Invasive Cichlid ID
Description : Hey guys I caught over a dozen of these cichlids in the Ross River, North Queensland, Australia and was trying to figure out what species it belonged too. They were all caught on pieces of bread. My research so far only suggests there are about 20 invasive species that are known to occur in that river but I can't seem to find a good list.

Characteristics: Males had a "bumphead" and rusty red colored breast. They all had 5-6 darker faded vertical bars, darker brown to almost purple or black coloration, some had a darker spot on caudal peduncle, all had red eyes, and a more pointed snout then most cichlids. Dorsal, anal, and pectoral relatively large with a small "thread" like protrusion near the back of the dorsal.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
By : Sean Wilms
Date/time : 21/10/2018 09:03:31
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