Can Bettas and Guppies live together
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Can bettas and Guppies live together?

Will the bettas hinder the reproduction of the Guppies?

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Tank Stats
Size of Tank (Gallons / Litres): 10 gallon
Running for how long: 2 months

Water Params
Temp: 74-76
pH: 7.0-7.2
Ammonia (ppm): 0
NitrIte (ppm): 0
NitrAte (ppm): .5
Water-change Schedule: every day-every second day
Water-change Amount: 2-5%
Any Water Additives: chorline eliminator

What fish are in the tank, length, age, etc.
3 female Bettas [2 inches]
3 Guppies [1 inch each]
male betta [2.5 inches]
By : BlackGuppy
Email : No email
Date/time : 5/4/2004 03:49:00
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