Chocolate with cherry red lips reef fish
Description : Some years ago i was fishing for red snapper off a party boat about 50 miles off galveston, TX.

Bringing up my line after I had a hit I found a small reef fish had gotten the barb of my gold snapper hook in his mouth(not hooked but jammed head first).

The fish was 1-1/2 - 2 inches long,compressed cylindrical with a completely milk to slightly darker chocolate color except for its lips which were completely cherry red lips.

I decided to release it as I thought it might be very rare and I didn't want to be the one to cause its species to become extinct.

However over the years I have tried to find it in various books on Gulf of mexico fishes and have never found anything resembling it.

I am pretty sure it was not a goby. I remember its dorsal fin as having many rays but I did not count them.

Is there any way to search by picture on this web site?

Yesterday I met someone attending the Zoo and Aquarium conference here in New orleans who told me about this site.

Any ideas anyone as to this fish's identity?

By : Les Evenchick
Date/time : 21/9/2004 14:22:00
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