Species in Sea of Japan/East Sea
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Acanthaphritis barbata Percophidae demersal 3.7 native
Acantholumpenus mackayi Pighead prickleback Stichaeidae demersal 3.1 native
Acanthopagrus schlegelii Blackhead seabream Sparidae demersal 3.2 native
Acanthopsetta nadeshnyi Scale-eye plaice Pleuronectidae demersal 3.3 native
Acentrogobius pflaumii Striped sandgoby Gobiidae demersal 3.1 native
Acipenser medirostris Green sturgeon Acipenseridae demersal 3.5 native
Acipenser mikadoi Sakhalin sturgeon Acipenseridae demersal 3.3 native
Acropoma japonicum Glowbelly Acropomatidae bathypelagic 3.3 native
Aetomylaeus nichofii Banded eagle ray Myliobatidae demersal 3.8 native
Agonomalus jordani Agonidae demersal 3.2 native
Agonomalus proboscidalis Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Albatrossia pectoralis Giant grenadier Macrouridae bathydemersal 4.3 native
Alcichthys elongatus Cottidae demersal 3.6 native
Alectrias alectrolophus Stone cockscomb Stichaeidae demersal 3.1 native
Alectrias benjamini Spiny cockscomb Stichaeidae demersal 2.7 native
Alectrias cirratus Ciliate cockscomb Stichaeidae demersal 2.7 native
Alectrias markevichi Stichaeidae pelagic-neritic 2.8 native
Alepes melanoptera Blackfin scad Carangidae pelagic-neritic 3.3 native
Alepes vari Herring scad Carangidae pelagic-neritic 3.7 native
Allocyttus folletti Oxeye oreo Oreosomatidae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Alopias vulpinus Thresher Alopiidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Amblychaeturichthys hexanema Gobiidae demersal 3.4 native
Amblychaeturichthys sciistius Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Ammodytes hexapterus Pacific sand lance Ammodytidae benthopelagic 3.1 native
Ammodytes personatus Pacific sandlance Ammodytidae demersal 3.1 native
Amphiprion frenatus Tomato clownfish Pomacentridae reef-associated 2.7 native
Anarhichas orientalis Bering wolffish Anarhichadidae demersal 3.8 native
Anarrhichthys ocellatus Wolf-eel Anarhichadidae demersal 3.5 native
Anisarchus medius Stout eelblenny Stichaeidae demersal 3.2 native
Anoplagonus occidentalis Agonidae demersal 3.2 native
Anoplopoma fimbria Sablefish Anoplopomatidae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Anoxypristis cuspidata Pointed sawfish Pristidae benthopelagic 4.5 native
Antennarius striatus Striated frogfish Antennariidae reef-associated 4.2 native
Antimora microlepis Finescale mora Moridae bathypelagic 3.5 native
Aptocyclus ventricosus Smooth lumpsucker Cyclopteridae benthopelagic 3.7 native
Arctoscopus japonicus Japanese sandfish Trichodontidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Arctozenus risso Spotted barracudina Paralepididae bathypelagic 3.9 native
Argyrocottus zanderi Cottidae demersal 3.3 native
Argyrosomus japonicus Japanese meagre Sciaenidae benthopelagic 4.5 native
Ariomma indicum Indian driftfish Ariommatidae benthopelagic 3.6 native
Ariosoma anago Silvery conger Congridae demersal 4.0 native
Arothron mappa Map puffer Tetraodontidae reef-associated 2.8 native
Artediellus aporosus Cottidae demersal 3.3 native
Artediellus fuscimentus Cottidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Artediellus miacanthus Cottidae demersal 3.3 native
Aseraggodes kobensis Soleidae demersal 3.5 native
Askoldia variegata Stichaeidae demersal 3.2 native
Aspasmichthys ciconiae Gobiesocidae demersal 3.2 native
Aspidophoroides monopterygius Alligatorfish Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Astrocottus regulus Cottidae demersal 3.2 native
Astronesthes fedorovi Stomiidae pelagic-oceanic 3.9 native
Atheresthes evermanni Kamchatka flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 4.3 native
Atrobucca nibe Blackmouth croaker Sciaenidae demersal 4.0 native
Atule mate Yellowtail scad Carangidae reef-associated 4.2 native
Aulacocephalus temminckii Goldribbon soapfish Serranidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Aulichthys japonicus Tubenose Hypoptychidae benthopelagic 3.0 native
Auxis rochei Bullet tuna Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.4 native
Auxis thazard Frigate tuna Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.4 native
Balistoides conspicillum Clown triggerfish Balistidae reef-associated 3.3 native
Bathycongrus retrotinctus Blackedge conger Congridae bathydemersal 3.9 native
Bathygobius fuscus Dusky frillgoby Gobiidae reef-associated 3.4 native
Bathymaster derjugini Bathymasteridae demersal 3.6 native
Bathymaster leurolepis Smallmouth ronquil Bathymasteridae demersal 3.6 native
Bathymaster signatus Searcher Bathymasteridae demersal 3.8 native
Bathyraja aleutica Aleutian skate Arhynchobatidae bathydemersal 4.1 native
Bathyraja interrupta Sandpaper skate Arhynchobatidae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Bathyraja isotrachys Raspback skate Arhynchobatidae bathydemersal 3.9 native
Bathyraja parmifera Alaska skate Arhynchobatidae demersal 4.2 native
Bathyraja smirnovi Golden skate Arhynchobatidae demersal 4.0 native
Bathyraja violacea Okhotsk skate Arhynchobatidae demersal 3.5 native
Bathytoshia brevicaudata Short-tail stingray Dasyatidae demersal 3.9 native
Bero elegans Cottidae demersal 3.4 native
Beryx decadactylus Alfonsino Berycidae bathydemersal 4.1 native
Bilabria ornata Zoarcidae demersal 3.3 native
Blepsias bilobus Crested sculpin Hemitripteridae demersal 4.1 native
Blepsias cirrhosus Silverspotted sculpin Hemitripteridae demersal 3.3 native
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris Great blue spotted mudskipper Gobiidae demersal 2.0 native
Bothragonus occidentalis Agonidae demersal 3.1 native
Bothrocara hollandi Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Bothus myriaster Indo-Pacific oval flounder Bothidae demersal 3.5 native
Brachyopsis segaliensis Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Brama japonica Pacific pomfret Bramidae pelagic-oceanic 4.4 native
Bryozoichthys lysimus Nutcracker prickleback Stichaeidae demersal 3.5 native
Callionymus lunatus Moon dragonet Callionymidae demersal 3.3 native
Callionymus valenciennei Valenciennes’ dragonet Callionymidae demersal 3.2 native
Calotomus japonicus Japanese parrotfish Scaridae reef-associated 2.0 native
Canthigaster rivulata Brown-lined puffer Tetraodontidae reef-associated 3.1 native
Carangoides equula Whitefin trevally Carangidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Carangoides hedlandensis Bumpnose trevally Carangidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Carcharhinus brachyurus Copper shark Carcharhinidae reef-associated 4.3 native
Carcharias taurus Sand tiger shark Odontaspididae reef-associated 4.5 native
Carcharodon carcharias Great white shark Lamnidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Careproctus acanthodes Liparidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Careproctus batialis Liparidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Careproctus colletti Alaska snailfish Liparidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Careproctus notosaikaiensis Notosaikai-bikunin Liparidae benthopelagic 3.2 native
Careproctus rastrinus Liparidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Careproctus segaliensis Liparidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Careproctus simus Liparidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Careproctus sinensis Liparidae bathydemersal 3.1 native
Careproctus trachysoma Liparidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Centropyge fisheri Orange angelfish Pomacanthidae reef-associated 2.8 native
Cephaloscyllium umbratile Blotchy swell shark Scyliorhinidae reef-associated 4.5 native
Cetorhinus maximus Basking shark Cetorhinidae pelagic-oceanic 3.2 native
Chaenogobius gulosus Gobiidae demersal 3.4 native
Chaetodon nippon Japanese butterflyfish Chaetodontidae reef-associated 3.1 native
Chaeturichthys jeoni Gobiidae demersal 3.5 native
Chaeturichthys stigmatias Branded goby Gobiidae demersal 3.8 native
Chascanopsetta lugubris Pelican flounder Bothidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Chauliodus macouni Pacific viperfish Stomiidae bathypelagic 4.5 native
Chelidonichthys kumu Bluefin gurnard Triglidae demersal 3.7 native
Chelidonichthys spinosus Spiny red gurnard Triglidae demersal 3.7 native
Chelidoperca hirundinacea Serranidae demersal 4.0 native
Chelidoperca tosaensis Red-spot perchlet Serranidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Chimaera phantasma Silver chimaera Chimaeridae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Chirolophis japonicus Stichaeidae benthopelagic 3.6 native
Chirolophis snyderi Bearded warbonnet Stichaeidae demersal 3.5 native
Citharoides macrolepidotus Branched ray flounder Citharidae demersal 3.5 native
Cleisthenes herzensteini Pleuronectidae demersal 3.4 native
Cleisthenes pinetorum Sôhachi Pleuronectidae demersal 3.4 native
Clidoderma asperrimum Roughscale sole Pleuronectidae demersal 3.8 native
Clupea pallasii pallasii Pacific herring Clupeidae pelagic-neritic 3.2 native
Cociella crocodilus Crocodile flathead Platycephalidae reef-associated 3.9 native
Coilia nasus Japanese grenadier anchovy Engraulidae pelagic-neritic 3.0 native
Conger erebennus Congridae demersal 4.1 native
Conger japonicus Beach conger Congridae demersal 4.0 native
Conger myriaster Whitespotted conger Congridae bathydemersal 4.0 native
Cookeolus japonicus Longfinned bullseye Priacanthidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Coryphaena hippurus Common dolphinfish Coryphaenidae pelagic-neritic 3.8 native
Coryphaenoides cinereus Popeye grenadier Macrouridae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Coryphaenoides microps Macrouridae bathypelagic 3.5 native
Cottiusculus gonez Cottidae demersal 3.3 native
Cottiusculus nihonkaiensis Cottidae demersal 3.3 native
Crystallias matsushimae Liparidae demersal 3.6 native
Cyclichthys orbicularis Birdbeak burrfish Diodontidae reef-associated 3.6 native
Cyclichthys spilostylus Spotbase burrfish Diodontidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Cyclopteropsis bergi Cyclopteridae demersal 3.3 native
Cyclopteropsis lindbergi Cyclopteridae demersal 3.3 native
Cynoglossus joyneri Red tonguesole Cynoglossidae demersal 4.3 native
Dasyatis multispinosa Multispine giant stingray Dasyatidae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Dasycottus setiger Spinyhead sculpin Psychrolutidae demersal 3.9 native
Davidijordania jordaniana Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Davidijordania yabei Zoarcidae benthopelagic 3.2 native
Decapterus kurroides Redtail scad Carangidae reef-associated 3.4 native
Decapterus macrosoma Shortfin scad Carangidae reef-associated 3.4 native
Dentex tumifrons Yellowback seabream Sparidae demersal 3.8 native
Dexistes rikuzenius Rikuzen flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.0 native
Dictyosoma burgeri Stichaeidae demersal 2.5 native
Diodon holocanthus Longspined porcupinefish Diodontidae reef-associated 3.8 native
Ditrema temminckii temminckii Embiotocidae demersal 3.7 native
Doederleinia berycoides Blackthroat seaperch Acropomatidae demersal 3.9 native
Dysomma anguillare Shortbelly eel Synaphobranchidae demersal 3.8 native
Eleginus gracilis Saffron cod Gadidae demersal 4.1 native
Eleutheronema rhadinum East Asian fourfinger threadfin Polynemidae pelagic-neritic 3.8 native
Embassichthys bathybius Deep-sea sole Pleuronectidae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Enchelycore pardalis Leopard moray eel Muraenidae reef-associated 4.5 native
Engraulis japonicus Japanese anchovy Engraulidae pelagic-neritic 3.1 native
Enophrys diceraus Antlered sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.8 native
Entosphenus tridentatus Pacific lamprey Petromyzontidae demersal 4.5 native
Eopsetta grigorjewi Shotted halibut Pleuronectidae demersal 3.5 native
Epinephelus akaara Hong Kong grouper Serranidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Epinephelus awoara Yellow grouper Serranidae reef-associated 3.6 native
Epinephelus bruneus Longtooth grouper Serranidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Epinephelus chlorostigma Brownspotted grouper Serranidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Epinephelus epistictus Dotted grouper Serranidae demersal 4.0 native
Epinephelus fasciatus Blacktip grouper Serranidae reef-associated 3.7 native
Epinephelus latifasciatus Striped grouper Serranidae demersal 4.0 native
Epinephelus merra Honeycomb grouper Serranidae reef-associated 3.7 questionable
Epinephelus poecilonotus Dot-dash grouper Serranidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Epinephelus quoyanus Longfin grouper Serranidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Epinephelus trimaculatus Threespot grouper Serranidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Eptatretus atami Brown hagfish Myxinidae bathydemersal 4.5 native
Eptatretus burgeri Inshore hagfish Myxinidae demersal 4.5 native
Erilepis zonifer Skilfish Anoplopomatidae bathydemersal 4.5 native
Erisphex pottii Aploactinidae demersal 4.1 native
Ernogrammus hexagrammus Six-lined prickleback Stichaeidae demersal 3.3 native
Ernogrammus zhirmunskii Seven-lined prickleback Stichaeidae demersal 3.2 native
Etelis coruscans Deepwater longtail red snapper Lutjanidae reef-associated 4.4 native
Etmopterus lucifer Blackbelly lanternshark Etmopteridae pelagic-oceanic 4.2 native
Etrumeus micropus Dussumieriidae pelagic-neritic 3.5 native
Eulophias tanneri Zoarcidae demersal 3.2 native
Eumicrotremus asperrimus Cyclopteridae demersal 3.3 native
Eumicrotremus orbis Pacific spiny lumpsucker Cyclopteridae demersal 3.2 native
Eumicrotremus pacificus Cyclopteridae demersal 3.3 native
Eumicrotremus taranetzi Cyclopteridae demersal 3.2 native
Eumicrotremus tartaricus Cyclopteridae demersal 3.3 native
Eurymen bassargini Psychrolutidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Eurymen gyrinus Smoothcheek sculpin Psychrolutidae demersal 3.5 native
Eviota masudai Masuda's dwarfgoby Gobiidae reef-associated 3.2 native
Exocoetus volitans Tropical two-wing flyingfish Exocoetidae pelagic-neritic 3.0 native
Freemanichthys thompsoni Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Gadus chalcogrammus Alaska pollock Gadidae benthopelagic 3.6 native
Gadus macrocephalus Pacific cod Gadidae demersal 3.8 native
Galeocerdo cuvier Tiger shark Carcharhinidae benthopelagic 4.6 native
Gasterosteus aculeatus Three-spined stickleback Gasterosteidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Gerres equulus Gerreidae demersal 3.0 native
Glossanodon semifasciatus Deep-sea smelt Argentinidae benthopelagic 3.1 native
Glossogobius olivaceus Gobiidae demersal 3.7 native
Glyptocephalus stelleri Blackfin flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.2 native
Gonorynchus abbreviatus Gonorynchidae demersal 2.2 native
Gymnelopsis ochotensis Zoarcidae demersal 3.3 native
Gymnocanthus detrisus Cottidae demersal 3.2 native
Gymnocanthus galeatus Armorhead sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.3 native
Gymnocanthus pistilliger Threaded sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.1 native
Gymnocranius griseus Grey large-eye bream Lethrinidae reef-associated 3.2 native
Gymnogobius heptacanthus Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Gymnogobius macrognathos Gobiidae demersal 3.2 endemic
Gymnogobius mororanus Gobiidae demersal 3.1 native
Gymnogobius opperiens Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Gymnogobius petschiliensis Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Gymnogobius taranetzi Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Gymnogobius urotaenia Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Gymnosarda unicolor Dogtooth tuna Scombridae reef-associated 4.5 native
Gymnura japonica Japanese butterflyray Gymnuridae demersal 3.8 native
Hadropogonichthys lindbergi Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Halaelurus buergeri Blackspotted catshark Scyliorhinidae demersal 4.3 native
Halichoeres tenuispinis Labridae reef-associated 3.5 native
Hapalogenys analis Broadbanded velvetchin Hapalogenyidae benthopelagic 4.1 native
Hapalogenys nigripinnis Short barbeled velvetchin Hapalogenyidae benthopelagic 4.0 native
Helicolenus hilgendorfii Sebastidae demersal 3.2 native
Hemilepidotus gilberti Gilbert's Irish Lord Cottidae demersal 3.6 native
Hemilepidotus jordani Yellow Irish lord Cottidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Hemilepidotus papilio Butterfly sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.5 native
Hemitriakis japanica Japanese topeshark Triakidae demersal 4.4 native
Hemitripterus villosus Hemitripteridae demersal 4.3 native
Hemitrygon akajei Whip stingray Dasyatidae demersal 3.8 native
Heterodontus japonicus Japanese bullhead shark Heterodontidae demersal 3.6 native
Heterodontus zebra Zebra bullhead shark Heterodontidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Heteromycteris japonicus Bamboo sole Soleidae demersal 3.4 native
Hexagrammos agrammus Spotty-bellied greenling Hexagrammidae demersal 3.3 native
Hexagrammos lagocephalus Rock greenling Hexagrammidae demersal 3.7 native
Hexagrammos octogrammus Masked greenling Hexagrammidae demersal 3.5 native
Hexagrammos otakii Fat grrenling Hexagrammidae demersal 3.8 native
Hexagrammos stelleri Whitespotted greenling Hexagrammidae demersal 3.3 native
Hippocampus coronatus Crowned seahorse Syngnathidae demersal 3.3 native
Hippoglossoides dubius Flathead flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.7 native
Hippoglossoides elassodon Flathead sole Pleuronectidae demersal 3.7 native
Hippoglossus stenolepis Pacific halibut Pleuronectidae demersal 4.1 native
Hoplobrotula armata Armoured cusk Ophidiidae bathydemersal 4.0 native
Huso dauricus Kaluga Acipenseridae demersal 4.5 native
Hyperoglyphe japonica Pacific barrelfish Centrolophidae benthopelagic 3.9 native
Hypoatherina tsurugae Atherinidae pelagic-neritic 3.4 native
Hypoatherina valenciennei Sumatran silverside Atherinidae pelagic-neritic 3.2 native
Hypomesus japonicus Osmeridae demersal 3.3 native
Hypoptychus dybowskii Korean sandlance Hypoptychidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Hyporhamphus sajori Japanese halfbeak Hemiramphidae pelagic-neritic 3.4 native
Hyporthodus octofasciatus Eightbar grouper Serranidae bathydemersal 4.0 native
Hyporthodus septemfasciatus Convict grouper Serranidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Hypsagonus corniger Agonidae demersal 3.2 native
Hypsagonus quadricornis Fourhorn poacher Agonidae demersal 3.2 native
Icelus cataphractus Cottidae demersal 3.6 native
Icelus gilberti Cottidae demersal 3.4 native
Icelus spiniger Thorny sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.6 native
Ichthyscopus sannio Spotcheck stargazer Uranoscopidae demersal 4.5 questionable
Ijimaia fowleri Ateleopodidae demersal 4.2 endemic
Ilisha elongata Elongate ilisha Pristigasteridae pelagic-neritic 3.8 native
Istigobius hoshinonis Gobiidae demersal 3.3 native
Istiompax indica Black marlin Istiophoridae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Istiophorus platypterus Indo-Pacific sailfish Istiophoridae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Isurus oxyrinchus Shortfin mako Lamnidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Kajikia audax Striped marlin Istiophoridae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Kareius bicoloratus Stone flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.7 native
Kasatkia memorabilis Stichaeidae demersal 3.1 native
Konosirus punctatus Dotted gizzard shad Clupeidae pelagic-neritic 2.9 native
Krusensterniella maculata Zoarcidae demersal 3.2 native
Krusensterniella notabilis Zoarcidae demersal 3.2 native
Kyphosus bigibbus Brown chub Kyphosidae reef-associated 2.0 native
Kyphosus vaigiensis Brassy chub Kyphosidae reef-associated 2.1 native
Lactoria cornuta Longhorn cowfish Ostraciidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Laemonema longipes Longfin codling Moridae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Lamna ditropis Salmon shark Lamnidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Lampris guttatus Opah Lampridae bathypelagic 4.2 native
Lateolabrax japonicus Japanese seabass Lateolabracidae reef-associated 3.1 native
Lepidopsetta bilineata Rock sole Pleuronectidae demersal 3.2 native
Lepidopsetta mochigarei Dusky sole Pleuronectidae demersal 3.2 native
Lepidotrigla abyssalis Triglidae demersal 3.1 native
Lepidotrigla guentheri Triglidae demersal 3.5 native
Leptoclinus maculatus Daubed shanny Stichaeidae demersal 3.3 native
Leptostichaeus pumilus Neck banded blenny Stichaeidae benthopelagic 3.1 native
Lethenteron camtschaticum Arctic lamprey Petromyzontidae demersal 4.5 native
Lethrinus genivittatus Longspine emperor Lethrinidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Leucopsarion petersii Ice goby Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Leuroglossus schmidti Northern smoothtongue Bathylagidae bathypelagic 3.4 native
Limanda aspera Yellowfin sole Pleuronectidae demersal 3.5 native
Limanda proboscidea Longhead dab Pleuronectidae demersal 3.1 native
Limanda punctatissima Pleuronectidae demersal 3.4 native
Liopropoma japonicum Serranidae demersal 3.7 native
Liopropoma latifasciatum Blackstripe basslet Serranidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Liopropoma maculatum Serranidae benthopelagic 3.7 native
Liopsetta pinnifasciata Far Eastern smooth flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.3 native
Liparis agassizii Liparidae demersal 3.7 native
Liparis brashnikovi Liparidae demersal 3.5 native
Liparis dubius Liparidae demersal 3.5 native
Liparis eos Liparidae demersal 3.4 native
Liparis frenatus Liparidae demersal 3.3 native
Liparis kusnetzovi Liparidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Liparis miostomus Liparidae demersal 3.4 native
Liparis ochotensis Liparidae demersal 3.4 native
Liparis owstoni Liparidae demersal 3.7 native
Liparis punctulatus Liparidae demersal 3.4 native
Liparis tanakae Tanaka's snailfish Liparidae demersal 4.3 native
Liparis tartaricus Liparidae demersal 3.3 native
Liparis tessellatus Liparidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Liparis tunicatiformis Liparidae demersal 3.6 native
Lobotes surinamensis Tripletail Lobotidae benthopelagic 4.0 native
Lophiomus setigerus Blackmouth angler Lophiidae demersal 4.0 native
Lophius litulon Yellow goosefish Lophiidae bathydemersal 4.1 native
Lubricogobius exiguus Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Luciogobius guttatus Flat-headed goby Gobiidae demersal 3.3 native
Lumpenella longirostris Longsnout prickleback Stichaeidae demersal 3.1 native
Lumpenopsis pavlenkoi Stichaeidae demersal 3.1 native
Lumpenopsis triocellata Stichaeidae demersal 3.1 native
Lumpenus fabricii Slender eelblenny Stichaeidae demersal 3.3 native
Lumpenus sagitta Snake prickleback Stichaeidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Lutjanus boutton Moluccan snapper Lutjanidae reef-associated 3.8 native
Lutjanus ophuysenii Spotstripe snapper Lutjanidae demersal 3.7 native
Lycenchelys hippopotamus Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Lycodes brunneofasciatus Tawnystripe eelpout Zoarcidae demersal 3.3 native
Lycodes diapterus Black eelpout Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Lycodes fasciatus Banded eelpout Zoarcidae demersal 3.4 native
Lycodes japonicus Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Lycodes macrolepis Zoarcidae demersal 3.5 native
Lycodes nishimurai Zoarcidae benthopelagic 3.4 native
Lycodes raridens Marbled eelpout Zoarcidae demersal 3.2 native
Lycodes sadoensis Zoarcidae demersal 3.5 native
Lycodes schmidti Zoarcidae demersal 3.4 native
Lycodes sigmatoides Zoarcidae demersal 3.6 native
Lycodes soldatovi Zoarcidae demersal 3.6 native
Lycodes tanakae Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.6 native
Lycodes teraoi Zoarcidae demersal 3.5 native
Lycodes toyamensis Zoarcidae demersal 3.5 native
Lycodes uschakovi Zoarcidae demersal 3.5 native
Lycodes yamatoi Zoarcidae demersal 3.5 native
Macropinna microstoma Barreleye Opisthoproctidae bathypelagic 3.6 native
Macroramphosus scolopax Longspine snipefish Centriscidae demersal 3.5 native
Magnisudis atlantica Duckbill barracudina Paralepididae pelagic-oceanic 4.1 native
Makaira mazara Indo-Pacific blue marlin Istiophoridae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Malacocottus zonurus Darkfin sculpin Psychrolutidae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Malakichthys wakiyae Acropomatidae pelagic-neritic 4.0 native
Mallotus villosus Capelin Osmeridae pelagic-oceanic 3.2 native
Matsubaraea fusiforme Percophidae demersal 3.2 native
Maurolicus muelleri Silvery lightfish Sternoptychidae bathypelagic 3.0 native
Megachasma pelagios Megamouth shark Megachasmidae pelagic-oceanic 3.4 native
Megalops cyprinoides Indo-Pacific tarpon Megalopidae benthopelagic 3.5 native
Microcottus sellaris Brightbelly sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.5 native
Microstomus achne Slime flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.4 native
Miichthys miiuy Mi-iuy croaker Sciaenidae demersal 3.5 native
Minous pusillus Dwarf stingfish Synanceiidae demersal 3.5 native
Monocentris japonica Pineconefish Monocentridae reef-associated 3.5 native
Muraenesox cinereus Daggertooth pike conger Muraenesocidae demersal 4.4 native
Mustelus griseus Spotless smooth-hound Triakidae demersal 3.5 native
Mustelus manazo Starspotted smooth-hound Triakidae demersal 3.7 native
Myliobatis tobijei Japanese eagle ray Myliobatidae demersal 3.5 native
Myoxocephalus brandtii Cottidae demersal 3.6 native
Myoxocephalus jaok Plain sculpin Cottidae demersal 4.1 native
Myoxocephalus niger Warthead sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.5 questionable
Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus Great sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.8 native
Myoxocephalus stelleri Steller's sculpin Cottidae reef-associated 3.7 native
Nansenia candida Bluethroat argentine Microstomatidae bathypelagic 3.3 native
Narke japonica Japanese sleeper ray Narkidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Nautichthys pribilovius Eyeshade sculpin Hemitripteridae demersal 3.6 native
Nectoliparis pelagicus Tadpole snailfish Liparidae bathypelagic 3.3 native
Nematalosa nasus Bloch's gizzard shad Clupeidae pelagic-neritic 2.2 native
Nemipterus virgatus Golden threadfin bream Nemipteridae demersal 4.0 native
Nemipterus zysron Slender threadfin bream Nemipteridae demersal 3.5 native
Neoclinus nudiceps Chaenopsidae demersal 2.7 native
Neoditrema ransonnetii Embiotocidae demersal 3.4 native
Neozoarces pulcher Tape blenny Zoarcidae demersal 3.3 native
Neozoarces steindachneri Zoarcidae demersal 3.3 native
Notacanthus chemnitzii Snubnosed spiny eel Notacanthidae benthopelagic 3.5 native
Notorynchus cepedianus Broadnose sevengill shark Hexanchidae demersal 4.7 native
Obliquogobius yamadai Gobiidae demersal 3.3 native
Occella dodecaedron Bering poacher Agonidae demersal 3.2 native
Occella kuronumai Agonidae demersal 3.2 native
Ocynectes maschalis Cottidae demersal 3.3 native
Okamejei kenojei Ocellate spot skate Rajidae demersal 3.4 native
Omobranchus elegans Blenniidae demersal 2.0 native
Omobranchus punctatus Muzzled blenny Blenniidae benthopelagic 2.5 native
Oncorhynchus gorbuscha Pink salmon Salmonidae demersal 4.5 native
Oncorhynchus keta Chum salmon Salmonidae benthopelagic 3.7 native
Oncorhynchus kisutch Coho salmon Salmonidae demersal 4.2 native
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Chinook salmon Salmonidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Onigocia macrolepis Notched flathead Platycephalidae demersal 3.6 native
Opisthocentrus ocellatus Ocellated blenny Stichaeidae demersal 3.2 native
Opisthocentrus tenuis Stichaeidae demersal 3.2 native
Oplegnathus fasciatus Barred knifejaw Oplegnathidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Oplegnathus punctatus Spotted knifejaw Oplegnathidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Orectolobus japonicus Japanese wobbegong Orectolobidae demersal 3.8 native
Osmerus dentex Pacific rainbow smelt Osmeridae pelagic-neritic 3.5 native
Osmerus mordax Rainbow smelt Osmeridae pelagic-oceanic 3.5 native
Ostichthys japonicus Japanese soldierfish Holocentridae reef-associated 4.0 native
Pagrus major Red seabream Sparidae demersal 4.5 native
Pallasina barbata Tubenose poacher Agonidae demersal 3.2 native
Pampus echinogaster Stromateidae benthopelagic 3.5 native
Parablennius yatabei Blenniidae demersal 2.0 native
Parahucho perryi Japanese huchen Salmonidae benthopelagic 4.5 native
Paralichthys olivaceus Bastard halibut Paralichthyidae demersal 4.5 native
Parapercis sexfasciata Grub fish Pinguipedidae demersal 3.4 native
Paraplagusia japonica Black cow-tongue Cynoglossidae demersal 3.2 native
Parapristipoma trilineatum Chicken grunt Haemulidae benthopelagic 3.4 native
Pennahia argentata Silver croaker Sciaenidae benthopelagic 4.1 native
Percis japonica Dragon poacher Agonidae bathydemersal 3.1 native
Peristedion orientale Peristediidae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Pholidapus dybowskii Stichaeidae demersal 3.2 native
Pholis fasciata Banded gunnel Pholidae demersal 3.3 native
Pholis nea Pholidae demersal 3.2 native
Pholis picta Pholidae demersal 3.3 native
Planiliza haematocheila So-iuy mullet Mugilidae pelagic-neritic 2.5 native
Platichthys stellatus Starry flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.6 native
Platycephalus indicus Bartail flathead Platycephalidae reef-associated 3.6 native
Platyrhina tangi Yellow-spotted fanray Platyrhinidae pelagic-neritic 3.6 native
Plecoglossus altivelis Ayu sweetfish Plecoglossidae demersal 2.8 native
Pleurogrammus azonus Okhotsk atka mackerel Hexagrammidae demersal 3.6 native
Pleurogrammus monopterygius Atka mackerel Hexagrammidae demersal 3.6 native
Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus Alaska plaice Pleuronectidae bathydemersal 3.6 native
Pleuronichthys cornutus Ridged-eye flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.2 native
Plotosus lineatus Striped eel catfish Plotosidae reef-associated 3.6 native
Podothecus hamlini Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Podothecus sachi Snail-fin poacher Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Podothecus sturioides Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Podothecus veternus Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Poecilopsetta plinthus Tile-colored righteye flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.5 native
Pontinus macrocephalus Large-headed scorpionfish Scorpaenidae demersal 3.6 native
Porocottus allisi Cottidae demersal 3.3 native
Priacanthus macracanthus Red bigeye Priacanthidae reef-associated 4.1 native
Priolepis boreus Gobiidae reef-associated 3.1 native
Prionace glauca Blue shark Carcharhinidae pelagic-oceanic 4.3 native
Prionurus scalprum Scalpel sawtail Acanthuridae reef-associated 2.0 native
Pristiophorus japonicus Japanese sawshark Pristiophoridae demersal 3.8 native
Proscyllium habereri Graceful catshark Proscylliidae demersal 4.1 native
Pseudaesopia japonica Wavyband sole Soleidae demersal 3.4 native
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus Yellowmargin triggerfish Balistidae reef-associated 2.8 native
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai Crocodile shark Pseudocarchariidae pelagic-oceanic 4.2 native
Pseudolabrus japonicus Labridae reef-associated 3.1 questionable
Pseudopleuronectes herzensteini Yellow striped flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.5 native
Pseudopleuronectes obscurus Pleuronectidae demersal 3.5 native
Pseudopleuronectes schrenki Cresthead flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.5 native
Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae Marbled flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.3 native
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus Fivespot flounder Paralichthyidae demersal 4.0 native
Psychrolutes paradoxus Tadpole sculpin Psychrolutidae demersal 3.2 native
Psychrolutes phrictus Blob sculpin Psychrolutidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Pteroidichthys noronhai Noronha’s scorpionfish Scorpaenidae demersal 3.4 native
Pterois volitans Red lionfish Scorpaenidae reef-associated 4.3 native
Ptilichthys goodei Quillfish Ptilichthyidae demersal 3.5 native
Rachycentron canadum Cobia Rachycentridae reef-associated 3.8 native
Radulinopsis derjavini Cottidae demersal 3.2 native
Radulinopsis taranetzi Cottidae demersal 3.2 native
Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Greenland halibut Pleuronectidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Rhamphocottus richardsonii Grunt sculpin Rhamphocottidae demersal 3.4 native
Rhina ancylostoma Bowmouth guitarfish Rhinidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Rhincodon typus Whale shark Rhincodontidae pelagic-oceanic 3.5 native
Rhinobatos hynnicephalus Angel fish Rhinobatidae demersal 3.5 native
Rhinobatos schlegelii Brown guitarfish Rhinobatidae demersal 3.5 native
Rhinogobius giurinus Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Rhinoraja longicauda White-bellied softnose skate Arhynchobatidae bathydemersal 3.9 native
Rhodymenichthys dolichogaster Stippled gunnel Pholidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Rudarius ercodes Whitespotted pygmy filefish Monacanthidae reef-associated 3.1 native
Salangichthys microdon Japanese icefish Salangidae demersal 3.7 native
Salanx ariakensis Salangidae demersal 2.8 native
Salvelinus curilus Salmonidae benthopelagic 3.9 native
Salvelinus leucomaenis Whitespotted char Salmonidae benthopelagic 4.3 native
Salvelinus malma Dolly varden Salmonidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Sardinella zunasi Japanese sardinella Clupeidae pelagic-neritic 3.2 native
Sardinops sagax South American pilchard Clupeidae pelagic-neritic 2.8 native
Sarritor frenatus Sawback poacher Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Sarritor knipowitschi Agonidae demersal 3.2 native
Sarritor leptorhynchus Longnose poacher Agonidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Saurida umeyoshii Synodontidae pelagic-neritic 4.3 native
Saurida undosquamis Brushtooth lizardfish Synodontidae reef-associated 4.5 questionable
Scolecenchelys fuscogularis Dark throat worm eel Ophichthidae benthopelagic 4.0 native
Scomber australasicus Blue mackerel Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.2 native
Scomber japonicus Chub mackerel Scombridae pelagic-neritic 3.4 native
Scomberomorus commerson Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.5 native
Scomberomorus koreanus Korean seerfish Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.2 native
Scomberomorus niphonius Japanese Spanish mackerel Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.5 native
Scomberomorus sinensis Chinese seerfish Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.5 native
Scorpaena miostoma Scorpaenidae demersal 3.6 native
Scorpaena onaria Western scorpionfish Scorpaenidae benthopelagic 3.7 native
Scorpaenopsis diabolus False stonefish Scorpaenidae reef-associated 4.2 native
Scyliorhinus torazame Cloudy catshark Scyliorhinidae demersal 3.9 native
Sebastes aleutianus Rougheye rockfish Sebastidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Sebastes alutus Pacific ocean perch Sebastidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Sebastes borealis Shortraker rockfish Sebastidae bathydemersal 4.3 native
Sebastes glaucus Gray rockfish Sebastidae demersal 3.8 native
Sebastes ijimae Sebastidae demersal 3.8 native
Sebastes inermis Sebastidae demersal 4.0 native
Sebastes joyneri Sebastidae demersal 3.8 native
Sebastes longispinis Sebastidae demersal 3.5 native
Sebastes matsubarai Sebastidae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Sebastes minor Sebastidae demersal 3.5 native
Sebastes oblongus Sebastidae demersal 3.7 native
Sebastes owstoni Sebastidae bathydemersal 3.6 native
Sebastes pachycephalus Sebastidae demersal 3.7 native
Sebastes schlegelii Korean rockfish Sebastidae demersal 3.8 native
Sebastes taczanowskii Sebastidae demersal 3.7 native
Sebastes thompsoni Sebastidae demersal 3.7 native
Sebastes trivittatus Sebastidae demersal 3.8 native
Sebastes vulpes Sebastidae demersal 4.3 native
Sebastiscus albofasciatus Sebastidae demersal 3.6 native
Sebastiscus marmoratus False kelpfish Sebastidae demersal 3.7 native
Sebastiscus tertius Sebastidae demersal 3.8 native
Sebastolobus alascanus Shortspine thornyhead Sebastidae demersal 3.6 native
Sebastolobus macrochir Broadbanded thornyhead Sebastidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Semicossyphus reticulatus Labridae demersal 3.5 native
Seriola lalandi Yellowtail amberjack Carangidae benthopelagic 4.2 native
Seriola quinqueradiata Japanese amberjack Carangidae demersal 4.0 native
Seriolina nigrofasciata Blackbanded trevally Carangidae reef-associated 4.2 native
Setipinna tenuifilis Common hairfin anchovy Engraulidae pelagic-neritic 3.6 native
Siganus fuscescens Mottled spinefoot Siganidae reef-associated 2.0 native
Sillago japonica Japanese sillago Sillaginidae demersal 3.5 native
Sillago sihama Silver sillago Sillaginidae reef-associated 3.3 native
Soldatovia polyactocephala Stichaeidae demersal 3.6 native
Somniosus pacificus Pacific sleeper shark Somniosidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Sphyraena japonica Japanese barracuda Sphyraenidae pelagic-neritic 4.2 native
Sphyraena pinguis Red barracuda Sphyraenidae pelagic-neritic 4.5 native
Sphyrna zygaena Smooth hammerhead Sphyrnidae pelagic-oceanic 4.9 native
Squalogadus modificatus Tadpole whiptail Macrouridae bathypelagic 3.5 native
Squalus japonicus Japanese spurdog Squalidae bathydemersal 4.3 native
Squalus megalops Shortnose spurdog Squalidae demersal 4.3 questionable
Squalus mitsukurii Shortspine spurdog Squalidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Squalus suckleyi Pacific spiny dogfish Squalidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Squatina japonica Japanese angelshark Squatinidae demersal 3.5 native
Squatina nebulosa Clouded angelshark Squatinidae demersal 4.1 native
Stenobrachius leucopsarus Northern lampfish Myctophidae bathypelagic 3.2 native
Stephanolepis cirrhifer Threadsail filefish Monacanthidae demersal 2.8 native
Stichaeopsis epallax Stichaeidae demersal 3.2 native
Stichaeopsis nana Stichaeidae demersal 3.2 native
Stichaeopsis nevelskoi Stichaeidae demersal 3.1 native
Stichaeus fuscus Stichaeidae demersal 3.3 native
Stichaeus grigorjewi Stichaeidae bathydemersal 4.4 native
Stichaeus nozawae Stichaeidae demersal 3.8 native
Stichaeus punctatus pulcherrimus Stichaeidae demersal 3.7 native
Stichaeus punctatus punctatus Arctic shanny Stichaeidae demersal 3.1 native
Strongylura anastomella Belonidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Suezichthys gracilis Slender wrasse Labridae reef-associated 3.3 native
Suruga fundicola Gobiidae demersal 3.3 native
Synodus fuscus Synodontidae demersal 4.0 native
Synodus kaianus Gunther's lizardfish Synodontidae demersal 4.3 native
Synodus macrops Triplecross lizardfish Synodontidae demersal 4.0 native
Takifugu exascurus Tetraodontidae demersal 3.3 native
Takifugu pardalis Tetraodontidae demersal 3.3 native
Takifugu poecilonotus Tetraodontidae demersal 3.2 native
Takifugu porphyreus Tetraodontidae demersal 3.4 native
Takifugu rubripes Japanese pufferfish Tetraodontidae demersal 3.6 native
Takifugu vermicularis Purple puffer Tetraodontidae demersal 3.3 native
Takifugu xanthopterus Yellowfin pufferfish Tetraodontidae demersal 3.4 native
Tanakius kitaharae Willowy flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.2 native
Taurocottus bergii Cottidae demersal 3.5 native
Tentoriceps cristatus Crested hairtail Trichiuridae benthopelagic 4.2 native
Tetrapturus angustirostris Shortbill spearfish Istiophoridae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Thunnus orientalis Pacific bluefin tuna Scombridae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Thymallus flavomaculatus Yellow-spotted grayling Salmonidae benthopelagic 3.2 native
Tilesina gibbosa Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Trachonurus villosus Furry whiptail Macrouridae bathypelagic 3.6 native
Trachurus japonicus Japanese jack mackerel Carangidae pelagic-neritic 3.4 native
Trachyrhamphus serratus Syngnathidae reef-associated 3.7 native
Triacanthodes anomalus Triacanthodidae demersal 4.2 native
Triakis scyllium Banded houndshark Triakidae demersal 3.8 native
Tribolodon brandtii Pacific redfin Cyprinidae demersal 2.8 native
Trichiurus lepturus Largehead hairtail Trichiuridae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Trichocottus brashnikovi Hairhead sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.5 native
Tridentiger barbatus Shokihaze goby Gobiidae demersal 3.4 native
Tridentiger brevispinis Gobiidae demersal 3.3 native
Tridentiger trigonocephalus Chameleon goby Gobiidae demersal 3.3 native
Triglops jordani Jordan's sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.3 native
Triglops pingelii Ribbed sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.4 native
Triglops scepticus Spectacled sculpin Cottidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Triso dermopterus Oval grouper Serranidae demersal 3.4 native
Upeneus japonicus Japanese goatfish Mullidae reef-associated 3.6 native
Uranoscopus bicinctus Marbled stargazer Uranoscopidae reef-associated 4.1 native
Uranoscopus japonicus Uranoscopidae bathydemersal 4.0 native
Urocampus nanus Barbed pipefish Syngnathidae demersal 3.3 native
Urolophus aurantiacus Sepia stingray Urolophidae demersal 3.5 native
Vellitor centropomus Cottidae demersal 3.5 native
Verasper moseri Barfin flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.5 native
Verasper variegatus Spotted halibut Pleuronectidae demersal 3.5 native
Xenocephalus elongatus Uranoscopidae bathypelagic 4.3 native
Xenolumpenus longipterus Stichaeidae benthopelagic 3.2 native
Xiphias gladius Swordfish Xiphiidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Zaprora silenus Prowfish Zaproridae demersal 3.7 native
Zenopsis nebulosa Mirror dory Zeidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Zeus faber John dory Zeidae benthopelagic 4.5 native
Zoarces gillii Zoarcidae demersal 3.5 native
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