List of Freshwater Fishes reported from Indonesia
n = 1257
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Table 1: 1243 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 4 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 10 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 1257 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table 1: 1243 species currently present in the country/island.
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Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Acanthopsoides gracilisnative   
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Acanthopsoides molobrionnative   
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Acanthopsoides robertsinative   
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Acantopsis dialuzonanative  Jeler 
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Acantopsis octoactinotosnative   
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius chlorostigmatoidesnative Greenspot goby Puntang 
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius moloanusnative Barcheek Amoya  
Siluriformes Akysidae Acrochordonichthys chamaeleonnative  Lakut 
Siluriformes Akysidae Acrochordonichthys guttatusnative   
Siluriformes Akysidae Acrochordonichthys ischnosomanative   
Siluriformes Akysidae Acrochordonichthys mahakamensisnative   
Siluriformes Akysidae Acrochordonichthys pachydermanative   
Siluriformes Akysidae Acrochordonichthys rugosusnative  Jogoripo 
Siluriformes Akysidae Acrochordonichthys strigosusnative   
Beloniformes Adrianichthyidae Adrianichthys kruytiendemic Duckbilled buntingi  
Beloniformes Adrianichthyidae Adrianichthys oophorusendemic Eggcarrying buntingi  
Beloniformes Adrianichthyidae Adrianichthys poptaeendemic Popta's buntingi  
Beloniformes Adrianichthyidae Adrianichthys roseniendemic  Rosen's buntingi 
Siluriformes Akysidae Akysis fontaneusnative   
Siluriformes Akysidae Akysis galeatusnative   
Siluriformes Akysidae Akysis heterurusnative   
Siluriformes Akysidae Akysis scorteusnative   
Siluriformes Akysidae Akysis variegatusnative  Bangon 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Albulichthys albuloidesnative   
Perciformes Eleotridae Allomogurnda nesolepisnative Yellowbelly gudgeon  
Perciformes Eleotridae Allomogurnda sampriceinative   
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis agrammusnative Sailfin glass perchlet  
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis interruptanative Long-spined glass perchlet Serinding 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis macracanthusnative Estuarine glass perchlet  
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis miopsnative Flag-tailed glass perchlet  
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis naluanative Scalloped perchlet Serinding 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis urotaenianative Banded-tail glassy perchlet Rek-rek merah 
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis vachelliinative Vachelli's glass perchlet  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Amblyrhynchichthys truncatusnative  Betet 
Perciformes Anabantidae Anabas testudineusnative Climbing perch Betok 
Perciformes Cichlidae Andinoacara latifronsintroduced Platinum acara  
Perciformes Cichlidae Andinoacara pulcherintroduced Blue acara  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Anematichthys repassonnative  Buin 
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla bengalensisnative Indian mottled eel  
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla bicolornative Indonesian shortfin eel  
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla borneensisnative   
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla celebesensisnative Celebes longfin eel Menguling 
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla malgumoranative Indonesian longfinned eel  
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla marmoratanative Giant mottled eel Moa kembang 
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla nebulosanative Mottled eel  
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla obscuranative Pacific shortfinned eel  
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla reinhardtiinative Speckled longfin eel  
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennarius biocellatusnative Brackishwater frogfish Brackish water anglerfish 
Cyprinodontiformes Aplocheilidae Aplocheilus panchaxnative Blue panchax Kepala timah 
Siluriformes Ariidae Arius microcephalusnative Squirrelheaded catfish  
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