Picture-set:2and3: Please help to identify attached fishes for kids education
Description : Dear Knowledgeable Forum Members,
This is continuation of my earlier post, I am working on a kids project, request you to provide exact correct name for attached fish. Accurate information would be very helpful as this is used for kids education.
By : Venky
Date/time : 17/07/2015 07:39:08
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Date/Time : 20/07/2015 20:11:12
Pete Liptrot
I'll just give common names, you should be able to use Fishbase to find the scientific names based on these.
1 Masked Puffer
2 Raccoon Butterflyfish
3 Yellow Boxfish
4 Wels
5 Ruffe
6 Perch
7 Oscar
8 Sturgeon (could be several species, not looked closer)
9 Pike
10 White Sea Bream
11Snapper, there are a few with the elongated spot.
12 Barracudina
13 Sohal Tang/Sohal Surgeonfish
14 Moray Eel, could be one of several
15 Bleak
16 Zander Could be another species in the genus)
17 Clownfish/Anemonefish
18 Stingray (could be one of several species)
19 Squirrelfish " " " " "
20 Halfmoon Angelfish
21 Goby (could be one of many)
22 Crayfish
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