Looking for participants in online fisherman's study
Description : Hi, I am a student from the University of Costa Rica and the University of Amsterdam. I am currently conducting a study on fishermen and the development of fishing practices. I am looking for participants to fill in a short questionaire about their fiishing activities. I would love it if one of you would be able to fill in my questionnaire for me.
I have the questionnaire in English, French, and Spanish. Please feel free to email me on [email protected] with the filled out form. This research is truly invaluable (at least in my opnion) and anyone that is willing to fill out my questionnaire would be of tremendous help.
Many thanks.
Megan Clay.
By : Megan Clay
Date/time : 28/05/2015 03:58:35
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Date/Time : 28/05/2015 04:36:55
Megan Clay
Hi, Here are the questions, fishbase won't let me upload the questionanaire in doc format.
The study aims to compare, contrast, and explore different types of fishing and how fishing activities have evolved throughout the past decades. It aims to take into account not only the development and struggles of fishing, but also will take a look at Traditional Ecological Knowledge, the socio-cultural importance of fishing, and the emotional and recreational aspects of fishing. The perspective of the study is at this point extremely broad, but will be shaped by the answers of the fishermen sampled.
Please note that your responses may be used in a research project led by Megan Clay, from the University of Costa Rica’s faculty of biology, and the University of Amsterdam’s University College. If you wish to remain anonymous or choose to not respond to any of the questions, that is of course entirely up to you. Please return the questionnaire, and if possible, any personal photos of your fishing activities (that may be used in the project, we will conserve the all copyrights or watermarks) to Megan Clay ([email protected]). Feel free to develop your answers as much as you wish, all information and traditional/local knowledge is very precious to our study. Many thanks.


Date of birth:

Nationality and country/region of residence:

Type of fishing practiced (sport, recreational, artisanal commercial, industrial commercial, etc.):

How long have you been fishing for?

In what kind of waters do you fish in (freshwater lakes, rivers, estuaries, coast, open sea, etc.)/

What type of fishing equipment (boat, lines, nets, etc.) and techniques do you use?

What species or types of fish/crustaceans do you aim to capture?

Have you noticed much change in the techniques and equipment used during your time as a fisherman?

Have you noticed much change in the amount of catch available over your time as a fisherman? If so, please explain in your opinion why this is?

Do you think that your activities as a fisherman have a significant effect on the ecosystem in which you fish (variation in the abundance and diversity of fish, or a change in the associated flora or fauna)?

Please feel free to impart any information concerning the change in fisheries in your area (be it through laws, industry, environmental degradation, or a social or cultural perspective… or anything else you see as being of interest):

Does fishing have a social, cultural (traditional, or spiritual) and/or financial significance for ou and/or your community (please feel free to develop your answer)?

What has been your favourite memory or experience related to fishing? Can you tell us about a personal situation or anecdote that was emotional/exciting/frightening related to your fishing activities (feel free to develop your answer)?

If you have any additional comments, information that you would like to share, or stories about fishing, please write them here:

Thank you so much for your time. Best wishes,
Megan Clay
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