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Topics for 2005
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Fish that stands on its tail
Posted on: 29/12/2005 20:36:00

I have sailed from Hong Kong to the Philippines many times in April and May and have regularly seen a particular type of fish whose name I would really like to know. It is a long slender fish of about 30 to 40 cm in length which propels itself on the surface of the water in an almost vertical position. The whole fiish is out of the water. To do this it wiggles its tail rapidly and moves quite fast. Presumably it uses this strange method to escape preditors. Does anyone know what this fish is called?
2459 1 0 You could be s...
8/1/2006 03:25:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 28/12/2005

Fish Base is a great tool, that help us in knowing fishes. Thank you very much! I would like to contribute to Fish Base with photos. How can I do? Sincerally Santiago
857 0 0 No reply
Rainbow Trout
Posted on: 26/12/2005 12:09:00

Question in crossword. Serra Nevada Mountains original habitat of Rainbow Trout Six letters S-A-T- Can anyone help please. Please reply by email thank you.
863 1 0 I think the an...
12/1/2006 20:42:00
By : Jimmy Roarty
Distichodus rostratus
Posted on: 26/12/2005 04:42:00

cheking all informations about that fish
842 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 22/12/2005 12:49:00

i would like to know if anyone have ref. of the maturity (length of first maturation) of the following species: 1- Pomatoschistus pictus 2- Pomatoschistus marmoratus 3-Syngnathus acus 4- Syngnathus abaster
831 0 0 No reply
Bathygobius soporator
Posted on: 22/12/2005 02:40:00

j 'aimerais savoir si le signalement de Bathygobius soporator sur le côte algérienne a été cnfirmé ou pas à bientot
775 0 0 No reply
Aquaculture System in Indonesia
Posted on: 21/12/2005 18:51:00

Indonesia has many sea resources, but because Indonesia doesn't has good technology so many people In Indonesia using aquaculture system. But some people In Indonesia still poor of knowledge about how to use the good system in aquaculture. So, how to handle this problem????????????
784 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/12/2005

Is there any information on the grouper Epinephelus timoriensis? Be grateful if someone could provide some info like its distribution, description, diet, niche, preferred habitat, and how its caught. Vinaka vakalevu
789 3 0 Well, thank yo...
29/12/2005 11:14:00
By : Eugene
list of Marine Fishes for Algeria
Posted on: 19/12/2005 05:42:00

Bonjour En comparant ce listing avec le "Catalogue des poissons des côtes algériennes" de M Dieuzeide et "Poissons des côtes algériennes" de M Djabali , j' arrive à la conclusion suivante :environ 70 espèces ne sont pas mentionnées, ce qui est important et j' aimerais savoir comment completer ce listing à bientot
801 0 0 No reply
Any Id what this is
Posted on: 18/12/2005 18:54:00

No information on where it is from.
778 0 1 No reply
Posted on: 18/12/2005 00:34:00

I have 3 Gnathochromis permaxillaris they were all find but suddenly is stopped eating,dark colar,flat belly,good reflex but erratic swimming. I am a fish lover and i spend a lot of money for them to be healthy. fish was placed on hospital tank and sulfonamine dont work,melafix and primafix dot worked,fungus cure not worked,salt,epson salt dont work.please help my fish. Thank you:carlos
884 1 0 You might want...
23/12/2005 03:40:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 17/12/2005 14:51:00

Bonjour, Dans la famille des Myxinidae si je coche "Famille info" j'obtient une fiche ou est précisée 67 espéces, alors que si je coche "Tous les poissons" j'obtient une liste de 70 espéces ?
815 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 16/12/2005

Uno de los objetivos mas importantes de una investigacion, en este caso pesquera & marina debe ser la difusion de sus resultados, cualquiera que sean, puesto que de esta manera se esta constribuyendo a entender y a buscar soluciones de los grandes problemas que enfrenta el ambiente marino, como la sobreexplotacion de sus recursos, contaminacion etc. Es por todo esto que debo extender mis mas cinceras felicitaciones a quienes integran este grupo de trabajo que nos permiten facilitarnos la informacion mas variada de un gran numero de especies marinas, sigan adelante que de seguro creceran y cosecharan los frutos deseados.
812 0 0 No reply
Strange odour coming from new Tank Set-up
Posted on: 11/12/2005 10:57:00

HELP... I've just finished setting up a 32 gal. tank with 5 Yellow Labs. I used tap water with 1 drop of conditioner for each gallon. The decor consists of a hunk of Malaysian Drift wood in one corner and about 7 caves comprised of mostly Sandstone, some Obsidian, Peridodite and Serpentine. I've noticed now a musty pungent (sulfurous)smell in the entire study room...and upon opening the canopy lid to the tank, the smell is much worse. ...Is there a reaction occuring between the wood and the Peridodite? I have never used Peridodite or Serpentine before in tanks. Are my fish in danger? (they appear to be pecking alot on the Peridodite which has a fault line running through it.... Also, HOW DO I DIFFERENTIATE THE SEXES? I've checked for rounded fins, darker ventrals, etc. but still uncertain ... (FIND PIC attached) - THANX for reading this novel.... - RW
965 2 1 To me your fis...
12/12/2005 02:43:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Old Lake Tanganyika Monographs
Posted on: 8/12/2005 15:00:00

For everyone's interest, there are a number of Boulenger's original Lake Tanganyika monographs published in Trans. Zool. Soc. Lond. between 1899 and 1906 for sale on eBay as at today's date (December 8th, 2005) ending Sunday December 18th which include many original species descriptions (and lots of nice lithographs). Also a copy of Poll's Poissons non-Cichlidae. Type "Lake Tanganyika" into the eBay search bar to find them.
1097 0 0 No reply
Whale Slaughter in Your Shopping Cart?
Posted on: 2/12/2005 10:21:00

I grew up watching the Gorton's fisherman commercials, and listening to the jingle, "Trust the Gorton's fisherman." You don't even want to know how many fish sticks I ate during my childhood. But today, I know I CAN'T trust the Gorton's fisherman, because he's been supporting whale slaughter since 2001. Gorton's of Gloucester is now a wholly owned subsidiary of a Japanese whaling company. Each year, Gorton's parent company kills hundreds of whales in the name of "scientific research," thanks to a loophole in the international ban on commercial whaling. In just the last 4 years they have killed more than 2700 whales. This year it has announced plans to double the number of whales it kills, including the endangered fin whale, and next year it plans to slaughter endangered humpback whales too. Take Action! Tell Gorton's to reel in its Japanese parent company and help put an end to whale slaughter. Greenpeace and the Humane Society have teamed up to urge Gorton's to use their influence to put an end to Japanese whaling. The international community condemns the practice of whaling, and the demand for whale meat has been decreasing over the years. The industry is afloat because of large government subsidies, market interference, and the influence of large international conglomerates like Gorton's parent company. As one of the largest seafood products companies in the U.S. with an annual sales turnover in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Gorton’s is in a powerful position to save whales. You can too -- take action today at Sincerely, John Hocevar Oceans Campaigner, Greenpeace USA P.S. My friend Nathan is onboard the Esperanza right now, helping to protect whales from Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean. Please support our efforts to protect these gentle giants, and read more about Nathan's experiences on his blog
1219 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 2/12/2005 04:25:00

1039 0 0 No reply
Download LF_Analysis.xls
Posted on: 1/12/2005 07:57:00

Dear Sir, I'm working on the reconstitution of a brown trout after an important flood. The file "LF_Analysis.xls" allow me to analyse objectively my data of Lenght frequencies... Where is it possible to downoload this file ? Thanks for your future answer.
839 1 0 In FishBase,ht...
1/12/2005 18:23:00
By : Grace
giant goramy fish
Posted on: 30/11/2005 23:35:00

i want to know how to indicate ggoramy fish male/unsexed
818 0 0 No reply
Unidentified Fish
Posted on: 30/11/2005 01:13:00

Dear Sir, Sorry for not useing the forum and contacting you directly. I have a group of fishes in my aquarium, i have been trying to identify them for at lesat a 2 yesrs but no luck. I hope you guys/gals can help, i need help urgentley as i am setting up a new tank and hoping to get the same fishes. Just for information, the fishes have whiskers (Sensors). If there is a mail address where i can send the pictures please let me know. Best Regards Niranjan A. Kirad
839 1 2 The first imag...
30/11/2005 03:45:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/11/2005

The Brazilian Government ( SEAP) should read more about this predating species - i.e. the oreochromus niloticus - before inserting it into our water reservoirs for sure. DOWN with the alien TILAPIA NILOTICA before it destroys our native species. Cylene Dantas da Gama
818 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 25/11/2005 20:40:00

my sucker fish laid eggs,how long is the average before birth ? do i need to seperate other fish from my tank ? any help is appreciated.
821 1 0 Have you taken...
26/11/2005 08:02:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/11/2005

Dear Sir I'm a software developper (MCA-Master in computer Application)in national bureau of fish and genetic resources institute(India).I'm working on fish biodiversity of india project using plateform .I know ASP and php as well and i've done 5 project in the same field. Now i want to make my future in this field ,so i want to join you as a member of your team.I will send my CV when you reply me.
858 0 0 No reply
my fish sid visious
Posted on: 23/11/2005 18:51:00

i live on the river maroochydore not far from the mouth and i threw my cast net out of my jetty and found what i think is Antennarius biocellatus. its jet black and has four leg things. i have put him in my saltwater tank and seems to be doing fine but there is this white stuff like moss growing in patterns on it and i am not sure what it is caused from. could anyboddy tell me anything more about this little fish and what he eats. i have little prawns in there and he has been surviving for about 3 weeks now so i am guessing he is eating them.
800 0 0 No reply
what is this?
Posted on: 23/11/2005 12:08:00

Can't find a match for this fish. Anyone know?
808 2 1 Thanks!!!!
25/11/2005 09:28:00
By : omegaman66
what is this?
Posted on: 23/11/2005 12:04:00

I am trying to figure out what this fish is but can't find a match! Does anyone know?
789 1 1 scabard fish....
23/11/2005 12:09:00
By : omegaman66
fish identification
Posted on: 23/11/2005 02:08:00

hello...can anyone plz help me with the fish identification segment in this site? i don't know much about if i wanna identify a fish i have never seen before, how can i make use of fishbase.can u clarify the process in a stepwise manner?? the only thing i know is that its a marine species.thanx in advance.
803 0 0 No reply
Egg & larva :Catfish
Posted on: 22/11/2005 05:48:00

Hello, Microscopic view of catfish egg & larve Hope u like it ManyThanks, [email protected]
778 0 2 No reply
Posted on: 22/11/2005 03:54:00

Hello could this be Clarias gariepinus? ManyThanks [email protected]
798 1 1 They certainly...
26/11/2005 08:07:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/11/2005

I have found very usefull the fishbase data and the all information related with fishes and fisheries. Recently, I have tried to look the historicalk landing data from the Orinoco river looking for tendencies in changes of the catch composition according to the fishing down aquatic food web processes. I loked forward the suggested values for the inland water species for this river to deduce the average trophic index throug the time. Surpresinly, you have asigned a rather high value (3.30) to Mylossoma duriventre, a typical fruit eater fish wich ocassionally include in its diet other vegetables and insects. That is the reason why this fish is considered omnivore but with a clear tendency to be vegetarian. Could you please explain me why have you asigned such a high ATI to this specie? Thank you very much, Daniel Novoa
1043 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/11/2005

You have a great and informative site. I would have liked to see more of the local Korean names listed, in phoenetic Enlish of course. Is there any reason why this section of the listing is incomplete? Thanks.
796 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/11/2005

I notice, thanks to a Google search, that you have got further with dating Tschudi's Untersuchungen über die Fauna Peruana than I have. May I ask whether you have details of the pagination per livraison and may I please have details of the Kottelat, 1987 reference? Many thanks in advance for your help, Edward Dickinson Managing Editor, The Howard & Moore Complete Checklist of Birds of the World, 3rd. Edition (2003) and 4th. in prep.
1020 0 0 No reply
3676 788 1 1 Looks like a "...
21/11/2005 06:43:00
By : Thorke
FishBase Database
Posted on: 18/11/2005 20:42:00

It seems to me that the Fishbase database is the most useful knowledge base that is ICLARM's legacy to the world. I am amazed at the statistics of usage and the messages posted. I hope that this knowledge base will remain updated and available for many years to come.
801 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/11/2005

As a manageress for the Serrano Neves Institute, I congratulate you on such a helpful site. As an environmentalist I would like to express my strongest rejection toward the insertion of the oreochromus niloticus in acquaculture projects in Brazil. Experts predict that in 20 years time this predating species will be able to extinguish 80% of Brazilian native fish species - recahing as far as the Amazon basin, toward the Tocantins basin and its tributaries ( Almas and Maranhao rivers) , which help form the Serra da Mesa Lake, the major freshwater reservoir in Brazil.If you can add to this, please do get in touch. Cylene Dantas da Gama
895 0 0 No reply
Type of fish
Posted on: 18/11/2005 10:18:00

While watching Animal Planet a few weeks ago, I saw a fish shaped like and umbrella and all of little fish hatched out from under her in the thousands, leaving her an empty shell because they fed upon her body. What is the name of that fish, pleas, and where can I find information agout it?
796 0 0 No reply
3672 803 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 17/11/2005 15:06:00

I would like to ask about living conditions such as when we talk about the climate (if it is subtropical)...approximately what can be the temperature range for this species? Thanks.
821 0 0 No reply
What is wrong with my fish?
Posted on: 17/11/2005 07:37:00

I am worried about my Bubble Eye Goldfish. For the past couple of days all she has been doing is laying on the bottom of the tank. And it also looks like she has black spots on her back now. I have another in the tank with her, and he isn't acting this way. Yesterday, when I went to feed them, she didn't even go up. So later in the evening, I put a very tiny amount to see if she would try to eat then, but she didn't. I watched her and she acted as if she was going to, she came about a half inch from the bottom, but then went right back and stayed there. Also, my fish are very fat, which I'm not sure if these types of fish are generally fat or not. But, when I brought the second one in [the one who acts fine], he wasn't as fat, but has gotten fat. I was feeding them 3 times a day though, but have cut back to only 1 when I learned 3 wasn't good. But, I haven't noticed any size difference. What could possibly be wrong?
814 0 0 No reply
Anabas Testudineus/Climbing Perch Farming
Posted on: 17/11/2005 03:46:00

Hi,I am Iqbal.I would be very grateful for any detail info concerning farming of Anabas Testudineus or Climbing Perch in earthen ponds. Thanks.
789 0 0 No reply
depth finder
Posted on: 13/11/2005 17:55:00

Lets say I was interested in finding other fish in the same depth range as mandarinfish and ghost pipefish for biotope compatibility. The mandarinfish shows as W. Pacific, Ryuku Islands to Australia at 1-18m depth. The ghost pipefish (that had an entry) said W. Pacific, Arafura Sea, Indonesia and southeast of Kyushu Island, Japan at 0-95m depth. I would LOVE to search out other fish in the Western Pacific at 0-10m depth. Is there a way? Or could it be created? Thanks!
832 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/11/2005

I sent you a picture of "Chiri" but I have not received a reply. Regards, Martin.
802 1 0 Kindly resend...
15/11/2005 21:32:00
By : Grace
from GuestBook
Posted on: 11/11/2005

I am the general secretary of Deccan anglers association of hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh INDIA, I am intrested in the food habits of fresh water fish in india and the species available in fresh water i will be very grateful regards T deepak singh
794 1 0 From the Searc...
14/11/2005 17:31:00
By : Grace
Posted on: 10/11/2005 01:04:00

Hi everybody! I work for a publishing company in Cape Town, South Africa. We are looking for 2 images - brilliant quality - 300dpi - to use in or International title written by S Evans. Payment will be negotiated. These images are needed as soon as possible. 1. Hoplias Malabaricus (wolf fish, tiger fish, trahira) 2. Tetraoden Fluviatilis (green puffer, topaz puffer) If you have images of these 2 fish - please send them to [email protected] as soon as possible! Thank you & Best Wishes Tamlyn :)
798 1 0 Please contact...
10/11/2005 03:32:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Marine Life from Thailand and Burma
Posted on: 8/11/2005 05:35:00

Hi all, I have released a marine life DVD entitled "Reef Life of the Andaman". The DVD features 192 species from 57 dive sites in Thailand and Myanmar. Subtitles give the option of English common names, German names, or scientific names. See There are lots of free underwater clips from the DVD to download at The scientific-minded amongst you may be most interested in the tilefish video clip. These are the only known photos/video of this species which, pending description, has been provisionally named Hoplolotilus hopei. Nick
863 0 0 No reply
california mussels???
Posted on: 7/11/2005 12:38:00

Has anyone ever tried to raise mussels at home... well we are having a problem that i have never seen before. They are dying and creating a white mycelium like goo. Does anyone know what this is?????? please help
787 0 0 No reply
Perhentian fish
Posted on: 5/11/2005 19:53:00

Was diving in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia this year and photographed a few fish I cannot identify. Any help appreciated. The Inimicus was at 24 metres depth, rubble area. Approx 15cm TL. The filefish was at 7m depth, getting taking shetler around a small sunken structure in a sandy area near a large seagrass bed. Approx 8cm TL. The sweetlips was in same area as filefish. Approx 12cm TL. Many thanks
801 2 3 David, the swe...
19/12/2005 19:56:00
By : Teddy Fong
Fish with no fins that do have scale
Posted on: 3/11/2005 06:04:00

I'm looking for marine creatures that have no fins but do have scale. It is very important for my research. If you happen to know any fish meeting this description please let me know. Thanks in advance, Yossi
793 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 1/11/2005

On vient de créer un site de la pêche à la canne et de la chasse sous marins et de la plongée au maroc( En effet c'est le premier site au maroc de la chasse sous marins. On vous demande a cet effet de n'ajouter dans votre moteur de recherche pour que les amateur puisse accéder à notre site via la votre. En revanche nous avons egalement ajouter votre site dans la notre. Dans l'attente d'une réponse favorable veuillez agréer nos salutations déstinguées. merci
803 0 0 No reply
Short term training in Aquaculture
Posted on: 28/10/2005 08:52:00

I am looking for a short-term course on Aquaculture that will not be more than 2 weeks in a West African country. The course should take place not later than 1st week in December2005.
793 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 27/10/2005 06:42:00

salut je mapelle camille et je suis une passionne de requins quelqu un aurait til des informations a ce sujet , merci hello i llove sharks someone have informations about this animal , thank you
777 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/10/2005

i'm looking for information on Catfish. I need to know if they would eat a human. if you know anything about this, i would appreciate it if you could send me some info. thanks, Venus
813 1 1 There are arou...
26/10/2005 07:41:00
By : Eugene
alimentacion del chelmon rostratus
Posted on: 25/10/2005 11:01:00

Hola, mi nombre es Enrique y quisiera saber si alguien tiene algun chelmon para saber de que se alimenta. Cuanto tiempo hace que lo tiene u otra informaciòn referente al mismo. THank you. I live in ARgentine
795 1 0 Try red mosqui...
1/11/2005 05:23:00
By : Rainer
gambas or shrimp
Posted on: 25/10/2005 08:57:00

I have a confusion. Are Gambas ( common name) the same know as shrimps in the US ?
782 1 0 Yes
1/11/2005 05:27:00
By : Rainer
from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/10/2005

Found solitary individual Novaculichthys Taenicurus in Tangatasito Bay, near Vaka'eitu Vava'u Tonga. Oct. 23, 05. In 3 ft. of surgy water in coral rubble. Identical identity. Will send photo for comparison if you'd like it.
834 1 0 Please upload...
1/11/2005 05:29:00
By : Rainer
Excessive agression
Posted on: 22/10/2005 15:23:00

I have two Oscars in a 29 gallon tank. They are about 6 1/2 inches long and one of them is very aggressive toward the other, even to the point where they have injured themselves on tank decor trying to escape or "tag" one another. One (the less aggressive of the two)is even becoming less active and usually is staring into a corner .Could this be the affect of insufficient tank space or is it the norm?
811 1 0 A 29 gallon aq...
24/10/2005 02:22:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/10/2005

i wish to get your materials and publications relevant to fisheries studies, i wish to have them in order to improve my academic career. iamvery greatful if my request is due recognized. thanks.
805 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/10/2005

wishes to have your publications and available materials in my midst. thanks as you accept.
829 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/10/2005

me gustaria ser colaborador de vuestra pagina, debo inscribir mis datos en algun sitio, he sido acuarista desde los 6 años, y tengo 31, tengo algunas fotos para identificar, o exponer, y tb mucha informacion de mi lugar natal en Maldonado, Uruguay agradezco si me envian un formulario o me dicen como inscribirme, gracias, Eduardo Correa
774 1 0 We would appre...
1/11/2005 05:31:00
By : Rainer
spawning myloplus rubripinnis
Posted on: 21/10/2005 13:02:00

I spawned these fish by accident many years ago, the red hooked anal fin is actually a plough.............Only the female has the "red hook" the male has a bi-lobed anal fin which is desighned to wrap around the female's "hook", as the fish spawn the female inserts the hook into the substrate (gravel in this case)and plough's a furrow at the same time as laying the eggs with the male in a position next to her with his bi-lobed fin wraped around the hook as he fertilises the eggs. The female's "hook" is suprisingly strong and can be pushed into corse gravel (up to the anal opening) without any problem with a shakeing body action, the male's bi-lobed hook fold's under the same pressure so they can work in unison. Please feel free to contact me for any more info. Best regards...............Ian.
914 1 0 hi there
30/11/2012 00:35:22
By : lee1974
was told at lfs this is a small ray
Posted on: 17/10/2005 16:54:00

I got this little guy at the LFs yesterday and was told he stays very small 8-9 max trying to verify the info I don't need him getting to big.
795 0 1 No reply
Posted on: 17/10/2005 04:45:00

Yes I know: No photo attached. Here it is
784 1 1 Try bolbometop...
19/10/2005 21:37:00
By : Philip Good
parrotfish from Thailand
Posted on: 17/10/2005 04:40:00

Could I please have some help in the ID of the fish on the (rather poor) photo. Every year I see this species around Phi Phi Island, Thailand. Normally in pairs but also solitary. Very shy and about 35-40 cm long. The fish on the photo is approx. 40 cm. Notice the white line on the dorsal fin, the tailthreads and the long pelvic fins.
842 0 0 No reply
Saltwater fish ID
Posted on: 16/10/2005 15:52:00

I'm looking for an ID on this saltwater fish. At first I thought it was a type of wrasse but now think that it's a type of Tilefish possibly in the Family: Malacanthidae but haven't had any luck finding a positive ID. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
780 1 1 Your fish look...
19/10/2005 21:52:00
By : Philip Good
North American fish ID please
Posted on: 16/10/2005 15:47:00

I'm looking for an ID for the fish on the attached photo. I took the picture at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and it was labeled as a stone roller however I didn't get it's scientific name and searching for it hasn't proven to be successful.
787 1 1 It certainly l...
24/10/2005 11:09:00
By : Eugene
spawning Nemacheilus
Posted on: 14/10/2005 17:07:00

has anyone spawned these guys? I have a tank full of 1 inch babies but no idea how they spawned or raised the fry?
781 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 14/10/2005

I love fishbase. It is so useful. More references would be helpful. How is the database and searching system configured? What sort of computer software is being used? Is it specially designed for fishbase, or a simple search catalogue? Thank you, Bonnie
830 1 0 The backbone o...
1/11/2005 05:37:00
By : Rainer
from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/10/2005

Dear editors, What an excellent facility. But as the author of books on the fish of Ireland can I point out that you give few (if any) vernacular names of fish in the Irish Gaelic language, nor in Ulster-Scots which has beeen recently recognised as a Lesser Known Language by the European Union. Would it be of assistance if I supplied those vernacular names which I have on file, culled from various dictionaries and checked with local (mostly inshore) commercial fishermen? Ian Hill
871 1 0 Yes, please se...
1/11/2005 05:42:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 12/10/2005 09:32:00

I have some pictures from the Flower Gardens that i would like to submit for species pictures. If someone could email me at [email protected] with some pointers on getting started.. Thanks
821 0 0 No reply
Tamaño optimo de muestra para estudio de biologia
Posted on: 12/10/2005 08:15:00

Estimados amigos y colegas, quisiera recibir una información referente al tamaño de la muestra mensual y anual optimo para hacer un estudio de biologia reproductiva en peces. Ojala me regalaran una referencia bibliografica donde pueda encontrar esta pausa metodologica
839 0 0 No reply
fish larvae in mucous
Posted on: 12/10/2005 01:45:00

Hi all, has anyone ever seen or heard about fish larvae residing in large sheets of mucous? we saw some 2 meter of mucous filled with milions of small (2mm) fish larvae stuck to the reef at the northern Red Sea.
815 1 0 Both Lionfish...
14/10/2005 03:39:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/10/2005

Dear FishBase, Your website is excellent & I would like to contribute to it with data, references, and photos pertaining to Fathead Minnow, the species of study for my Master's Degree. Can you tell how to enroll (i.e., become a Collaborator) so that I can submit this information? Thank you, Jeffrey Divino
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Highest occurring species of fish
Posted on: 10/10/2005 20:40:00

What species of fish (common name and scientific name) holds the "record" for occurring at the highest altitudes? thanks Simon
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Posted on: 10/10/2005 07:53:00

Can anyone tell me about the breeding of guppies. temperature for fry? food? tank size? etc If you have been breeding plez tell me the best food for growing fry of guppies.
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Indentification of ray (with picture)
Posted on: 9/10/2005 10:48:00

We have been trying to identify the ray, of which a picture us attached. We think is Torpedo fuscomaculata, but some books call it Torpedo sinuspersici. Can you give us some certainty? There is not much information to be found on the Web. The picture was taken in Egypt, Marsa Shagra, in September this year. It was taken very shallow while snorkling. Many thanks for your support,
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/10/2005

I am an experienced nutritionist and manager with a MPH and a Master in Training and Development with fifteen years experience working in emergency relief and strong computer and financial skills. I have worked in Somalia and Sudan (1993- 1994) supervising programs for child survival, water and sanitation, immunizations, and food for work. In Angola (1991- 1992) I trained traditional birth attendants and community health workers in nutrition and primary care and oversaw therapeutic and supplemental feeding programs. I also worked in West Africa, Central America and Colombia with the U.N. (1985- 1991) supervising food for work programs and refugee camps management with a focus on accessing the most vulnerable populations. I speak Spanish, English and I am familiar with Portuguese and Arabic.
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Alist that only contains Cichlids?
Posted on: 7/10/2005 08:46:00

Im looking for a list that only has Cichlids, all cichlids. I looked on the site and I didnt find a way to sort just cichlids. Is there a way? I am doing a report for school and I need alist of all cichlids from America and Africa. Please help, thanks.
777 1 0 From the searc...
7/10/2005 10:37:00
By : Eugene
from GuestBook
Posted on: 7/10/2005

It is the first time I visit your web site. It was recommended by the executif director of the "INTER- ISLAMIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NETWORK ON OCEANOGRAPHY" As I am Professor in marine ecotoxicology and a teacher of Zoology, this site seems to be very interesting best regards
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Mystery Fish At Chinese Supermarket
Posted on: 6/10/2005 08:41:00

So there is this fish that I keep seeing at my local chinese supermarket that is a total mystery to me. It's evidently edible, but everyone walking by it just stares at it. Judging from the jaw shape and the lack of pigmentation in the fish I think it's some sort of deep sea creature, but I'll leave it up to the experts! Thanks in advance for shedding any light on this little mystery! The fish:
1016 2 0 this fish in h...
18/10/2005 11:10:00
By : simon
orfe with bent spines
Posted on: 6/10/2005 06:06:00

Does anyone know of any research on the causes of spinal deformities in golden orfe, Leuciscus idus?
804 1 0 Spinal deformi...
7/10/2005 05:33:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 5/10/2005 15:45:00

I am trying to identify a clingfish found during my research surveys of Posidonia Oceanica in the Med. It´s not amongst the photos in Fishbase. Can people look at the photo taken by one of my volunteer divers and let me know what you think? I also need volunteer divers to help with data collection next season, if anyone is interested see
760 1 1 No picture att...
5/10/2005 18:03:00
By : Grace
Are Atlantic Salmon Considered Pelagic?
Posted on: 5/10/2005 13:19:00

Are Atlantic Salmon Considered a pelagic species?
784 1 0 Fishbase categ...
7/10/2005 10:33:00
By : Eugene
Reading Sparisoma´s otoliths
Posted on: 5/10/2005 04:28:00

Hello, I´m going to begin to work with sparisoma cretense´s otoliths, I would like to know if tere is anything done in this subject. Thank you.
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Posted on: 2/10/2005 16:00:00

are nile perch and tilapia the same species? or even related? i think they are both African. thankyou. please email me
763 1 0 Nile Perch bel...
3/10/2005 04:30:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/10/2005

I am crazy about pirana &flowerhorn fishes .It's really good to find ur site andcontact me regularly .Send some good pics and ideas of breeding tropical fishes.
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Posted on: 30/9/2005 09:29:00

PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP IDENTIFY A RED / PINK FISH approx 12 Inches long. Flat Belly. Bony head. No Dorsal fin. Feelers like catfish. Plus two flat protruberances on top of jaw. No teeth. Can send photos but could not upload them, so if any one can help let me have an E-Mail address by return and I will send photos.
784 1 0 It looks like...
2/10/2005 06:11:00
By : Tarquin Grossman
Anyone Create a Lagoon Biotope Tank?
Posted on: 30/9/2005 09:36:00

I'd like to create a lagoon saltwater tank to house ghost pipefish and mandarinfish. Has anyone else successfully maintained a lagoon tank? Thanks!
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Posted on: 30/9/2005 09:29:00

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Fish Name Confusion
Posted on: 29/9/2005 14:06:00

My science teacher wants us to figure out some information on a species whose name sounds like "Penac xingu" or something similar. I cannot, however, find a fish under this spelling on any websites which makes me beleive its not the real name. If anyone knows of a fish with a name that might sound something like this, please send an email to [email protected] or reply to this post. Thanks very much.
850 1 0 That'll be a s...
3/10/2005 04:14:00
By : Pete Liptrot
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filter alert
Posted on: 29/9/2005 06:17:00

I'm creating a timer which will let you know when you need to change the pads for the filter. it will just be a simple box with lights which light when the pads need changing. the timer can be kept separate from the aquarium and put in a visible place. the desighn will allow for up to 3 time ranges for, aka 3 months, 1 months and 1 week. if produced the product would cost under £10 and would simple to use. please leave me feed back on your opinions on the idea. Im an electronics student researching into making a very basic electronics product. i want the product to be able to be completely detachable from the aquarium unlike many others avalible. meaning that you dont have to have it anywhere near the aquarium to make it work. This is a project on a limited budget and time constrained. your feed back is helpful in allowing me to put together my report, Thank you. keep the feed back coming. id like to include your comments in my report and if thats ok could people please let me know. thanks elaviel
946 1 0 Part of the pr...
3/10/2005 04:23:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Jack Dempsey Fush
Posted on: 28/9/2005 18:03:00

Hello, I need help. May larger male JD had turned pale and his gills look red. The smaller dark colered female is now chasing and biting him. Their behavior changed since I put an algae eating Pleko in the tank. It seems they are no longer dominant and the larger male looks sick. Please help
787 1 0 Dear friend,...
02/10/2012 03:57:04
By : eze emma
from GuestBook
Posted on: 28/9/2005

Fish pictures are beautiful, especially the american brook trout.Picture Safron_u4.jpg
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ref fish bone - length relationships
Posted on: 27/9/2005 22:25:00

Hello all, Does anyone know whether there have been published formulae (e.g. regression etc) for calculating tropical reef fish lengths from various skeletal components (i.e. cleithrum, operculum, vertebrae etc). I am working with archaeological data and am trying to reconstruct the historical catch size composition based on midden material from a coral reef island system. Fishbase seems to provide length-weight relationships for some species but not exactly what I am looking for. I suspect that there may be no simple answer to this. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 27/9/2005

I usually use fishbase to looking for information about fish, but sometime the information is to general and it's too difficult
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Introduced Marine fishes worldwide and in US
Posted on: 26/9/2005 08:15:00

Hello all, I am attempting to determine how many fishes have been introduced into non-native environments worldwide and also in the US. In addition, I would like to know how many marine vs freshwater fishes have been introduced. If someone could kindly tell me how to use FishBase to gleen these data, it would be much appreciated.
773 1 0 There are 643...
26/9/2005 23:26:00
By : Christine
Posted on: 23/9/2005 18:12:00

help ! proper spelling of and forgive me but seelacanth
761 1 0 Coelacanth is...
25/9/2005 13:35:00
By : Cornelia
New specie in Canary islands?
Posted on: 23/9/2005 10:16:00

3m long, compressed. Might be a deep sea fish captured by fishermen. See attached photo.
763 1 2 Looks to be an...
7/10/2005 10:30:00
By : Eugene
Maturity Length of Tropical Fish
Posted on: 23/9/2005 08:59:00

Does anyone have the length at first maturity of the following fish (SL and TL): Blackspot Snapper Onespot Emperor Tripletail Wrasse Thanks
760 1 0 Reworded. D...
4/11/2005 11:07:00
By : Hugh
unknown fish in Canary Island
Posted on: 22/9/2005 10:45:00

Now comes the attached photo of the long fish in Canary Island
1270 1 1 It seems to be...
23/9/2005 04:19:00
By : Andrey Dolgov
unknown fish in Canary Islands
Posted on: 22/9/2005 10:39:00

Today fishermen captured an allready dead fish: between 2.5 -3 m long lateral-planed fish. See attached photo.
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tuna reports,Markets
Posted on: 21/9/2005 10:05:00

Anyone want to help me find out what prices are for bluefinn tuna in Japan?? I am Canadian...I am trying to find out prices...because of crooked buyers...I thank you very much in advance..My [email protected] Any informaton would be greatly appreciated...I am a simple commercial fisherman thats trying to make a decent living thanks again.. your canadian friend Dale..
748 1 0 Have you check...
25/9/2005 13:41:00
By : Cornelia
from GuestBook
Posted on: 21/9/2005

Good reference site.Latest updation of genera and species is available.Request to collect the fish faunal information countrywise.
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Red bellied piranah
Posted on: 20/9/2005 12:27:00

My red bellied piranah has a white belly @ times. Is he sick???
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pangasius supplier research
Posted on: 20/9/2005 03:28:00

Hi, I am looking for pangas suppliers from Vietnam or Indonesia, please, is there anybody else who could help me ?
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fish identification
Posted on: 16/9/2005 10:44:00

I want to know the scientific names of two fishes most popularly eaten in Nigeria called (a)Titus (b)Kote
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Identification name
Posted on: 16/9/2005 10:24:00

I know the name of three Senegal fishes,KETHIA,CRUEDIE and YET.I would like to know its scientific name.Can any help me?
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mystery fish
Posted on: 12/9/2005 11:25:00

Alright i just got back from the Flower Gardens in the Gulf of Mexico... and there are a couple of fish i'm not sure what species they are.. Email me back at [email protected]
782 1 2 Looks like the...
12/9/2005 20:26:00
By : ray
Posted on: 11/9/2005 19:42:00

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Pictures for message 3809
Posted on: 10/9/2005 01:33:00

People who responded said they could not open the jpeg pictures I posted with the message. I will upload again. If they still don't work, please e mail me direct and I will forward pictures via a seperate e mail
774 1 3 Its a type of...
12/9/2005 00:36:00
By : Tim
from GuestBook
Posted on: 9/9/2005

Dear CEO, Hi there, Im fond of eating fish,now my purpose is to find different spices of fish with its own useful nutrition information with each pictures 4 me to distinguish. Like Oega 3 normally came from Salmon,i like to know how many kind of salamon and which kind of salmon got its highest omega 3 and other information we need to know.
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Can you help Identify this fish ?
Posted on: 9/9/2005 12:12:00

I found this fish whilst SCUBA diving last month in the Bunaken National Park, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The fish was dead and floating on the surface. I am by no means an expert at identifying marine species and normally on see reef fish or pelagics. The fish is about 600mm long and i'm not sure if the bloted appearance is due to internal expanding gas within the fish, assuming it came up from the depths. When we found it, it did not seemed in any serious state of decay and there was only a minor 'fish smell'. My initial search leads me to believe it is a type of grenidier or rat tail ? I would appreciate any help in confirming what we found.
826 1 3 Pics aren't wo...
9/9/2005 16:20:00
By : Rachel
White Spot Disease in Prawn Hatcheries
Posted on: 8/9/2005 10:15:00

Any knowledge of a facility that checks fry quality or issued certificates that the fry is of good quality for pond seeding?
816 1 0 There are worl...
14/10/2005 13:21:00
By : oscar ruiz
importance of fishbase
Posted on: 8/9/2005 05:28:00

I am a student of M. Sc. Zoology ( Fisheries). So I surch fish and study with the help of side. It is very important for me.I am studing in M. C. University College, Sylhet , Bangladesh. My Mailling Address is: Md. Abdul Haq, Vill. Shikondorpur, P. O. Ranga Asue gonj, Sylhet, Bangladesg. Phon:88011360116
778 1 0 aoa i m doing...
27/10/2005 02:56:00
By : saima
from GuestBook
Posted on: 8/9/2005

This site has been of great help to me,but i am yet to discover how to use it effectively.Keep up the good work.Thanks
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Posted on: 6/9/2005 13:37:00

Hello: I am searching some papers about this taxa (Potamotrygonidae) in particular phylogeography or biogeography Thank you in advance
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 6/9/2005

I was working with the Marine Aquarium Council here in Phil. i do diving in all over the country but i di not see Chaetodon fasciatus of which in fact the book of Dr. Gerald Allen, Roger Steen and Mark Allen (Angelfishes & Butterflyfish)it is found in Red Sea and Gulf of Eden. Amphiprion percula also is not found here in Phil. as Dr. Gerald R. Allen (Damselfishes of the World) stated. Pls. send me a little answer for this.Thank you very much
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What species is this fish?
Posted on: 2/9/2005 14:44:00

This fish was caught off Martha's Vineyard in 70' of water.
852 2 1 Hyperoglyphe p...
17/9/2005 01:51:00
By : carmelo
What kind of fish is this?
Posted on: 30/8/2005 20:13:00

Does anyone know what kind of fish it is? I think it's a goby, but what kind of goby? Thanks.
777 2 1 Definitely no...
31/8/2005 08:35:00
By : Eugene
cage farm seabass and seabream
Posted on: 30/8/2005 09:29:00

I am doing are research on the finanacial viabilty of deep sea cage farming of Seabass and sea bream fin fish. I need the following help (a) in the preperation of financial viabilty of the project. (b) I would also like to know what if a (5.5cm -5cm) 1.5inch - 2inch fries is introduced in the cage what is the grow-out period to 600 grms (c) How do you calculate the feed cost and FCR apllicable. I very much appreciate any help, my email [email protected]
802 0 0 No reply
Pampus argenteus
Posted on: 29/8/2005 20:55:00

I am MSc student of fisheries science. My thesis title is population dynamics of Pampus argenteus. I want some articles about population dynamics of Pampus argenteus. I would be so thanksful if you send me any reprint about that title.
837 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 28/8/2005 03:46:00

i Search a fish with a current name is PANKAS or PANCAS. Thank for information on this fish.
783 1 0 Could you be l...
30/8/2005 09:19:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/8/2005

What a great site - I've just become a UW Naturalist Diver and I've always been wondering what the english or latin name could be in swedish. Thanks for a great site.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/8/2005

This website has an amazing amount of information. I originally found a Fish Index and thought that was big, but then I found this site. How long did it take you to do this?!? I would love to recieve information about FishBase so I can learn even more about Fish. Thank You for your extensive research. It will be a great help.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 20/8/2005

Sehr schöne und informative Seite! Klasse! Viele Grüße Carl Ebelshäuser
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 20/8/2005

saya hendak membuat buku skrap tentang ikan air tawar
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Hippocampus titicacaensis (Lake Titicaca, Bolivia)
Posted on: 19/8/2005 07:04:00

I am trying to find any information that I can about a seahorse, Hippocampus titicacaensis, reported by Posnansky (1943, Plate IIb, page 28) from Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. According to Posnansky (1943, page 28), a specimen was deposited with the Museum of Natural History of Berlin as part of the Zoological Section, Posnansky Collection, Series III, No. I. I would appreciate knowing any source of information and specific citation(s) for any publication, which provides any information about the occurence of this or any other species of Hippocampus in Lake Titicaca, Boliva. I have looked through FishBase, other databases, and publications on the fauna of Lake Titicaca and not found anything about either Hippocampus titicacaensis or any other seahorse being found in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia as reported by Posnansky (1943). Any comments on his report would be also welcomed.
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Fisheries Regulation Reviews
Posted on: 18/8/2005 00:16:00

Hi All, I was hoping somebody might be able to point me to recent reviews on effectiveness of the various fisheries regulation approaches. eg gear restrictions, quotas, temporal and spatial closure etc. Any advice articles would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in Advance, Ben Fitzpatrick PhD Candidate, University of Western Australia
776 2 0 Sorry' I may n...
6/9/2005 13:26:00
By : Pablo
Fish ID
Posted on: 17/8/2005 06:27:00

Hey, I just got these fish from my local fish store but they were in a tank labeled "Assorted Africans." I was just wondering if anybody could ID them and tell me what they are. Thanks
786 2 3 Pseudotropheus...
22/8/2005 22:57:00
By : Shawn Traviss
sweetlips problems
Posted on: 17/8/2005 01:43:00

Oh dear, I'm having all sorts of problems with my sweetlips. I'm just a diver, not a scientist, so I'm really looking for ways to separate these groups in the field. (1) Plectorhinchus vittatus & P.orientalis. (2) P.lessonni, P.diagrammus & P.gaterinoides. (3) P.lineatus & P.goldmanni. (4) P.albovittatus & P.obscurus. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Cold Water Fisheries
Posted on: 14/8/2005 12:25:00

Let us xchange photos of cold water fishes. We can also share information about cold water fisheries
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Fish id
Posted on: 14/8/2005 10:28:00

Any ideas on what this might be? Trichiuridae? It was caught in the Pacific, near Midway Island. Thanks.
762 1 2 I caught one o...
17/8/2005 21:53:00
By : Ray
Shelf life of fishes
Posted on: 12/8/2005 12:31:00

Please provide me with a list of Trinidad and Tobago fishes and its shelf life at what temperature it was stored at. Thank you in advance.
778 2 0 sorry I sent...
17/8/2005 21:51:00
By : Ray
from GuestBook
Posted on: 11/8/2005

Hi there, I am a fish geneticist from india. I have interest in genetics and biotechnology of indian fishes and I have done extensive work in indian major carps, especially gene charactarization studies (for references, venugopal, T @ Is there a way that I could be helpful to anyone by anymeans? I would be much more happy to be. venugopal, T [email protected]
785 1 0 PL mail me vee...
23/8/2005 03:42:00
By : Veeresh
from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/8/2005

I am still doing some active collecting of southeastern freshwater species and will try to get additional photos. Can you use photos of fairly freshly preserved fish? I have a number of those for species unrepresented in the base. Will send others I photographed alive tomorrow. PSC
781 0 0 No reply
Type of trunk or box fish??
Posted on: 9/8/2005 11:33:00

While diving this past weekend I came upon a fish I havn't seen before. I was seven miles off the coast of South Carolina near Little River in 52 feet of water. The site is call Sherman ship wreck. From above it looked like corduroy fabric. Light tan and dark brownish stripes the length of the body. Could not see lower part of face, but upper part of forehead was flat and about 4 inches wide. Eyes were set to each side of flat forehead. Overall length was about 14 inches. Any help on identification would be appreciated. Thanks Woody
832 0 0 No reply
clarification on tatooed skates
Posted on: 8/8/2005 08:06:00

Sir, I am working in fisheries college and research institute in southern India as Fishery biologist. Recently on our coast fishermen collected a tatooed skate with two "D" marks on either side of the dorsal surface near pectoral fin.And when i identified it was Raja brachyura. so please if anyone tatooed this species pl. let me know.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 5/8/2005

I need information about to buy this fish for aquarium. many thanks
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Earlier post - Mystery Fish
Posted on: 4/8/2005 07:32:00

The fish was caught: Off the coast of the Mayan Riviera/ Puerto Aventuras This is what the "catcher" says. See post below
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Posted on: 3/8/2005 08:31:00

I have a question ,Why Whales don't have Gills? Pl Answer.
895 1 0 That's because...
3/8/2005 10:56:00
By : Thorke
Attacked by weever
Posted on: 3/8/2005 07:49:00

I was trying to take an underwater picture of a spotted weever species, either Trachinus araneus or T.radiatus, at a depth of about 1 m. in a sandy beach of Western Greece. The fish, measuring only 15 cm. looked very annoyed when approached even from the first time and instead of fleeing, when I surfaced it swam upwards and stung me in the belly. Are there any other reports of such attacks?
741 0 0 No reply
Mystery Fish
Posted on: 2/8/2005 14:01:00

I have a fish on my forum that some anglers emailed me. We can't figure out what it is. Would be grateful if somebody can take a look and tell us what it is. Here is my site where you can see the fish: This link will take you to the forum category where the picture is. You can see it without registering. If you want to post you have to register free. OR you can email me at [email protected] Thanks for any help up front! - Joe D. I do not know If I can add the picture here but will try.
736 3 2 Here is where...
4/8/2005 07:27:00
By : JOE Dodd
from GuestBook
Posted on: 1/8/2005

I need recive information about fish. All fishes Information by Country, (Genus Species).
794 0 0 No reply
maybe a new max. size of Ctenolabrus rupestris
Posted on: 31/7/2005 06:28:00

Hello, I am s student of marine biology from Croatia. I got an individual of Ctenolabrus rupestris from a fisherman. I found that this fish is very rare in the Adriatic Sea, but the interesting fact is its size-23 cm. All the available dates suggest that the max size of that species is 18 cm. I took some photos and I have the fish. Could somebody be so kind to tell me what to do next? Thank you in advance
727 0 0 No reply
viewing fishes at diff. depth
Posted on: 29/7/2005 11:47:00

Hello i think there is a pb viewing fishes at different depth is it normal or is it my computer thanks for the answer
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 28/7/2005

I think fishbase is one of the best systems on information about a zoological group and reccomend it to many of my classmates in the university.
787 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 26/7/2005 20:02:00

Ohh i wasa told it was a gray snapper. and i dont think it's big enough to be a grouper... i duno maybe i'm wrong and i dont have another pic of the triggerfish.. i will soon i'm going back out to the rigs next weekend
778 0 0 No reply
Hastings Adress
Posted on: 26/7/2005 14:11:00

Hellow. I have captured a rare specimen of Emblemariidae (I think so), and I need the email of Dr. Hastings, the specialist in that group. Anybody may help me? Please send me a email to: [email protected]
761 0 0 No reply
more more more
Posted on: 24/7/2005 21:20:00

Okay guys!! Until i go out to the rigs again which is in like 2weekends no more questions about fish identification.. but i do have one more picture and on the last post i posted a gray snapper and some trigger fish i was almost certain it was a snapper i just wanted to double check and the trigger i think is a grey triggerfish. well keep in mind i am in Corpus Christi, Texas i have one new picture and the picture of the triggerfish... YALL HAVE BEEN SO MUCH HELP THANKS ALOT!
822 2 2 Are you sure "...
27/7/2005 10:06:00
By : Thorke
from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/7/2005

The Fish Forum link for posting questions is not linking, I am hoping to make fish identification inquiry via this method. Please help me, my curiosity is killing me. A few weeks ago on July 3, 2005 I was using a cast net in about 10 feet of water to catch surface bait in Perdido Bay right on the borderline between the states of Florida and Alabama just a few hundred yards south of Hwy 98 (that should easily place it on a map for you if you look) The bait was swift and kept swimming out from under the net so as an experiment I let the net sink all the way to the bottom to trap them before closing it and caught a very strange fish, but by its teeth being entangled in the net from outside the net. The fish was extremely lethargic, did not struggle hardly at all and I untangled and released it without even lifting it from the water. I did not have a camera and at the time thought it was just a type of Gar but subsequent searches on the internet have shown me nothing similar to what I saw. If you have had the patience to read this far, please allow me to try to describe it to you as best as I can. It was jawed, scaled and finned and not slimey. The scales looked primitive, large and thick, overlapped and interlocked like armor. The color was all silver. The body shape was roughly similar to a football, but about twice as big as a football. The body density was heavy and firm to the touch as if heavily muscled. The head tapered down like the end of a football to a mouth that had a bottom bill and a top bill that were identical to each other, about 3/4 of an inch wide and about 8 inches long. The teeth were like thin finish nails or very stout sewing needles but did not seem very sharp at their tips and were about 1/2 inch long evenly spaced about a half inch apart with a row on each side of the bill and on both bills top and bottom and were alternatly located top and bottom to where the teeth would never touch each other but fall evenly between each other to where the mouth could never fully shut, held open by at least the length of its teeth and with them forming a kind of jail bars effect at 1/4 inch spacing with jaw clenched. I also remember thinking it was clear eyed for a fish and that the eyes seemed to follow my movements with an intelligence not normally associated with fish and again, did not thrash around or struggle in any way as I shook free the tangled netting from its teeth. The pectoral fins were clear, thin, about 4 inches long and shaped like an elongated teardrop with the point end being attached to the fish and the round end smoothly rounded, not raggedy, maybe 4 to 6 spines but flexible more like an angelfish pectoral fin than a stiff snapper type fin. I did not get a close enough look at the tail fin to give any description at all, I can not even remember if it was rounded vs triangular. If you can even just steer me to a website where I can scroll thru some species id pictures or sketches I should be able to pick it out fairly readily and that will provide you with info for a spotting of a species and perhaps add to its range database. I have fished the gulf coast from Key Largo to Pensacola off and on as a conservational recreational fisherman for aprox 30 years and the more I think about it the more I realize I never have seen anything quite like this fish. It was like a cross between the gar family (scales) and the needlefish family (mouth/beak) but its body shape is nowhere to be found in those families from what I have been able to search out on the internet. It was like an Armadillo of the sea with a needlefish beak. Weird, to me anyways. Many thanks in advance to you for your help, Kelly Bennett
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Costa Rica Fish
Posted on: 23/7/2005 11:23:00

What is this? All I know is that neat looking fish was photographed along the coast of Costa Rica, don't know if it was the East or West side.
760 2 1 Thank you!
24/7/2005 03:18:00
By : omegaman66
more identification
Posted on: 23/7/2005 10:15:00

here are the pictures from my previous post
783 4 3 It does indeed...
23/7/2005 15:00:00
By : Thorke
Posted on: 23/7/2005 10:09:00

I went out to the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and took some pictures. I can't identify a couple of the fish that i photographed. If you can be of any help please email me at [email protected]
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Posted on: 22/7/2005

Greetings. I would like assistance in identifying a fish I caught in the Amazon River near Leticia COLOMBIA. It is similar to Thorny Catfish (Megalodoras uranoscopus), but nmot exactly like it. Please advise how I do this. Thank you.
761 1 0 Have you got a...
25/7/2005 08:45:00
By : Pete Liptrot
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Posted on: 20/7/2005

Hi! I'm a staff of DEPC(Disital Echo Photo Club) DEPC is a Korean Pure & non-commecial Underwater Photo club We always seek to find new underwater species and diffuse echo diving to korean divers. I find your web today! your web is very excellent and useful for echo diving. I hope to record Korean common name of underwater species in your site. If possible! Please inform to me the method of recording for example~! Red Firefish (Pterois volitans) -> Jeomssolbegampeng * By english ronounciation * Jeom ssol be gam peng ( It is 5 syllable ) -> 점쏠배감펭 * By Koean language I expect your kind reply! *^^* Our website address is Thanks! best regards!
772 1 0 Hi!, I am Arle...
27/7/2005 22:24:00
By : Arlene Sampang
Thuna tail measure
Posted on: 20/7/2005 01:15:00

Hello, I need the precise measurement of the tail of a thuna (thickness, length, width) or a swordfish or whatever thunniform fish. Many thanks for your help. Bye.
757 1 0 Please find th...
20/7/2005 18:59:00
By : Grace
Posted on: 19/7/2005 10:52:00

Is the shark Carcharhinus dussumieri meat or scale contain medicinal value?
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Posted on: 18/7/2005 13:26:00

Ok this THING has me stumped as well as a friend who is a marine biologist. I am attaching a animated gif image that I made from the video. The video was taken in saltwater at about 200 meters.
1031 4 1 Here is a link...
19/7/2005 06:49:00
By : Andy
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Posted on: 16/7/2005

quiero felicitarlos por su pagina de informacion sobre los peces. si tienen mas informacion de los peces de agua dulce de bolivia en la parte del norte en la region de pando. tienen libros de clasificacion taxonomica muchas gracias atte HAILIN CALDERON V.
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Posted on: 16/7/2005

This fishbase is very useful and helps in easy identification of almost all the fish species. All informations required is covered in a very systemetic way
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Fish I.D needed
Posted on: 15/7/2005 19:43:00

I have a shoal of fish which were purchased as Red-eyed Mojarra. But I can't find any information about at all under that name. They are Characins silver in colour with faint black markings and very deep bodiedand with red eyes, I've attached a photo, does anyone know what they really are.
920 4 0 Sorry for the...
18/7/2005 16:40:00
By : Andy
Life History tools
Posted on: 15/7/2005 10:11:00

I am working in a management project in a tropical zone were the biological information is scarce...i would like to know if it's safe to use data infered from Fishbase's Life History Tools to adress some of the issues of my research
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freshwater fish for recreational fishing
Posted on: 15/7/2005 00:12:00

can anyone say what species of fish might be suitable for stocking a small (50m x 20m x 5m deep), tropical, mixed salinity, pond for the purpose of recreational fishing (followed by consumption of fish caught)? thanx in advance
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Posted on: 14/7/2005

I am a research student working of fresh water fish notopterus notopterus.the information given by u is very nice and given totality of knowledge to students.i need informations from u as and please give the more details regarding this fish notopterus notopterus. hope needful information from u. thank u, yours, ramesha.d.h.
761 1 0 I worked on no...
23/8/2005 03:44:00
By : veeresh
Posted on: 11/7/2005 22:03:00

i have an african cichlid and pleco both very large in a 55 gallon tank and both seem to have been getting ill recently off and on however have been healthy previously -- the pleco seems fine but the cichlid is floating to the top and appears to have abrasions/injuries around the face as well as clamped & injured fins... i've done a slight water change, filter cleaning/change, and ammonia detox just today after i noticed the cichlid displaying these signs ;the pleco is almost 9 years old- the cichlid approx 3 -- what's wrong with my fish?
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whats a wave runner?
Posted on: 11/7/2005 14:44:00

I am looking for a photo or any information on a dolphin-like fish called a wave runner.
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Scientific names
Posted on: 11/7/2005 00:21:00

Can u please help me with the scientific names of the following fishes, whose names are in Malayalam. Cheriyavala Romeo Chennavara Kera chura Vatha Para Vilameen Kilimeen
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Posted on: 10/7/2005

really helpful.kudos for ur efforts
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upeneus tragula
Posted on: 10/7/2005 18:04:00

I caught a Upeneus tragula in New Jersey. It's small but it looks very much like the photos I saw. Is this possible? I will send you a photo if you want one. Maurice Tremblay
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Breeding of Asian Arowana
Posted on: 9/7/2005 07:12:00

I am interested in breeding asian arowana in malaysia. There are very little helpful informations available pertaining to breeding of this fish. Most of the local breeders are tight lip.I understand that this fish prefer lower ph of 6.5 - 6.8. The site we found has a ph level of 6.2 - 6.3 (ground water) . Will this ph level affect the reproductive system of the fish? Where can I find more useful informations about breeding of this fish?
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Posted on: 8/7/2005

Your web site is a most helpful wedsite, thank you so much for your hard work and collect all details for me. Bambi
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Posted on: 8/7/2005

dear sir i am happely enderig to forum i expect some new matter about fisheries
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Fish Feeders
Posted on: 6/7/2005 02:53:00

Hello, i'm designing an automatic fish feeder for an A-level project and I would be grateful for any input you could give me on the feeder, such as feeding times, portion sizes or any other factors. I would appreciate any opinions on this product or any other functions that you think would be useful. Thanks!
797 1 1 Interesting pr...
6/7/2005 08:52:00
By : Pete Liptrot
no feeder i've seen
Posted on: 5/7/2005 12:04:00

I got a bunch of small feeders from a the local aquarium shop for my fish and i spoted out one that dosent look like the others, i put it in a tank by itself to see if it will survive but i'm realy intrested in know what it is. anyone seen one like this?
757 1 0 If you can att...
6/7/2005 08:42:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Goliath Grouper/Jewfish
Posted on: 4/7/2005 06:59:00

According to the definition of 'Jewfish' it may include any number of sea bass ...could _any_ very large grouper be correctly referred to as a 'Goliath' grouper simply due to its size, or is it reserved for a specific type of 'fish' ? I have photographed some 5' + Black Grouper and was recently coreected when I reffered to them as 'Goliath Grouper'. Thanks in advance!
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Mystery Fish
Posted on: 4/7/2005 00:53:00

Hi. I recently "found" a new fish in my tank. I am having no luck identifying it and could use some help. The attached picture is not upside down, the fish is. The fish is always upside down even when it comes out of the rocks for food. It eats any aquarium fare I put in there. It is about 3" long. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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help with CABRILLA....
Posted on: 3/7/2005 10:11:00

I spent sometime last Month in Loreto, Baja.. I was flyfishing down there.. We caught CABRILLA around the reefs.. I need assistance correctly the Species I caught.. Is there some source with Colour Pictures of the various Species along with Laymen's Information..??? I know one of the Speices was a FLAG CABRILLA, but the others are somewhat confusing... Besides the fact that the Panga captains pretty much call any Snapper or Grouper a CABRILLA.. Any & all assistance would be greatly welcomed.... DEAN...."Flyjunkie"
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Fish common names
Posted on: 2/7/2005 00:43:00

hello, can u please help me with common names and local names (tamil and malayalam) of the following fishes. Istiophorus platypterus Nemipterus japonicus Priacanthus hamrur Abalistes stellaris Odonus niger Hemirhamphus marginatus Rachycentron canadum i would also like to know the scientific name of the fish white snapper known locally in malayalam as 'romeo'.
848 1 0 Hi friend...
2/7/2005 02:07:00
By : VEERESH m.u.
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Posted on: 29/6/2005

RE: Fishbase uses the Common Name of winter flounder for Pseudopleuronectes americanus, suggesting this is a legal name. However, the US Seafood List presently designates the common name as "Blackback Flounder." Can you tell me where the Fishbase legal status for winter flounder comes from? Thank you.
910 1 0 That would be...
1/7/2005 07:15:00
By : Thorke
name of fish
Posted on: 29/6/2005 08:15:00

can u tell the name of the fish which eats mosquito eggs and cleans the waters?
754 1 0 Many "Livebear...
1/7/2005 07:25:00
By : Thorke
name of fish
Posted on: 29/6/2005 08:15:00

can u tell the name of the fish which eats mosquito eggs ang cleans the waters?
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Posted on: 25/6/2005 18:14:00

How long can fish go without power . Im without power at this time. answer asp
806 1 0 guess you mean...
26/6/2005 09:53:00
By : me
Catfish ID
Posted on: 25/6/2005 14:38:00

I caught a small, 6 inch, black colored catfish in my cast net while throwing in a fresh water canal in central Florida, USA. Fish was very black with what appeared to be armor plates along the entire body. There were about 8-10 rows of these markings in the skin. Any idea on what this strange catfish is called?
782 1 0 Have a look at...
26/6/2005 10:34:00
By : Thorke
fish with paddles waliking on Fla keys Sandbar
Posted on: 25/6/2005 05:41:00

snorkeling on a sandbar off Marathon Key I spotted a fish walking very slowly. It was almost heart shaped or like a spade on a deck of cards, the body was about 4-5 " long and the tail which looked like a lizard tail or a stingray tail was about 4 to 5 " long and very narrow. The fish was basically flat but its back was a little raised, skin and coloring like a toad and paddles for feet and that is how he walked.Left right left right. We watched him a long time. He didn't run or bury or scamper, he just walked about the bottom of the sand bar. Any ideas for a name.
1160 1 0 It was probabl...
25/6/2005 10:09:00
By : Brian
Galapagos Damsel Azurina eupalama
Posted on: 23/6/2005 13:42:00

Has anyone recent information about that species because i am little confused. This species has disappeared after the 1982/83 El Nino events. Some websites have written that is was possible extinct. But now i have found a photograph (on that site which is showing a Galapagos Damselfish. This photograph is from 2002. Unfortunately there was no possibility to came in contact with the photographer (there is an email address but it seems that he ignores requests). Unfortunalety I have found no text about a rediscovery at the internet. So is anyone here who is knowing more? It would be great if you could help me. Thanks alot in advance. Melanie
1000 1 0 I am also inte...
29/6/2005 20:10:00
By : Ray
minnow id from Arizona
Posted on: 20/6/2005 14:41:00

This fish (1 of 2 that look identical) was in an aquarium in Arizona and is now living outside for almost a year in a water garden. So I don't know for sure where it is originally from. Arizona or aquarium fish trade??? Any ideas?
879 4 2 Golden form of...
30/6/2005 05:09:00
By : Pete Liptrot
River Sharks?
Posted on: 20/6/2005 07:39:00

Hello all, im doing a project on sharks that can tolerate and trive in Freshwater. I decided to start with the Genus Glyphis, and i found that there were 5 species in it: gangeticus, glyphis, siamensis, and the crpytic Glyphis A. and Glyphis B. Does anyone know what Glyphis A and are? and if they have been given species names yet.
743 1 0 There is also...
27/11/2005 21:26:00
By : Doran
pacific herring parasites
Posted on: 18/6/2005 15:23:00

Are there any citations or any information on occurrence of caligus clemensi on juvenile pacific herring?
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Fish Identification
Posted on: 16/6/2005 14:05:00

Please, can anyone look at this fish and identify it. Thanks Heinz
747 1 1 I am not certa...
20/6/2005 14:40:00
By : omegaman66
Eel identification
Posted on: 16/6/2005 12:26:00

Can anyone look at this fish and identify it? My main purpose is to verify that it is a true eel -- i.e. a member of Order Anguilliformes. I'm pretty sure it is, but I want confirmation. It would be also great to know the species or genus or family if possible. Thanks! Greg
765 2 0 Thanks. :)...
17/6/2005 11:49:00
By : Greg
Posted on: 15/6/2005 10:52:00

Greetings, Does anyone know the number of species or genera or families of fish that exhibit hermaphroditism? Or if you can point me to a reference that would tell me such info? Thanks!
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Stickleback parasite
Posted on: 15/6/2005 03:58:00

Hello, I am a student doing a small summer research on 3 spine sticklebacks. Recently I found white boils all over their skin. I think it’s a parasite called Glugea anomala. Knowing are local animals (aquatic birds,salmon,trout,ect.) are eating them, I am very concern if the parasite can affect them too. I don’t know alought on the subject, and I was wondering if you do or if you have reference on the subjects (the affect or the cause of the disease), comments or ideas. Thank you very much for you time and pardon my English (I am French). To view picture of infected fish view:¬com= Monica Lanteigne, [email protected] Cocagne, New-Brunswick Canada
830 1 0 Glugea is very...
30/6/2005 05:12:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Estimated Total number of Species
Posted on: 14/6/2005 20:45:00

I am doing some work for the Australian Government on the number of species in various categories. I notice on FishBase a figure of 28,500 which I understand is the number of described species. Is there a good estimate, however of what proportion of the total number of species of fish in the world that this number represents. i.e. does anybody have a good estimate of the total numnber of fish species in the World?
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Fish ID, pics attached
Posted on: 14/6/2005 14:47:00

Does anyone could help me with the ID of the fish shown in the attached pictures? The fish was hunting an Myliobatis. Pics taken at the Red Sea. Thanks
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Name of the fish
Posted on: 13/6/2005 05:25:00

Hello, Someone asked me for the name or sort of fish as shown at the picture. The fish is spotted at a trip from Gibraltar to Alicante and then to Ibiza. I hope someone have an answer for me so i can make someone happy. The answer of the fish can be send to [email protected] Thanks in advance! greetings Herbert
774 1 1 It's Mola mola...
14/6/2005 23:50:00
By : Brian Greene
Eggs on sea floor
Posted on: 9/6/2005 07:02:00

I was diving off of St Augustine (NE Florida) aprox 10 miles out / 60 feet ysterday and came accross a few 'egg beds' They were aprox 18" diameter holes dug in sand with egg casings in them... What species does this ??
770 1 0 Triggerfish co...
30/6/2005 05:20:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Long-lived sedentary fishes
Posted on: 6/6/2005 14:11:00

Does anyone know of any fish species that are long-lived, late to reach sexual maturity, live on the bottom (benthic), and inhabit depths of between 100 meters and 250 meters (NOT including rockfish (genus Sebastes))? If you do, do you know where they are located, as well as the body of government that manages them? Thanks a lot! M.
780 1 0 The Orange Rou...
13/6/2005 05:22:00
By : Bernard Yau
clam farms
Posted on: 6/6/2005 13:13:00

Can anyone send links to clam farms in the Pacific?
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Measurement in fish treatment
Posted on: 5/6/2005 02:10:00

Can anyone tell me how the treatment is administered ie: I am told for treatment of koi to use a formalyn bath at 259ml/1 is the one a gallon or a litre
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Posted on: 3/6/2005 18:38:00

I posted a message in this forum some weeks ago and I insist in suggest there is a mistake at the Zungaro zungaro page: the common names dourada and gilded catfish and the picture named Zuzun_u2.jpg does not have any relation with Zungaro zungaro. They should be moved to the Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii page. The reasons for this are: 1. Brachyplatystoma flavicans used to be applied for years to the "amazonian" dourada. (Gilded catfish in English) 2. Recently Lundberg, Littmann, Akama and Parisi stated that Brachyplatystoma flavicans is not the "amazonian" dourada. 3. Brachyplatystoma flavicans was considered a junior synonym of Zungaro zungaro. 4. FishBase merged the pages of Brachyplatystoma flavicans and Zungaro zungaro. 5. But if dourada and gilded catfish are not common names of Brachyplatystoma flavicans - see item 2 above - then they are not common names of Zungaro zungaro. Dourada and gilded catfish are common names of Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii. Please help, the dourada must be rescued ! Thanks.
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3 species not found in FishBase
Posted on: 2/6/2005 13:59:00

Per Reply #3640 to my Message #3625, I tried the CalAcad Db, but not to my satisfaction. Since UMaine is using FishBase as its authority, I'd like to know the FishBase resolution of these 3 previously id'd species: 1) Pinguilabrum punctatum (Graus nigra now?) ; 2) Neptomenus crassus (Peruvian marine fish) ; 3) Stenotomus versicolor (Family: Sparidae)-- they respond to a google search, but I'd like to know the current valid name per FishBase. Please -- and thanks.
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fish ID Elba again
Posted on: 2/6/2005 02:08:00

I changed my browser to show you the picture for message 3641. Sorry for trashing the list...
756 2 1 Thanks Thorke!...
10/6/2005 02:00:00
By : Christian
Fish ID pic attached
Posted on: 2/6/2005 01:51:00

Hi again, I try to upload the pic again.
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Fish ID help asked
Posted on: 2/6/2005 01:42:00

Does anyone could help us out with the ID of the fish shown in the attached picture. Found in the harbour of Portoferraio, Elba Island, Italy (N42°48' E010° 20') on 30th May 2005 floating at the surface. We suggested a juvenile Coryphaena sp. or related?
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maturity information
Posted on: 31/5/2005 17:38:00

Hi, does anybody have information on length at first maturity for the bullseye puffer, Sphoeroides annulatus? I would greatly appreciate this information. Thanks!
760 1 0 Bullseye is it...
3/6/2005 01:11:00
By : Veeresh M.U.
Red List Status:
Posted on: 31/5/2005 11:05:00

The redlist link has changed from: to:
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genetic study on Tinca tinca
Posted on: 30/5/2005 03:40:00

Hello, I work in a molecular phylogeography of the tench Tinca tica. For my study I am collecting tench samples suitable for DNA analysis from its entire distribution range (including non-native). For genetic comparison of populations from different regions (river basins, tributaries, but also hatchery stocks) I need samples from approximately 5-10 specimens, preserved in 96% alcohol (I can send plastic tubes filled with alcohol). It would be most helpful if somebody could cut for each specimen a piece (about 0.5 cm2) of some paired fin. Is here anybody able to help me? Thank you very much.
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Bizarre animals in the mediterranian???
Posted on: 29/5/2005 11:15:00

I just returned from a trip to Corsica in the mediterranian sea, where I saw some very bizarre animals (or plants??) and now am wondering what they were. Where I saw them was about 2km from the shore, very close to the surface. The depth was about 60mtrs there. The looked like snakes or eels, but the body was transparent with small red dots in it. The lenght varied between 50cm and about 2,5 mtrs! They wore between 4cm and 10 cm thik. They didn't look like they were moving by themselves, rather floting with the current. There was no reef or rocks near. I would be glad if anybody could tell me something about these creatures, because it made me very curious, especailly as I have been scubadiving alot in corsica without ever seeing them before. Thanks for your attention! A.H.
753 1 0 Probably pelag...
2/6/2005 07:36:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Badidae (Badis)
Posted on: 26/5/2005 01:06:00

I'm looking for photos of the following species that show live fish, not preserved material: Badis chittagongis, B. ferrarisi, B. kanabos, B. tuivaiei. I will use those for private reasons; diffentiation and comparison of the different species. If you have other photos showing live material that will be great as well but I'm especially looking for the mentioned ones. You may mail me.
728 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 24/5/2005 19:54:00

What is the exact number of cichlidae species? I know they are added in daily, but what is the count up to now?? Thank you..
739 1 0 In FishBase, t...
24/5/2005 21:55:00
By : Grace
Posted on: 24/5/2005 18:59:00

Which friend has about (English name) Black sea bass, (systematic name) the Centropristis striata Chinese material, presently urgently needs, to hope here person of good intention to be able to consider !
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Betta Fish Sick?
Posted on: 23/5/2005 18:27:00

Something is seriously wrong with my betta fish(fighting fish). For the past couple of months a lump has been growing in his belly. I hadn't seen him in three weeks and when I saw him today I realized the lump has grown to the size of a small marble or grape. Is there anything I can do about his diet or his water that might help him or will he eventually die because of it? Note: The lump has gotten so big he has problems swimming: he wobbles when he swims and he stays of the upper half of the fish bowl most of the time.
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identificacion de pez
Posted on: 23/5/2005 02:14:00

Me permito ajuntarles unos archivos con las fotos de una captura para su posible identificación. Pescado el 30 de abril en la costa de Granada a 34,5 MN de Almuñecar. (Granada España). En lo que se llama el Mar de Alborán, a 287 metros de profundidad. Peso: 78 Kg y Talla: 157 cm.
738 0 1 No reply
catfish gender
Posted on: 19/5/2005 07:44:00

Is there a way to tell gender of a catfish short of going internal? Would like to know this being I catfish a lot. Most of the time I CPR( catch,photo, release). Sometimes we keep small ones for eating and would not want to keep a egg-ladden female. Thanks.
737 0 0 No reply
catfish gender ID
Posted on: 19/5/2005 07:36:00

I fish for catfish a lot. Most of the time I CPR(catch photo release)Sometimes however I will keep smaller ones for eating. My question is this;Is there a way,short of killing the fish, to idenify male from female so as not to keep a female that has eggs? We always try to help keep the gene pool strong and not kill a egg-laden female. Any help or suggestions would be great.Thank you.
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Posted on: 17/5/2005 21:31:00

Hellow, I am looking for some method to reduce o remove fish odor from SURIMI processed by amazon(brasil) fresh water fishes. Normally Surimi of alaskan pollack dose not have any fish odor. B.Regards.
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Current name of 3 fish found in fish literature bu
Posted on: 15/5/2005 16:11:00

The Univ. of Maine (Orono) fish collection has 3 fish identified many years ago whose names are not be found in FishBase but appear in fish literature or in other databases when googled. Can you verify the current names please -- as to family, genus & species? Thanks very much. 1) Pinguilabrum punctatum (Graus nigra now?) 2) Neptomenus crassus (Peruvian marine fish) 3) Stenotomus versicolor (Family: Sparidae)
791 1 0 Have you tried...
31/5/2005 17:43:00
By : Felipe Amezcua
Identification of fish species in Iraq
Posted on: 10/5/2005 05:39:00

Hi there! Could someone help me in identifying the following fish species that I have caught in Baghdad in the lakes! Cheers Ben
1152 2 2 Genus Barbus s...
3/6/2005 01:21:00
By : veeresh
Amazon catfishes
Posted on: 9/5/2005 09:43:00

The scientific name Zungaro Zungaro is being used for both Jau and Gilded catfish. It seems that their records (Brachyplatystoma flavicans and Zungaro zungaro) were merged together in the FishBase website. They are different species. Shouldn´t someone fix the problem ?
879 2 1 Dear Armi,...
13/5/2005 21:34:00
By : Tito
name of fish
Posted on: 9/5/2005 09:23:00

which fish shoots jets of water to catch insects?
768 1 0 Archer fish or...
9/5/2005 14:48:00
By : john H.
Posted on: 8/5/2005 22:31:00

could someone please help me find out how to distinguish between male and female externally in 3 species of gobies that reside in Taal Lake, Philippines? the three species are Glossogobius celebius, Redigobius bikolanus, and Rhinogobius flavoventris. i am currently working on a thesis about them. thank you to anyone who would reply.
786 0 0 No reply
Ribbon eel
Posted on: 8/5/2005 20:37:00

does the ribbon eel have a habit of playing dead when sleeping or is this a sign of stress. my eel does not breath and lays upside down for hour at a time then I see it swimming around or poking his head out of its hole is this normal, and is it likely that two will mate.
760 0 0 No reply
Fish data
Posted on: 4/5/2005 17:30:00

I am doing a school research project on fish and my teacher wants to know how long do fish live and how fast do they grow? I believe it depends on the type of fish, so can you tell me the longest living fish and the shortest living fish and which fish grows the fastest and which fish grows the slowest? Thank you.
753 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 4/5/2005 14:11:00

what is th diffrence between salt water fish and fraesh water fish
732 0 0 No reply
Can you guess what fish this is.
Posted on: 4/5/2005 08:45:00

Hi all, i am very new to fish and i just got one Yesterday, I haven’t got a clue what its called, can you help. The best I can describe it is, a suckey suckey fish, because it sucks on to the side of the tank and eats agey, it is about 200mm long and has the Patten of a leopard, brown with light brown spots. If you can help me with this question I can research the species and care for it properly. Thanks and regards. Nkat
810 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 3/5/2005

I'm studing Antarctic Fish Ecology for my Master's degree and I realy love to search things in this site. I don't knew who I should contact, so... I found a little problem on the distribution map of Trematomus scotti. There is a - lacking in one of the coordinates, so the location is on the North instaed of South. Anyway, thanks for the incredible job you are all doing. I hope I'll contribute more soon, when I start my doctorship.
945 1 0 Thank you for...
By : Rudy Reyes
Posted on: 2/5/2005 06:55:00

Hello, I want to contact with you about groupers.I am writing to you from turkey.We have got a import-export company.and we want to import to turkey grouper from somali.please write to me about price and give me responsible numbers.thank you.your regards.
756 1 0 hello semira i...
19/6/2005 19:19:00
By : iewanto
supply of food to the fish
Posted on: 1/5/2005 02:41:00

A supply of food to the fish, in all formula that she, to experience fish, to the Importers, to the dealers Fish subject in Israel. By the way, we provide, fluent information to our customer, in the field Formulas of food, including medicines, and without medicines, formulas to the fast increase, varied Solutions to the customer, including control programs and examination to experience fish farm Costs and good conditions are these, which interested Contact to : Solaynet [email protected]
1047 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 28/4/2005

I am interested in the morphology of fish otolith and scales. Also I am working on a projects dealing with the analysis of the fish biodiversity data of the North African coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, and the Arabian Gulf. So if anybody would like to contact me inrelation to these project I will be most grateful to hear from him/her/ Regards Laith A.Jawad
850 3 0 Dear Jawad Pl...
28/6/2005 08:00:00
By : Salar Dorafshan
Can someone id this fish?
Posted on: 28/4/2005 14:06:00
741 1 0 Hey Pei its a...
1/5/2005 02:30:00
By : shawntraviss
fish identification -guesses please!
Posted on: 28/4/2005 13:03:00

Whilst snorkelling off the east coast of Malaysia I saw beautiful fish which were half black and half white, about the size of a saucer - any ideas what they were?
978 1 0 Judging by loc...
28/4/2005 19:08:00
By : Gregory
cheeta trout photos
Posted on: 28/4/2005 10:03:00

Does anybody have photos of the cheeta trout? In germany it is called "hommingberger gepardenforelle" and I am searching for some real photos for my webpage thx in advance!
737 0 0 No reply
fish environments
Posted on: 28/4/2005 06:57:00

I am looking for fish species that have more than one preferred habitat/environments. Either a species with morphs that occupy different environments, or with genders that occupy different environements etc. Not anadromous species. Environments I am interested in are benthopelagic, demersal and pelagic.
818 1 0 You may check...
1/5/2005 02:16:00
By : Mario
from GuestBook
Posted on: 27/4/2005

Really this is amazing wabe site on the fishes.
749 0 0 No reply
Referencing FishBase
Posted on: 27/4/2005 17:18:00

I would like to use some info found on FishBase in a paper I'm writing, but I'm not sure how to cite it. Any help (particularly in the near future) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
745 1 0 (From the bott...
28/4/2005 08:19:00
By : Thorke
bonefish / tarpons
Posted on: 26/4/2005 15:33:00

Hi folks, i don't know if i'm at the right forum, but I'm desperate so here it goes: I need to know if there are fishing spots in the Philippines for bonefish and tarpons. I do practice rigorous catch and release and I wonder if any of you have made any encounter from my Country of these fish or any fish that one can catch from shore or low water. Thank you very much to anyone who would reply.
1143 0 0 No reply
curious fin count
Posted on: 25/4/2005 11:21:00

I am working up my collection of Caribbean fish larvae and I have a mysterious larva with an unusual fin count- Anyone know of a Caribbean denizen with five stout dorsal spines, a large gap then fourteen soft rays and the anal is either III,7 or II,8... it looks most like a sciaenid, but I can't find a five-spined sciaenid...
812 1 0 In the header...
29/4/2005 04:25:00
By : Rainer
fat soluble vitamins in fishes
Posted on: 25/4/2005 04:03:00

I want knowing some information about fat soluble vitamins in fishes.please send for me information in this feild. thanks.
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from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/4/2005

I am student in esfahan university of technology.and my course is fishery in natural resources.
818 0 0 No reply
Information about three old ichthylogists
Posted on: 25/4/2005 03:20:00

Hello, I search biographic informations about three ichthyologists : - José Cornide wrote about fishs from Spain - Meidinger wrote about fishs from Austria and - Antonio Parrat wrote about fishs from Cuba. Do you have an idea where I can find informations about them ? Does there exist a history of ichthyology? Best regard for your help. Valérie
754 2 0 Thanks for you...
30/4/2005 03:37:00
By : Valérie
Grouper juvenille Market
Posted on: 24/4/2005 21:08:00

We need information about fish farming operator, hatchery operators in Malaysia, Singapore, and region in southern asia. Is there anyone know about information above, please let us know. Our email address [email protected]
752 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 24/4/2005

it is a great job that we can see in this site.. it is a really treasure thing... wish you all the best.. and if you have any information about cyst of identification or references as the huge work you had.. thanx Bothaina AlQubaisi
731 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/4/2005

i am doing a project work on morphometric and meristic characters of indian major carps that is Labeo rohita , C.mrigala, and Catla catla. i have found this site very helpfull
833 1 0 I want to know...
2/12/2006 01:08:00
By : Sainath Reddy
Wallago attu hatchery
Posted on: 23/4/2005 00:29:00

We want to set up a hatchery of wallago attu in Bangladesh. Can you provide me technical support. We want to visit a hatchery of wallago attu in Malayasia.
738 0 0 No reply
bull trout
Posted on: 22/4/2005 14:03:00

what is the bull trouts... kingdom phylom class order species sub-species
755 1 0 http://www.fis...
24/4/2005 07:14:00
By : Thorke
from GuestBook
Posted on: 22/4/2005

information required on milkfish about aquaculture, trading,diseses,food,and growth chart
736 1 0 Have a look in...
27/4/2005 00:35:00
By : Bernd
Posted on: 21/4/2005 12:03:00

Hello! I was hoping you can help me as I am doing a project, and was wondering: what are the problems of the CFP quota system? and Why is the bycatch a problem for the fishing industry? Thank you for your time Camilla
762 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 20/4/2005 02:29:00

Please can anyone help me? I am doing my fish specialist course and have 3 questions I can not find the answers too. 1. When is skate at its best? 2. When is yellowfin tuna at its best? 3. How can you distinguish between a farmed and cold whole salmon? your help would be much appreciated Marianne
856 3331 0 One should und...
02/11/2012 09:18:28
By : UnsoroUselt
from GuestBook
Posted on: 18/4/2005

I am working in a plan for Nile perch reproduction from 2002 with a colleague in team work, and we are searching African or Arabian support to carry out a Nile perch Hatchery in similar envirnment anywhere.
810 0 0 No reply
Any one tell me please
Posted on: 18/4/2005 03:45:00

Please can anyone identify the following fish which i have posted in Message No. 3550 to Message No.3553.I tried a lot to identify the fish. but i cound not Identify the all. please mailme [email protected]
756 0 0 No reply
Unknow spieces in NY harbour
Posted on: 16/4/2005 06:39:00

Looking for some help identifying a fish We were fishing last summer (late July) in New York Harbour for fluke and striped bass in water that was about 68 degrees F and about 35-40 feet deep. While running, we saw a fish that made one free jump about 4 foot out of the water straight up. It was silvery, perhaps brownish in color and about 4-5 foot long. There was a lot of bait in the water. Hsve been fishing for 35 years around the world, and never saw a fish like this, and never one that fre-jumped inshore like this in the East Coast. We tried to identify it using several sources, but nothing fits. Initially we thought it was a stergeon, and then possiblally a type of salmon returning to Hudson river, but neither seem to make sense. Any ideas? thanks for the help
769 0 0 No reply
Anatomia comparada de tracto digestivo peces
Posted on: 14/4/2005 14:50:00

Estoy buscando información respecto a la anatomia comparada del tracto digestivo de los peces, principalmente de las Familias Eleotridae, Gobiidae, poecilidae, Achiiridae, Carangidae, Catostomidae, Atherinidae, Ariidae y de la especie Agonostomus monticola. Alguien puede indicarme donde localizar tal.
793 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 14/4/2005 01:26:00

I wolud like to know the name of the fish that has appeared today Central Market of Barcelona. Is it that fish? Hyperoglyphe percoformis Schedophilus ovalis
773 1 1 It looks like...
14/4/2005 06:28:00
By : Gregory
from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/4/2005

Sou um pesquisador particular com um grande interesse pelo conhecimento do pescado a todos os níveis e sou sócio de uma firma que possui o autocontrolo alimentar e me convém ter este Guia das espécies dos peixes. O meu muito obrigado pela vossa colaboração Aveiro, aos 13 de Abril de 2005. Assina: Francisco Vaz
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sorry it is Deep sea fish (Message 3550 No and Ph
Posted on: 13/4/2005 03:32:00

sorry my Message 3550 No and Phot No P3250134.JPG is collected in Deep sea above 250m depth in 10°N Pl mail me [email protected]
849 3362 1 M7ntIr , [url=...
16/07/2011 23:08:51
By : vlavjqo
deep sea fish
Posted on: 13/4/2005 03:27:00

Please can anyone tell me what this fish is. I photographed it when i have on board in our dep vessel Matsya Jeevan in 10°N above 200m depth pl mail me with summary , taxnomy
786 2 1 The identifica...
29/4/2005 04:52:00
By : Rainer
deep sea fish
Posted on: 13/4/2005 03:18:00

Please can anyone tell me what this fish is. I photographed it when i have on board in our dep vessel Matsya Jeevan in 10°N above 200m depth pl mail me with summary , taxnomy
756 0 2 No reply
What this fish is
Posted on: 13/4/2005 03:18:00

Please can anyone tell me what this fish is. I have collected and photographed it when i have on board in our dep vessel Matsya Samudrika and Matsya Jeevan in 10°N to at a depth of 65m some what rocky area If possible mail me to [email protected]
710 0 3 No reply
what this fish is
Posted on: 13/4/2005 01:56:00

Please can anyone tell me what this fish is. I photographed it when i have on board in our dep vessel Matsya Jeevan in 10°N at a depth of 43m some what rocky area
794 1 1 Looks like a y...
13/4/2005 02:12:00
By : Gregory
Unknown Fish
Posted on: 13/4/2005 00:42:00

Please can anyone tell me what this fish is. I photographed it on a reef off Mauritius. It's movement was eratic resembling a leaf in the wind as though it had no control. This is why the picture isn't very good! (I could not keep it in focus!)
1271 2 1 Dear Sir, The...
22/4/2005 14:06:00
Unknown fish
Posted on: 13/4/2005 00:42:00

Sorry I missed the attachement on my previous message. Please can anyone tell me what this fish is. I photograhped it on a reed off Mauritius. It's movement was eratic resembling a leaf in the wind as though it had no control. This is why the picture isn't very good! (I could not keep it in focus!)
775 0 0 No reply
Flatfish from Brazil
Posted on: 12/4/2005 23:51:00

This fish was caught in 70 ft of water off the coast of brazil. I can't narrow this one down to which species it is. If there are any flatfish experts out there I would appreciate some help iding this rascal.
722 1 1 Looks to me li...
29/4/2005 05:00:00
By : Rainer
Unknown Fish
Posted on: 12/4/2005 08:46:00

Please can anyone tell me what this fish is. I photograhped it on a reed off Mauritius. It's movement was eratic resembling a leaf in the wind as though it had no control. This is why the picture isn't very good! (I could not keep it in focus!)
830 0 0 No reply
Horned northern pike
Posted on: 12/4/2005 02:49:00

Dear Sir, I am writing to you from Sweden and I am looking for a picture of a northern pike, an anomali called "horned pike", as previously reported by Dr. E. J. Crossman. I already wrote to the dept. of Natural Resources in Ontario and Manitoba, but the people there don´t answer me. Can YOU please help me? Thank you kindly for your cooperation! Sincerely, Horst Kuehne
738 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 11/4/2005 22:01:00

I've heard that many waterways in australia are infested with tilapia... I want to catch some, does any one know the best method???
706 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/4/2005

I am searching about common carp
767 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 9/4/2005 09:24:00

where can find this crabs
726 1 1 This type of c...
13/4/2005 02:03:00
By : Veeresh M.U.
Otolith Guide
Posted on: 8/4/2005 06:03:00

Hi Everyone, I am doing research on the diet of marine mammals by amalysing the ear-bones (otoliths) of fish found in the stomachs of seals (Phoca vitulina) and whit-beaked dolphins (Lagenorhynchus albirostris). For this I am looking for a copy of the book: Härkönen, T., (1986) Guide to the Otoliths of the Bony Fishes of the Northeast Atlantic, Danbin ApS. Biological Consultants Has anyone a second hand copy of this book or knows where I can find a cheap copy?! Thanks, Okka Jansen
990 1 0 Dear Dr. Janse...
26/4/2005 01:28:00
By : Victor Tuset
Mean length at maturity A. saxatilis and S. leucos
Posted on: 8/4/2005 03:14:00

Does anyone have information on the average length at maturation of both Abudefduf saxatilis and Stegastes leucostictus? If references can be given that would be excellent. Many thanks.
863 1 0 It seems Abude...
8/4/2005 20:35:00
By : Gregory
help with related lit for thesis
Posted on: 7/4/2005 22:49:00

can someone please help me find information about the goby species that are found in taal lake in the philippines? specifically, i am doing my thesis on the size at reproductive maturity of goby but any other information will also help. thanks!
748 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 7/4/2005 13:37:00

keep it very nice site
711 0 0 No reply
"Spiegeal Carp"
Posted on: 6/4/2005 13:23:00

I was contacted by a fish dealer in Los Angeles, California, USA. He has a customer in Asia desparately seeking what he called "speigeal carp". Has anyone every heard any of the carp species called by this name? If so, what are some other common names or a scientific name for this species. I think he customer is either seeking Common, Bighead, or Silver Carp and "Speigeal" may be another name for German or Common Carp.
823 1 0 Google returns...
7/4/2005 03:25:00
By : Gregory
umknown species
Posted on: 6/4/2005 11:30:00

need info on rattalk, lives in deep waters, any web link with useful info? thx
895 1 0 I can only ass...
7/4/2005 03:10:00
By : Gregory
Posted on: 6/4/2005 00:44:00

To please know the name of the fish that has appeareb today in Barcelona
824 1 1 Looks very muc...
6/4/2005 03:58:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Lesueurigobius suerii
Posted on: 4/4/2005 10:00:00

I found that fish in the mouth of a haddock in the fish market of Pisa. it's about 65 mm long. I think it's a lesueurigobius suerii. any can't help me?
1212 1 2 I don't think...
4/4/2005 21:46:00
By : Gregory
from GuestBook
Posted on: 31/3/2005

this web site is so cool it really helped me learn alot about the ocean, and i owe that to yall
764 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 31/3/2005

A very valuable source of information for taxonomists -I have been following it from 2000. Would like to contribute as a VOlunteer as I have some new records from India. Waiting to get it publishes in the journal as it has been accepted for publication.
742 0 0 No reply
Trying to identify fish REPLY
Posted on: 30/3/2005 18:11:00

Trying to identify fish REPLY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Message 3513 from Al King 30-Mar-2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caught this fish in Lake Harris tributary, leesburg Florida 2 lbs, 11 ounces
760 1 1 Your fish is a...
31/3/2005 18:51:00
By : Gregory
Trying to identify fish
Posted on: 30/3/2005 17:56:00

Caught this fish in Lake Harris tributary, leesburg Florida 2 lbs, 11 ounces
743 1 0 Please attach...
30/3/2005 18:06:00
By : Grace
from GuestBook
Posted on: 27/3/2005

Really found very informative for the teachers,researchers and students doing Ph.D. wish more and more success. Abhay .Y.Desai
750 0 0 No reply
name that piranha!
Posted on: 24/3/2005 23:14:00

Tail looks like a irratans but the body looks more like a redbellied piranha. Can anyone clear this up. The fish is 4 years old.
753 1 1 Almost certain...
25/3/2005 04:05:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Anyone know this fish?
Posted on: 23/3/2005 05:47:00

This fish was caught on the west coast of Norway recently. Does anyone know what kind of fish this is?
742 3 1 your pic fish...
26/3/2005 12:08:00
By : pong
Posted on: 22/3/2005 20:48:00

Hello, Does anyone know good literature references for the lenok spawning behaviour, thanks
735 0 0 No reply
like to know about "pangasius hypophthalmus"
Posted on: 21/3/2005 12:04:00

could any one tell me anything obout pangasius hypophthalmus pliz.
762 1 0 Have a look at...
22/3/2005 13:41:00
By : Thorke
Silver Pike (Esox lucius)
Posted on: 21/3/2005 08:58:00

Could anyone please submit to me information about "silver pike" and "blue pike", two subspecies of "northern pike (Esox lucius)? I am writing from Sweden and all information about these two fishes would be be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
825 1 0 "Silver pike"...
22/3/2005 13:23:00
By : Thorke
Letentheron japonicum, Lampetra japonica, Letenthe
Posted on: 21/3/2005 07:55:00

Suche nach der Information ueber diesen Arten, wenn Sie einige Information haben, werde sehr Dankbar sein. I'm looking for any information about theese arts. If you have any information, I would you to thank. Èùó èíôîðìàöèþ î âñåõ âèäàõ ìèíîã Êàì÷àòêè, åñëè ó Âàñ åñòü êàêàÿ-ëèáî èíôîðìàöèÿ, áóäó î÷åíü áëàãîäàðåí
773 0 0 No reply
dentex gibbosus
Posted on: 19/3/2005 10:29:00

Iwould be very gratful if Ican know about the above speices.its behavior. immigration.mape of location in meditrranian sea. tanks
824 1 0 Information co...
20/3/2005 17:11:00
By : Grace
from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/3/2005

I Want to thank you for your tremendous effort toward improving the fish consumption in the world . may your target tittle fish for all completed in a successfull way. And i wish to have some decuments for which use improve my knowleg on fisheries ,becouse want to join you in the vision 2020 fish for all. I hope i will be consided. I'am a 300 level student of fisheries at named institution. Bye see your reply.
756 0 0 No reply
"deep sea" fish identification
Posted on: 18/3/2005 19:30:00

Dear friends, I am sending a link to my website, where you find 3 photos of a fish washed out dead at Mismaloya Beach in Banderas Bay, western Mexico. Any comments on what animal that might be are very welcome. Best regards Petr Myska
1383 3297 0 url=http://www...
24/01/2018 14:07:05
By : GeraldDum
School Project
Posted on: 18/3/2005 14:40:00

Can someone suggest a site that has lots of info on different types of fish (school project)
747 0 0 No reply
Endlers Livebearers
Posted on: 18/3/2005 02:52:00

I am looking for links in Australia regarding this fish.Can anyone suggest where to look Thank you
744 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 13/3/2005

I need books or articles about family clupoidae.
767 1 0 A good place t...
13/3/2005 09:43:00
By : Thorke
tolérance à la pollution
Posted on: 11/3/2005 22:06:00

je suis biologiste et j'aimerais avoir des informations sur le degré de tolérance des différents Cichlidae à la pollution. Merci de me répondre. solange ANDRIANJOHANY
760 0 0 No reply
fish desease
Posted on: 9/3/2005 20:36:00

our tank has a little white worm in it. we have had it before in another tank, We think it killed the other fish 'cause after we sanitized the tank and started over it was fine. does anyone have any ideas of where we can find more information on them? or knowelege on what they are???? thanx!!!!!
743 0 0 No reply
want to order fish to Canada
Posted on: 9/3/2005 17:57:00

Can anyone give me direction on how I can order and have fish shipped into Canada or where I can order fish from in Canada
757 1 0 It depends on...
10/3/2005 08:43:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 8/3/2005 16:49:00

if anyone could possibly find a website that could help me find out more about the pirahnas, such as reproductive info, i would be very gratefull. i need to find out more for a school assignment, and i can't find any good info
742 1 0 In the FishBas...
11/3/2005 04:45:00
By : Pongase
Posted on: 8/3/2005 01:42:00

Could anybody identify this fish (5cm long) photographed by night at 5 m depth at Urghada (Egyptian coast of Red Sea) Thanks in advance
757 1 0 Please attach...
11/3/2005 04:47:00
By : Pongase
Fish Phots
Posted on: 7/3/2005 02:15:00

I am Research Fellow working in Fisheries Survey of India of I have many picture of fish. I would like to give these picture to Fishbase for contribution. How to put pictures to Fishbase' Thank you.
746 1 0 Please send to...
8/3/2005 17:23:00
By : Grace
Rainbow Trout
Posted on: 4/3/2005 19:32:00

I'm working on a project for Fish Management, and I'm struggling to find information on the following (in regards to Rainbow Trout); Natality, Bioenergetics, and Population Dynamics. Any help would be great, thanks!!
743 1 0 Just check out...
11/3/2005 04:48:00
By : Pongase
Aquaculture of Anguilla anguilla
Posted on: 4/3/2005 05:35:00

Hello I´m doing a aquaculture project to produce anguilla anguilla. I would like to know if you have any idea where can look for information( bioogy, ecology, sistems of production,...)
732 1 0 Anguilla angui...
11/3/2005 04:49:00
By : Pongase
from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/3/2005

Me parece muy sobresaliente la informacion y muy interesante ojala y podamos estar en contacto. Atte. Norma Gloria
806 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 1/3/2005 18:41:00

Can you help in getting any of the following refrences. Thanks er 1. Steindachner, F. (1902). Anz. Akad. Wiss.Wien 39(24): 316-318. 2. Steindachner, F. (1903). Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Wien 71: 123-168. 3. Meek, S.E. and Elliot, D.G. (1897). Publs Field Mus. Nat.Hist. No. 22(Zool.) 1(8): 165-184 4. Norman, J. R. (1926). Trans. Zool. Soc. Lond. 22(1): 1-64 5. Norman, J.R. (1927). Ibid. 3: 375-389 6. Norman, J.R. (1927). Ibid. 3: 389-390 7. Norman, J.R. (1929). Proc.zool. Soc.Lond. 4: 615-616 8. Sawada, T. (No date). Commercially important species of fish in the Persian Gulf. Tokyo: Overseas Technical Cooperation agency, 25pp 9. Landsberger, B. (1962). The fauna of ancient Mesopotamia. Second part. Pontificum Institutum Biblicum, Roma 10. Shafi, M. and Shalli, M.R. (1986). Bangladesh J. zool 14(2): 129-133 11. Myklevoll, W. (1982). A pelagic fish survey in the EEZ of the Republic of Djibouti. Reports on Surveys with the R/V “DR FRIDTJOF NANSEN’, Bergen, Institute of Marine Research. 12. Aglen, A. and Myklevoll, S. (1981). A survey of the pelagic fish resources in the Red Sea (Egyptian zone), and the Gulf of Suez-March 1981. Reports on surveys with R/V “Dr. Fridtjof Nansen”. 13. Ahmed, M.A.W. (1993). J. Geology 37: 137-151. 14. Fouda, M. M. (1989). Courser 2: 31-38. 15. Gerdes, G., Spira, J. and Dimentman, C. (1985). The fauna of the Gavish Sabkha and the solar lake: a comparative study. In: Hypersaline Ecosystem. The avish Sabkha, (Friedman, G.M., Krumbein, W.e.eds), pp.322-345, Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 16. Janzen, j. (1992). Somalia’s inshore fishery: the present situation and potential future development. Animal research and Development 35: 31-42. 17. Landini, W. and Sorbini, L. (1990). The structure and quantitative variability of the icthyofauna in some Red Sea coral reef environments (Hurghada, Egypt). In: Estratto da Atti del Quarto Simposio di Ecologia e Paleoecologia delle Comunita Bentoniche, Sorrento, 1-5 November 1988, pp.615-633.[Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium in Ecology and Paleoecology of Benthic Communities] Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, torino, Italy
998 0 0 No reply
Marina Mesopotamica
Posted on: 28/2/2005 02:18:00

Please read the attached file about the rebirth of the Marine Science Centre scientific journal, Basrah University, Basrah, Iraq.
739 0 1 No reply
Posted on: 28/2/2005 02:17:00

Hi. this isn't really a forum question. I'm trying to find out if fishbase has a downloadable list of current family names in systematic order. I'm attempting to update our collection's organization and our database for the collection, but don't have a current list of families. Thanks, greg
918 1 0 FishBase does...
6/3/2005 18:56:00
By : Rudy Reyes
How many fish to Cycle a 125 gallon tank
Posted on: 27/2/2005 18:19:00

I am ready to start cycling my 125 gallon tank. I went to a local fish store & was told that I would need about 20 Damsels to cycle this size tank. I want to avoid using Damsels let alone 20 of them. How many/type fish should I start with? BTW, I am not using Live Rock.
748 0 0 No reply
trouble with school
Posted on: 27/2/2005 01:07:00

I am taking an oceanography class and as part of my first quiz, I am required to list different species of fish depending on where they live in the ocean. I've been searching the internet for about 4 hours, now, and I cannot seem to find the information. I'm supposed to find fish that live in a)grassbeds in estuaries, b)oyster bars, mud flats, and docks, c)Shallow coral reefs, d) "deep" coral reefs, e)epipelagic, off-ahore waters, f)sandy-bottom areas on continental shelf, and g)intercoastal waterways. For each letter, I am supposed to list 10 different species. If anyone has this information, or can tell me a good place to find, it would be a huge help. Thanks
1147 1 0 In the FishBas...
11/3/2005 04:52:00
By : Rainer
seasons for shellfish and fish
Posted on: 25/2/2005 14:55:00

Hi, my name is Sandy Ingber, executive chef at the Oyster Bar Restaurant in New york City. We are trying to write a calendar of events for seasonal fish and shellfish. Listing any openings and closing of areas. If you could help point me in the right direction, I would be very appreciative. My e-mail address is [email protected] Thank you, Sandy Ingber
761 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 23/2/2005 16:55:00

Have a school proyect for a 9th grade student son. Please I need the pirahna ecologic niche. Preferibly in spanish, if not , in english.
811 1 0 Search for com...
11/3/2005 04:56:00
By : Pongase
Would like to contribute
Posted on: 23/2/2005 13:51:00

I'm trying VERY hard to catch a pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) in SoCal. So far, I've caught albacores & yellowfins, but no bluefins. When & if I do, I would like to send in a few photos for the species entry.
753 0 0 No reply
parent fish eat baby fish
Posted on: 23/2/2005 07:52:00

I got few tiny fishes (approx 1 inch) caught from my faculty's pond. Some are orange some are grey. I dont know what species are they. I am quite ignorant with fish knowledge or breeding. After one or two weeks, soon after i change the water in the aquarium, that night i came home found two super tiny baby fish swimming around (smaller than grains). They were so cute. I thought i must have washed away a lot of the baby spawn when i change the water that morning. Havent in time to isolate the baby fishes, i went away for some cooking and come back, i saw one of the 'big' parent fish was swallowing one last baby fish in the aquarium into it's mouth. Is it that some fish have no feelings or memories and might eat their kids. Or is it because they were scared by me and swallow their kids to protect them? Pls advise on that.
837 1 0 Several fish s...
11/3/2005 04:43:00
By : Pongase
from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/2/2005

What a lovly site. keep it up. you can always post any fish postal to me or any news letter. can i send some fish pic also?
751 0 0 No reply
trevally mouth gape
Posted on: 21/2/2005 17:34:00

Can anyone provide data or references on the mouth gape of the typical reef trevally (jack) (Caranx sp.)? Ultimately, I need to know the size ratio between piscivorous jacks and their reef fish prey. Thanks
981 0 0 No reply
goldfish in pond
Posted on: 21/2/2005 08:20:00

Can anyone tell us why two of our goldfish(comet feeders) have turned from orange to white ? They did this slowly , starting out completely orange, then with a small white spot which eventually turned all white. One did so out in the pond in the summer & the other did so in the aquarium when we brought them for the winter. They are healthy.
876 1 0 Since your fis...
21/2/2005 19:04:00
By : Gregory
Puffer Identification
Posted on: 20/2/2005 18:11:00

my husband bought a freshwater puffer at a local fish store. he doesn't remember what type of puffer it was labeled as. i have been all over the internet and called the store he bought it at. the store said they carried only figure 8 and spotted puffers. i know it's not a figure 8. the information i've gotten from forums and websites have been all different and confusing. please help me id our puffer, so i can take care of it correctly! thanks! carla ***this is a link to pictures of our puffer...
808 1 0 Your fish look...
4/3/2005 04:20:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 20/2/2005

Dear Sirs, I am an ornamental fish breeder based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I need information how to get a fish base's software to use in my PC. pls send me information to [email protected] Best Regards Andrie Handaya
786 0 0 No reply
sardinella, herring
Posted on: 15/2/2005 22:28:00

I am working on Sardinella tawilis, freshwater sardine in Taal Lake, Philippines. I just want to know if there are already studies conducted on captive breeding of sardinella species or other related family species. Thank you.
821 1 0 May i ask what...
3/4/2005 14:32:00
By : Denise Duay
Identification of those 2 pictures
Posted on: 12/2/2005 20:06:00

I took a lot of pictures on my last trip to Cuba, I need to identify two specimens I photographed. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance. Nicolas
764 2 2 Thanks a lot G...
13/2/2005 18:49:00
By : Nicolas Gagnon
Give fish's picture to Fishbase
Posted on: 10/2/2005 23:16:00

I am fisheries biologist of Department of Fisheries, THAILAND. I have many picture of fish. I would like to give these picture to Fishbase for contribution. How to put pictures to Fishbase' Thank you.
757 2 0 Please send to...
13/2/2005 18:49:00
By : Grace
Call for Posters re. Freshwater Biodiversity Conse
Posted on: 8/2/2005 07:26:00

I wanted to let everyone know about an upcoming freshwater symposium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City on Thursday and Friday, April 7 and 8, 2005. "New Currents in Conserving Freshwater Systems" will focus on innovative practices and their application across disciplines and around the world. Poster abstract deadline: Friday, February 18. Special student pricing available through March 18. See for details.
744 0 0 No reply
Please help in identifying this fisg
Posted on: 7/2/2005 19:43:00

I hope someone can help me. I was recently snorkelling along a reef around San Andres Island in the caribbean and saw the most interesting fish but am unsure as to what kind it was. It was probably around 2-3 feet, rather "fat" if you will (it was not long and skinny) had bright blue lips and was stipped in a number of different bright colours (blue's pinks etc) there were 2 of them and they were eating from the coral along the reef. Sorry I don't have a picture, didn't have my camera with me. Any info would help. I don't think they were parrot fish
743 0 0 No reply
3213 892 1 1 Looks like a s...
7/2/2005 14:01:00
By : Thorke
3211 757 2 3 Hi banto ! Thi...
9/2/2005 00:28:00
By : leif
fish toxicity
Posted on: 28/1/2005 16:38:00

i want to know more about the chromium, nickel and electroplating effluent toxicity on fish. Please help.
748 0 0 No reply
how long?
Posted on: 5/2/2005 01:51:00

I want to know,in what measure of fish at hindia ocean that we legal to cath them? their long and their weight?
756 0 0 No reply
species distributions in the South China Sea
Posted on: 5/2/2005 01:09:00

I'm interested in finding a good, user-friendly source of information on the distribution of fish and zooplankton species in the northern South China Sea. Can anyone help?
754 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 3/2/2005 04:19:00

This is the picture : can you confirm that is CANTHERHINES PARDALIS young ? Thanks. [email protected]
751 0 0 No reply
Species list
Posted on: 2/2/2005 18:55:00

I need a list of fishes of Sudan and Eriterian coasts of the Red Sea. Can anybody assist in this aspect
748 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 2/2/2005

Excellent resource. We have recently(01/05)caught two juvenile Bregmaceros houdei in a channel net deployed in shallow water between two of our keys less than twenty Km from the coast. Dr. Bill Richards confirmed the species. The closest other sitings are in the Gulf of Mexico(200 Km away)and well off shore near Florida/Georgia border(500 km away) Its a first for us and I wanted to share the excitement. Has anyone else found this fish in shallow water?
775 0 0 No reply
Fish habitat
Posted on: 2/2/2005 09:10:00

Hi, I'd like to know how is it that in a pond or lake, which is frozenand it's the dead of winter, that fishes are still able to survive beneath the ice. how is that?
733 1 0 Hi Ren, I'm...
2/2/2005 10:14:00
By : Max
Posted on: 2/2/2005 02:01:00

This is the picture : can you confirm CANTHERHINES PARDALIS young Thanks.
744 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 2/2/2005 00:25:00

Do you know the name of this fish ? Thanks. Giuseppe MAZZA
744 0 1 No reply
Vision Range In fishes
Posted on: 1/2/2005 23:48:00

I would like to know what the range of vision of fishes (in general) is.
775 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 1/2/2005 18:00:00

I am looking for any photo on the following species : Arenigobius frenatus Favonigobius exquisitus Gobiopterous semivestita
737 0 0 No reply
fishes of trinidad
Posted on: 1/2/2005 06:20:00

I would like to obtain any information pertaining to the Fat Snook or Centropomus parallelus
756 1 0 Information co...
1/2/2005 17:24:00
By : Grace
Identify shark
Posted on: 30/1/2005 09:00:00

Could anyone help me please. Found this shark washed up on the beach infront of our house, what type of shark is it?
783 1 0 Picture, locat...
31/1/2005 02:47:00
By : Thorke
from GuestBook
Posted on: 29/1/2005

l am fascinated with the integrity and diveersity bof your fishform .l am urgently working on Parachanna obscura and P . Africana . please l need more and current journals on the two species of the family channidae . Sir ,l would be appreciated if my request is given a desired attention Yours faithfully , Okebugwu John C. E-mail---- [email protected]
1015 0 0 No reply
req for information
Posted on: 28/1/2005 16:38:00

please send the messages on toxicity of chromium on tilapia nickel on tilapia electroplating effluent on tilapia with ref to survival test, respiratory rate, enzymes, biochemical, haematological and histopathological studies.
727 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 28/1/2005

We are Urgently looking for exporters of stock fish and fresh and Haddock of all kinds World wide . If interested, kinldy send us your offers by e-mail.Payment is by L/C or T/T payment. Best wishes, Lisa Potts/Director.
737 0 0 No reply
Torn Tail/Loss of Appetite
Posted on: 27/1/2005 23:44:00

I have a fighting fish that doesnt eat unless I play with it first by tapping on the fish bowl and then dropping one pellet at a time. I find that it doesnt eat the pellets I leave for it to consume during the day while I'm out.Also it's tail fin is getting perforated and torn. I change its water every three days. What's wrong with it?
739 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 27/1/2005

The Fishbase is a treasure.With the Fishbase, materials for lecturing becomes available and makes the activity a sheer pleasure.It is an excellent job.I highly commend the World Fish Center for the initiative and the collaborators for putting the work together. How can I participate? Hoping to hear from you soon.
870 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 26/1/2005

i found fishbase very informative. i just wanna be included in any fisbase activity as i am really in need of an updated information on fisheries and fish-related data. i am pendatun patarasa from tawi-tawi the southern most part island of the philippine archipelago. just about 2-3 hours sea travel to sandakan, sabah, malaysia. the people in the island mostly relying on marine resources for their living like fishing and seaweeds "eucheuma" growing, locally term agal-agal among the tausugs and sama people. eucheuma is one of the major products that made philippines known, tawi-tawi is the major grower of this carageenan rich algae. looking forward.
808 0 0 No reply
hatchery production of napoleon wrasse
Posted on: 26/1/2005 17:56:00

in the philippines large volume of napoleon wrasse (locally called mameng) were caught from the wild be it marketable size or under size because of its high export market demand. people are gathering it extensively to the extent using illegal means to be able catch the fish. in mindanao particularly western part, people are mostly relying on marine resources for their living be it planting seaweeds, fishcapture and other coastal activites. wild gathering of high-end finfish is one one of their primary livelihood without thinking the damages brought by collecting it from the wild illegally. the thing that came into my mind is the provision of any alternative livelihood to these fishermen like introduction of high-value marine finfish production in cages or pens. green grouper is the major species for culture becuase of its established hatchery production in the philippines with only one in mindanao at sarangani province owned by alson's finfish aquaculture inc.the said species is not buyable compared to napoleon wrasse, panther grouper and coral trout grouper. how could we convince people to go into aquaculture without assured market for this specis? i am addressing this concerns to everybody and to the authority on nature conservation and preservation. any commercial hatchery production of napoleon wrasse known? where? how could we avail the fingerlings? how is the transhipment? thank you very much...
905 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 25/1/2005 08:45:00

I find the specie in tunisian coast, is it Etmopterus molleri ? Thanks
748 1 0 whatz up! this...
10/3/2005 03:16:00
By : doughfire, maximus
from GuestBook
Posted on: 25/1/2005

La página me parece bastante buena, sin embargo existen algunos contenidos que no poseen una cita, en ese caso de dónde proviene dicha información? es el caso de la página donde se describe la especie Mugil curema y se lee: "Reviste importancia comercial tanto en la pesquería como en la acuacultura" quisiera saber de dónde proviene dicha afirmación. Si pudieran responderma estaría muy agradecido.
808 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 25/1/2005 05:58:00

Hi everyone, I am a vet investigating on some histamine contamination cases in northern italy in tunafish from Indonesia can anybody help mme with this statement: "EU Drops Tuna Embargo Threat The European Union has dropped its threat of an embargo on tuna exports from Indonesia, Fishery and Maritime Minister Rokhmin Dahuri said, Antara reported. The threat was withdrawn after the government explained that allegations about high histamine content were false. Investigation by the EU had found that the contamination had taken place in the receiving countries." The date was semptember 2004 I found it on several websites of indonesian embassies around the world, but i can't find more precise infos. Especially what european recieving countries are we talking about? Thank you, Lorenzo Pezzoli ITALY
920 0 0 No reply
spotted catfish
Posted on: 24/1/2005 18:44:00

Can someone help me identify this catfish?
805 3 1 Thanks that wa...
25/1/2005 16:10:00
By : omegaman66
Freshwater crab in aquarium
Posted on: 24/1/2005 08:27:00

We just discovered our little freshwater crab upside down and dead on his turtle dock. One of his legs was lying on the bottom of the tank. He was fine two days ago and just shed his shell on 1-12-05. Our dad said he noticed bubbles around his mouth yesterday. What did we do wrong? We loved Patrick. His tankmates are one tiny shphenops molly, one 2" gourami and one 5" plecho, all good friends. Sincerely, Phoebe and Rowan, homeschooled
1319 1 0 My sincere con...
24/1/2005 21:21:00
By : Gregory
Fish I saw in Cuba
Posted on: 23/1/2005 12:48:00

This fish was in shallow reef water just of the beach of cayo blancho, it looked like a flat fish , but was not really flat like a flounder altogether about a foot long, maybe a bit shorter. It was greyish/brown in color , underneath bright orange, and it has legs and feet and toes, and actually walked along the bottom of the sea. It also has to fins on each side. Any ideas what this fish is?
772 3 0 Thanks Gregory...
28/1/2005 09:13:00
By : Leanna
from GuestBook
Posted on: 23/1/2005

On the bottom end of Skate, aside the tail the are extremities look like legs whit bones which an oppening mechanism probably could plug somewhere. They are connected whit vessel to the main body and they contain yellows organs. What they are for? I'm searching this on the datatbase. Can i find this information here? Any link about skata metabolism and anatomy?
882 1 0 Are you thinki...
23/1/2005 07:47:00
By : Thorke
fish migration
Posted on: 21/1/2005 20:51:00

Please feed some materials regarding factors in fish migration which I hope to use in my graduate studies paper requirement. Thanks a lot!
746 0 0 No reply
What is that?
Posted on: 21/1/2005 18:16:00

We are located in Sogod Bay,Southern Leyte, Visayas, Philippines. We are seeing here a number of strange 3m long 'tubes', with a diameter of about 400mm, which are pink/red in colour, consisting of thousand of individual compartments. It has a rubbery kind of texture. Maximum depth they have been found is around 14m. Does anyone have any idea what they are. Your help in solving our query would be much appreciated.
739 1 0 Sound like Sip...
22/1/2005 07:41:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 20/1/2005

this site is useful and informative, keep updating it, you`re doing a cool job.
763 0 0 No reply
fish id
Posted on: 20/1/2005 19:16:00

Saw these "angelfish" in Cabo San Lucas. They just don't match up with fish in this database as far as I can find. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Fernando
744 1 1 Zanclus cornut...
21/1/2005 03:14:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 19/1/2005

would like to have a poster showing all fishes in the mediterranian sea with names in diff. languages.
924 1 0 Scandinavian F...
19/1/2005 11:42:00
By : Thorke
length:length regressions
Posted on: 18/1/2005 12:39:00

Does anyone know where I can find fork length:total length regressions for common freshwater species? FishBase has wonderful Length:Weight relationships, but I couldn’t find a Length:Length section. In particular I would be grateful for regressions of yellow perch (FL: 63-217mm), peamouth chub (FL: 75-300mm), longfin smelt (Age 0 FL: 24-107mm; Age 1 FL: 61-155mm), sockeye salmon (Fry FL: 23-44mm; presmolts FL: 61-147mm), and kokanee (FL: 140-460mm). Thanks.
1037 0 0 No reply
Acclimatation carps and catfish
Posted on: 17/1/2005 14:18:00

Hi, I am trying to find acclimatation rate of adults carps (Cypinus carpio)and channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) to water temperature warming from 1 to 15°C as well as cooling from 15 to 1 °C (LD50/h). Could someone direct me to the proper information ? In fact our main problem is a rapid cooling of the water coming from a cooling unit in winter (in the Saint-Lawrence river, in Quebec, Canada). When the reactor has to be shot down, the fish have nowhere to go, it's cold away from the zone and 25m3/s of rapidly cooling water is trown toward them. To alleviate the problem it would be useful to know the rate of cooling that would be acceptable to these fish. In the opposite situation, when it is warming up, it seems that the fish can move away if needed, but it would be nice to have this piece of data to be incorporated in our model. Thank you, Jean Caumartin.
801 0 0 No reply
Fish Identification
Posted on: 17/1/2005 11:37:00

On a recent dive in San Andres I took a picture of the a fish that we have been unable to identify. Are there any suggestions as to where I could send the photo for proper identification.
1628 1 1 Judging by the...
17/1/2005 21:47:00
By : Gregory
tank loading
Posted on: 17/1/2005 10:25:00

I have an established 55 gal african chiclid tank and would like to know the max number of inhabitants I can have. I am running a hang-on wet/dry filter, a fluval canister filter and a aqua clear power head w/filter attachment for mechanical filtration. My current load is (1) pleco, (1) 2" yellow lab, (1) 2" albino zebra, (1) 2" neo-lamp, (1) 2" pink parrot, (1) 4" tin foil barb and (1) 4" ngara flametail.
825 1 0 The mix of fis...
18/1/2005 07:34:00
By : Pete Liptrot
from GuestBook
Posted on: 16/1/2005

Good work. I am presently in Puerto Barrios, Izabel, and find your material very useful in my "explorations".
743 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 14/1/2005 13:46:00

picture of tilpia guinasana
755 1 1 I'd be interes...
15/1/2005 07:51:00
By : Pete Liptrot
black skipjack vs white skip jack
Posted on: 14/1/2005 08:37:00

Whats the difference between skipjack black Euthynnus lineatus vs skipjack tuna katsuwonus pelamis. [email protected]
731 0 0 No reply
California fish id
Posted on: 13/1/2005 19:21:00

Any idea what species this fish is. Caught in San Diego Bay.
780 2 1 Thanks
14/1/2005 07:55:00
By : omegaman66
from GuestBook
Posted on: 12/1/2005

I think that a picture of the fish would help and improve the quality of your site.
748 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 12/1/2005 14:01:00

bonjour à tous je recherche la différence entre la pangasius sutchi et le pangasius appelait paron ou paroun (taille, alimentation...)et connaitre leurs noms d'aujourd'hui merci
759 0 0 No reply
UFO Unidentified Fish Object in Palau
Posted on: 11/1/2005 13:01:00

on our last divesafari in Palau, we discovered near the Jack Seaplane in depth of about 10m/30ft in a hardcoral a unknown fish Lenght about 10cm/3In color light brown with white spots surrounded by a black line, Fin ends are also white. anyway see attached picture We could not find this fish in more than 10 books. I'm wondering if any expert swimming around here could help me to identify this fish. Kind Regards; Christa
761 1 1 I have seen su...
11/1/2005 13:46:00
By : wus
Posted on: 11/1/2005 05:33:00

Can someone please help to identify this Seriola species? It was fished on NE Atlantic, in Galician waters (NW Spain).
749 0 1 No reply
Relative oxygen consumption graphs
Posted on: 11/1/2005 01:04:00

Hello Iam looking for oxygen consumption data, specially for Eleotridae, Mugilidae, Gobiidae. I can't access the OXYREF database in fishbase, just few hundreds of data, and can't access the relative oxygen consumption graphs too. Is anybody could help me ? best regards dominique Bonjour Je recherche des données de consommation d'oxygene, particulierement pour des poissons de la famille des Eleotridae, Mugilidae et Gobiidae. Je n'arrive pas a acceder a la base de données OXYREF, incluse dans fishbase, mais seulement a qq centaines de données...l'option graphique de consommation moyenne d'oxygene par famille n'est pas disponible non plus . Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait m'aider? grand merci dominique
763 0 0 No reply
from GuestBook
Posted on: 10/1/2005

Aunque no la había consultado, me parece una excelente pagina de información, muy útil para mi actividad profesional. Estaré visitando permanentemente.
762 0 0 No reply
Wet weight - dry weight conversions
Posted on: 10/1/2005 12:49:00

I'm in need of a general wet-weight to dry-weight conversion for fish. I'm particularly interested in weakfish Cynoscion regalis, but any general formula will do.
923 0 0 No reply
Fish - Visual systems
Posted on: 10/1/2005 00:16:00

I would like to find out the types of vision(dichromatic,trichromatic etc) and also the color types of their cone opsin for marine fishes and also some freshwater species eg discuss,arowana etc.Can anyone recommend any websites? Thank you for your assistance.
764 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 9/1/2005 21:53:00

Can someone please help to identify this? It was photographed on Manta Reef in Mozambique.
743 2 1 Thanks, Pete.
10/1/2005 21:01:00
By : Hannes
Posted on: 9/1/2005 21:49:00

Can someone please help me to identify this? Txs.
758 0 0 No reply
seahorse identification
Posted on: 8/1/2005 05:41:00

Whilst diving the shallows of Grand Turk, we came across several varieties of seahorse/pipefish, but have not been able to identify them, even using this great database. Can anyone help please?
767 0 3 No reply
Fish tales(myth, legendes, fables, folktales)
Posted on: 4/1/2005 05:47:00

I am collecting traditional stories with fish. Preferably a myth, a legend or a tale naming a certain fish species. My long term plan is to make a book out of this, but I want to get to know the best stories first, and I want to have a global perspective. I do know quite a few, but I am sure there are more to be told... Any help is of interest.
1030 0 0 No reply
Tissue samples from rare anglerfishes
Posted on: 4/1/2005 03:25:00

I am looking for tissue samples from anglerfishes of the genera Brachionichthys (handfish) and Lophichthys (Boschma's frogfish) for an investigation of their phylogenies using whole mitochondrial genome sequences. I would be pleased if someone could privide the relevant information on the availability of these species.
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Brackish Puffers
Posted on: 2/1/2005 12:11:00

Hi, I have two green spotted puffers, i have been told that they are brackish water fish, and was wondering what the consequences of not keeping them in brackish water would be. Many Thanks
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What surgeon is this?
Posted on: 1/1/2005 20:11:00

Any ideas! Came from the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean.
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4/1/2005 06:59:00
By : omegaman66
live feed - passive immunity
Posted on: 1/1/2005 16:07:00

Can fish acquire antibodies from eating live animals? I'm talking about passive immunity. I know that mammal infants acquire passive immunity from eating the antibodies in breast milk. Anybody know?
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