Need help with names of fish on Singapore Stamps
Description : I am the ichthyology editor for a stamp collecting journal of the American Topical Association. I am trying to identify the fish on a set of stamps issued by Singapore with the following common names (In Malay). I found two of them in FishBase (see end of list). Any help would be appreciated.

Iban tenggiri papan
Ikan kertang
Ikan kakatua
Ikan bambangan
Ikan parang
Ikan buntai pisang
Ikan ketang
Pari hitam

Telinga gajah =Orbicular batfish =Platax orbicularis of the family EPHIPPIDAE

Ikan babi = Bluering angelfish = Pomacanthus annularis in the family POMACANTHIDAE
By : Kris Lindstrom
Date/time : 12/7/2004 18:52:00
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