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Topics for 1999
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Great Barrier Reef
Posted on: 28/12/1999 11:00:00

Hello,my name is Andrew Drown. I am undergraduate student at the University of Victoria in Canada. I am looking for a species index of coral reef fishes found in the different reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. I have found abundance indices, but have been unable to locate any diversity index giving numbers of species per reef. I was wondering if you might know where I could find such information. Thanks for your time, Andrew.
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Columbia River fish ID
Posted on: 24/12/1999 16:30:00

I am searcing for a definitive key, text or field guide for freshwater fish of the lower Columbia River. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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9/2/2000 03:54:00
By : Nina
Reproductive Guild
Posted on: 22/12/1999 18:39:00

We are assigning reproductive guilds to fish families, using the following broad categories: bearers (=live bearers, mouth brooders, etc); guarders (guarding the eggs); nonguarders (open water / open substrate spawners). We are missing information for the families listed below. Please help! Akysidae, Stream catfishes; Amblycipitidae, Torrent catfishes; Anacanthobatidae, Smooth skates; Apistidae, ; Aploactinidae, Velvetfishes; Aplodactylidae, Marblefishes; Artedidraconidae, Barbled plunderfishes; Banjosidae, ; Bathylutichthyidae, ; Bembridae, Deepwater flatheads; Brachionichthyidae, Handfishes (warty anglers); Callanthiidae, Splendid perches; Caracanthidae, Orbicular velvetfishes; Centrogeniidae, ; Cetopsidae, Whalelike catfishes; Chacidae, Squarehead or angler catfish; Chaudhuriidae, ; Chaunacidae, Sea toads; Chironemidae, Kelpfishes; Congiopodidae, Racehorses or pigfishes; Cranoglanididae, Armorhead catfishes; Creediidae, Sandburrowers; Cryptacanthodidae, Wrymouths; Dactylopteridae, Flying gurnards; Dichistiidae, Galjoen fishes; Dinopercidae, Cavebasses; Diplomystidae, Diplomystid catfishes; Draconettidae, ; Ereuniidae, ; Gnathanacanthidae, Red velvetfish; Gymnuridae, Butterfly rays; Harpagiferidae, Spiny plunderfishes; Helogeneidae, Marbled catfishes; Hemitripteridae, ; Hexatrygonidae, ; Hoplichthyidae, Ghost flatheads; Hypoptychidae, Sand eel; Indostomidae, ; Kraemeriidae, Sandfishes or sand gobies; Leptobramidae, Beachsalmon; Leptoscopidae, Southern sandfishes; Lophichthyidae, Lophichthyid frogfishes; Menidae, Moonfish; Nematistiidae, Roosterfish; Neoceratiidae, Toothed seadevils; Neosebastidae, ; Normanichthyidae, ; Notograptidae, ; Olyridae, Longtail catfishes; Ostracoberycidae, ; Parabembridae, ; Parakysidae, Parakysid catfishes; Pataecidae, Australian prowfishes; Percophidae, Duckbills; Peristediidae, Armored searobins or armored gurnards; Pholidichthyidae, Convict blenny; Plectrogenidae, ; Plesiobatidae, Deepwater stingray; Potamotrygonidae, River stingrays; Profundulidae, Middle American killifishes; Psychrolutidae, Fatheads; Ptilichthyidae, Quillfish; Rhamphocottidae, Grunt sculpins; Schindleriidae, ; Scoloplacidae, Spiny dwarf catfishes; Scombropidae, Gnomefishes; Scorpaenidae, Scorpionfishes or rockfishes; Scytalinidae, Graveldiver; Sisoridae, Sisorid catfishes; Stromateidae, Butterfishes; Symphysanodontidae, ; Synanceiidae, Stonefishes; Tetrabrachiidae, ; Tetrarogidae, Wasp fishes; Triacanthidae, Triplespines; Triacanthodidae, Spikefishes; Trichomycteridae, Pencil or parasitic catfishes; Trichonotidae, Sanddivers; Triodontidae, Three-toothed puffer; Xenisthmidae, ; Zaniolepididae, combfishes; Zaproridae, Prowfish;
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Fluctuating asymmetry in Gudgeon
Posted on: 22/12/1999 04:14:00

Does anyone have information about fluctuating asymmetry in fishes, more particularly in the Gudgeon (Gobio gobio)? I also would like information about the 'DeLury'method. It's a depletion method, in which one tries to catch as many fishes as possible In each catch, the fishes are kept apart and are not released until the end of the last catch. This method leads to a depletion of the population number, which means that the number of fishes caught in each catch will decrease. This makes it possible to make a linear regression between number of fishes caught in each catch (Y-axis) and accumulated number of fishes caught in the previous catches (X-axis). Like this, one can make a population estimate by calculating the intercept with the X-axis. My question is : When one makes this estimate, how can he calculate the 95% confidence interval ? I haven't found any work in which this has been done. Regards, Alain
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5/1/2000 08:37:00
By : Daniel Pauly
Curd formation in canned salmon
Posted on: 21/12/1999 11:04:00

I was wondering if there is any information on curd formation in canned salmon and ways to reduce this occurrence? Thank you
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23/12/1999 17:04:00
By : E.Best
Tuna farming
Posted on: 20/12/1999 00:07:00

I would be very grateful for any information or literature reference concerning tuna farming (Northern Bluefin Tuna) and HACCP in tuna farming.
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3/1/2000 18:27:00
By : Mark Gluis
Welcome Message
Posted on: 16/12/1999 15:59:00

Dear all, Following a suggestion by FishBase users we opened this simple forum to provide a platform for information exchange on anything that has to do with fish. And here is my first request: We are in the process of assigning species to ocean provinces as defined by Longhurst (Longhurst areas). For this purpose we are looking for 'Checklists of Fishes' for the following islands: Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo (=St. Paul's Rock, off Brazil) Fernando de Noronha (off Brazil) Isla Trinidade (off Brazil) San Felix and San Ambrosio (off Chile) San Fernandez (off Chile) Ascension Island (South Atlantic) I. Martin Vaz (South Atlantic) Tristan da Cunha (South Atlantic) Thanks for any help! Rainer
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