need identification of Indonesian fish, possibly a Gymnocranius species
Description : I'm a linguist, but I've gotten into fish identification because of work on a dictionary for an indigenous language of Indonesia.
The uploaded picture was taken at a fish market on Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. It seems to be most similar to the underdescribed "Gymnocranius sp." under the name "blacknape large-eye bream" in an FAO publication. However, instead of scales of the back having a "prominent basal blackish spot" the scales appear instead to have a blackish margin, while scales on the side below the lateral line have a yellow margin. Also, according to FAO this species not recorded from Sulawesi.
I would appreciate any help in further identifying this fish.

By : David Mead
Date/time : 24/10/2015 05:16:04
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