Can any one help me finding information about deformation especially about backbone, in fishes? Any reference or paper?
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Looking for a name
Posted on: 2/7/2000 18:48:00

While in Spain diving I found a bi-valve that hides in cervices and is dark in color. This bi-valve has a feeding sensor that it can let out that is approx. three feet in long and and resembles a 9 pin computer cable, narrow and black in color. My understanding is that this is the female and the male is microscopic and lives on the "Y" termination of the sensing organ.
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orange roughy
Posted on: 2/7/2000 13:33:00

is orange roughy a freshwater or saltwater fish? is it a kind of whitefish?
804 1 0 Hoplostethus...
13/10/2005 12:04:00
By : peter doelger
Tri colored catfish
Posted on: 1/7/2000 06:13:00

Could anyone tell me the latin name of the tri colored catfish commonly found in the pet trade? Thanks in advance for any replies Steve
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Hypancistrus Zebra / Zebra Pleco
Posted on: 1/7/2000 02:33:00

Can any send me any information on the beautiful Zebra Pleco? I have searched numerous web sites and books, but have found very little information. Are they sexually dimorphic? What do the need to breed? Has anyone out there bred them who can give me information? I desperately want to breed this beautiful fish. Thank you fish friends. Kelly in AZ... Please send e-mail to [email protected]
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teacup stingray
Posted on: 28/6/2000 17:26:00

I am wanting to keep a sting ray. I feel that a teacup ray (freshwater) is the way to go in my 55g tank. I have had freshwater tanks in the past with success when I could keep the kids away from it. Which at that time was a lossing battle. But now that they are older I feel I can start again. what I need is info on the rays. Feeding, and what fish, algea eaters, and bottom feeders won't pick on him. thx
1151 2 0 In my area,Pot...
15/7/2000 14:57:00
By : Tyler W.
Posted on: 28/6/2000 04:28:00

Hello all , Can any one write to me about the aquaculture and the markets of Groupers,Snappers and Sea breams. Kindly write to me links and resources also. E - mail : [email protected] Visit us at : Thanks & Regards, S.Jayakumar.
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fish picture
Posted on: 28/6/2000 01:43:00

I need a photograph of angelshark (Squatina squatina) to a fish handbook. Thank.
825 1 0 FishBase curre...
30/6/2000 02:40:00
By : Rainer
Madagascar Fish for Aquarium Trade
Posted on: 27/6/2000 14:12:00

I have a reptile exporter in Madagascar that is willing to collect native fish species for me. Would anyone have an idea on what fish species I could export to the U.S. from Madagascar that I can use in the aquarium trade, also, how many species of cichlids are native to Madagascar, I know Paratilapia polleni is, I think one other species is thought, and I can not find it one fish base. Also what rainbowfish,and killifish are native? Thanks Justyn
803 1 0 In Search Fish...
30/6/2000 02:46:00
By : Rainer
aquaculture in Saudi Arabia
Posted on: 27/6/2000 07:39:00

Dear All, Does anyone have information regarding aquaculture activities in Saudi Arabia? Where are located aquaculture operations in Saudi Arabia? Concerning shrimp farming, I would like to know if White Spot outbreaks already occured in this part of the world (Red sea coast and/or Persic Gulf. Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter. Best regards, Ben.
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Which nets are useful?
Posted on: 27/6/2000 08:09:00

I study on a lake which contains different sizes fish species to catch belongs to same family and they have similar feeding, reproduction and behavior characteristics. One's average size is 15 cm, the second 25-30 cm the third is 35 and more. When we use trammel nets that have mesh sizes 40-80 mm we can fish only one species ( namely 3rd), use nets with mesh sizes 20-40 mm in that case we fish 2nd species but also undersized fish of 3rd species could be catch this make a important failure on 3rd species. If we use smaller than 20mm mesh size we cath 1 st species and all smalls of 2. and 3rd species bu no legal sizes of 2. and 3.. If we dont fish the first ( and partly second species), there is appeared a overpopulations and it causes a strong feeding and reproduction competition against to the 3rd. Other fishing nets may be make negative effects so a small lake ( some 50 sqkm)and it is forbidden to use legally. How can I overcome this problem?
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ribbon eel
Posted on: 27/6/2000 01:18:00

I have this ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) in my 500 liter marine aquarium. It has changed colour two times. When it was purchased a year ago it was blue then turned bluish yellow and remained so until April this year when it turned black. Do the colour changes reflect sex changes as a protandrous hermaphrodite? Why is the yellow phase (female) rarely seen in the aquarium trade?
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Posted on: 25/6/2000 14:12:00

Hello, I have recently received a 150 year old print from a natural history dictionary concerning 2 fish. One is Acanthurus Gemmatus, the other is Amphacanthus Corallinus. Nothing comes up on internet using these 2 names. They appear to be Tangs..could anyone shed more light on there modern names, a picture would be great. Thanks from Holland, Gary
836 2 0 If you enter y...
30/6/2000 02:56:00
By : Rainer
longfin mako & shortfin mako differences
Posted on: 25/6/2000 04:16:00

I am looking for a coloured photograph of long-fin mako shark ( isurus paucus ). I read many articles on the differences between the two species of mako in the internet and publication. Actually what is the exact belly colour (ventral)of the longfin mako ? Some said it is white (not snow white), while others said is light brown. Which one is correct ? Thank you
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Unusual fish?
Posted on: 23/6/2000 08:16:00

While in Baja in April this year, some large fish got washed up onto the beach. The local fishermen said they had never seen one before. Can anyone help me to identify it:- The biggest was about eight feet long, silver with black markings, about sixteen inches in height, five inches wide, one orange fin running the full length, no others. No teeth, only a big grey circular mouth five to six inches in diameter, bright red gills, no tail, four long (around four foot ) feelers and big eyes. I sure would appricate any help? Thank you.
789 1 0 Sounds like th...
23/6/2000 20:53:00
By : Rainer
river trout migration
Posted on: 22/6/2000 12:34:00

I have an old water mill in France with a little stream (mean water flow 350 l/s) The stream flows through two tubes (diameter 1000mm, length 12m). Is this real obstacle for river trout migration?
1149 1 0 If I understan...
10/7/2000 01:01:00
By : H. R. Kristiansen
guppy generation time
Posted on: 22/6/2000 11:28:00

Can anyone tell me about when guppies attain sexual maturity? It is not listed in the information links. Thanks
779 2 0 Ok I have been...
29/6/2000 21:21:00
By : Kelly
Xiphophorus generation times
Posted on: 22/6/2000 10:56:00

I am trying to set up a multi-generation study on Xiphophorus helleri. I have read that these fish technically reach maturity at about 95 days. However, I need to know about when they begin to breed. Does anyone have this info or a likely source to share? Thanks.
800 1 0 Swordtails and...
22/6/2000 20:29:00
By : Benjamin Vallejo
Blood chemistry
Posted on: 21/6/2000 13:29:00

Hi. Where can I find reference to 'normal' blood counts as well as blood lab values? What are the common blood lab tests for fish?
812 1 0 Try reading Ve...
11/8/2000 12:01:00
By : Lucy Lee
Freshwater fish biodiversity
Posted on: 21/6/2000 06:41:00

I am looking for information on number of fish species (i.e., species richness) in North American natural lakes. I need this information for indigenous (and endemic) species and introduced (if any) species separately. If anyone can help me, it will be greatly appreciated. Upali
904 1 0 FishBase will...
23/6/2000 22:21:00
By : Rainer
Carp length weight relationship
Posted on: 20/6/2000 06:49:00

I'm looking for any reference on carp (Cyprinus carpio) length weight relationships. Any citations? Thanks.
771 1 0 FishBase conta...
21/6/2000 20:53:00
By : Rainer
juvenile bluegill identification
Posted on: 19/6/2000 11:59:00

We are attempting to id a group of sunfish in lab, and have run into a wall concerning the juvenile bluegills (Lepomis macrochirus). The literature states that their opercular lobe is solid black, but the fish in question (about 4-5cm) has only black spots in this area, but matches the criteria otherwise. Do the opercular lobes become solid black as the fish mature, or do we simply have the wrong id? Thank you!
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Population Dinamics of Lobster
Posted on: 19/6/2000 07:39:00

What the principle different betwen analysis population dinamic of Lobster with other fishes ???. Can I collect the data of the length of carapace only 6 month (per month only once time)? What the parameter must be collect for population dinamic of lobster?. Is it need to collect the data twice in one month, because the lobster very sensitive with moon? . I think your detail answer is very important for me. Please, help me.
829 1 0 The growth of...
20/6/2000 00:25:00
By : Rainer
Pelagic farming
Posted on: 19/6/2000 03:01:00

I am currently undertaking a study for the potential opportunity of farming pelagic marine species including the Yellow Fin and Southern Blue Fin Tuna. I have a concept that I would like to explore further and require information on both of the above species. In particular, I need to collate information on growth rates, ability of farming, breading environment, food requirements, suseptability to diseases/common diseases, frequency of breading, breading patterns etc etc etc. My concept has been approved by local business and hence now the long arduous process of fact finding. If you can be of any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your attention on this matter. Kindest Regards, Steven Batton Sydney Australia
790 1 0 Have a look at...
20/6/2000 00:28:00
By : Rainer
Ornamental fish Export
Posted on: 17/6/2000 22:01:00

Hi, I have a Ornamental fish breeding business In India. Where can I get information about exporting Ornamental fishto USA and other contries.In other words where can I get the buyers List who import Ornamental fishes like goldstar fish, Angel Fish... Thanks You
795 1 0 You can find p...
18/6/2000 02:30:00
By : Benjamin Vallejo
Rasbora reference
Posted on: 17/6/2000 08:00:00

Can anyone tell me the best reference on Rasbora taxonomy? I remember TFH Press having published one but I can't recall the year when it was published. I suppose its out of print.
805 1 0 Much has chang...
19/6/2000 23:39:00
By : Sven
Brown Trout
Posted on: 15/6/2000 08:37:00

Dear All, My project deals with brown trout and I would like to need if somebody could give me information about any relationship between the brown trout size and the prey size. (Range of prey lengths the fish could give corresonding to its mouth size) Thank you very much
829 2 0 As an angler u...
13/8/2000 09:09:00
By : F. Zancada (Spain)
Sex of burbot and sculpin
Posted on: 14/6/2000 14:46:00

How can you tell the difference between male and female (a) burbot and (b) sculpin.
798 1 0 See reply to m...
17/6/2000 03:01:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 14/6/2000 10:28:00

I'm looking for FiSAT, a software for populationm dinamics analysis. Where can I download ? Please, help me !
824 1 0 write to Felim...
15/6/2000 21:44:00
By : Daniel Pauly
Marketsize in Japan
Posted on: 14/6/2000 05:49:00

I`m searching for the Japanese marketsize and marketdevelopment (statistics) for the atlantic salmon. I would be greatful if someone could supply me with Internetlinks. Thanks, Atle
800 1 0 In the FishBas...
17/6/2000 03:21:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 12/6/2000 22:00:00

I am looking for some information on walleyes. Does anyone know the following: Taxonomy, Morphology, Ecology, Phlogeny, and anything about there DNA? Thanks for any information.
835 1 0 Just search fo...
17/6/2000 03:06:00
By : Rainer
Fish gene databases
Posted on: 12/6/2000 07:11:00

My thesis adviser is asking our group to work on finding putative genetic markers for Arius manillensis. I just want to ask if there are existing online gene sequence databases for fishes not necessarily of this particular species. TY
1142 1 0 In Search Fish...
17/6/2000 03:14:00
By : Rainer
how to tell the sex of a bass
Posted on: 11/6/2000 12:46:00

does any 1 know the diffrence between a male and a female largemouth bass???
788 1 0 In FishBase, s...
17/6/2000 02:57:00
By : Rainer
Nothobranchius rachovii "KNP Black"
Posted on: 10/6/2000 12:05:00

Is there anyone who maintains N. rachovii "KNP Black" and would be willing to mail me some eggs? I live in s.a and feel local aquarists should devote more attention to our own species.
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Family Sparidae
Posted on: 10/6/2000 12:04:00

I consider Sparidentex hasta (Val.) to be a different species from Acathopagrus cuvieri Day. Any comment
800 1 0 Randall (1995)...
17/6/2000 02:39:00
By : Rainer
Posting of image, second test
Posted on: 10/6/2000 03:18:00

I try to upload an image with this message.
796 1 1 It works! The...
10/6/2000 04:03:00
By : Rainer
Rock Kribensis
Posted on: 8/6/2000 06:30:00

Anybody know anything about rock kribensis? Thanks.
798 2 0 rock kribensis...
15/6/2000 14:56:00
By : Lothar Seegers
Posted on: 7/6/2000 19:15:00

Where can I get info on snakeheads as aquarium fish. Or where can any information on snakeheads?
794 1 0 Just search fo...
10/6/2000 04:08:00
By : Rainer
Halfbeack, Hemiramphidae, Hemiramphodon, Nomoramph
Posted on: 7/6/2000 02:48:00

I'm a interested in any information about halfbeack fish I'm keeping Nomroamphus liemi liemi and Pogonogathus
782 1 0 Just search in...
10/6/2000 04:15:00
By : Rainer
Deamand for Consultancy and Machinery for Shrip Ha
Posted on: 6/6/2000 22:56:00

We are agents/representatives of forieng companies. We have an inquiry from our customer for the supply of consultancy services and machinery for a brand new shrimp hatchery.We now invite renowned consultants and machinery suppliers to contact us for more information about the project. Sincerely yours Mohammad Iqbal Hossain Proprietor Global Trading Corporation Head Office: 27,Dilkusha Commercial Area 10th Floor, Room#1104,Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh Phone:8802 7112153,Fax:8802 9564638,Email:[email protected]
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Posted on: 6/6/2000 13:19:00

I was up in Wisconsin in May and caught this 9 lb. "Dogfish" I thought it was a catfish but upon further inspection it had rows of teeth. My buddy told me that they are a fish that eats the eggs of other fish and that we are supposed to kill it. Are these "Dogfish" a true member of the catfish family? He also said that it was pretty big for that type of fish. If anybody knows what I am talking about please reply.
786 1 0 This is a long...
11/6/2000 18:31:00
By : Thorke
Back-calculation growth
Posted on: 6/6/2000 02:18:00

I am an ichtyiologist residing in Uzbekistan. We have big problems with foreign literature especially in last years. It is impossible to find even Russian journals. I saw in some abstracts mentioning of regression method of back-calculation growth. But I don't know how to do it. And I tried to derive formulas but I'm not sure if they are correct (I'm far from being a mathematician :). Could anybody check them and give me references where this method was described? Or I will highly appreciate receiving the correct formulas. 1. Power: L=aS^b L/Li=(aS^b)/(aSi^b) => Li=L(Si/S)^b 2. Compound: L=ab^S ... => Li=L((b^Si)/(b^S)) 3. Exponential: L=ae^(bS) ... => Li=Le^(b(Si-S)) 4. Quadratic: L=a+bS+cS^2 ... => Li=L(a+Si(b+cSi))/(a+S(b+cS)) (L-body length, S-scale radius, Si-radius of i-th mark) I'll be grateful to you for your help. I emailed to some scientists for help but they didn't respond :( THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! Ernest Khurshut [email protected]
1440 2 0 I went to a sc...
10/7/2000 01:10:00
By : H. R. Kristiansen
Diver´s effect of coral reeef fishes
Posted on: 6/6/2000 00:18:00

Help! I´m looking for info on diver´s effects on coral reefs specially on fish communities. can anyone help? Thanx.
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dragon fish
Posted on: 5/6/2000 15:46:00

Bought a fish called a dragon fish at local store. Dragon fish are on the endangered list and not sold in the U.S. I think this is a type of loach or eel. It has a scalloped fin down the top and stomach with large fins around the face. If anyone knows what I'm describing and how to take care of it, any information is appreciated.
809 3 0 I am pretty su...
15/7/2000 15:34:00
By : Tyler W.
Tuna Grading
Posted on: 5/6/2000 09:51:00

Does anyone know where to get details on the US fresh tuna grading system. Thanks
779 1 0 Try the RFE pa...
17/6/2000 03:43:00
By : Rainer
Star Fish
Posted on: 4/6/2000 16:45:00

Does anyone know the order, family, and species of a star fish? Just email the info to my girlfriens. Her email address is [email protected] Thanks
792 1 0 Search for Gen...
10/6/2000 04:27:00
By : Rainer
Test of immage upload
Posted on: 4/6/2000 04:27:00

I attach a picture file to see whether this new feature of the Forum is now working.
803 1 0 Apparently not...
4/6/2000 04:30:00
By : Rainer
Freshwater fish diversity
Posted on: 4/6/2000 00:24:00

Hi, can someone tell me of (with reference) the current number of freshwater fishes recorded in the world? MAny thanks
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4/6/2000 04:26:00
By : Rainer
Upload of picture
Posted on: 3/6/2000 02:21:00

The Fish Forum now supports the uploading of pictures in the usual formats (gif, jpg). Please compress files to speed up display. I attach a picture as test case.
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Bioenergetics model for Red drum (S. ocellatus)
Posted on: 2/6/2000 14:23:00

I am looking for published data on a bioenergetics model for red drum.
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Posted on: 2/6/2000 10:54:00

I formed a staff of aquaculture departament of IMARPE (Peruvian Scientific Institute of the Sea) I am very interesting to know on culture of sea bass(paralabrax sp) performed in Mexico and Chile. i'm going to be very thankful to get this information from you Rosa Canal
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Posted on: 2/6/2000 05:28:00

I'm looking for information on deep water sharks - fishery resource! Thanks for your help!
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yellow tail
Posted on: 30/5/2000 12:49:00

I heard from a friend of mine that the yellow tail fish actually have a rock in their brain. Is this true and if so why is it there?
800 1 0 Fish an their...
3/6/2000 02:13:00
By : Rainer
Bull Trout Swim Speed
Posted on: 30/5/2000 09:33:00

Does anyone have information regarding swimming performance of bull trout or similar species such as arctic char, dolly varden, brook trout... Any suggestions where I could find this information? I need burst, sustained and cruising speeds, along with size of the fish and water temp. during the exp. or measurment.
798 1 0 On the FishBas...
3/6/2000 02:11:00
By : Rainer
habitat description of tropical freshwater fish
Posted on: 30/5/2000 05:24:00

Does anybody know a source to get habitat description and water datas for tropical fish i.e. Hasemania Nana (Lagoa Santa) and Black tetra. Thanks a lot [email protected]
818 2 0 Our informatio...
11/6/2000 05:04:00
By : Benjamin Vallejo
Live grouper packaging
Posted on: 29/5/2000 20:47:00

I am looking into exporting live grouper by air and interested to know current techniques used in the export of live grouper by air.
793 1 0 Send a mail wi...
3/6/2000 02:18:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 29/5/2000 11:15:00

I´d like to get some information on marine fish preformance on earthen ponds and pond nets, specially red fish(Lutjanus aya, analis, griseus,cyanopterus...), groupers, pompano, epinephelus and seriolas(specially lalandi, dumerili).
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Blue Fin PIke
Posted on: 29/5/2000 08:49:00

I am tring to find information on the Blue Fin Pike. I have heard it is extinct.
785 1 0 The Blue Pike...
31/5/2000 17:52:00
By : Jason
No title
Posted on: 28/5/2000 00:41:00

Have anybody fished in Finnland or Norway? Is there a lot of fish? What species?
1060 1 0 The coast of N...
29/5/2000 05:31:00
By : Thorke
Light Producing Fresh Water Fish?
Posted on: 27/5/2000 08:30:00

I have a one acre pond in northwest Mississippi. While relaxing late one night, I saw something swimming in the water producing a glowing greenish yellow light. I watch it for about 15 minutes then it disappear. I know there are some salt water fish that produce light, does anyone have any ideas what this might have been?
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Posted on: 27/5/2000 00:18:00

A friend recently caught a bass that we could not ID. It was very dark green and had deep ruby red eyes.It was caught on a tributary of the Tennessee River in north Alabama. Any one out there know what it was?Please let me know if you do. Thanks,Jim.
803 1 0 We are working...
27/5/2000 23:54:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 25/5/2000 18:34:00

hey im looking for someone who has information about the overfishing that is going on. i you have any please e-mail me its for my enviromental project which is due on may 30th. thanks .
824 1 0 Check out the...
27/5/2000 23:43:00
By : Rainer
Northern Pike Skeleton picture
Posted on: 25/5/2000 18:24:00

Hi, I am looking for a picture of the skeleton of a Northern Pike. Any ideas on where to find one? Thanks.
802 1 0 Several museum...
27/5/2000 23:58:00
By : Rainer
Myliobatis: teeth variability
Posted on: 25/5/2000 12:30:00

I'd like to receive comments on the variability of teeth patterns in this species or related ones. I'm working in South America and have found quite a range of variation, but I haven't been able to correlate it to differences in sex or size. If there are any specialists out there...or if you know of some specific site on this subject (as I've already spent too much of my life searching the web) I'll be very grateful for the tips
809 3 0 I´ve writte...
17/9/2000 16:58:00
By : C. Morgan
Posted on: 25/5/2000 08:25:00

I'm rebuilding a barracuda skull & would like a drawing or photo of one for reference. I've spent 1/2 the day in "Ichythyology". Can I get directions to a URL that has such a thing?
796 2 0 I didn't see a...
1/6/2000 10:02:00
By : Jim Kirkman
Sign the guest book
Posted on: 23/5/2000 15:34:00

Sorry, But I´m asking for help as I could not sign the guest book, it didn´t show any forms when I enter the sign mesage. My email addresses are: [email protected] [email protected] Thanks for your help.
793 1 0 Thanks for ale...
17/6/2000 03:03:00
By : Rainer
pacific sea urchin
Posted on: 23/5/2000 15:18:00

Can anyone please tell me what a sea urchin shell is made of? Thank You!
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Posted on: 23/5/2000 08:02:00

I am teaching a class based on the account of a family that was shipwrecked off the coast of South America. In the text there are several references to a fish called a "dorado"; mention is made of flying fish. I have been unable to locate a picture or description of this fish in the references available. Does anyone have a picture or diagram that I can download??
867 1 0 Dorado is the...
25/5/2000 03:47:00
By : Thorke
dolphinfish/mahi mahi
Posted on: 23/5/2000 07:56:00

Can someone tell me why mahi mahi are also called dolphinfish? Is there something they do in reference to dolphins which earned them this name?
795 1 0 its the island...
24/5/2000 19:29:00
By : ace-o
Pterophyllum hybridization
Posted on: 22/5/2000 18:39:00

I am looking for people to collaborate with on a study about the possibilities of wild Pterophyllum hybridization. I have 3 articles I found in a T.F.H. regarding this subject up on my site for review. Please see.... Any information regarding this is greatly appreciated!
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Decompression sickness
Posted on: 18/5/2000 19:30:00

Can fish get decompression sickness (formation of nitrogen bubbles in tissue- when exposed to rapid reduction in pressure)?
1318 2 0 Fish are not b...
24/5/2000 07:44:00
By : Roger
Freshwater Drum (sheepshead)
Posted on: 17/5/2000 12:24:00

I am looking for processors of freshwater drum (sheepshead). Can anyone help me out?
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Chained Dogfish (scyliorhinus retifer)
Posted on: 17/5/2000 11:03:00

I am looking for any information regarding the length of time it takes for their eggs to hatch? The information found on fish base was limited, I would also like any relative (general) information.
803 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 17/5/2000 07:47:00

Can somebody help me to find the adres where the holotype of Gymnallabes alvarezi is kept. It must be somewhere in Barcelona
800 1 0 The type is ke...
23/5/2000 01:53:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 16/5/2000 23:49:00

do carp turn into minnows
791 1 0 Carp (Cyprinus...
23/5/2000 01:46:00
By : Rainer
Queen Angelfish
Posted on: 16/5/2000 19:54:00

I'm planning a new tank (180 gal-24x24x72 in), and I want to put a Queen Angel in it, but I also want it to be a peaceful community tank. From what I've read, Queens are rather boistrous. If I start with smaller fish and add the queen last can I achieve a peaceful community and have my queen too? Any particular fish I should avoid?
819 1 0 Hey Michael, T...
24/5/2000 19:33:00
By : Javier
Posted on: 13/5/2000 16:24:00

I bought a pair of yellow fish 1.5 inch long and the name on the receipt state "scribbled psuedo msobo" needs info on these fish cos one of them is floating at the top of water. Kindly email with info,thank you so much jo
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Isistius Brasiliensis
Posted on: 12/5/2000 08:06:00

I am looking for in,formations about isistius Brasiliensis ( "cooky eater skark" and , éventualy, picture.
782 1 0 FishBase has l...
12/5/2000 22:12:00
By : Rainer
What is it and how rare
Posted on: 11/5/2000 19:42:00

Recently my dad went fishing and caught a fish that know body seems to know what it is. I believe it to be a "moon eyed" . I found a picture of on but it was not very good and hard to detrime if it was one. If some one has a good picture of one i'd like to see on. I took some pictures but they don't show the detail like I was hoping for. Thank you.
777 1 0 FishBase has s...
12/5/2000 22:23:00
By : Rainer
Greenland Halibut "Jelly Meat"
Posted on: 10/5/2000 15:11:00

To whom it may concern: We are exporting frozen fish from Spanish and Portuguese trawlers that have their main captures in the NAFO area but also catch in Hatton, Barrents, Argentine etc. Recently we have had some reclaims from some asian clients that we have sold Greenland Halibut from NAFO. They were claiming that the fish contained a great percentage of Jelly Meat. We would now like to know what exactly could cause this Yelly Meat and if it is a disease or depends on the fishing ground. We would be very glad for a soon reply to : [email protected] Thank you very much in advance. Yours sincerely, Sven Rasmussen-Bonne *************************************** [email protected], Spain e-mail: [email protected] Mobile: 0034 607 297825
1118 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 10/5/2000 05:21:00

I am a translator. I have an urgent translation of names of fish to be translated from portuguese (and also the cientific name in latin) into german. Since it is urgent, i have no time to order the fishbase-cd and wonder if you know any other online diccionary i could use. Thanks
1210 2 0 FishBase on th...
12/5/2000 22:27:00
By : Rainer
Ancient fisheries
Posted on: 10/5/2000 00:51:00

I´m a Spanish archaeologist looking for some information about Roman fishing techniques in Mediterranean (or west Atlantic)sea-shore, specially related to "piscicula" (little fishes), like sardina pilchardus, engraulis encrasicholus or alosa alosa. The latin names of the "artes" (fishing nets) are sagena and verriculum. The spanish names are "jábega" and "boliche". thanks.
921 2 0 I'm marocain i...
10/2/2002 03:44:00
By : khadija
Halargyreus johnsonii
Posted on: 9/5/2000 10:02:00

I am a fisheries biologist here in Newport Oregon and have a question regarding the distribution of Halargyreus johnsonii. According to the species account this animal is absent from the Northeast Pacific. However on our annual West Coast bottom trawl slope surveys we have captured specimens that have been identified as H. johnsonii from the waters off Oregon and Washington. Any corrections or confirmations would be greatly appreciated.
800 1 0 Our distributi...
12/5/2000 22:37:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 8/5/2000 21:15:00

I am looking for some company interested in handling caviar production from aquacultured siberian sturgeon. We need knowhow on product handling.
921 0 0 No reply
balao aka ballyhoo
Posted on: 7/5/2000 17:12:00

I'm entering a trivia contest for a fishing trip and one of the questions is:Which ocean species is related to the ballyhoo? I've been searching the net with no answers found.
800 1 0 I found the an...
9/5/2000 17:04:00
By : Jim
Brown Trout Introduction
Posted on: 7/5/2000 14:08:00

I have tried state and federal agency sources, with no luck. Does anyone know when Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) were introduced to the state of Utah, and if so, where? Thanks.
808 1 0 The brown trou...
12/5/2000 22:44:00
By : Rainer
striped bass visual sensitivity
Posted on: 6/5/2000 19:30:00

has anyone any information on the visual sensitivity, colour etc, of the Striped Bass.
803 1 0 FishBase on CD...
6/5/2000 22:06:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 6/5/2000 18:52:00

I'm writing up an experiment that I preformed and have spent most of the afternoon trying to find a source that gives the water requirements (# of gallons) for keeping sea stars in a tank. Please help and it has to be an internet source as there are no print sources around here.
800 1 0 The volume of...
6/5/2000 21:54:00
By : Rainer
aquarium dolphins
Posted on: 5/5/2000 13:57:00

I bought an aquarium fish that the suppliers in my area call a miniature dolphin. It seems to be doing fine on freeze dried worms and algea chips, but I would like to find out what else it eats. I have looked everywhere I knew to look on the internet and still can't find anything about them. The supplier that I bought it from said that it could get up to 26 inches long, but I don't know how true that is. If anyone can give me any information on this fish I would greatly appreciate it.
794 2 0 I have and she...
6/5/2000 07:29:00
By : teresa
Fish Feeding Bonanza
Posted on: 4/5/2000 17:58:00

I went on a trip to Grand Cayman and did some experimentation on feeding bonanzas. I placed a piece of fish (Wahoo, squid, conch, urchin) either on a spur or groove and then observed what fish were attracted to it. I would like more background on this. Fish that were attracted were mutton snappers, baracuda, grouper, yellow-tailed snappers, blue-headed wrasse, and damselfish. If you know of any articles that might be helpful, please email me. Thanks!!
893 0 0 No reply
Phylum Chordata timeline
Posted on: 3/5/2000 08:46:00

Does anyone have a timeline of phylum chordata? If you do please send it to [email protected]
795 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 2/5/2000 15:41:00

I own an albino pleco,no website has any info.relating to this creature.Are they rare?Any info would be greatly appreciated.
799 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 2/5/2000 08:29:00

Hi, I have a fish about 5 or 6 inches long that the fish suppliers in my area call a dolphin or a miniature dolphin. I bought it thinking that it would eat fish flakes and freeze dried foods because that is what the seller told me. However, after buying the fish and watching it, I found out otherwise. It seems to be blind. I commented on this to another supplier and she told me that they were caught out of the wild and not much was known about this fish. I have tried to find information on this fish through every internet site I could find and still can't find anything. I do not know the scientific name. Could anyone help me? Just any information on this fish would be helpful. Thanks, Teresa
799 0 0 No reply
Length-Weight relationships
Posted on: 1/5/2000 21:30:00

I am interested in finding some general values for q & b fitting W=qL^b length-weight relationships for the following aquatic animal groups: chelonidae (turtles) octopoda holothuroidea (sea cucumbers) echinoidea (sea urchins) anaspidea (sea hares) portunidae (swimming crabs) scyllaridae (shovel-nosed lobsters) palinuridae (lobsters) tridacnida (giant clams) trochidae turbinidae vasidae strombidae cassidae veneridae diodontidae (porcupine fish) pleuronectidae (flounders) canthigasteridae (tobies, puffers) lagocephalidae (pufferfish) batioidei (rays) please include axis of measurement and info source. any help will be very much appreciated. thanks
3788 793 0 i am intersted...
22/1/2001 11:23:00
By : Gladis E. Prado Avila
murray cod
Posted on: 30/4/2000 20:33:00

I am after information on the species of murray cod, (Maccullochella peelii peelii) the anatomy,physiology, biology, taxonomy etc. would be of great help for an assignment. also any literature available on the species, and where they may be accessed or purchased. thank you
803 1 0 FishBase conta...
6/5/2000 04:12:00
By : Rainer
Atlantic Croaker
Posted on: 30/4/2000 17:56:00

I was wondering if Atlantic Croaker was the only sexually un-dimorphic Sciaenid--in regards to sonic muscles. For example, the male weakfish has sonic muscles but the female does not. In croaker, both the male and the female have sonic muscles. Oh, and is there a ref to go with that? I can't find it. Thanks so much.
810 3 0 Oooooooooooooo...
29/9/2005 08:57:00
By : Atlantic Croaker
Cleaning Yellow Fin Tuna
Posted on: 30/4/2000 15:40:00

I am tring to find out how to clean a yellow fin tuna. Any help out there?
801 1 0 http://www.spc...
9/5/2000 16:09:00
By : gilles
Posted on: 29/4/2000 01:04:00

Hi, I'm searching information of the "paien", a sort of freshwater fish in Malaysia or South Asia.Do anyone know this kind of fish or where I can find inforamtion about it. Your help is highly appreciated. Any suggestion, pls. send mail to [email protected]
800 1 0 Try searching...
29/4/2000 22:40:00
By : Rainer
Fish Intelligence
Posted on: 28/4/2000 15:32:00

What is the most intelligent species of fish? or, another question: how would you rank several of the best-known fish, like goldfish, koi, rainbow trout, great white shark, bluegill, channel catfish, etc.
793 1 0 If relative br...
29/4/2000 22:42:00
By : Rainer
Fish DNA
Posted on: 27/4/2000 17:20:00

Hi! i am currently working on an extended (4000 word) essay for school. i am comparing the percent of DNA of different philogenic sources. My question is, how much DNA is there supposed to be in a fish liver? When i extracted it from the fish liver, i only got tissue and no DNA. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this may have happened. Any help would be appreciated. Please email me at [email protected] thank you. cissy
978 1 0 In the FishBas...
29/4/2000 22:47:00
By : Rainer
Fish DNA
Posted on: 27/4/2000 17:20:00

Hi! i am currently working on an extended (4000 word) essay for school. i am comparing the percent of DNA of different philogenic sources. My question is, how much DNA is there supposed to be in a fish liver? When i extracted it from the fish liver, i only got tissue and no DNA. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this may have happened. Any help would be appreciated. thank you. cissy
772 0 0 No reply
Blow fish
Posted on: 25/4/2000 20:27:00

hi, I was wondering if anyone knew a good site to get information on blow fish! I can not seem to find any information. if for some reason you just know a good site, please let me know either by replying or emailing, which is prefered. my email is [email protected]
785 1 0 If you search...
29/4/2000 22:52:00
By : Rainer
need help identifying shelldweller
Posted on: 25/4/2000 19:23:00

hello, I've never posted here before.. but this is my question. I h i have 5 little shelldwellers which were sold to me as Lamp. kungweensis. I am unsure if I actually received lamp kungweensis or if they are some other species instead. I suspect possibly L. meeli. The reason for my suspicion is confusion between the Ad Konings picture of a female kungweensis, and the female fish in my tank. Are Lamp kungweensis sexually dimorphic or do females look similar to the males. I have had 2 spawns and none of the fish look like Koning's kungweensis, and males and females are difficult to distinguish. I have taken several pictures of my fish and posted them on my webpage at additional information about my fish are on I have had suggested that these fish may be L. hecqui but I am skeptical because only one picture i have found labelled hecqui looks like my fish, and i suspect that picture to be mis-labelled. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry for such a long post. Thanks, Michelle
865 1 0 One of the nex...
29/4/2000 22:54:00
By : Rainer
Tricolor Shark a.k.a Bala shark
Posted on: 25/4/2000 16:41:00

Hi, I am New to tricolor Sharks. I have a couple of them in a community tank for last four months. Yesterday I have noticed that fins on one of them turned red. I dont know what this means. can anyone help me. If someone can get me a site where i could learn more about tricolor sharks. would appreciate any help. Thanks Anam
798 0 0 No reply
Scales or Skin?
Posted on: 25/4/2000 09:46:00

Does tuna have scales or skin?
776 2 0 The reason for...
25/5/2000 12:10:00
By : Anon
Cooperation Project
Posted on: 25/4/2000 02:56:00

I am ingineer specialized in aquaculture, 26 years old. I propose my help in Cooperation projects for aquaculture. Please contact me if you need a 18 months help or if you know organisations which couls be interested in this proposition. Best regards, Xavier
802 0 0 No reply
Information about seahorses needed
Posted on: 24/4/2000 04:49:00

i need information about sehorses for a school project (biology,anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, conservation & care, breeding etc.). i'd be grateful if you were able to help me please email me my address is : [email protected]
788 2 0 There is an ex...
25/4/2000 19:18:00
By : Rainer
Information about seahorses needed
Posted on: 24/4/2000 04:49:00

i need information about sehorses for a school project (biology,anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, conservation & care, breeding etc.). i'd be grateful if you were able to help me please email me my address is : [email protected]
1046 0 0 No reply
Information about career in Fisheries/Wildlife Mgm
Posted on: 23/4/2000 18:27:00

Hi i am very interested in a career/major for college in Fisheries and conservation. Ever since i can remember i have loved the beach, wondered what makes the tides turn, what its like down there in the deep, what life for the animals down there is like. I want to know what a day in the life of one of you guys is... what do you study? what can you study/specialize in? And mainly what steps i need to take to get my life involved with a career in fisheries mgmt. I have searched all over the net and haven't found many college's that offer this major. Nor have i found any information about this kind of career. Is this the job for me? E-Mail Me Please?! THANKYOU A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
795 2 0 is there a del...
24/4/2000 20:57:00
By : endeara
What were the BIG, tuna-like fish in Cancun Inlet?
Posted on: 23/4/2000 10:29:00

It happened the last time I was Cancun. Let me tell you the story... I was fishing in Cancun inlet, which goes between the lagoon and the ocean. Rocky shoreline, deep water, and a strong current. Estimated 70' deep water in the center. I had done very well so far and was feeling good. I had already caught and released some big 'Cudas, Jack Crevalles, and some smaller jacks. Then these torpedos went through. About four feet long, shaped like a football, and FAST, always moving. They looked to be about 70lbs, my best guess. I KNOW that tuna are offshore fish, but that is exactly what they look like. They were light colored, like a yellow tuna. Within a mile or two of where I was, is the edge of the reef where the water drops to 600' or so. I spent days trying to get one. But I usually never even got a bait close to them before they were gone. But on my last day there, I finally got one to take my lure by accident. I had been catching lizardfish for fun when they just happened to go by. I just saw one of their gills flare for an instant, and that was it. I didn't realize that I had him on the line until the drag started screaming. And I mean a sound you don't normally hear from an inshore reel! It was a helpless feeling. The fish never slowed down, never shook it's head, never did anything but go straight like a laser beam. Like hooking a car. As if it didn't know it was hooked. So, let me ask, What do you think they were? I had caught jack crevalles up to 30 pounds or so, while there, and these were very different. No head shaking at all. Just smooth, raw, power, on the end of my line for 300 yards in a straight line, for perhaps 15-20 seconds, and then it was over. Did I mention FAST? Albacore? Yellowfin? Bonito? What do you think?
861 0 0 No reply
Blue Gill food source
Posted on: 22/4/2000 23:16:00

I'm am trying to find out the food source that blue gills eat, I now have some in a pond and are wondering if they will go after the Gold fish?
846 1 0 Assuming that...
23/4/2000 22:04:00
By : Rainer
Notropis suttkusi
Posted on: 22/4/2000 20:21:00

Is anyone familiar with this species - Notropis suttkusi, common name - Rocky shiner, or perhaps know of an alternative name, etc?
798 1 0 This is a vali...
23/4/2000 22:11:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 22/4/2000 19:22:00

Has anyone ever heard of worms in Halibut?
790 0 0 No reply
yellowfin tuna
Posted on: 22/4/2000 03:39:00

I am looking for information regarding yellowfin tuna migration patterns in the Sulu sea area off the western side of the Philippines
786 0 0 No reply
Paddle Bill fish
Posted on: 21/4/2000 21:17:00

I recently went on a nice tour of the Tennessee Aquarium at Chattanooga and while there I saw a black fish with a large spoon or paddle shaped beak or bill on it. If I remember correctly the name of it was a paddlebill fish. I wanted to know why this fish has this shape for its bill. I understand that all things evolve but what purpose does this serve for this fish.
868 1 0 The fish you s...
23/4/2000 22:38:00
By : Rainer
altum angel
Posted on: 21/4/2000 16:34:00

I am trying to start a breeding program re altums.I am an angel fish breeder based in the U.K.who has been frustrated so far by this particular species.I am in need of any info regarding the breeding habits of altums.Having searched the web for ages,I am still no wiser.If someone out there has bred this fish or knows someone who has,please do get in touch.Any published data would be useful.Many thanks to all who reply.
900 1 0 My German sour...
23/4/2000 22:47:00
By : Rainer
schooling fish
Posted on: 21/4/2000 11:46:00

While SCUBA diving in Bonaire, my huband and I took pictures of schooling fish which were in large ball and cloud formations. There hundreds of fish, maybe a thousand altogether. What is this called? I have only seen it on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic specials. We need this information for our video which my husbad is editing as I write this. Help would be appreciated.
799 0 0 No reply
fish mild machine (factory)
Posted on: 20/4/2000 19:45:00

I'm looking for fish mild machine (factory). I've heard before in Chilli. There is a machine for fish mild. I really need the information about it, cause my company plan to buy or make any modification this tool, to build in Indonesia. Please contact me in [email protected], thanks
788 0 0 No reply
Lungs and gills of Lepidosiren paradoxa
Posted on: 20/4/2000 05:01:00

I would like to know information about lungs and gills (physiology, morphology, anatomy) of Lepidosiren paradoxa. I'm a brasilian researcher and I'm now studing the South America's lungfish. Thank you
954 1 0 Check out the...
12/5/2000 23:33:00
By : Rainer
Fish Forecasting in tropical region
Posted on: 19/4/2000 03:22:00

I'm looking forward for the method to forecast potentail fishing zone in South China Sea (Tropical water), where the Sea Surface Temperature variation is small and the vertical mixing of water is rapid. I'm having problem to determine the area of warm temperature front because the SST range is 27-30C. Is there any other indicators to determine the potential fishing zone except using SST? I would like to know is any researcher had carried out some research on the effects of ocean condition on fish behavior in the tropical region, espacially South East Asian. Thank you.
783 0 0 No reply
Salmon spawning gravel size
Posted on: 19/4/2000 01:50:00

I am looking for a citation for preferred spawning gravel size in chinook salmon and steelhead. I know the general sizes, but need a more definitive answer. Unfortunately I don't have a large enough library close by. Maybe I should be asking for the best online resource for salmonid issues. thanks in advance.
781 2 0 There was a fe...
14/5/2000 08:46:00
By : Anon.
Chongqing Fishes
Posted on: 18/4/2000 19:59:00

I am working on an archaeological project in Chongqing Municipality in central China and am trying to locate reference books that can help me identify the species of local fishes that we prepare as comparative specimens. Any compendium of freshwater fishes of central China that provides a key for identifying unknown species would be helpful. Thank you.
781 1 0 Try this, D...
24/4/2000 03:26:00
By : Fang Fang
Freshwater Sawfish
Posted on: 18/4/2000 18:47:00

I need any information on keep this species in captivity. It is found in the rivers of Indonesia. I plan on importing 3 of them about 3-4 feet each. Can someone please help me or can you direct me to someone that knows. Thanks Justyn Miller Cichlids Plus & Extreme Exotics
769 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 18/4/2000 15:12:00

I am about to start my doctorate and I would like to know information about the effects of mycotoxins in fish. I also would like to know the methods for detoxification of these mycotoxins in feedstuffs.
776 0 0 No reply
Helpold macdonald
Posted on: 18/4/2000 07:48:00

I need information on fish farming and its impact on the enviroment. Could anyone point me in the right direction. Cheers.
777 0 0 No reply
bioluminescent fish
Posted on: 17/4/2000 18:30:00

I need some pics of bioluminescent fish for a school project. This is for half of my grade. Do you know where I can find some?
784 0 0 No reply
Walking catfish
Posted on: 17/4/2000 18:29:00

Anyone who knows the technical name for these, please list. Also where I can find further information
793 1 0 Clarias batrac...
18/4/2000 23:07:00
By : Rainer
Question on Sea Animal
Posted on: 17/4/2000 08:34:00

What is a sea animal that sometimes makes bell-like sounds underwater.
797 1 0 We are plannin...
23/4/2000 22:55:00
By : Rainer
What was this fish - Philippines
Posted on: 17/4/2000 04:32:00

About ten years ago I was diving off Mindanao, Philippines. We did a headfirst descent to around 40m and went into a cave. There, on the roof of the cave (more and overhang, really) was a huge shoal of little orange fish 2-3 inches all swimming *upside down*. All of 'em. What were they? Or was I seeing things? THanks
796 1 0 There are quit...
18/4/2000 23:11:00
By : Rainer
Trout Scales
Posted on: 16/4/2000 16:40:00

Do brook trout have scales? Any trout have scales? Which do and which don't?
1039 2 1 Of course trou...
14/8/2000 13:28:00
By : F. Zancada (Spain)
Guide to amazonian fish?
Posted on: 15/4/2000 12:51:00

Could anyone suggest a good/handy guide identifying the common fish, small and large, of Brazilian Amazonas in the Manaus/River Negro region?
798 2 0 Good question,...
28/4/2000 04:49:00
By : Sven O Kullander
Betta Fish
Posted on: 13/4/2000 23:25:00

Right now I'm researching Betta Spledens. I cannot seem to find much information at all. The info is needed for a report that's due quite soon. If you guys can help by providing me any information, that'd be great. One example of what I might need to know is how often they reproduce and how many may exist in Thailand or Cambodia, their countries of origin.
808 1 0 Betta splenden...
15/4/2000 23:48:00
By : Rainer
internal anatomy
Posted on: 13/4/2000 22:21:00

I need information on arteries and internal anatomy of a yellow perch or a Drum. Any reply would be appreciated.
773 1 0 Lagler's textb...
15/4/2000 23:53:00
By : Rainer
Black Loosejaw Fish
Posted on: 12/4/2000 17:13:00

Hello. My teacher assigned me to do a book-report on Black Loosejaw Fish. I have not had much luck finding out anything on it. I know it is a deep-sea fish and has "night vision". Basically, this is all I have been able to find. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help. Kristen
792 1 0 There are a nu...
15/4/2000 23:57:00
By : Rainer
Fisheries/Marine Communities Conference Announceme
Posted on: 12/4/2000 13:16:00

Below please find information on a conference on OCS development and fisheries/marine communities. Please pass the announcement along to anyone interested and post if possible. I would invite anyone interested to submit a paper. You should also receive an announcement by mail. Any questions please email or call. Regards Dave Stanley Gulf of Mexico Fish and Fisheries: Bringing Together New and Recent Research October 24-26, 2000 New Orleans Sponsored by: U.S. Dept of Interior, Minerals Management Service Offshore energy structures are an important influence on Gulf of Mexico fisheries. In the Gulf region a unique relationship exists between the oil and gas industry, user groups, researchers and managers. Now numbering in the neighborhood of 4,000 structures, petroleum platforms play a role as artificial reefs and also directly impact fisheries through enhancement of productivity, as attraction devices, and as a mechanism allowing dispersal of species across the Gulf. It is the goal of this conference to bring together widely ranging research topics on fisheries biology and ecology of the Gulf of Mexico with examine the relationship between fisheries and the oil and gas industry in the Gulf and worldwide. The proceedings from this workshop will become an important reference for the current state of knowledge for many aspects of fisheries and outer continental shelf development. Presentations planned include widely ranging topics from ecology of platform fish assemblages, to ichthyoplankton, natural and artificial reef productivity, and pelagic fisheries, with perspectives from academia, industry, and managers. For a electronic version of the conference announcement please visit: or email: [email protected] for further information
1115 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 10/4/2000 20:51:00

I need the steps on how to dissect a perch for a science class assignment. Need as soon as possible. Thanks!
771 1 0 Go to a Univer...
By : Rainer
Paracheirodon simulans Photos
Posted on: 10/4/2000 13:09:00

I need at least a Photo, not a sketh of this species, so if someone can help me on this one...Thank you!
777 1 0 Under Species...
16/4/2000 00:06:00
By : Rainer
Photos of ratttail fish and tripod fish
Posted on: 9/4/2000 20:21:00

Has anyone ever seen these photos?? Cannot find them in any books!! HELP
770 1 0 I've taken som...
13/4/2000 04:50:00
By : Stefan
Posted on: 9/4/2000 10:28:00

I am looking for OTOLITH ATLAS. I have got a Härkönen (1985), Williams and McEldowney (1990) and Smale et al. (1995), but I should like if there is more atlas. Tnak you very nuch for your colaboration
806 0 0 No reply
ornate leopard wrasse
Posted on: 7/4/2000 21:11:00

need informaton on habits, feeding and adaptiblity for ornate leopard wrasse.
765 1 0 There are thre...
16/4/2000 00:13:00
By : Rainer
Rock gunnel
Posted on: 5/4/2000 01:00:00

Dear Staff, Ive read that the rock gunnel Pholis gunellus can remain out of water for long periods of time and that it can breathe air. How does it do that? Through its gills or skin or both? Has it some kind of modified gills or skin to accomplish this? Best Regards Jan-Erik
791 0 0 No reply
Diffenrent kind of bamboo sharks
Posted on: 3/4/2000 13:45:00

Hello. I am looking for avaliable reffeneces for distinguishing the bamboo sharks (chiloscyllium) from another. If you have any good a good reffenrence please mail it to me. Regards Anders
814 1 0 Dear Anders,...
6/4/2000 04:21:00
By : Jan-Erik Maansson M.Sc
Posted on: 30/3/2000 07:03:00

777 4 0 Thanks everyon...
15/4/2000 17:19:00
By : Anon.
im writing a book in school
Posted on: 30/3/2000 06:33:00

im trying to find as many spieci of fish that third graders would think cool and as much about them as i can
781 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 29/3/2000 12:32:00

I am interested in breeding exotic plecos as in yellow seams and sailfins. If u know any info or of any sites or good books on this subject i would greatly apprecciate it.
781 1 0 HELLO, I HAVE...
11/5/2000 15:21:00
Gamefish Distribution Maps?
Posted on: 29/3/2000 11:48:00

I am working on a project that invovles finding good distribution maps of various fresh and saltwater gamefish. Does anyone know where I can find this info. or how to look it up on this site. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt
784 1 0 FishBase will...
2/4/2000 07:35:00
By : Rainer
Data Simulation
Posted on: 28/3/2000 16:28:00

A computer simulation was performed to see how different densities of Giant Kelp(Macrocystis pryifera) influences the recruitment of Kelp Bass( Paralabrax clathratus) off of the California coast. I'm having trouble understanding this topic, as well I'm not sure where I should get specific info regarding this, if someone could reply as soon as possible I'd be very thankful!!!!
1011 0 0 No reply
Deep sea fishes
Posted on: 28/3/2000 14:24:00

I'm am looking for a site for research on deep sea fishes, their habitat, and any other info. if there is a site out there, I would love to have it. Thanks:)
771 0 0 No reply
Finding Habitat of Northern Pike
Posted on: 28/3/2000 11:18:00

Does anyone know where I can find information on how to get habitat info for the Nothern pike fish?? If you know could you e-mail me I would really appreciate this.
793 1 0 Crossman 1996...
2/4/2000 07:42:00
By : Rainer
Finding Habitat of Northern Pike
Posted on: 28/3/2000 11:18:00

Does anyone know where I can find information on how to get habitat info for the Nothern pike fish?? If you know could you e-mail me I would really appreciate this.
767 0 0 No reply
Info about the Western fatsleeper????
Posted on: 27/3/2000 11:16:00

We are growing the western fatsleeper (Dormitator latifrons, Eliotrade) which is a fish that can live out of the water for up to 4 days. We understand that the potential of this fish in the far east where can be sold live is great. Please advise if you know potential clients and any info regarding how to sell this fish.
784 0 0 No reply
Black carp food habits
Posted on: 27/3/2000 06:04:00

We are looking for information on the food habits of black carp and any information on their impact as an introduced species on native mussels and snails.
803 1 0 There is lots...
2/4/2000 07:47:00
By : Rainer
Fishing Statistics
Posted on: 25/3/2000 23:53:00

I've just started a new job and need to find some fishing statistics on Australia, Japan and the USA (mainly Australia)I need things like the % of population that fish, what kind of fishing, how often etc. Can anyone recommend somewhere to find these? It's pretty urgent!!
790 3 0 supposing you'...
27/3/2000 18:11:00
By : Gilles
Fish Diet- Gut Analysis
Posted on: 25/3/2000 11:21:00

I'm looking at the inter-relationship of a reef system with a mangrove and seagrass system in Tobago. I'm doing this this by looking at trophic interaction using Ecopath. I will like to know whether there is gut analysis data for tropical reef fish especially herbivores such as parrotfish, doctorfish, small gobies and blennies etc.
806 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
26/3/2000 08:02:00
By : Rainer
Fish Diet- Gut Analysis
Posted on: 25/3/2000 11:21:00

I'm looking at the inter-relationship of a reef system with a mangrove and seagrass system in Tobago. I'm doing this this by looking at trophic interaction using Ecopath. I will like to know whether there is gut analysis data for tropical reef fish especially herbivores such as parrotfish, doctorfish, small gobies and blennies etc.
789 0 0 No reply
salmon physiology
Posted on: 25/3/2000 06:10:00

i want any information on salmon physiology and behavioural activities in regards to anything
763 1 0 For info about...
27/3/2000 02:18:00
By : Lee
Fecundity technique
Posted on: 24/3/2000 13:07:00

I am looking for an article that I remember seeing in a journal during the last 5-7 years. It was a fecundity paper in which a modified Gilson's solution was used to separate eggs. The modification was that some compound was used in place of toxic mercuric chloride.
775 0 0 No reply
fish name
Posted on: 23/3/2000 19:43:00

Is there a name of a fish that starts with the letter x?This is for a school project and I really appreciate your quick response. Thank you!
798 2 0 Xenaglniates b...
29/3/2000 21:31:00
By : cmarelius
fastest fish in the world?
Posted on: 23/3/2000 15:10:00

i am having a contest at work and need to know what the fastet fish in the world is HEEEEELPPPPPPPPPPP
763 2 0 marlin?
29/3/2000 10:04:00
By : cat
No title
Posted on: 23/3/2000 14:57:00

I am looking for information on the BRACKISH FISH, FIGURE - EIGHT PUFFER. Scientific Name: TETRAODON STEINDACHNERI. Im going to be setting up a 100 gallon tank, and I was wanting to have several of these. But, I dont know much about this fish, and am not sure how many I can put together, or other fish I can put in with it. If someone could give me some information on this fish? i would be real gratefull. I would like to know more about what im getting into before I get started with them.
891 1 0 The current sc...
12/5/2000 23:47:00
By : Rainer
Corydoras and Yo-yo Loach
Posted on: 22/3/2000 12:38:00

I think that my Yo-yo Loach (aka Reticulated Loach) is attacking my Corydoras, but every source I can find says that loaches are very docile and that if it appears that they are attacking, they are really only trying to be social. But don't loaches have spines on their noses? So if he's bumping into the cory, he must be hurting him, right? I've noticed that a piece of the cory's dorsal fin is gone and a bit of the "whiskers" on his nose. The loach seems to be leaving the other fish alone, so should I put the cory in another tank? Earlier I posted a message about my cory's lack of growth. I'm thinking this may have something to do with it...?
771 0 0 No reply
Corydoras and Yo-yo Loach
Posted on: 22/3/2000 12:38:00

I think that my Yo-yo Loach (aka Reticulated Loach) is attacking my Corydoras, but every source I can find says that loaches are very docile and that if it appears that they are attacking, they are really only trying to be social. But don't loaches have spines on their noses? So if he's bumping into the cory, he must be hurting him, right? I've noticed that a piece of the cory's dorsal fin is gone and a bit of the "whiskers" on his nose. The loach seems to be leaving the other fish alone, so should I put the cory in another tank? Earlier I posted a message about my cory's lack of growth. I'm thinking this may have something to do with it...?
1077 1 0 It is always p...
29/3/2000 12:12:00
By : Michelle Hopper
Mollies and brackish water
Posted on: 22/3/2000 12:38:00

I have a black molly and a silver lyre-tail molly that I keep in my freshwater aquarium. Since I've had them I've been doing research on the Internet and have found in several places people saying that mollies, particularly black mollies, prefer brackish water. Is this true? I never thought that mollies needed salt and I can't put any in my aquarium because I have many other kinds of fish that are freshwater fish. Will my mollies be ok?
771 1 0 It is very tru...
29/3/2000 12:18:00
By : Michelle Hopper
Rainbow Trout Coloration
Posted on: 22/3/2000 13:47:00

I am doing a school project and need some information about rainbow trout coloration. Like why it is the way it is and enviromental changes that can effect its color. If anybody knows anything about it or where I can find some good info it would be much appreciated. thanks.
779 1 0 Are you lookin...
22/3/2000 18:54:00
By : Gilles
growth (or lack of) of my coyrdaoras
Posted on: 22/3/2000 12:38:00

I've had my corydoras (named Hank Rearden) for 3 months now and he hasn't grown a millimeter. Is this normal?? Could someone tell me what I can do to help him? I did some research and discovered that corys are nocturnal so I've been feeding him just before I go to bed. He seems happier, but he still isn't growing. I feed him shrimp pellets and tetra flakes (I have tetras too). The tank is kept at a temperature between 80 and 84 F and a pH level around 7.2. Are these not proper conditions to keep my little Hank in??
787 2 0 I forgot to me...
29/3/2000 12:28:00
By : Michelle Hopper
Pacific Salmon
Posted on: 21/3/2000 19:55:00

I am looking for some web footage on salmon swimming in a stream or spawning for an video animation I am doing. Anyone know of a site that has some footage or stills that are worthy of looking at. I do not need cartoon animation footage, just film footage that is posted on the web.
793 1 0 You could try...
27/3/2000 03:11:00
By : Lee
Posted on: 21/3/2000 14:05:00

here is part of a project i am trying to do. I need to pretend i own a fishery and explain 3 areas of the ocean I would place my fleet in and the fish I would fish for. I am choosing 3 areas for high productivity year round and so an env. catastrophy wont ruin my harvest. So where and what fish, then I'll figure out food web factors.Thx.
761 1 0 There is a sof...
26/3/2000 08:05:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 21/3/2000 12:57:00

what phyla is the band tailed frogfish in
766 2 0 Search for 'fr...
26/3/2000 08:08:00
By : Rainer
Brown bullhead name
Posted on: 19/3/2000 19:30:00

Since I'm writing my thesis on the Brown bullhead at the university of Leuven (Belgium), I found several times that many scientific names were used in the literature. Two genus synonyms, Ameiurus and Ictalurus, are most frequently used. I would like to know if possible the exact and most recent genus name of this species. Thank you for your help and information, Gerald Louette.
787 1 0 In 'Search Fis...
19/3/2000 19:33:00
By : Rainer
African Lungfish
Posted on: 18/3/2000 11:25:00

I am trying to find a book called "KOMONGO" it's about an African Lungfish.I would appreciate any help with this.Also looking for any other info on these animals. thanks
787 1 0 Search for Pro...
13/5/2000 01:17:00
By : Rainer
Lobster and shrimp
Posted on: 17/3/2000 23:46:00

Hi there - I am writing an article on the lobster and shrimp in the Gulf of Guinea. Can anyone help with info?
762 0 0 No reply
StoneFish - freshwater? brackish?
Posted on: 17/3/2000 09:22:00

Hi, I recently baught something that the fish store employees told me was a poisonious "stonefish" - It has a large head - brown and black body..purple star sshaped eyes.... it was in the brackish water section of the store... along with angel and things... i have it in a mildly brackish tank...most fresh and it is doing great.... could this really be a stonefish? what else can it be... if you think you can help i could prob send a picture.
787 1 0 Most likely yo...
19/3/2000 19:38:00
By : Rainer
wrasse - gold sinny
Posted on: 17/3/2000 05:29:00

my son recently caught a fish, which was of the Wrasse family. He understands it to be called a Gold Sinny. It weighed in the region of 10 ozs.
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wrasse - gold sinny
Posted on: 17/3/2000 05:29:00

my son recently caught a fish, which was of the Wrasse family. He understands it to be called a Gold Sinny. It weighed in the region of 10 ozs.
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ID Shark
Posted on: 16/3/2000 10:06:00

Hi there... I'm trying to find online info on Iridescen Sharks, and it's been a pretty rough ride... can anyone recommend a site? Thanx
773 1 0 Have a look at...
19/3/2000 20:43:00
By : Rainer
Relative abundance of fish vs body mass
Posted on: 16/3/2000 00:53:00

I am doing a project on the relationship between the relative abundance of fish and body mass. At the moment I really need some data as I have only pages and pages of graphs. If anyone has any information (global or regional), please let me know. Thank you!
770 1 0 You can get ma...
19/3/2000 19:47:00
By : Rainer
Calamus nodosus (knobbed porgy)
Posted on: 15/3/2000 06:22:00

Has anyone come across knobbed porgy smaller than 200mm? Perhaps inshore or around FL seagrass beds? I need some small/young fish for a growth study. Please contact me if you know of any cases. Thanks.
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Smallmouth Bass
Posted on: 13/3/2000 22:17:00

I am looking for information on the smallmouth bass for a class project I cannot find any website with info on this particular bass. It's scientific name is Microterus dolomieui. If you have any info or a web-site pleez e-mail me back. Thank you...
766 1 0 The correct na...
19/3/2000 19:53:00
By : Rainer
Salmon v. trout
Posted on: 12/3/2000 17:16:00

What is the difference between a salmon and a trout? Specifically, why is Oncorhynchus masou masou (common Japanese name Yamame)refered to as "salmon," i.e., "Cherry Salmon" by Fishbase and the AFS? Why is Oncorhynchus mykiss (common AFS names Rainbow Trout and Steelhead) recognized as a "trout?" And what is Oncorhynchus masou ishikawae (common Japanese name Amago)? Each of these species exists in a searun form and in a form that does not smolt. Or is the distinction between trout and salmon more or less arbitrary? Thanks.
787 1 0 Have a look at...
19/3/2000 19:56:00
By : Rainer
weird looking fish,anyone help identify it??
Posted on: 12/3/2000 16:16:00

we saw quite a few of these,in the shallow rock pools in the coastal regions,served by the north was approx,4 inches long,large bulbous stomach(silvery coloured),fading to gold nearer the sides.with a large flat mouth,two white spikes on the underside,two large 'horns' on its head,eyes,nearer to the centre of face.on the edges of its stomache,were brown speckles,rest of body was brown
769 1 0 What you descr...
19/3/2000 19:59:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 12/3/2000 13:04:00

Does anyone know where I can find a map of starfish dispersal, or any other good information sites.
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Pinecone Fish
Posted on: 12/3/2000 08:27:00

hey, i need the avg. weight and lifespan of the pinecone fish. can anyone help? any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks, josh
772 1 0 We only have m...
19/3/2000 20:53:00
By : Rainer
Arnoglossus sp.
Posted on: 11/3/2000 08:58:00

Hallo! I'm an Italian student of Marine Biology and I'm looking for some informations (for my degree thesis) about a flatfish which belongs to the family of Bothidae: Arnoglossus laterna. If you have info about life, genetics, habitat,... please send its to me! Thanks to anybody who can help me! Ilaria
760 1 0 FishBase conta...
19/3/2000 21:00:00
By : Rainer
Feed for blue auqra
Posted on: 10/3/2000 22:54:00

pls I am calling from Pakistan where the feed for fish is very costly which i can not efford kindly send me the methods to make home feed for the fish and also send me the visiale marks for the diffrance between tiger oscar (male & Female)
759 2 0 Assuming that...
12/3/2000 02:02:00
By : Rainer
Conference on trouts
Posted on: 9/3/2000 21:30:00

INTERNATIONAL WILD TROUT SYMPOSIUM, WT-VII, October 1-4, 2,000 Old Faithful Lodge, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - Save the Date. Working professional wild trout biologists and fishery conservationists will join with international guests and speakers to attend the seventh International Wild Trout Symposium to be held October 1-4, 2,000 at Old Faithful Lodge, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The Call for Papers has been made. Initiated in 1974, these events are held to provide a knowledge of the critical issues facing wild trout. The objectives of Wild Trout VII are to raise the public awareness of wild trout, their social and economic value, to examine their future in a society with increases in urbanization and decreases in funds, and to evaluate strategies for restoration and protection. Wild Trout Symposia are cosponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Biological Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Trout & Salmon Foundation, National Park Service, American Fisheries Society, Environmental Protection Agency, Trout Unlimited, and the Federation of Fly Fishers. The Symposium includes an opening plenary session, two and half days of presentations of papers and poster papers, two luncheons, a banquet, a barbecue, and an exhibit hall. Proceedings of the Symposium are included in the registration cost. In the 25 years since Wild Trout I, drastic changes have taken place in the management, protection and enhancement of wild trout resources. Concepts such as ecosystem management, conservation biology, and the Endangered Species Act have mingled, sometimes uncomfortably, with traditional trout management approaches. At the same time, interest groups have sought much more say in how public resources are managed. Wild trout management in the 21st century will almost certainly mean increasing controversy because of a diversity of public and professional values. The theme of Wild Trout VII, "Wild Trout Management in the New Millennium, are we ready?", was selected to directly confront some of these striking issues. Areas being addressed include: wild trout regulations in the new millennium, ecosystem management, electrofishing injury to salmonids, and threats and opportunities for wild/native trout populations. Panel discussions are being organized to dissect subjects such as: The Endangered Species Act and Limited Entry Trout Fisheries. Attendance at WT-VII offers a unique forum for attendees that is an important learning experience and an opportunity to meet and communicate with the key wild trout conservationists, managers, and scientists in an informal, friendly setting that would otherwise not possible. Additional details on WT-VII and the Call for Papers, are available at the Conference Web Site at: Registration and accommodations will be available through the Old Faithful Lodge Service Company: AMFAC Parks and Resorts, P.O. Box 165, Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190-0165 Tel: 307-344-7311, Fax: 307-344-7456 For more specific information contact: Pat Byorth, WT-VII Chairman, Montana State University, 1400 S. 19th St. Bozeman, MT 59718, 406-994-6938, email: [email protected]
1020 0 0 No reply
Eel migration
Posted on: 8/3/2000 06:07:00

Can eels (Anguilla anguilla) migrate overland between freshwater systems? If so, how? Many thanks to all those who replied to my previous query, the information proved very useful.
782 1 0 Yes, and they...
11/3/2000 12:02:00
By : Gerald Jennings
pinecone fish
Posted on: 5/3/2000 15:17:00

Hi. I am doing a school report on the Pinecone Fish. I have the Class, Order, Family, and Species, but I am unsure of the Kingdom, Phylum, and Genus. Can someone please tell me this information or point me in the direction of such information? Species- Monocentris Japonica Class- Actinopterygii Order- Beryciformes Family Monocentridae
1022 1 0 you should be...
6/3/2000 06:58:00
By : Michele
Schooling Fish
Posted on: 5/3/2000 15:09:00

I am a student working on a mechanical interpretation of how fish are able to swim in schools with such synchronicity. Please help me find info on how fish do this! Thanks!
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Posted on: 5/3/2000 08:17:00

told my the remady for eggs funguas
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altum angel (pterophyllum altum0
Posted on: 3/3/2000 14:31:00

I am an angel fish breeder in the U.K.Can anyone supply me with detailed information on the breeding of altums.I need to know such facts as age,water parameters-PH,GH,CH,Temp,etc., Also any info on spawning triggers eg, addition of peat water or water temp fluctuations.Does anyone know who has successfully bred these fish and can you put me in touch with them? Any literature would also be helpful. Many thanks to anyone who responds to these requests.
895 1 0 The next uploa...
3/3/2000 23:33:00
By : Rainer
kelp bass
Posted on: 2/3/2000 07:23:00

Hi, I was just wondering whether kelp bass travel in schools and whether they spawn in the kelp beds. Thanks...
792 1 0 Berzwitz menam...
10/3/2000 14:20:00
By : Pumplomo Burtnahorla
Cynoscion xanthulum in Ecuador?
Posted on: 29/2/2000 11:43:00

Has anyone collected a specimen of the above sciaenid in Ecuador?. Most references mention that it's range extends from the Gulf of California to Acapulco in Mexico (33°N to 14°N). The International Game Fish Association All tackle World Record C. xanthulum (if it was this species) was caught in Ecuador, but according to all scientific references I have found for C. xanthulum, the species is not present there. Any reference to someone knowledgeable in East Pacific sciaenids will be appreciated. Thanks beforehand for your response. Sergio
803 2 0 I than you for...
4/3/2000 09:18:00
By : Sergio Escutia
Leuciscus borysthenicus
Posted on: 29/2/2000 00:27:00

Hello! My name is Tihomir Stefanov. I am in my last year in The Sofia University (Bulgaria) and I must defend my diploma thesis entitled: "Morphological and biochemocal chracteristics of populations of Leuciscus borysthenicus in Bulgaria". Please could you help me to find some information about this fish. I will be very grateful if you send me something about genus Leuciscus in Europe. Thank you in advance.
2728 1 0 The best recen...
3/3/2000 23:44:00
By : Rainer
Leuciscus borysthenicus
Posted on: 29/2/2000 00:27:00

Hello! My name is Tihomir Stefanov. I am in my last year in The Sofia University (Bulgaria) and I must defend my diploma thesis entitled: "Morphological and biochemocal chracteristics of populations of Leuciscus borysthenicus in Bulgaria". Please could you help me to find some information about this fish. I will be very grateful if you send me something about genus Leuciscus in Europe. Thank you in advance.
756 0 0 No reply
sex differences
Posted on: 28/2/2000 21:47:00

I would like to know how to tell sex differences between male/female particularly on Napoleonfish and Grupper. Is there any information or picture that I could obtain? Thank you.
748 1 0 Both groupers...
28/2/2000 21:52:00
By : Rainer
Eel scales
Posted on: 28/2/2000 07:40:00

Can anyone tell me if eels really have scales?
773 1 0 Your question...
29/2/2000 09:13:00
By : Afonso Marques
Eel scales
Posted on: 28/2/2000 07:40:00

Can anyone tell me if eels really have scales?
760 1 0 Yes Eel have s...
18/3/2000 08:23:00
By : Gorm Rasmussen
Gulf Flounder
Posted on: 26/2/2000 17:22:00

I am doing a science report on Gulf Flounder's and I was wondering if anyone had any advice in good resources or info. that I could find. I am specifically looking for their mating habits. Help Me!!! Thanx!
760 1 0 Crepitznal hoo...
16/8/2000 18:40:00
By : Splonie Molarch
home feed & fungus on eggs
Posted on: 25/2/2000 22:04:00

any one help me that I have two pairs of sevram they breed sevral time in my tank but all the eggs got white fungus told me the remady & medicine for egg fungus & help me about the home made feed for newly born fish because the feed for newly born fish is not available in Pakistan Thanks S.Asad Abbas
749 1 0 It may be that...
29/2/2000 14:37:00
By : Justyn Miller
Malawi cichlids
Posted on: 23/2/2000 08:51:00

Can anyone tell me how to tell the difference between Pseudotorpheus and Petrotilapia?
750 1 0 The correct sp...
26/2/2000 02:13:00
By : Rainer
Archer Fish References
Posted on: 20/2/2000 23:11:00

Does anyone know of any good references for information regarding the feeding behavior of the archer fish? I'd like to do a report on it for one of my classes, but I'm having a real difficulty finding any journal articles or references in general regarding the subject. I've found a couple, but I need at least 10 if I'm going to use it for my report. Can anyone help?
767 1 0 FishBase has 1...
26/2/2000 02:18:00
By : Rainer
aplocheilus and epiplatys
Posted on: 20/2/2000 14:47:00

Does scientists proove what is the brillant scale on the head for?
755 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 20/2/2000 09:11:00

Can anyone tell me how to distinguish between the two bitterlings Rhodeus amarus and Rhodeus sericeus.
739 0 0 No reply
African Cichlids & mating
Posted on: 19/2/2000 19:32:00

I have three pairs and a single. Two definite auratus (M & F), two 'maybe M & F' Electric Blue and two 'maybe electric yellow'. I also have a very bright orange cichlid that has two large spots on it's tail fin. I think it is male as it does the "shimmy". Is it possible for Cichlids to 'interbreed?' Thanks!
808 1 0 Many African c...
26/2/2000 02:24:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 17/2/2000 17:00:00

Is it true that Pomfrets have high cholesterol content?
936 1 0 these are the...
24/3/2000 18:56:00
By : Gilles
length weight relationships
Posted on: 16/2/2000 16:11:00

Does any one know of a classic length weight relationship paper? It does not have to be any specific species.
741 1 0 If 'classic' r...
18/2/2000 23:46:00
By : Rainer
Name that fish
Posted on: 16/2/2000 15:44:00

Hello. I remember seeing something on a television show about a fish that can spit water at insects on the land, knocking them into the water so that it can eat them. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of this fish. Can anyone out there name that fish? Thanks
758 3 0 This fish is a...
27/2/2000 19:38:00
By : Dan
Algae Eaters
Posted on: 16/2/2000 12:14:00

Can anyone reccomend a good algae eater besides the common plecostamus? I am looking for someting 12 inches or under at adulthood. Thanks!
863 1 0 I'm sure you'l...
17/2/2000 15:03:00
By : Martyn Robinson
Coral Reef Fishes L-W Relationships
Posted on: 16/2/2000 08:42:00

I´m in need of some info on L-W relationships of coral reef fishes of the indo- pacific, specially the western indian ocean region. Any info on websites, papers or other, please don´t hesitate, give me a call. Thanks in advance.
751 1 0 FishBase has t...
18/2/2000 23:22:00
By : Rainer
atlantic salmon
Posted on: 14/2/2000 17:45:00

can anyone prove or disprove that atlantic salmon are true trout. I know they are salmo salar but the manager of the hatchery I work at insists they are salmon, not trout. I dissagree. Help.
777 2 0 Common names a...
19/4/2000 02:05:00
By : Brad
Scientific name for black sea bleam
Posted on: 14/2/2000 08:36:00

Is "Mylio macrocephalus" the scientific name for black sea bream?
746 1 0 Mylio macrocep...
18/2/2000 23:50:00
By : Rainer
Asking for fishes samples or sequences.
Posted on: 14/2/2000 03:36:00

We are needing some cytochrome B sequences from the species below. Could anyone provide us with sequences, fish samples or information about how obtaining them? Sincerely thanks - Genypterus blacodes - Acanthistius brasilianum - Pinguipes sp - Paralychtis sp - Callorhinchus Callorhinchus - Brama australis - Tilapia sp Oscar Fernandez Centro de Investigacion y Control de la Calidad Instituto Nacional del Consumo Spain
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Natural mortality studies
Posted on: 11/2/2000 19:40:00

We are doing a review of natural mortality in fishes. We are searching for studies of natural mortality that are not yet in FishBase. Most likely there should be theses and internal reports that don't make it to ASFA etc. Thank you very much for any help!
753 0 0 No reply
Fishes in frozen rivers
Posted on: 10/2/2000 18:27:00

Please help. Need a source of research material for what happens to the fish when the river freezes.
778 1 0 Most fishes re...
13/2/2000 19:44:00
By : Rainer
Common Name Translations
Posted on: 10/2/2000 16:41:00

Can anyone please direct me to a comprehensive list of fish species by common name translated from English to German, Italian, French, etc.
749 1 0 The most compr...
13/2/2000 17:32:00
By : Rainer
bass reproduction in fluxuating reservoirs
Posted on: 10/2/2000 09:52:00

Need a source of research material on any studies that have to do with the effects of rising and lowering water in reservoirs on warm water species repoduction.
854 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 9/2/2000 14:53:00

How do you tell a walleye apart from a saugeye
746 1 0 A walleye has...
9/2/2000 16:54:00
By : Anon.
Flounder in Lembeh Straits
Posted on: 9/2/2000 13:50:00

Does anyone know which species of flounder is found in the Lembeh Straits in Indonesia? Many thanks-
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L/W relationships in Neogobius melanostomus (round
Posted on: 9/2/2000 13:38:00

Does anybody know where to find information on length weight relationships in the round goby. I am doing my graduate on this and have not found any background information on this.
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Posted on: 9/2/2000 12:58:00

need information on a ocean fish that also means to struggle
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Alaskan Walleye Pollock
Posted on: 6/2/2000 15:07:00

Do Alaskan walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) eat clams and mussels? Is it documented, or at least biologically plausible, that their consumption could cause paralytic or amnesic shellfish poisoning in humans?
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Evolutionary relationships of rainbow trout
Posted on: 4/2/2000 02:37:00

Please could anyone give me/help me find some information on the evolutionary relationships of rainbow trout (_Oncorhynchus mykiss_). Is it most closely related to the Atlantic, Pacific or Brown trout? Many thanks in advance.
734 1 0 My guess is At...
9/2/2000 19:05:00
By : Craig Fiedor
Evolutionary relationships of rainbow trout
Posted on: 4/2/2000 02:37:00

Please could anyone give me/help me find some information on the evolutionary relationships of rainbow trout (_Oncorhynchus mykiss_). Is it most closely related to the Atlantic, Pacific or Brown trout? Many thanks in advance.
1090 2 0 Hi Helen, Thi...
6/2/2000 17:13:00
By : Don McAllister
Posted on: 31/1/2000 15:26:00

I am an undergrad who is currently undergoing a special project with guppies. I am breeding them to see what secondary sexual characteristics are favorable to the female for mating. I was wondering if anyone has experience in any similar projects and if you could offer any tips. Please email. Thanks.
788 0 0 No reply
bluegill (lepomis macrochirus), mosquito fish (gam
Posted on: 31/1/2000 10:46:00

concerning bluegill (lepomis macrochirus), mosquito fish (gambusia affinis), and fathead minnows (pimephales promelas), i am interested in the necessary food for these fish in a laboratory much food, how frequent they should be fed and what types of food are best... thank you
839 1 0 The bluegill w...
29/2/2000 14:44:00
By : Justyn Miller
Pterophyllum scalare
Posted on: 30/1/2000 06:46:00

I would apreciate any information anyone could provide on where I can find original and revised descriptions of the fish Pterophyllum scalare. Thanks in advance
748 1 0 You get to the...
4/2/2000 18:43:00
By : Rainer
Bitterling microsatellites
Posted on: 30/1/2000 03:29:00

I would be grateful to hear from anyone with information on bitterling (Rhodeus sericeus) microsatellite primers. Cheers Alex
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tiger fish (hydrocynus vittatus/goliath)
Posted on: 27/1/2000 22:56:00

amazon aquarium has the african tigers for 150 each, also some rare african puffers, if interested send email to [email protected]
737 0 0 No reply
Eel marine
Posted on: 27/1/2000 04:36:00

I'm an fishering biologist than worked at IMARPE (Sea Institute Peru-South America). I need information over eel marine (In japan; anago) Ophichthus pacifici. In northern region Peru we have a catch over 400 -600 tons/mounth and to exported japan and Korea (forzen fillets) Thank you
785 1 0 Ophichthus pac...
4/2/2000 18:40:00
By : Rainer
Looking for quality aquarium fish / corals exporte
Posted on: 25/1/2000 12:29:00

We are the European largest consolidator of live tropical fish. We are always trying to find quality exporters who can supply us healthy aquarium fish and corals. If any one can help me with list of "good" aquarium fish exporters, i will be very happy to support them and buy their fish ! PLEASE LET US KNOW !
831 2 0 Have a look at...
26/1/2000 20:53:00
By : Rainer
Patterns of distributions juvenile fish
Posted on: 24/1/2000 16:16:00

I'm an fihsering biologist than worked at IMARPE (Sea Institutte Peru). I need information over Patterns distribution juvenile fish inshore. Thank you
868 1 0 Your problem m...
26/1/2000 23:21:00
By : Rainer
Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum
Posted on: 24/1/2000 12:53:00

I'm doing a study on the south american catfisch, pseudoplatystoma fasciatum, Pimelodidae; I' m a student Biology and I went for three months to Bolivia to capture these species. Now I'm analyzing the DNA of this fish. Does anybody know some preleminar studies on this topic.
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course in aquaculture
Posted on: 24/1/2000 03:52:00

Is anybody aware of an 'on-line' or correspondance course that is available for aquaculture , Suitability for an owner/operator. I am trying to gain some formal education in this field. Any assistance greatly appreciated.
774 0 0 No reply
Strange Report
Posted on: 20/1/2000 20:11:00

Could anyone help. I looked at a show on the T.V. about 8 months ago. The show was about people diving into a river from a great hight in New Zealand I think. At the bottom of the river under a waterfall all divers reported some kind of eel that was very large about 2 feet in diameter. All the divers would not go in there again. Please send email.
845 1 0 Eels are not d...
9/2/2000 19:15:00
By : craig
Are Green Morays Really Blue?
Posted on: 19/1/2000 21:51:00

Could you please help me find an authoritative written source for the skin color for the green moray eel (gymnothorax funebris)? I've been told that the moray's skin is blue with a yellow slime covering making them look green. I've also been told that they're simply green. I've been given this conflicting information by people (marine biologists/scientists) who SHOULD know. I've felt morays (and no yellow slime has rubbed off) and I've seen injured morays (with no blue skin showing), so I'm inclined to say they're green. Please help me find a written source to settle this issue. Thanks!! Dave
766 2 0 I collected a...
By : Jack
Trichogaster pectoralis in rice-fish culture
Posted on: 16/1/2000 17:19:00

Trichogaster pectoralis used to be grown successfully in ricefields in Thailand, Vietnam, Maleisia & Indonesia. The advent of modern rice culture (HYV's, pesticides, water management, double (triple) rice cropping) seems to have had a negative impact on the culture of this fish. I'm looking for (regional) information on the present situation of T. pectoralis in rice-fish culture.
812 1 0 Trichogaster p...
26/2/2000 02:09:00
By : Roger Pullin
Thornback rays
Posted on: 15/1/2000 04:32:00

Hello, my name is Marina Wilkins and I'm a third year student at Aberystwyth University (Wales). I am studying the behaviour of captive thornback rays after invasive interactions with members of the public (practical third year project). I am having trouble finding useful papers for background information and was hoping someone will be able to help me. I really need need any information on longevity, behaviour etc of captive rays/sharks, information on interactions between humans and rays, both in captivity and wild. Thank you for your time. Marina
824 0 0 No reply
Ecuadorian catfish species
Posted on: 14/1/2000 04:54:00

Who can help me identify the scientific name of the catfish 'preñadilla', which occurs in the in the Tomebanba and Machangara river system in Ecuador. These rivers are tributaries of the Amazon. Thanks in advance for any help. Cornelia
878 1 0 Preñadilla...
17/1/2000 03:08:00
By : Sven O Kullander
Mudskipper breeding & larval developement
Posted on: 11/1/2000 21:31:00

Hello Martyn Robinson from the Australian Museum here. I'm trying to track down a paper on Mudskipper breeding biology and larval developement. Several people have told me that one was written in Japan but no-one seems to know the name of it (or whether it has appeared in English translation yet) Can anyone out there help? Sincerely Martyn Robinson
775 1 0 Here is the em...
16/1/2000 16:20:00
By : Rainer
Chimaerids egg cases
Posted on: 11/1/2000 15:33:00

Does anybody has any information on the chimaerid Hydrolagus affinis eggcases? Please notify.
773 0 0 No reply
New discussion group
Posted on: 10/1/2000 09:04:00

Dear Colleagues, I'm writing you to announce the formation of a new discussion list treating about all aspects of the biology, ecology and systematics of coral reef fishes. Anyone interested should visit the list's home page at and follow the instructions to join the list in the bottom of the main page. Thanks, Luiz
782 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 7/1/2000 15:15:00

I would like to know if anyone has any information about a type of Trigger. It is referred to as a Fuscus Trigger. It is from Austrailia. I would like to know if anyone has pictures or any other info about this fish.
781 2 0 The beautiful...
31/1/2000 20:53:00
By : Tim Allen
The Lanternfish
Posted on: 3/1/2000 06:35:00

Hi, My name is Tiffany Garrabrant and I'm a student at Worthingtoin Christan High School in Ohio, and I'm doing a research papper on the Lanternfish and need some help on finding some Info on it. my research quistan was: How does the lanternfish servive in such deep waters and not be crushed my the water pressure, But I did not have much luck on that, so I have changed it too: How does the Lanternfish adapted to its invirerment and serviving in the deeps of the sea, If any one can help me out it would be great! My papper is due on 1/10/2000, thank you four your time and I hope someone can help. ~Tiffany G.~ ([email protected])
779 1 0 Hi Tiffany, wa...
5/1/2000 08:44:00
By : Daniel Pauly

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