need identification please; terapon jarbua?
Description : I encountered this fish while snorkeling in the Red Sea, Egypt,about halfway between Hurghada and Marsa Alam.

It was in shallow water over the reef top close to the rocky beach, the underground was rock/sand (no corals). It was not shy at all, and there were several of them.

My identification books fail me on thisone. The best I could come up with, reinforced by my findings in the fishfinder on this site, is that it is some sort of terapon, maybe terapon jarbua. Except, as you can see in the picture, the fins are in a very pronounced brown to downright yellow color, while the pics in FishBase seem to suggest a much darker coloration of the markings for this fish.

Maybe a juvenile form? It wasnt too small (compare the Sergeant barely visible in the lower left of pic.).

Thank you for your help!
By : M.Hofbauer
Email : No email
Date/time : 21/10/2004 06:49:00
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