Spotted puffer fish care
Description : Needless to say I was making breakfast this morning which consisted of eggs and I usually keep the shells to make plant food for my plants. And sometimes I use them as straight compost. I had just fed my little puffer Freddy, as I call him, before I started making breakfast and i know he needs hard foods on occasion for his teeth. So long story short can you feed puffer fish egg shells? Like if I wash it can I just put a big ol piece in there and let him gnaw on it haha or is that just like the silliest, half asleep, just woke up question i could think of. I mean I don't feel like it would be bad but I don't know if eggshells contain anything that could be harmfull to my little chunky man.
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Date/time : 09/04/2018 03:52:44
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