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Topics for 2003
Topic # Discussion Topic Views Replies No. of pictures Last Reply
Simple Question
Posted on: 31/12/2003 18:16:00

Need what seem like a simple bit of information, yet is hard to find. Does anybody know what a "group" of newly hatched fish are called? For instance a group of young lions is called a "pride", a group of birds is called a "flock". I seem to remember that a group of young fish was called a "fry", but I'm not sure.
1229 2 0 Thank you. An...
1/1/2004 12:46:00
By : Jeff
Posted on: 27/12/2003 03:27:00

there some reserche it seem on hydroaccoustic communication between fishes,is this real.I need some details on that or some instutes that have those reserche thank u.
1407 2 0 Just found you...
3/2/2004 08:39:00
By : jack
Extension of activities in Bangladesh
Posted on: 22/12/2003 20:59:00

Mamunur Rahman is interested to be fish forum focal point in Bangladesh
813 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 22/12/2003 14:21:00

Hola, si alguien pudiera tener información acerca del bacalao, estoy buscando información acerca de si tiene escamas o no. Gracias.
767 1 0 Assuming that...
1/1/2004 04:48:00
By : Rainer
Catalog of Fishes
Posted on: 21/12/2003 14:13:00

Is it just me or is the catalog of fishes website not working properly. I click the link or and catalog link and nothing happens...
827 1 0
1/1/2004 04:50:00
By : Rainer
29G many questions for new tank/fish
Posted on: 19/12/2003 06:57:00

Set up tank on 12-12-03 so it's still in the cycle stage. Petshop said that I could add 5 fish so 3 redeyes & 2 platys. At the beginning the 1 of the redeyes was a nipper and swam around. A few days later, he(?) began cowering in a corner behind a plant; I wonder why? Also, the tetras won't come to the top unless the light is off. The platys swim all over the place and seem quite happy other than I noticed that they like to rub against the plastic part of the heater and a clay pot; so could that be ICH? If it could be, how should I treat them while cycling the tank? BTW, I don't have another tank. I was told to keep the Rena Cal Top Light Excel heater at 80. The thermometer shows to be 82. I wonder which is right? I'm feeding them tropical flakes every other day. Also, should I keep the water level at the top of the tank even though it's cycling? I prefer to get 2nd opinions instead of relying on this petshop because I don't think the salesgirls are knowlegable enough. Thanks so much for replies/advice.
1271 1 0 the fish flick...
30/12/2003 06:47:00
By : craig
Asking for New Pic
Posted on: 18/12/2003 06:07:00

I need some pictures of the following species. Anybody can help me: Cranoglanis sinensis Stegostoma facsciatum Tor tambroides Luciocyprinus langsoni Zeus cypho Cosmocheilus harmandi Rhina ancylostoma Schindlerria praematura Thanks for help so much
819 1 0 If you find pi...
1/1/2004 04:52:00
By : Rainer
A. commerson o A. commersoni ??
Posted on: 17/12/2003 12:42:00

The name is A. commerson in Fish Base but the name in the bibliographic reference is A. commersonni Pietsch y Grobecker, 1987. What is the valid??? What is the error?? THANKS...
821 1 0 If you are ref...
18/12/2003 00:28:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Flying Fish
Posted on: 15/12/2003 13:03:00

Out fishing this weekend off the East coast of Florida, I spotted a flying fish that had a beak. Was this a flying halfbeak; or some other species?
810 1 0 Members of the...
16/12/2003 01:09:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Posted on: 15/12/2003 06:38:00

i am a trader in nigeria who want to know about fishing and trading on fishes both local and international please educate me on it *how to get fishes *technical know how *exporting
784 0 0 No reply
Posted on: 15/12/2003 06:45:00

how sardine migrate? where they spawn?
783 1 0 FishBase shows...
1/1/2004 04:59:00
By : Rainer
Evermannella melanoderma / indica
Posted on: 11/12/2003 04:41:00

I recently noticed a mistake in one of the species profiles, The species profile for Evermannella indica Brauer, 1906 states that it is replaced by E. melanoderma (Parr 1928) in the Atlantic Ocean, however you still list E. balbo atlanticus Borodin, 1931 as a synonym of E. indica Brauer, 1906, this synonym (E. balbo atlanticus Borodin, 1931) however was described from a specimen collected in the Sargasso Sea in 1929 so technically E. balbo atlanticus Borodin, 1931 should be a synonym of E. melanoderma (Parr, 1928) and not a synonym of E. indica Brauer, 1906.
790 1 0 We are looking...
1/1/2004 05:01:00
By : Rainer
Fish identification
Posted on: 10/12/2003 08:01:00

I have a video taken around mariculture cages, in Greece and I want to identify the fish I see. I am very confused with the smal fish you can see in the attached pictures. My final guess is that they are juvenile Sardina pilchardus, because I see a dark stripe along the middle of the side of their body. Could it be something else? How can I distinguish those fish from Boops boops?
779 0 1 No reply
Posted on: 6/12/2003 07:19:00

Hi I am a fishery student in Iran and I want to research about rainbow trout triploiding. If you have information about it I will be very happy to reseave it with special regards asghar
785 0 0 No reply
2157 password?
Posted on: 4/12/2003 09:57:00

When I try and go to it asks me for a username and password. Is this supposed to happen. The other fishbase sites (.de, .fr) all work without one. I didnt think this was a member site...
1137 4 0 We are working...
7/12/2003 10:42:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 3/12/2003 09:48:00

As an addendum to previous message. Monkfish (Lophius Americanus) mature at 3 years and bear 300,000 to 3.2 million eggs yet is considered "low resilience" Why? because stock make-up is young?
877 1 0 The reasons fo...
7/12/2003 10:47:00
By : Rainer
resilence rating in fishbase
Posted on: 3/12/2003 09:33:00

I am writing a cookbook/identification guide for U.S. commercial species, which also addresses sustainability issues. I am curious how species resilence is determined and why the only categories seem to be very low, low and medium in fishbase. There is no high resilence? Thank you in advance PJ
803 1 0 See Table 1 in...
7/12/2003 10:50:00
By : Rainer
Ornamental fishery
Posted on: 2/12/2003 03:38:00

Dear Sirs/Madam Iam working with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India in the discipline of fisheries. I am working in the North Eastern part of the country where the diversity of fish fauna is amazing and most of them having ornamental potential. I have been working in the field of ornamental fisheries for the past two years. I wish to have an international project to continue my research in the same field focussing mainly on the molecular characterization of fish species and breeding of the potential ones. Therefore, I would appreciate if you can kindly let me know some international funding agencies who would sponsor such research programmes. Thanks VINOD,K. Scientist, Div. of Fisheries, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Barapani, Meghalaya, India
887 1 0 Dear Vinod, N...
7/12/2003 17:16:00
By : A.G.Ponniah
Posted on: 2/12/2003 02:02:00

I'm looking for a good definition of "coolwater species", coldwater and warmwater with reference. Tank you
948 1 0 In the FishBas...
7/12/2003 10:56:00
By : Rainer
Flame angels
Posted on: 1/12/2003 18:16:00

hi i am doing a research paper on flame angels and i have search around the net and i cant find their life cycle and other stuf i can use about them in my research paper.
862 2 0 I believe that...
30/12/2003 04:49:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 1/12/2003 16:18:00

I am researching electroreception, and electric fish for a biology presentation. Any suggestions on where I might find more information on this subject?
782 1 0 In the FishBas...
7/12/2003 11:07:00
By : Rainer
African Snappers
Posted on: 29/11/2003 18:04:00

Hi there, I'm constantly hearing about two big Snappers available in the western african waters, their volgar names are Carpe Rouge (Red carp) and Diabar and people there swear that is a different fish. My amatorial investigation suggests that there's one major Snapper which is the Lutjuanus agennes and a second one that is the Lutjuanus goreensis. Unfortunately the latter doesn't seem to reach the size that those Snappers reach, the Carpe Rouge and the Diabar are said to grow in excess of 50 kilos. I have seen pictures of both fish, and I have caught myself in Gabon fish that the locals would distinguish between the two species but my feeling is that is only the color of the fish that is different, not the fish itself, being the goreensis a smaller critter. Anybody has some imput on this one ? Thanks in advance ciao Nicola
910 2159 0 tag away revew...
16/11/2012 10:30:10
By : tatattmOifs
endangered species
Posted on: 29/11/2003 08:24:00

What is the rarest fish in the UK?
896 2 0 The Burbot is...
4/12/2003 01:51:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 26/11/2003 03:55:00

Does anyone know something about succinic deshydrogenase activity in thawed fish ?? thanx a lot
808 0 0 No reply
fish in same tank
Posted on: 25/11/2003 16:56:00

Black Ghost- 7 1/2" Bala Shark- 3" Common Pleco- 5" Peacock Eel- 5 1/2" Reed Fish- 8" Q: will these fish suvive and/or get along in the same community tank? Worried my fish will start killing one another. I made the mistake, about 6 month ago, of putting my Peacock Eel(Stretch) in with a few small Mollies(-1"), and Stretch killed all three of them. Don't want to make a similar mistake. Anyone?
964 1 0 HI, My name is...
29/3/2006 23:01:00
By : HI
BCfish vol. 2
Posted on: 24/11/2003 15:38:00

Here are the smaller versions (I hope)
766 0 2 No reply
British Columbia species
Posted on: 24/11/2003 13:36:00

Are there anyone who can tell me if the species on the attached pictures are identified correctly?
All fish are from British Columbia, Canada

Tofino, Vancouver Island:
Sebas.jpg = Copper rockfish (Sebastes caurinus)?
Melan.jpg = Black rockfish (Sebastes melanops)?
Hemil.jpg = Red Irish lord (Hemilepidotus hemilepidotus)?
Oligoc.jpg = Tidepool sculpin (Oligocottus maculosus)?
Fraser River:
Acroch1.jpg = Chiselmouth (Acrocheilus alutaceus)?
The big finale is from Harrison River (Fraser River system):
Cottus.jpg = Some kind of sculpin, but which?
Coastrange sculpin (Cottus aleuticus)??
I would be thankful for any kind of (relevant) input on any or all of the above.
2051 3 14 Ridiculous, th...
24/11/2003 15:33:00
By : Thorke
re sourcing fishes
Posted on: 22/11/2003 23:58:00

We are a trading, importing and exporting firm based in Sana'a-Yemen. We request you to guide us reg. the best priced geographical areas fishes and the best demand areas of fishes. Thanks for your kind cooperation.
849 0 0 No reply
stage determination of fish eggs
Posted on: 19/11/2003 23:58:00

To you all out there. I need literature on stage classification of fish eggs. Or even better - to get in contact with people who have sampled eggs and classified the eggs to different stages. Thank you. Kirsten Engell-Sørensen
780 0 0 No reply
tropical fishes in Sudest of Spain
Posted on: 18/11/2003 09:42:00

hi, i want some information about someone who wants to start a reproduction of tropical fishes in Sudest of Spain (Murcia). thank you
798 2 0 the species ar...
22/11/2003 07:35:00
By : jose manuel jimenez
catfish of malawi
Posted on: 18/11/2003 06:56:00

Hello everybody, i am from south germany and just starting to build up a new fish tank. I want to put in fishs from malawi. my question is, what catfish live in the malawi lake and where do i get them. Thank you for your answers, best regards, Wolf
795 1 0 If you are loo...
19/11/2003 02:26:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Marine science
Posted on: 17/11/2003 06:34:00

Respected Sir/madam I would like to know the known checklist of marine fishes in the much is known so far. sincerely yours, Neelam
805 1 0 There are abou...
29/11/2003 06:34:00
By : Rainer
help: class Pisces and acanthoptergii
Posted on: 13/11/2003 18:39:00

I am a postgraduate student studying in information and knowledge management. Due to a recent assignment of taxonomy , I read a lot of books about fish. There is a question that I read one book named "living fishes of the world", it says bony fishes belong to class Pisces. So tuna and swordfish belong to class Pisces. While another book named "fishes of the world" says tuna and swordfish belong to class actinopterygii. As a layman, I am really confused about it now. I am wondering if there is a correct answer? I just want to know which class tuna and swordfish belong to. Could you mind helping me anwser this question? Thanks a lot
1124 5 0 Myxini has bee...
2/12/2003 06:39:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Estimate on numbers of fish/gallon in tank
Posted on: 13/11/2003 07:24:00

I was wondering how many fish could a 6,000 us gallon tank hold with good filtration? Is there a formula for inches of fish or pounds?
790 3 0 the quality an...
3/12/2003 13:13:00
By : PJ
Fish searching
Posted on: 11/11/2003 03:44:00

I search some fishes such as Uaru fernandezyepezi and Badis bengalensis. Who has some items from these species. I live in Belgium
858 1 0 There are nume...
16/11/2003 02:57:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Garra rufa
Posted on: 10/11/2003 18:10:00

I am searching all information and location of this particular fish. FAMILY Cyprinidae. ORDER: Cypriniformes, CLASS: Actinopterygii. Import regulations/customs for Australia and Export regulations from overseas countries. Thankyou
799 1 0 Just follow al...
29/11/2003 07:38:00
By : Rainer
Death of a fish
Posted on: 8/11/2003 03:21:00

why do fishes immediately come up onto the surface when they die?
801 1 0 They don't nec...
9/11/2003 15:01:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Could you help about identification of a fish
Posted on: 5/11/2003 00:01:00

Hello everybody, I am a research asistant At University of Cukurova (Turkey). I have 3 individual belonging to BREGMOCERATIDAE family. But I could not identify species of these individuals. I have not enough identification sheet to identify. Sicerely yours
787 1 0 In Search Fish...
6/11/2003 07:19:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 1/11/2003 19:42:00

This is all i have to go on. i was told the fish was a cranberry damsel and it is pink. it looks like an anthius in shape and color. it is supposed to be a deep water fish and rarely for sale. they were only 4.60 ea. they school together but are shy. they also are expected to get pretty big. can someone identify or guess what they are?
775 1 0 This sounds li...
6/11/2003 07:24:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 30/10/2003 21:30:00

Hi all, Whose work should be quoted for the taxon "Actinopterygii" -Cope ED 1887 or Klein EF 1885? If you can help please also provide the full reference. Thanks in advance
790 0 0 No reply
Acanthopagrus berda food items
Posted on: 30/10/2003 06:28:00

Hi all, I'm analyzing gut contents of juvenile (< 15 cm) A. berda and found amongst other items, fish scales. At first I thought it was self contamination during the gut extraction but then I found different types and sizes of scales. Could this species actually eat fish scales? Does anyone know of previous work on the the feeding habits of this species? Thanks
860 1 0 Is this specie...
3/11/2003 06:35:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 28/10/2003 07:51:00

why cant you guys paste a picture of the animal?cause i have a report to do and i have to have a picture.please can you have a picture of this animal; pseudophallus ;please and thank you
770 1 0 Have a look at...
6/11/2003 07:45:00
By : Rainer
snake head, rope fish and ornate bichir, together
Posted on: 27/10/2003 11:16:00

hi!! I have a cichlid tank, about 300 us gal, im interestes about getting one snakehead, one ropefish and one ornate bichir, is it posible to introduce them in my tank with out problems??? I just have about 20 cichlids 2 1/2 inches and 1 pleco about 7 inches, the tank measures are 200 cm x 60 cm x 90 cm, i think there`s a lot of space, and enough for all the fishes... someone can help me, or could give me advice... I`ll really appreciate any kind of help.. thanks rick
802 1 0 snakehead : bi...
18/11/2003 04:35:00
By : laurent
Cristatogobius gobioides
Posted on: 17/10/2003 21:00:00

Hi I have one of these guys in my aquarium and they are an excellent little fish. I was wondering if anyone knew how to tell between the different sexes of this species of Goby and anything about sexual history and reprodiction etc. Thanks Stephen
776 1 0 Most Gobies ar...
19/10/2003 11:44:00
By : Pete Liptrot
breeding salmonids
Posted on: 17/10/2003 08:17:00

Can someone tell me please something about upper Water-pH-limits breeding charr (and/or trout) eggs: aczeptable: < ......pH? low sucess: > ......pH? subletal: > ......pH? most die: > ......PH?
775 1 0 Hy! Do you kn...
27/10/2003 05:22:00
By : Ioana Nistor
charr in aquaculture
Posted on: 17/10/2003 08:03:00

can someone tell me please the opt./max. temperatures for: 1. pre spawning brood stock,stripping 2. breeding green eggs, breeding eyed eggs, 3. reconditioning brood stock 4. What is te maximun akzeptable pH hwen breeding charr eggs
784 2 0 contact intern...
22/11/2003 03:00:00
By : Hägar Otter
Identification key (Peristediidae)
Posted on: 17/10/2003 07:19:00

I'm a Marine Biology student and I'm looking for an identification key for the eastern central pacific peristediid's... or description of the two Peristedion species presents in that area .. I've material from the North of colombian pacific, but I don't have bibliography... this is for my "Grade work" Thank's...
776 1 0 We don't seem...
10/11/2003 05:56:00
By : Rainer
unidentified fish
Posted on: 15/10/2003 18:48:00

I have been fishing the suoth Florida waters for the past twenty-five years. During a cold water upwelling this summer, I caught an unusual fish in the St. Lusie Inlet. The fish was aprox. 12 inches in length. It's body was smooth skinned. It's skin was light tan with white spots aprox. 1/16 in. in diamater. The peck fins were like those of a sea robin, but colored in distinct black and white stripes running lengthwise from the base of the fin to the outside edge. It's tail was similarly marked and smoothly rounded.The eyes of the fish were aprox.1/8 inch in diameter and chartreuse in color. The mouth was upslung with tiny teeth. The body was shaped somewhat like a puffer. I assume this fish was some type of bottom fish. If you could help me identify this fish, I would appreciate it.
782 1 0 In your area a...
10/11/2003 06:06:00
By : Rainer
Unidentified Fish - Rasbora?
Posted on: 13/10/2003 00:31:00

Could someone please help me identify a fish that I recently purchased from a local pet-store. I will try to post a picture as soon as i get the prints, but here's a description anyway. Now, the store-keeper identified it as a Scissortail Rasbora (Rasbora trilineata), and it does seem that it is a variant of one, as the markings on the tail are identical to that of the R. trilineata. The most distinct feature of the fish is an intense fiery red stripe that runs from the mouth to the middle of the body (terminating a little before the dorsal fin), running over the top portion of the eyes as well. A distinct black stripe runs along the lateral line and is topped by the red stripe described above. The dorsal fin is also red, with the color more concentrated towards the base of the fin. The body shape is very streamlined - the typical torpedo shape and the black and yellow tail markings being reminiscent of the R. trilineata. The body colour itself, though, is not as pale as the trilineata - and is more of a pale yellow (a good analogy would be the colour of the scales of Tiger Barbs). The barbels are visible as thin whiskers. These fish were between 2-2.5"(SL), 2.5-3"(TL) when I purchased them (just a week ago) and the maximum size i have seen before would be around 3.5"(TL). I do believe they will outgrow a length comfortable for my 48" tank though, which is true for Scissortail Rasboras. These are bold fish that spend a lot of time swimming gracefully in the middle levels, and they like to swim across the length of the tank. Must I add that this is one of the most beautiful school-fish I have ever seen (although I did have to pay a beautiful price for them as well) and it makes me sad not to be able to find any info on the care of the fish (can't run a search without any name), or when somebody asks its name - which tends to happen a lot, as my four "Comet" Scissortail Rasboras (As I have decided to name them for the time being!) - are currently the highlight of my 60 gallon planted tank. To help gauge the attention these fish are gaining inspite of its tank-mates... my tank also includes 8 Neon Tetras, a shoal of 10 juvenile Tiger Barbs, a pair each of Praecox Rainbows, Serpae Tetras, Penguin Tetras, Honey Gouramis, Black Mollies, 3 Black Phantom Tetras and a lone Kuhli Loach. If somebody has a clue as to which species this is, info will be appreciated.
1075 0 0 No reply
Beta splendens female guards nest
Posted on: 12/10/2003 11:05:00

I wonder, if anybody has observed the same phenomena in the siamese fighting fish, as I did today. I had put a young, small virgin female beta splendens in a small breeding cage in a fish tank and set a second, large female that was through with breeding into the same tank. the two females could see each other through the net of the cage, but seemed to take little noticed of eachother. the young female in the cage though started to build a small nest of bubbles and laid eggs, which it now gards and keeps like a male breeding beta. I am surprised. None of my books which I consulted, has anything like that explained or mentioned. Has anybody any idea, if that is a common behavioural pattern? please let me know. thanks! Peter
969 2118 0 WN9CmZ , [url=...
20/07/2011 19:39:06
By : hcjdvwn
Leporacanthicus Galaxias
Posted on: 11/10/2003 08:14:00

Hello, Can anyone help me with more info about food and water temp for my catfish? I just added it to my aquarius which already contains a couple of big Discus. He is around 4 inches. I collected some info through the internet but they are in contrast each other. The water of the tank is at around 29/30 degrees and my Discus eat a Panaque meal/fruit/veggies mixt and also discus tablets ...the man who sold me the catfish said that he is ok at that temperature and eats everythings....but I read that someone consider those catfish only vegetarian.... the only thing I'm sure is that the beautiful fish is harmless!!! Have anyone more info please? Thank you! Giovanna
795 1 0 For informatio...
12/10/2003 03:53:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Feeding frogfish in captivity
Posted on: 10/10/2003 00:44:00

Hello all. A friend on mine is keeping a frogfish (Antennarius sp.) and is worried that the fish never eats (he never saw it eating!). He's worried that the fish will starve. Is there any special food items he should give to the fish? thanx
1034 1 0 Frogfish eat o...
10/10/2003 05:51:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 10/10/2003 00:25:00

hello all I have one question. Does The betta splenden have change familie or is an error of base? Thanck you Diablo15
781 1 0 No error: The...
10/10/2003 05:55:00
By : Rainer
Senegalense sole
Posted on: 3/10/2003 07:28:00

I'm looking for biological and ecological information of Solea senegalensis larval phase. If you know any references, please send it! Thank you
770 1 0 Please try Lar...
10/10/2003 08:41:00
By : Bernd
Trachurus picturatus
Posted on: 29/9/2003 06:04:00

Please, if anyone have more information about Trachurus picturatus from Madeira Islands and Age/Growth studies about this species, i would like you to informe me were I can find
778 1 0 Currently we h...
10/10/2003 06:11:00
By : Rainer
What's wrong with my fish?
Posted on: 28/9/2003 05:07:00

Please help! I've had my betta for about 3 years now, and he's been acting a little strange lately. He stays on the bottom of the tank a lot, and seems to have trouble trying to swim to the top. He tries to go to the top to feed, so he's still interested in food, but it just seems like he hasn't got the strength to get and stay at the top. Is there something wrong with him?
961 1 0 At 3 years old...
30/9/2003 06:35:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Spiney Devil Pleco "Catfish"
Posted on: 25/9/2003 05:41:00

Anyone know what this speices likes to eat? Thanks.
929 1 0 Assuming that...
30/9/2003 06:30:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 25/9/2003 04:16:00

854 3 1 Oh, you mean t...
19/10/2003 12:29:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 25/9/2003 03:58:00

789 1 0 it is definite...
25/10/2003 07:28:00
By : simon channing
Gnathonemus echidnorhynchus
Posted on: 23/9/2003 21:06:00

I am having the devil of a time finding information on this fish. Does anyone know anything about it that would provide some interest to an article I am working on about G. petersii. I wanted to include some information about its relatives, but I'm not finding much in my books or on the web. Thank you in advance. Best fishes.
780 0 0 No reply
west african invertibrate fish?
Posted on: 22/9/2003 16:57:00

My 12 yr old son is doing a biodiversity project on west africa, and he has been told to find an invertibrate. One site said Killifish was invertibrate, but I'm not so sure. He also needs to determine the FULL scientific name (right up to the Kingdom) of the target invertibrate... Any help from you scientific types?
943 1 0 A Killifish is...
22/9/2003 17:41:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Lactarius - lactarius German Name
Posted on: 22/9/2003 13:15:00

any body tell me the German name of LACTARIUS-lactarius or Fallse travelly .FAO are india. Advance thanks Anton
781 1 0 My book lists...
9/10/2003 22:20:00
By : Thorke
Gourami -v- shrimp
Posted on: 19/9/2003 09:48:00

will gourami fish eat my shrimps?
788 4 0 That species i...
29/9/2003 05:18:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Discus fish; best conditions
Posted on: 13/9/2003 11:12:00

Could u let me know the best water and food conditions for discus fish to keep..Pls email: [email protected]
790 1 0 See water para...
10/10/2003 06:20:00
By : Rainer
new species?
Posted on: 13/9/2003 05:21:00

i have found a fish in my country papua, indonesia but the fish really looks like a new species to me and people around the place where we found that fish. maybe somebody help me to identification that fish. below fish data that found. TL 50 cm BL 48 cm BW 2 kgs a pairs dorsal fin and ventral fin that is data i have collect. if some ichtyologist interest about this info please contact me [email protected]
810 3 0 Your fish is a...
8/10/2003 19:26:00
By : Lem Casten
Yellow Tail Blue Damsel /Chrysiptera Parasema
Posted on: 9/9/2003 15:04:00

Currently have a pair of these damsels spawning I have examined the eggs at day 3 and they show know eye pigmentation or mouth development. Does anyone know what the igestation period is for this species are they similar to angel fish hatching with no eyes or mouth and developing it later? There apparent small size will also make it difficult to offer a suitable first food item. Egg size 1.2mm x 0.75mm Rotifers i think will be to large and may have to look at cilates or copepod nauplii? any suggestions?
770 1 0 Several strain...
10/10/2003 08:54:00
By : Bernd
Red Capped Oranda
Posted on: 6/9/2003 21:43:00

Hi I need some help! My Red Capped Oranda named Bubbles is sick but I dont know what is wrong.. We've only had them 2 weeks my other fish is a telecope eyed, today I noticed that part of Bubbles scales are missing, we did have some chinese algae eaters in there that were attacking the fish, we've since then taken out the alage eaters, but now Bubbles sits on the bottom of the tank not really moving, and he hasn't eaten. It's only been 1 day but I am worried he might have Flukes or something else.. The lady at the pet store didnt seem to be too worried about diseases she said Bubbles was most likely stressed and just needed some time to relax, but that I should do a water change which I did... Please someone tell me what is wrong with my Bubbles... Also Googles the other fish seems to be fine... Please send e-mails to [email protected]
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Biodiversity and fisheries
Posted on: 6/9/2003 19:24:00

i really need journal articles on this topic or relating to it for a fact sheet I am creating for university.
780 1 0 There are lots...
10/10/2003 06:24:00
By : Rainer
Cochlefelis Spatula
Posted on: 5/9/2003 22:26:00

"Duck billed" catfish. Hi there from Saskatoon Saskatchewan we have just recently purchased one of these amazing and rare fish, and believe me they are just awesome to have in a fish tank! i myself am 13 years old and i have a 1000 gallon fish tank witch is inhabited by many diffenent types of fish. if you would like more information about the duck billed catfish please e-mail me at- [email protected]
765 2 0 Just curious,...
23/10/2003 09:17:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Aplochelius kerchmayeri
Posted on: 4/9/2003 12:28:00

Does anyone have the type locality information of this species ? I did a search on the Web but was unable to find it. I am looking for location information in Goa, India. Thanks you in advance.
828 1 0 The name is sp...
6/9/2003 06:58:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Fish production feasibility
Posted on: 1/9/2003 21:00:00

I plan to go into fish farming. Hence need some information on the feasibility of fish farming i.e. some kind of cost and return or feasibility analysis. For example feasibility study of tilapia production, or Lapu-lapu fishcage production system. How profitable this could be? Do you have such information/feasibility? Thanks.
786 1 0 you could find...
4/9/2003 14:53:00
By : fey
Posted on: 1/9/2003 13:46:00

Could somebody help me to identify the attached blennies and the scorpion fish???
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Does Carassius carassius (crucian carp) lives in u
Posted on: 1/9/2003 09:07:00

can anybody tell me if this fish is in usa? thank you
778 1 0 The Crucian ca...
10/10/2003 06:32:00
By : Rainer
Fungus type problem with my oscar
Posted on: 31/8/2003 05:40:00

i have a 3 year old oscar in a 2 meter tank and recently i have noticed a lot of fungus (or some other kind of disease) eating away at the flesh around the head of my fish. If anyone is experiencing the same sort of problem and or knows of a remedy for this could you please pass it onto me at [email protected]
801 2 0 Dear Ben , I...
22/10/2005 14:41:00
By : jerry
Fish Name in german
Posted on: 30/8/2003 10:37:00

who can tell me the name of some fishes in German 1.AETOBATUS SPP 2.LEIOGNATHUS SPP fish catching are FAQ 51 INDIA Thanks lot
1160 2 0 Leiognathus sp...
10/10/2003 12:24:00
By : Thorke
help! Black ghost knifefish in trouble!!!
Posted on: 28/8/2003 20:03:00

Ok...I bought a black ghost knifefish 2 weeks ago and it brought Ich into my 30 gal. freshwater aquarium. I have one double fantail goldfish and one orange capped Oranda and only the Oranda got Ich. However, after only 2 Rid-Ich treatments and some aquarium salt, the knifefish (Jacque) appears to be dying. I have taken him out of the tank and have put him in a hospital tank with all new water and some Bio-Coat and Bio-Safe...he won't eat. What can I do to save him? Please help!!!
792 0 2 No reply
Posted on: 25/8/2003 08:48:00

Hello, my name is Eduardo Quevedo, I studied Veterinary Medicine and I go to you because I need information on the product Tricaine Methanesulfonate(ms-222), that it is soluble in water therefore is very good for the sedation and even the surgery of fish. I am preparing my thesis that is based on the investigation of the product to be used in reef fish, because most of the charts made until the moment are investigations made in fish of fresh water. The idea is to work in Xcaret Park located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. With the Dr. Juan José Bolaños that works for 9 years in the aquarium, where it is necessary to have some parameter to be able to occupy the product without danger, therefore I would like to know if you manage this information and what class of samples have they taken to be able to measure the concentration of the product in the fish or times of induccion, recovery,etc.?, if you don't have this information, to who can I ask?, I thank your time and I wait your answer. I really like to work in investigation and this is my oportunity to start , maybe this research it´s already done , but I don´t know, that´s why I asking you and I would like to be in contact with you if you have the time, thank´s. My adress: San pascual 348, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Eduardo Quevedo Mayor University ( Santiago, Chile.) [email protected] or [email protected]
934 1 0 Search for MS-...
10/10/2003 07:01:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 22/8/2003 14:53:00

I am looking for information on caring for Chromis viridis. Our fish developed what we think was a viral infection. It was characterized by red spots that almost look like hemorraging on their sides. The appearance of these was usually closely followed by death. We also noted that it seems to affect their neural and motor pathways. Does anyone have any information as to what this could be?
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Ok I am really dumb
Posted on: 21/8/2003 21:09:00

I posted the wrong picture. This is really the right one. Daaaa!!! I wish I could edit my posts.
836 2033 1 WcEH05 , [url=...
16/07/2011 23:11:57
By : wxpyeck
Ok I am really dumb
Posted on: 21/8/2003 21:09:00

I posted the wrong picture. This is really the right one. Daaaa!!!
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Posted on: 21/8/2003 21:05:00

Here is the picture of the female. Notice the size and coloration of her scales. She looks really old.
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Posted on: 21/8/2003 20:49:00

HI, I have a really old pair of clownfish and was wondering if anyone knew how long these fish can live. I purchased them is 1982, so 21 years and they were big clowns when I got them so I estimate their age to be 30-45. Any links or help is appreciated.
759 1 2 That pic is th...
21/8/2003 21:00:00
By : Kurt
Posted on: 21/8/2003 14:32:00

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Santa Cruz (California) harbor while a commercial salmon fisherman was unloading his catch. He also had caught a strange fish by accident, which had been tangled up in the kelp and his line. He showed us bystanders the fish, which was about 150-180 cm long, and appeared to weigh about 20 kg (based on the fisherman's comments). The color was white, with some pink. The eyes were solid black, and about 1 cm diameter. The closest similar fish I could find on this web site is the Red cusk-eel. I didn't get any pictures, unfortunately. Any ideas?
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water dog
Posted on: 20/8/2003 16:57:00

Long ago when I was young, I went to a pet store and seen this funny looking fish. It didn't look like a fish. It looked like a small dog, white, hairless dog, about 4 inches long. The name of it was waterdog. Now I can't locate this perticular fish. Let me know if anybody know something about this.
811 1 0 It could be th...
21/8/2003 04:45:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Posted on: 20/8/2003 16:46:00

I am looking for information about two species of damselfish, specifically Chromis caerulea and Chromis viridis. I am trying to determine why they are classified as separate species when they share the same morphological characteristics as well as look identical. If anyone can suggest where to look or has any information, it would be a big help.
801 1 0 It seems like...
21/8/2003 03:47:00
By : Rainer
Spawn timing of Chinook Salmon
Posted on: 20/8/2003 13:47:00

I am looking for information concerning the lag time between initiation of spawning and death in Chinook salmon. I need to determine the spawn time frame for Chinook and all I have are carcass data. Sure, I can tell when the first cacass was found, but I cant find info on how to adjust "forward" to determine spawn time from cacass data. Any references would be very helpful.
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dorsal fin
Posted on: 20/8/2003 04:49:00

How many fish species do not have a dorsal fin
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White Eye Moray "Gymnothorax Thyrsoideus"
Posted on: 19/8/2003 20:49:00

I am having problems finding a place that has a white eye for sale, does anyone know where I can get one and how much it is. I would like to be 12 inches or smaller. Thank you Keith Prentice P.S. email me at [email protected]
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Sardines and Anchovies
Posted on: 17/8/2003 13:57:00

In Spain 'Boquerones' are small, tasty silver-coloured fish commonly served in bars and restaurants. Are they Sardines or Anchovies? Similar question: I've just eaten a tin of 'Anchois Entiers' (from France) but they tasted just like a tin of what in the UK are called sardines - not strong and salty as I expected of an 'Anchovy'. Any explanations?
789 1 0 The reason Anc...
18/8/2003 04:07:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Is it an Oar fish?
Posted on: 15/8/2003 16:48:00

Can anyone tell me if the fish in the pictures is an Oar fich? The pictures were taken in Indonesia near Komodo island.
847 2 3 It's an Avian...
18/8/2003 04:05:00
By : Pete Liptrot
stock ID
Posted on: 14/8/2003 00:09:00

I recently got 9 small fish from fishermen netting them around a coral reef in Davao Gulf (7 N 125 E). Can anyone point me in the right direction to identify this rather laterally compressed mostly silver 1.5 inch long fish. It has a single vertical black line running from dorsum to ventral immediately posterior to gill covers. It's lips are outlined in black and it's eyes have a black ring. The rest of it is silver colored ie not white but a metalic yellowish white.
794 3 0 Just a second...
16/8/2003 23:53:00
By : R. E. Pohl
betta sympton
Posted on: 13/8/2003 05:22:00

My betta has always been healthy but recently developed fuzzy light colored stuff on one of the thin hanging front fins. This morning he has a spot on the top of his body near his head. Is this fungus? will the Kanacyn or the Bettamax we bought for another fish help or cure this? Or is there something more effective we can try?
801 2 0 Try copper. Wo...
19/8/2003 20:55:00
By : Keith
anarhichas lupus
Posted on: 12/8/2003 02:49:00

We need information about the solitary habits of catfish- can some one direct me to any research paper on this subject relevant to UK waters.
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M. jagorii images
Posted on: 12/8/2003 02:39:00

Got digital pics suspected to be of M.jagorii and some descriptions too but not sure because it is also the same with M.brachyurus and M.manadensis. Please get into my e-mail if interested.
789 1 0 Please attach...
15/8/2003 08:13:00
By : Rainer
Microphis mento
Posted on: 12/8/2003 02:20:00

Wish to contribute more information on M.mento's occurrence in the Philippines, general description/ meristics and possible digital images that is not in your page. Please give details on how to go about it.
791 1 0 Please contact...
21/8/2003 03:54:00
By : Rainer
Contact info for Don McPhail
Posted on: 11/8/2003 15:26:00

I am trying to contact Don McPhail so I can ask permission to use some of the images credited to him on FishBase. I couldn't find his name listed in the Univ. of British Columbia Faculty directory so it appears FishBase's contact info for him is outdated. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of Don, or perhaps someone else who is authorized to grant permission to use a few images? Thanks in advance for you help
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Can you identify this fish?
Posted on: 9/8/2003 17:00:00

I observed this small fish (6 inches) in Assawoman Bay, Ocean City, MD, USA. I've never see one like it before. Any help in ID would be appreciated.
814 1 1 Thats a sharks...
9/8/2003 19:09:00
By : R.E. Pohl
Fish Identification
Posted on: 2/8/2003 03:13:00

Recently in Thailand I photographed some fish species (2 damselfish, 1 parrotfish, 1 wrasse) which I am not sure of. Can anyone identify them? Photos should be attached. Please let me know if you have a guess. Thanks
860 3 4 Sorry I miss s...
24/9/2005 10:31:00
By : Anuwat Saisaeng
Anabas testudineus (Ikan Betok) enquiries.
Posted on: 31/7/2003 18:07:00

Dear Fish Base & forum members here, I am from Singapore and I am conducting a research on Anabas testudineus (aka 'Ikan Betoks'), a type of climbling gouramies that can survive out of water for hours. I have some questions for the experts here: i) Are Anabas testudineus an endangered species & allowed to be trade internationally? ii) Are there any Breeding/Spawning information on Anabas testudineus in this website? >> Otherwise, can a kind soul here point to me a link that have the spawning details of Anabas testudineus? Thank you all for your attention and consideration of this thread. All the best and keep up the fine efforts! Have a nice "fishy day". Alan Chow +65 90660350 Singapore Local Fish Shop Web (SG LFS) Shortcut URL is []
924 1 0 Re i) The spec...
11/8/2003 06:42:00
By : Rainer
Giant Tarpon and Snook in fresh water
Posted on: 31/7/2003 15:02:00

Fishing report # 45: San Juan River Nicaragua For an easier reading Full report , Newsletter and Pictures at : Long time since I wrote a fishing report and I am getting E mail asking what’s hapening ... We are well and alive still fishing sucessfully with Guests our San Juan River . Sorry for the missing reports but I have reallly been super busy with the improvement of the internet site at and building of the new Guests house on my land in front of San Carlos...on shore of Lake Nicaragua... a lot of work for all of us...on No Fishing days everybody fishing guides included become carpenter... and I move from my computer to the wood workshop... Obviously the international events: war in Irak and SAR Virus had negative effect on my booking in all spring 2003 but even in such situation we did have many guests coming and “as usual” all of them had tarpon : Terry from Mineapolis.. , Julie and Fabien from France, Etienne and Bertrand from France Bill , Randy, Irvine, from Seattle and Alaska., Mike and lindy from Florida., Janos, Camilla from Sweden Bob and Family from New Mexico , Jeff and Kelly from Seattle.. For most of these guests this trip with us was not the first one some where at trip #4 on San Juan river... there is always something new to discover in our Fishing Adventures... As predicted ( see Report #44 ) from June we observe in San Juan River a tremendous quantity of fish ( Tarpon size 20lb to more than 250lb ) all around, going up and down river. Remarcable also , some changes concerning the feeding area... “Activity Zone” I like to talk a bit of this idea of “ feeding area or Activity Zone” as I consider it is very important for the quality of our fishing . I do not want to say than this is true for all tarpon fishing all over the world.. but what I know is than at least this is true concerning the 120 miles of our San Juan river river and also in Cano Negro and Rio Frio in Costa Rica than I also know very well... Since 4 years we are Sport Fishing there..., we observe than there are diferent behaviour of fish according to where they are.. Exist places where you can see thousand of tarpon “Rolling” “breathing” slowly generally by two or three very close from each other in a behaviour we figure related to reproduction ... There we are ... When you see this DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME...unless you want to enjoy super frustration... it is almost impossible to have these fish bite... trust me we tried... whatever the hour, the moon , the lure, the fly , the live bait etc etc this is what we called a DON’T LOSE YOUR TIME AREA it can be on a mile of river or 20 there may be 1000 tarpon or ten thousands... in variable sizes..( Note , In such a zone your only chance ..’’ very very small” is to have one of the tarpon being Upset by a lure..he will then not grab it but Push it then you may have a chance...and a fin hooking!! ) For me and my guides there is no doubt than this ballet is related to reproduction.. and in our San Juan River this may happen at any months in the year.. in these area tarpon do not feed do not bite even if baita are abundant.. .. but then at the same time 10 miles ahead or down river they will ... a totally diferent behaviour it will not take long before they take this same fly or lure you could have cast unsuccessfully for a half day in other place.. Since 4 years we almost daily fish the river and we have been lucky inoff to locate the Activity area ( Bitting in a specifiv one will be good for a month or three , location of these place also vary according to Water level and time of the year...) Remark On writing that ( Specifically what concern reproduction ) I may give a problem at Marine Biologist... as it is said write and known than tarpon do not reproduce in Fresh water..??? Our Fishing grounds are Fresh water at 120 miles from sea ...So? Well I invite all scientifics interested to be in touch with me, as I would like to start a tagging program etc etc... Please All opinion, comments from Fellow Fishermen are welcome... I forgot.. I have report of Local professional Fishermen who said they caught very small tarpon...and what about this baby tarpon 15 cm. ( 6 inches ) . caught acidentally by the back in Solentiname by one of our Guest from Texas in January 2002? Back to Sport Fishing.. In my opinion success in Tarpon fishing in San Juan River is of course made of using the right type of Lures , ( or flies ) with the good colour according to light and water is also a matter of moon or hours and x Factors known from my guides.( they are all Born here are for example fascinate by behaviour of Aigrets on river bank one of their indicators..etc etc..) all these are the basics for a sucessfull fishing .but In my opinion there is something more: being able to corectly clasified the Zones of the river according to signal given by tarpon behaviour.. Size of fish we catch and release in San Juan River is generally between 80lb to 150 lb ( We also observed the presence of much smaller fish ..20, 30lb but not in big quantities.. ) then we have the big one from 150lb till 200lb and then the monsters as this 105 kg fish caught in June 2003 by Irvine from Seatle..... Exceptionaly (and unfortunately.) . we weighed this fish as it did swallow the lures , and was hold inside by the Gills and bleading dramatic circumstances.. ..This mean no chance to survive reason why we know the Exact weight ... I know this will sound unbeliveable to many readers but we already had bigger fish on in several ocasion but could not take them to the boat.. Remark ( For the real “Tarpon Aficinados” ) these Giants do not jump. only shake with extreme violence , a third or half of the body out of the water .. Anyway Concerning this Irvine’s Tarpon I have been told than this is the bigest tarpon ever caught in Central America.. and may be in all americas excepting this monster of 283 lb caught in Venezuela.. ( March 1956 this is the actual IGFA all tackle world record duce with another fish caught in then peacefull Sierra Leone. 1991. ) Another event I like to mention concerning this spring is than we have 5 new kids entering our Junior tarpon club... Open to boys and girl under 12 years old.. each of them caught at least one tarpon between 100lb and 150lb, congratulation to Alex 9 years old , Alain 8 years old ( These two are my sons.. in begining of July they caught several tarpon each...) then a very special mention for Sarah 10 years old from new Mexico who caught a 150lb ...( these weight are estimation as all these fish has been released..) . ... Fishing will be great in the coming months as we have a year with Chayul... ( small insects, flies who do not bite but are many so many..) . baits feed on them....then tarpon feed on bait...Well you know.. ) when we have such a year we know than fishing is going to be great til ar least the end of February next year.. Matter of Activity Zone Will start soon to work on my planning it’s time to be in touch with me for the coming months but also for the High season from October till March.. Philippe Tisseaux. E mail [email protected] PS, On the 13th and 14th of September of 2003 will be organised the edition # 45 of the SAN CARLOS local Fishing tournament,,, as a member of the comity I am glad to help and Provide information concerning this fun event... E mail Philippe Tisseaux [email protected] Web Page English Web page en francais
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my self
Posted on: 27/7/2003 23:55:00

Hello my name is juan martin, im living in Argentina, im a profesional sushiman and i found very interesying this site, if someone know about some site that have information of sushi please send to me, my mail is [email protected], im interesting too in speak with a person who knows a lot abaut the diferent species of fish, thanks a lot and forgiv my inglish
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Eel-tailed catfishes
Posted on: 27/7/2003 21:59:00

hello I am currently doing honours at Griffith University Australia, concentrating on the dispersal abilities of two species of freshwater eel-tailed catfishes (Neosilurus hyrtlii and Porochilus argenteus). I am having a horrid time trying to fing basic literature regarding life history, breeding techniques etc... I was hoping someone may have some idea of where to start Thanks
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Thanks to Dr. R E Pohl
Posted on: 26/7/2003 00:28:00

I am thankful to Dr. R E Pohl for providing valuable information. On the basis of his information if I write like this: Clupanodon ilisha Hamilton, 1822 Macrura ilisha (Hamilton, 1822)Fowler, 1941 Hilsa ilisha (Hamilton, 1822)Rosa & Pillay, 1963 Tenualosa ilisha (Hamilton, 1822)Wongratana, 1980 Are they okay? Moreover, should I ask an another question that why the name Hilsa ilisha has been changed to Tenualosa ilisha? What are the reasons? Thanks to Dr. R E Pohl once again.
824 1 0 Im happy I cou...
26/7/2003 05:02:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Posted on: 25/7/2003 14:52:00

Hello, my name is Eduardo Quevedo, I studied Veterinary Medicine and I go to you because I need information on the product Tricaine Methanesulfonate(ms-222), that it is soluble in water therefore is very good for the sedation and even the surgery of fish. I am preparing my thesis that is based on the investigation of the product to be used in reef fish, because most of the charts made until the moment are investigations made in fish of fresh water. The idea is to work in Xcaret Park located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. With the Dr. Juan José Bolaños that works for 9 years in the aquarium, where it is necessary to have some parameter to be able to occupy the product without danger, therefore I would like to know if you manage this information and what class of samples have they taken to be able to measure the concentration of the product in the fish or times of induccion, recovery,etc.?, if you don't have this information, to who can I ask?, I thank your time and I wait your answer. I really like to work in investigation and this is my oportunity to start , maybe this research it´s already done , but I don´t know, that´s why I asking you and I would like to be in contact with you if you have the time, thank´s. Eduardo Quevedo Mayor University ( Santiago, Chile.) [email protected] or [email protected]
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Help identifying (wrasse?)
Posted on: 24/7/2003 16:10:00

Hi, I took the picture below in Hawaii and I can't find it in my fishbooks. Do anybody know what species this is? Picture taken at 40 ft at Oahu, HI. Thanks!
775 1 1 This is a juve...
21/8/2003 04:07:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 24/7/2003 12:22:00

Has anyone any information they could share on the Rasbora Kalibrensis(forgive the spelling) I have several of the species and am unable to find any information in any books
786 1 0 The name is Ra...
21/8/2003 04:16:00
By : Rainer
Ambystoma ssp ??'
Posted on: 24/7/2003 03:33:00

We have found a different Species or subespecies of Ambystoma "Axolotl" in San Luis Potosí, México. Could You help me to identify It. Josep Vilet Acuario Nacional de los Peces Mexicanos SAn Luis Potosí, México
1598 0 2 No reply
1975 769 1 0 If you are ask...
24/7/2003 03:43:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 22/7/2003 11:09:00

I would like to get some hints to get better metaphase spread photographs. can you help me
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Successive authors names and years who transferred
Posted on: 18/7/2003 06:14:00

I am sorry to say that I could not understand the changes of names of Tenualosa ilisha (Hamilton, 1822) from FishBase species summary page. I would like to know the names and year of the successive authors by whom Clupanodon ilisha Hamilton,1822 becomes Tenualosa ilisha (Hamilton, 1822);i.e. who (and when)proposed the name Hilsa ilisha; and similarly who (and when)proposed the name Tenualosa ilisha? I would be grateful if I have these information.
786 2 0 I found some m...
23/7/2003 05:23:00
By : R E Pohl
Adult Anguilla Migration
Posted on: 18/7/2003 03:55:00

I am currently researching the life cycles of the freshwater eels, Anguilla anguilla and Anguilla rostrata. I would like to substantiate or repudiate the claims that mature eels travel overland from inland lakes and ponds in order to find their way back to the sea and that elvers adopt a similar mode in order to initially find freshwater. I would be grateful for your assistance. I have been fortunate on one occasion to witness what may have been a mass invasion of elvers overland. The elvers appeared to be making their way up a wet boggy field during a rain storm. The event took place in North Wales, UK adjacent to a storm beach and well away from a river or any other source of fresh water. I have no idea where they were heading or indeed whether or not any of them actually made it to freshwater. It seemed clear to me that they must have simply left the sea over the stoney beach just a few hundred metres away. Even though I searched the shoreline, I did not see any elvers there, but hundreds of them were in the wet grass, squirming their way up to the top of a gentle incline. It had rained persistently for some days and the field was waterlogged. Elvers inhabited every puddle which had formed in the depressions caused by cattle or tractor tracks. It seemed to me that they must have all come ashore together. It was possible I suppose, that the elvers could have been cast up onto the beach during high tide by a particularly powerful wave, however, on the day in question, the sea was quite calm. Unfortunately I have no recollection of the wind strength and sea state preceding this event. The chances of any of those elvers reaching freshwater somewhere, is on first inspection, remote. It is understood that elvers usually enter freshwater via an estuary and then along a river, into a stream or ditch and finally into a pond or lake via an underground spring, (or through loose gravel or shale and on into the lake). It is certain that many inland lakes and ponds do not have any visible connecting water source or overflow, but they do hold a quantity of mature eels, and of course, they had to arrive there somehow. I therefore accept that elvers can and do find their way these inland freshwater habitats but I am not entirely convinced that they could travel very far overland without being spotted and eaten by bird or predatory mammal and I am not convinced that mature eels could exit a pond or lake in the same way due to thier bulk. A mature eel is of a greater size compared to an elver. Like elvers, they could use overflow ditches and drains before reaching major rivers, but for those eels that would have to take the overland trail before reaching such a ditch, one would expect them to be fairly frequently observed! I have spent a great deal of time in and around the countryside yet I have never seen an adult eel outside of its natural environment clearly migrating towards a watercourse. Furthermore, I have never met anyone who claims to have witnessed such an event either. If an adult eel is placed on wet grass, it is instantly apparent that its form of locomotion is not particularly efficient. In order to move at all, the eel has to perform energy sapping gyrations that would attract the eyes and ears of any predator. Slime left by the eel would provide a simple clue for any predator to find it. Would predators such as badgers, foxes and otters know of the times when eels can be expected. Do eels form part of their diets during such times? Surely any large eels making an overland journey across fallen rustling autumn leaves are likely to be spotted somewhere along the route and be widely reported? I do know that when the mature eels start to migrate, they do so en masse so to speak, and many of our larger river courses trap a vast number for the commercial markets at this time. I also accept that these eels have joined forces with eels from many other waters, and not all of the eels from one particular water will leave it at the same time. It is also held that migrating eels do not feed since their digestive systems stop functioning. Is this so? If it is so, why then are silver eels caught by fishermen in huge numbers from the sea, especially during spring. (Not the accepted migration season) Do some eels remain in the sea all their lives or are these actually migrating eels which are indeed feeding? I would be extremely grateful for your comments and any scientific evidence that you can point me towards regarding my queries. Yours sincerely, Kevin Thornton
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ray identification
Posted on: 18/7/2003 03:50:00

Hello, Near St Malo (north Britanny)I caugth a ray few days ago, I cannot identify exactly. The weight is around 17kgs, 60/70cm wide, back color dark brown/green ("kaki"), completely smooth without stains, underside quite white. When I pulled on board, five little rays were ejected and swimmed very well when I sent them back to water. Does someone can help me to identify this ray ? Thanks.
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Taxonomic Review of Tenualosa ilisha
Posted on: 17/7/2003 23:53:00

I would like to know the chronological history of changing of name of Tenualosa ilisha.
765 1 0 In the FishBas...
18/7/2003 02:50:00
By : Rainer
Scales vs non-scales
Posted on: 17/7/2003 11:11:00

Can anybody help me and point me to where I can get a list showing which fish are scaled and which aren't. Appreciate your help. Thanks, Mohamed
776 1 0 See http://www...
18/7/2003 02:54:00
By : Rainer
fish pictures
Posted on: 17/7/2003 03:04:00

I'm sorry I just read my comments and there are so many 'typos' I felt I had to write it again, my only excuse is that i'm at work and going it on the quick when i have a little time. On the part of the fishbase web site there is a number of pages showing pics of fish, as there are so many I cant get through them all in one go so when i go back to continue where I left off i have to click the 'next page' link, this is irritating when i want to look at some of the pics that are not near the beggining, I.E if I want to go to look at the pics on page 30 then it seems to me i'll have to click the 'next page' link 30 times, as there are so many pics on each page it takes a while to complet. could you do it so if someone wants to go to e.g page 20 they can just click 'page 20 link'. Yours sincerely David j Harrison
797 1 0 The easiest wa...
18/7/2003 03:12:00
By : Rainer
fish pictures page
Posted on: 17/7/2003 02:40:00

I do agree with others that the pictures you have of all thos efish is very usfull but its a bit frustrating to have to keep on clicking the 'next' link in order to go 2 the next set of pics, especualy if I want to go to a page in the 1 of the pages in the middle. I.E if I wanted to look at the 30 page of pics i'd have to click on the 'next page'30 times, could you set it up so we could go straight to the page we want if need be? thank you david j harrison (romford, essex, UK)
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Neon tetra
Posted on: 14/7/2003 12:21:00

One of my neon tetras has over the last few days, developed these small globules on its skin. It's eyes are popping and it is quite swollen. I'm new to fishkeeping and I don't know what to do. HELP
790 2 0 There does see...
15/7/2003 13:14:00
By : slinky_malinky
Snook aka rodabalo
Posted on: 14/7/2003 11:44:00

Does anyone know the restrictions surrounding the commercial sale of the domestic snook in the US? I know Florida has strict rules, but I can't find anything on Arizona, Nevada, etc. Thanks.
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info request
Posted on: 11/7/2003 08:02:00

I'm a commercial fisherman; While longlining for "pagellus bogaraveo" I have bycatch of "schedophilus ovalis". I'm looking info about any direct fisheries of this fish.
783 1 0 In Australia t...
12/7/2003 07:24:00
By : Thorke
Posted on: 10/7/2003 07:34:00

I am looking for references of microcistin in fishes for a review
783 1 0 Contact Christ...
11/7/2003 06:19:00
By : David Delforge
Posted on: 9/7/2003 18:14:00

I need some informations how to discribe between male and female vieja synspilum
789 1 0 No difference...
15/7/2003 07:12:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 9/7/2003 00:38:00

I am looking for latin spiecies names of Large and Small Saithe.
766 1 0 Not quite sure...
12/7/2003 08:22:00
By : Thorke
Posted on: 7/7/2003 00:18:00

How many new species of Cichlidae are describe each year?
796 1 0 Impossible to...
9/7/2003 06:49:00
By : Pete Liptrot
How to increase my freshwater fishing catch
Posted on: 6/7/2003 22:44:00

Ever since, I fall in luv with fishing,i seldom got a catch, what wrong with me,is it I am using the wrong bait.Can anyone tell me what sort of bait suitable to catch ROHU......give me the ingredients to make a dough (bait).Thank You
1163 1952 0 Walking with a...
16/11/2012 03:49:20
By : tatattmOifs
chub fish
Posted on: 6/7/2003 19:32:00

Does anyone know this species of fish in AZ. We think the correct spelling is "Xyroncan" and we're not sure about the common name "Chub fish"
791 1 0 How about the...
7/7/2003 01:29:00
By : Thorke
Posted on: 6/7/2003 02:53:00

812 1 0 Why should you...
6/7/2003 21:35:00
By : anthony
individual fishes
Posted on: 4/7/2003 02:34:00

hi cn eny body help me i would like to know how many DIFERENT fishes ther are ALL OVER THE WORLD if u want to send me an atachment my email is: [email protected]
773 1 0 Check out the...
7/7/2003 01:34:00
By : Thorke
fish deapth diogram
Posted on: 3/7/2003 02:48:00

g'day im looking for a diogram that will show me fish at there depth level if ya can help me pleas do
844 1 0 I may be able...
3/7/2003 07:32:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Mini monster fish
Posted on: 2/7/2003 10:16:00

I caught a fish off the rocks in spain which looked like a small monster! It had a very spiny dorsal fin and also large front fins which were spiny (kept hands well away from those!! Its eyes were on top of its head looking forward (as oppose to on each side)and its colour was a sort of very dark red/brown and sort of white. It's mouth was very big, almost as wide and high as the fish. The fish was wide and looked as though it was more accustomed to naturally lie on the sea bed and wait for it's prey I suspect. It's skin was very bumpy and basically looked more like a little moster rather than a fish! I didn't have my camera (darn!). Anyone have any ideas what it was? as I would love to know what it was. Thank you in advance.
944 1973 0 gBUXoo , [url=...
17/07/2011 00:07:41
By : yuahivor
Ascending walleye
Posted on: 2/7/2003 08:04:00

Iam a fresh water fisherman mostly catching smallmouth bass and walleye in the eastern basin of lake erie.I have wondered for years just how long it would take a walleye that was at a depth of sixty feet during the day to come to the shallows to feed at night?My thought is that with the closed off gass blader this would have limits on just how fast the fish could make this transistion.Under water sounds have always been an interest to me and i was wondering if the fish we are catching makes any sounds that we might hear.Thankyou for all the interesting fish information you are teaching me now that i am in my mid seventies,never to old to learn. thankyou russ johnson
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fish downunder
Posted on: 1/7/2003 03:48:00

Hi Guys, I just found this site certainly very intresting and useful and definitely seems to cover evrything about fish. Anyway for anybody thats intrested in fishing downunder I run a Sport & Billfish Downunder magazine its a free electronic mag (Full colour PDF) you can download the latest issue from (ps does not require registration nor email etc) cheers
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One question
Posted on: 30/6/2003 23:04:00

I work as a food hygiene inspector, at the Fish Central Market of Barcelona. I have one unknown specimen from Spanien mediterranean coaast. I'd like somebody help me. Thanks
903 1 1 I am almost ce...
1/7/2003 00:29:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Raphael Catfish
Posted on: 30/6/2003 07:35:00

Any information on reproduction for this fish would be greatly helpful. I have this fish in aquar. and it has gotten extremely large in the belly area in the last 2-3 weeks. Used to hide under cave alot, but now only comes out to eat and then back in. Could this fish be pregnant or do they normally get that large in the belly area. Can't find anything about reproduction for this species. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
881 2 0 It could be gr...
4/7/2003 05:27:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Koi Injury?
Posted on: 28/6/2003 15:11:00

My Dad and I introduced some Koi to his pond a month ago. A few days ago, I removed large rocks from his pond. Yesterday, I noticed his black, 5 inch Koi, has a white-ish, 1/4 inch bubble protruding out of his side, about 1 inch below the gills, on his side. It has what appears to be tiny veins in this white bulge. Arond this bubble, there is a crease in his side and just a deformed appearance. I am wondering if I may have smashed fish while I was removing rocks,or does this sound like a bacteria , parasite or ??? Thanks for any help I receive!
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Clarias cavernicola
Posted on: 27/6/2003 13:45:00

Hello all, I am looking for more information on Clarias cavernicola. I'm really looking for interesting info but nothing too scientific.(Dumb it down a little- for me- pls). Also does anyone have any pictures oc C cavernicola that I could use on my website? thankyou
827 1 0 hi Common nam...
3/7/2003 04:59:00
By : ross
small question about the collection databases
Posted on: 27/6/2003 08:29:00

I have been using your "fish collection search" page very often for quite a long time now, but there is one thing that can become quite annoying, the limit of records per page is always set to 1000, which can really cause problems if it returns alot of records, because such gigantic lists will really take long time to load. I think it would be a nice idea if this limit could be turned into a input field, where people could manipulate it like other query criteria. As a second note, in some cases the server will timeout the request if there are over ~3000 records in total.
815 3 0 Thank you very...
3/7/2003 03:44:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Fish schools
Posted on: 26/6/2003 17:52:00

Can anyone tell me (and cite some reference) who leads a school of fish? Is there a leader? How do fish decide who to follow? I'm a business and government major doing a capstone paper on the feasibiilty of reforming the Electoral College. I see the American public as a school of fish, a collective, that as long as things are going along "swimmingly" there's no need to get involved or work to conduct change. But obviously I need to know more about a school of fish. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?? Thanks!!
1082 1 0 hi Fish do th...
3/7/2003 05:04:00
By : ross
Oregon Chub Distribution
Posted on: 26/6/2003 16:12:00

I noticed your website placed oregon chub in the Umpqua River Basin. I was curious if this was accurate because other data I located indicates they are endemic to the Willamette River Basin. I was wondering if this might be a confusion with the Umpqua chub (Oregonichthys kalawatseti), which is on the website and placed in the Umpqua River Basin? Other Sources for the Oregon Chub: -
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Mitsukurina owstoni
Posted on: 26/6/2003 15:39:00

I'm doing a presentation on the Goblin Shark and im wondering if anybody has some good pictures? Thanx
793 1 1 ey ben i looke...
3/7/2003 17:27:00
By : ross
Astroblepus ubidiai
Posted on: 26/6/2003 14:36:00

Hi all there is anyone who could send me a good morphological description of the species Astroblepus ubidiai and its meristic and morphometric characters? Thank you very much
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Pacu - Piaractus brachypomus
Posted on: 25/6/2003 22:32:00

Dear all There is an enviromental concern about the species Piaractus brachypomus in Viet nam. Millions of juveniles of this species have been imported to North Viet nam (via China)for aquaculture. Afterwards it also has been imported to South VietNam. This species has been recorded to attack other fish species in fish farms and even eating dead mouse or dead dog. In some areas around Dong Nai river,which is a flooded areas, also many farms raise this species. I would be very happy to receive recommendations on this species if it escapes to natural habitat. Can it establish the population in the wild? Can it cause adverse effects on native species?
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perccottus glenii
Posted on: 25/6/2003 10:56:00

Hello!I would like to know as much as possible about this species of the fish.If you have some information about its occurence in your country,if you have some experience with this species, you can inform me on my e-mail address: kosuthova Thanks for any info. Lenka
1073 1 0 The lake where...
4/7/2003 03:54:00
By : bob
Unknown Fish
Posted on: 24/6/2003 23:03:00

Any idea what fish is this?
1233 1 0 Family: Chaet...
4/7/2003 03:56:00
By : bob
Jawfish ID
Posted on: 24/6/2003 22:54:00

This is a message for Rainer - thank you replying to my post. Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing matching my particular fish. I would like to know if fishbase has any staff or knows of anyone with a particular interest in jawfish that I can contact. I have spoken to uw photographers and so far nobody can ID the jawfish. Can you help? Many many thanks.
840 1 0 I can't help y...
30/6/2003 17:08:00
By : Jon
Posted on: 24/6/2003 19:13:00

i am having trouble identfying my lion. the store i bought it from called it an antenna lion. i cannot find a lion by this name anywhere. can anyone help? the fish is only supposed to grow to be about six inches and is perfect for my reef tank because he don't eat invertebrates and my other fish are to big. is this fish to good to be true or will it grow to terrorize my other reef dwellers?
1012 1 0 hi here is the...
4/7/2003 04:07:00
By : bob
Fish in Amazon rivers with big eyes
Posted on: 24/6/2003 13:50:00

Can anyone tell me the name of a fish swimming in the rivers of the Amazon. It is very distinctive.. It has big eyes on top of their heads instead of the sides and it swimms mainly on the surface and sometimes even jumps out of the water. Anyone knows?
1022 1910 0 URGENT ASSISTA...
04/05/2011 20:42:43
By : Urgent Attention required
Common Name
Posted on: 24/6/2003 02:09:00

Hi,Can anybody help me to find Common Name and Scientific Name of the fish attached,it is catched from Indian Ocean (India) Pls send your reply by e-mail
780 1 1 Count the spin...
24/6/2003 05:12:00
By : Rainer
Common Name
Posted on: 24/6/2003 02:02:00

Hi,Can anybody help me to find Common Name and Scientific Name of the fish attached,it is catched from Indian Ocean (India) Pls send your reply by e-mail
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Largest fish in the world
Posted on: 23/6/2003 09:29:00

Can anyone tell me what the largest fishes in the world is? I'm looking for the longest fish and the heaviest fish, cartilaginous or bony is fine.
784 1 0 This is the wh...
23/6/2003 13:42:00
By : Cornelia
Posted on: 21/6/2003 14:10:00

hi hope you can help,i live at mijas on the costa del sol,we catch lots of the small spanish barbel, a 1lb would be a good one,so do you know how far i need to travel,and were to, to catch some of those big ones, many thanks, ken
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Asking for a new species
Posted on: 20/6/2003 08:21:00

Is there anyone who can help me to look for any Pictures of Viet Nam freshwater fish ? Thank a lot
771 1 0 Try to select...
23/6/2003 13:49:00
By : Cornelia
ID of Callionymus in mediterranean
Posted on: 20/6/2003 00:29:00

I'm trying to ID a fish captured in spanish mediterranean. It was located in sand bottom at just -2m depth. May be a Callionymus lira or Callionymus risso. Can you confirm ?? Thank you. See pics at:
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flame tetra ?
Posted on: 19/6/2003 21:53:00

Does anyone know about the Hyphessobrycon Amandae ? I have found very, very little on them. Any help would be greatly apreciated.
1122 2 1 got a bit more...
4/7/2003 04:21:00
By : bob again
Maps or locations
Posted on: 18/6/2003 17:03:00

Location or maps for Heterandria Formosa
783 1 0 In the species...
24/6/2003 05:22:00
By : Rainer
synonymy of Rhodeus sinensis
Posted on: 17/6/2003 05:33:00

Struggling a bit with fish base - Rhodeus sericeus sinensis Gunther 1868 is listed as an invalid synonym of R. sericeus; but R sinensis Gunther 1868 is listed as a valid species. Is this correct, or have I interpreted the tables wrongly? Thanks, Phil Harris
778 1 0 according to t...
18/6/2003 03:33:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Jawfish ID
Posted on: 15/6/2003 19:31:00

Can anyone help with an ID of a jawfish or know anyone that can help, anyone with an interest in these fish. Please see the post below 1988 for a pic. Would much appreciate any help - the pic is for a book about the marine life of N. Borneo and I'd really like to get a ID. Many thanks, Matt
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White moray identification
Posted on: 14/6/2003 04:15:00

I couldn't upload the picture to the site so the moray are at tx again
842 1 0 This moray loo...
14/6/2003 07:41:00
By : R. E. Pohl
White moray identification
Posted on: 14/6/2003 04:07:00

I have found this wonderful photo from François Scorsonelli on his site and would like to know what species of moray this is . The picture was taken in the Red Sea. thanks for your help
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Unknown species
Posted on: 13/6/2003 01:49:00

I work as a food hygiene inspector, at the Fish Central Market of Barcelona. I have three unknown specimens: two fishes (like monks) and a cephalopode. Fishes comming from Ireland waters, and octopus comming from French Mediterranean coast. I'd like somebody help me. Thanks.
963 2 10 small correcti...
14/6/2003 00:28:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Rearing of Dermogenys pusilla, Maylayan halfbeak f
Posted on: 11/6/2003 04:57:00

Hi, I have been blessed with some fry from my Dermogenys pusilla, Maylayan halfbeaks. But can anyone tell me how to rear them. I have lost most of these now, but the female is pregnant again, so I'm hoping to be able to rear some from her next lot.
781 1 0 Shallow water,...
17/6/2003 08:22:00
By : Pete Liptrot
school project on african lungfish
Posted on: 9/6/2003 23:14:00

can you send me information on the african lungfish and some pictures of some im really interested in them and it is my science project. [email protected]
780 1 0 Click on the '...
24/6/2003 05:07:00
By : Rainer
Hemichromis guttatus
Posted on: 9/6/2003 19:48:00

A colleage in Monterrey, MX, Armando Contreras, is looking for expert advice on the jewel cichlid, Hemichromis guttatus. He is espeically interested in information that would be helpful in controlling an artificially introduced population in Cuatro Cienagas. Please e-mail me if you can help.
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scomberoides commersonnianus(talang queenfish/cara
Posted on: 9/6/2003 05:12:00

Dear Sir or Madam. I am a MSc student of marine biology.My interest is stock assessment.I need some information about spawning season,maturity,growth parameters,mortality rates and biology of scomberoides commersonnianus(carangidae).I would be so grateful if you send me any information about that topic. THANK YOU
975 1 0 Seems that not...
24/6/2003 04:58:00
By : Rainer
Mustelus lunulatus genetics
Posted on: 8/6/2003 15:52:00

Does any body knows about any work in the mustelus lunulatus nucleic genome or one of its relatives??? There`s some information about microsatellites work???
774 1 0 Go to the resp...
24/6/2003 04:55:00
By : Rainer
seabass & red snapper
Posted on: 6/6/2003 00:42:00

like to know how long it take to for the above species to grow-out to 400 gm weight, from 2 cm frys in a commercial fish farm (open cage deep sea farm)
787 1 0 This very much...
24/6/2003 04:53:00
By : Rainer
whats wrong
Posted on: 5/6/2003 12:02:00

My fish looks like it has it's mouth open all the time. Please if there are any answers please let me know. I have 2 lemon tetras, 4 bottom feeders and 2 neons. They are in a 29 gallon tank. The bloodfin is the only one that looks like he keeps his mouth open.
770 1 0 my email is sf...
5/6/2003 12:06:00
By : Kev
Jawfish ID
Posted on: 5/6/2003 02:29:00

Can anyone help with an ID for this jawfish. Found in 25m on flat sand/gravel bottom off Mabul, Sabah, NE Borneo. Its about 2cms long and the only one in the area, the only one I've ever seen. It was displaying constantly: first it would vibrate its head against the bottom, then jump up whilst opening its mouth and waving its fins. Not visible in the photo is a black spot outlined in electric blue at the front end of its dorsal fin. Any ideas??? Matt
819 1 1 In 'Search Fis...
24/6/2003 04:47:00
By : Rainer
Eel Tank
Posted on: 2/6/2003 14:42:00

I am very interested in an eel. Im looking to have a rather small marine tank something 50gal or under, the only creature will be the eel. I am looking for an agressive eel, something like the Dragon Moray just a lot smaller. Any ideas on the type that would best fit a -50 tank. Also what would be the most appropriate seting for the eel, (live coral, live rock, etc?)
837 0 0 No reply
sport fishing in Nepal
Posted on: 29/5/2003 08:18:00

I am looking for references that describe success in catching native Nepalese species with fly and spinning gear. I am working with people in Nepal to see if it is feasible to develop sport fishing as an economic development tool Thanks.
793 1 0 I have read a...
17/6/2003 08:26:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 27/5/2003 20:33:00

Can anybody help with this Pipefish. Thanks Richard
754 1 1 Difficult to s...
2/6/2003 07:28:00
By : Rainer
Cottidae of southern California waters
Posted on: 26/5/2003 07:04:00

Are there any experts out there on the Cottidae of the eastern Pacific? In particular, I am referring to the Southern California Bight. I have an identification problem regarding a sculpin I am seeing in the mouth of the Redondo Submarine Canyon. The sculpin in question is: •about 10 cm in length •typically ceam colored with approximately four dark saddles •has small cirri on the head and prominent cirri along the lateral line •has a conspicous dark spott on the upper leading edge of the foredorsal •has bars on the soft dorsal and caudal fins I am seeing it in depths form approximately 12 to 24m over a sandy/silty bottom with drift algae. Visually, it appears to most closely match the northern sculpin, Icelinus borealis. However, as I am seeing it in southern California, it would be way out of the range of I.borealis. Any help in sovling this problem would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you for your time.
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gill are
Posted on: 22/5/2003 10:12:00

How big gillarea would a human need to have to be able to perform a swimming activity and needing 2L/minute?
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What is a fish?
Posted on: 21/5/2003 16:51:00

If a fish isn't a mammal or a reptile, what is it??? thanks!
1023 2 0 like a mamal o...
4/7/2003 04:31:00
By : bob
Posted on: 21/5/2003 03:00:00

Anyone can tell us the name of these two fishes? They were captured in Mauritania.
769 2 2 I would say so...
22/5/2003 02:17:00
By : Thorke
Thunnus orientalis
Posted on: 17/5/2003 16:14:00

You need to update the max. weight for Thunnus orientalis. Fish over 300kg are regularly landed near Taiwan, misidentified as T. thynnus as usual. Specimens over 800lb have been caught off CA in 1989.
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Belonesox belizianus
Posted on: 16/5/2003 21:28:00

My female just had about 30 young, tell me what to feed them, I have frozen blood worms, and access to live bearer fry. I also have live blackworms. I have checked the fishbase file on them, it provides no info on diet. Thanks.
754 1 0 This species l...
10/6/2003 02:05:00
By : Bernd Ueberschaer
Tilapia guineensis
Posted on: 13/5/2003 11:11:00

Is anyone farming this specie commercilly?. Please contact. Mayor
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Fishbase and species names
Posted on: 12/5/2003 08:22:00

Hello all, I'm curious about the currently-listed name of Notolepsis rissoi kroyeri as Arctozenus risso(i). This latter name is not in the Zoological Record. Even the references are in conflict. So now I feel compelled to ask: how does FishBase decide upon a species name--and what are the criteria for adopting a change (AFS? ZR? FAO?)? Thank you!
937 1 0 A. risso is th...
13/5/2003 11:01:00
By : R. E. Pohl
Gravel Vacuum how-to
Posted on: 11/5/2003 18:26:00

How the heck do I get this auto-siphoning gravel vacuum to work??? I submerged it in the water like it said until the tube was full, then pumped it up and down but no siphoning is starting, please help!!!
768 1 0 I bought a che...
12/5/2003 09:40:00
By : David
Fish withe scales and no fins
Posted on: 8/5/2003 08:45:00

Can any one give me a short list of some fishes that have scales but don't have fins at all(!). Thanks, Mike.
769 1 0 I don`t think...
8/6/2003 15:55:00
By : Jose Sergio Hleap
Posted on: 7/5/2003 22:45:00

searching the fish base for xenontodon cancila i found that it has been categorized as "traumatogenic" in it's dangerous category. may you please explain to me what does Traumatogenic means and why has it been categorized like that?
980 3 0 The typing is...
8/5/2003 04:40:00
By : Thorke
Posted on: 7/5/2003 16:51:00

Does anybody know what kind of fish this is? It was caught in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Mexico (the West Caost).
775 2 1 It's an Opah,...
8/5/2003 04:31:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Skeleton of Piranha
Posted on: 6/5/2003 11:56:00

Hey there I have searched all over the net, but its impossible to find a picture or drawing of a Piranha-skeleton. Plzzzz is there any body who can help,then mail it to me. RESPECT Kim Gyren
841 0 0 No reply
Just to show off my catch
Posted on: 6/5/2003 11:51:00

Caught these Thunnus alalunga las Sept. off Cal-Mex border.
759 2 1 It's cutomary...
17/5/2003 15:59:00
By : Henry Yeh
I may have a pregnant Green spotted puffer?
Posted on: 4/5/2003 22:02:00

how do i know if my green spotted puffer is pregnant? furthermore what are their mannerisms and pregnancy incubation periods? my puff eats very seldom and has lost some color twards belly and i had seen her curled up and moving in a rocking fashion. please help totaly confused and very worriedabout my baby. please contact me at [email protected] thanks plenty, Drew
885 1 0 Could you give...
9/5/2003 04:35:00
By : Pete Liptrot
new pictures
Posted on: 4/5/2003 13:38:00

Just a suggestion... a button in the Information by Topic section called "new pictures" would be useful in finding the new pictures added to the site monthly. It could be set up like the new species button...
768 1 0 We are looking...
12/5/2003 10:19:00
By : Rainer
what fish is it?
Posted on: 3/5/2003 05:51:00

I am new to fishing. Last week, my friend and I caught a fish. But we r not sure what fish it is.. can anyone help me?
776 1 3 sorry i tried...
3/5/2003 05:55:00
By : kimi
fish identity
Posted on: 2/5/2003 22:18:00

Can anyone help me identify the fish I have. I'm looking for a species name if possible. It was sold to me as an "otocinclus niger cat" from the fish place. On another board, It was suggested that it was a Hisonotus leucofrenatus. I would like to either confirm this, or receive other suggestions. Thanks! A picture can be found at hi res pics might be possible if required. Thanks again! Daniel
770 1 0 H. leucofrenat...
10/5/2003 02:45:00
By : Pete Liptrot
fish identity
Posted on: 2/5/2003 22:18:00

Can anyone help me identify the fish I have. I'm looking for a species name if possible. It was sold to me as an "otocinclus niger cat" from the fish place. On another board, It was suggested that it was a Hisonotus leucofrenatus. I would like to either confirm this, or receive other suggestions. Thanks! Daniel
774 0 0 No reply
Temperate salt water aquarium
Posted on: 28/4/2003 05:44:00

Does anybody know why temperate salt water fish such as blennies and wrasse loose their banding or colours over time when kept in aquariums?
759 0 0 No reply
Wich kind of fish is it ?
Posted on: 27/4/2003 09:14:00

Hello, can anybody help me to find the name of the fish, attached on the picture. It has a red mouth inside, like a red tounge. I found it at a fish-market near Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman. It might life in the Gulf of Oman. I would appreciate every response via e-mail, also further internet links and contact persons. Thanks in advance Peter
882 2 1 It looks like...
30/4/2003 20:37:00
By : Ray
Wich kind of fish is it ?
Posted on: 27/4/2003 09:14:00

Hello, can anybody help me to find the name of the fish, attached on the picture. It has a red mouth inside, like a red tounge. I found it at a fish-market near Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman. It might life in the Gulf of Oman. I would appreciate every response, also further internet links and contact persons. Thanks in advance Peter
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Trade patterns and health of fish stocks
Posted on: 18/4/2003 18:55:00

Hi, I'm trying to generate a list of the major species/families of major commercial fish stocks that either fully exploited or overfished/recovering/depleted. Please advise on how I can use FishBase to generate that list. Thanks!
764 1 0 You will need...
25/4/2003 05:53:00
By : Rainer
Help with aquarium project
Posted on: 18/4/2003 13:21:00

I am doing an internship at a nature preserve this summer and I need some help. We are building some aquarium exhibits for native fish of Virginia. Some fish we are focusing on are; bluegills(Lepomis macrochirus), largemouth bass(Micropterus salmoides), and different catfish (mainly from the genus Ictalurus). I was wondering if anyone could give any advice about keeping these fish in captivity, and any info we might need to make these exhibits successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
877 1 0 We have 6 brow...
12/5/2003 09:48:00
By : David
Synodontis dhonti
Posted on: 16/4/2003 16:46:00

Has anyone collected this species lately? I need specimens for a study of the morphology.
772 1 0 There are some...
17/4/2003 05:05:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 15/4/2003 13:04:00

What are the predators of the lionfish? Can some fish tolerate their venom?
753 1 0 I don't know t...
8/11/2004 16:59:00
By : jeremy
Posted on: 12/4/2003 16:49:00

Has anybody done, or is anyone doing, recent research on Synodontis species from L. Tanganyika? I need some specific information about S. multipunctatus.
801 1 0 Dear Roman, th...
14/4/2003 04:24:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Posted on: 8/4/2003 22:48:00

Does anyone know which is the family with the most species in the world?
745 3 0 I think it mig...
29/4/2003 06:24:00
By : Jacob
Survival of the little ones!
Posted on: 7/4/2003 07:37:00

Being new to the aquarium hobby, I "fell" for the charms of a wonderful Pictus Catfish. However, not realising this fish is a predator, (would have been nice if the shop assistant had told me!) I introduced several Glowlight and Neon Tetras. Each morning I would awake to debris that is best left undescribed!! I did not want to get rid of the Pictus, and I really wanted to have the little ones too, so I simply buy the biggest Glowlights or Neons at the shop, (this is usually enough to enable survival), but if I think some are too small, for the first few days I just leave the light on. Pictus only seems to "kill" with the light off!
773 0 0 No reply
common names of fish species
Posted on: 4/4/2003 08:44:00

Dear friends, I have the most comprehensive database worldwide concerning the maximum size of freshwater fishes. In some cases I know only the common name, but I can't find it in Fishbase. Who knows the scientific names: Bekti or Khajura (carp-like fishes) Suni-Wels Gau-Wels Holdens Dornwels Thank you for your answer. http//
774 0 0 No reply
distribution of Hoplosternum litoralle (Callichthy
Posted on: 3/4/2003 06:37:00

Dear all, where I can find distribution maps of the singing catfish Hoplosternum litoralle? Many thanks,
792 1 0 In the respect...
25/4/2003 06:03:00
By : Rainer
measure the length and maturation length
Posted on: 1/4/2003 01:35:00

Dear all, Two questions: 1. How to measure the length (eg. standard length) of halfbeak (Family Hemiramphidae), measure from the protruded tip of lower jaw or from the tip of upper jaw? 2. Where can I find the maturation length of the fish from fishbase? The "maturity" index in "information by topic"? If the fish species I want is not included in this topic, that mean fishbase hasn't got the information of this species? Best rdgs Tony
754 0 0 No reply
Enfermedades de hippocampus
Posted on: 31/3/2003 07:33:00

Recientemente uno de mis hippocampos se enfermó, tiene una bolsa bajo el area branquial,no se si sean burbujas de aire o una bolsa de liquido, al principio parecia una burbuja de aire, ahora se está poniendo de color rojo y el hippocampo (hembra) no quiere comer.
781 1 0 Has notado alg...
8/6/2003 16:01:00
By : Jose Sergio Hleap
1788 761 0 1 No reply
transducer help
Posted on: 27/3/2003 05:46:00

If I have an old, old green box transducer, does it matter what kind of transducer I get? Could I go out and buy any?Please help!
781 1 0 I'm trying to...
30/3/2003 21:53:00
By : Bryan
Manta rays
Posted on: 26/3/2003 02:25:00

Does anyone know what the size is of the mouth of the manta ray? Thank´s allready. Forgive me my poor English, I am not English.
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Correct identification of (Myrichthys pardalis)
Posted on: 25/3/2003 17:26:00

Is really this specie. Local name in Canary Islands is "Carmelita"
766 0 0 No reply
Correct identification
Posted on: 25/3/2003 16:59:00

I´m not sure about identification of this eel (see photos) Photos are taken in Canary Islands.
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Mysterious fish species
Posted on: 25/3/2003 08:12:00

I have observed this small fish many times while walking Pacific beaches in Costa Rica. It favors rocky areas in the intertidal zone and hangs around blowholes. It's small (2-5 inches) and climbs around on the rocks, using its pectoral fins for locomotion. It has no dorsal fin. This fish can stay out of the water for quite a while. When out of the water, it seems to be grazing on the rocks. The body shape is long and lizard-like. The fish swims nicesly in the water, but I've also seen it skip along the top of the water by using its tail and pectoral fins. I've never seen anything else remotely like it and wonder if anyone has any info. I'd love to know what kind of critter it really is.
778 2 0 You could be r...
1/4/2003 12:43:00
By : Thorke
plecostomus diagnositics for health condition
Posted on: 24/3/2003 20:54:00

Hello, Can anyone help me understand what is wrong with my plecostomus. He or she is 1 foot long and been with me for over 2 years. He or she just won't eat. This has been going on for weeks now, and I can't imagine he or she can survive much longer. It has been several weeks since I had to move him or her to a new aquarium because the old was became too small, and his/her nocturnal rampages was disrupting the other fish in the aquarium. Since his companions aquired a bactera infection which I have treating with antiobiotics, I wonder if he/she also got infected prior to move. so I have also been treating his/her tank with antibiotics but still will not eat. Perhaps the only other descriptive feature / incident is that the otherwise dark grey body color, with beautiful spots and stripes, does seem to have patches of light color, like white-hazy,, but it seems natural, not like fungus. Yet I guess it could be something.. any ideas?? Please, I love this fish!!! Thanks LInda
1118 1 0 I have a pleco...
22/4/2003 12:37:00
By : Wade
Posted on: 21/3/2003 00:28:00

I have been asked many time. What is the correct answer? Is a buffalo fish a member of the carp family?
1030 1 0 Of the fish sp...
21/3/2003 03:55:00
By : Thorke
Posted on: 19/3/2003 02:10:00

Please inform me about the type of teeth found in this fish
774 1 0 Pterocaesio ch...
27/3/2003 05:59:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 19/3/2003 02:07:00

Please reply me with details on the type of teeth found in this species.
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Atlantic Needlefish
Posted on: 17/3/2003 17:35:00

I have a question as to the range of the Atlantic Needlefish. I have some friends who have caught what they believe to be this species in the Tennessee River near Huntsville AL. They are well versed on the fishes of the area and though not Zoologists are well educated. They say that they have seen and caught many of this species and have sited to me some sources that show some of these fish to be found in these waters. Most of the sources that I have seen show it to be a marine species and that it can range into coastal rivers but Northern Alabama is a far cry from this. They say that they see them frequently near the steam plants in the winter. Is there a possibility that because of the warm water outflow of these plants that species are able to range into these areas? Is there a possibility that they are able to mate in fresh water? It sounds like a stretch to me but is there anyone who would know the answers to these questions and are there other species that have had similar changes in range? I could understand a population moving up the rivers but to sustain the population it must reproduce. Is anyone working on these questions?
764 1 0 Strongylura ma...
27/3/2003 07:42:00
By : Bruce B. Collette
Looking for..... : (
Posted on: 14/3/2003 03:10:00

Hi, I' m looking for everything regarding allometrical studies, ecology and etology of this species. Please me!! Bibliografhy of Diplodus puntazzo seems to be so rare....I accept every kind of help. Many Thanks! Paolo
762 1 0 Try out all th...
27/3/2003 05:48:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 12/3/2003 18:46:00

1344 2 0 It does not so...
16/4/2003 16:56:00
By : [email protected]
Salmoninae spawning behaviour
Posted on: 6/3/2003 09:12:00

Hello I need information on the spawning behaviour of Oncorhynchus masou (masu salmon) and other fish from the genus Hucho thank you
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sweeper rearing
Posted on: 26/2/2003 12:19:00

I'm trying to raise glassy sweepers (Pempheris schomburgki) from eggs found in tank's filter bag. The larvae are hatching but are dying off about 4 days after hatching. I'm feeding the larvae green water and am adding rotifers around day 3. The temp is at 74F. All water quality parameters seem to be at acceptable levels. I've tried many different light/dark schedules. I've tried clear tanks and black tanks....all to the same end. I'm having trouble finding any literature on sweeper rearing. Can anyone offer advice? Thank you for your time. J Parker Aquarist, Albuquerque Aquarium, Albuquerque, NM
812 2 0 Please check t...
31/3/2003 01:19:00
By : Bernd Ueberschaer
Fish identification
Posted on: 25/2/2003 07:46:00

Can any one know the cold water fish with thin scales called "Zhelou"? This fish is known to live abundant in Halaha river which locate between Mongolia and inner mongolia China? Can you give me the latin name of this fish. Thank you very much. Cordially, Ngo
1372 1 0 Dear NGO, I...
19/5/2003 14:36:00
By : Ulrike Buchmann
Posted on: 20/2/2003 02:47:00

Hello, Do anyone know the fish named "Zhelou". That is a cold water fish with thin scales. Any comment would be graetly appreciated. Ngo
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2 oscars sick
Posted on: 19/2/2003 20:49:00

790 3 0 The worms are...
13/3/2003 11:21:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Dechlorinated water
Posted on: 18/2/2003 07:50:00

I have big tank to rear fish. Currently, I'm facing the problem of the water supply that is highly chlorinated. how can I get rid of the chlorine not at the expenses of my fish quality? There are some suggestions eg. using sodium thiosulphate but will I increase the concentration of sodium chloride in my fish tank? How about using the filteration system to control the chlorine level at the water supply stage? Keeping some water in the extra tank and leave it enables the water get dechlorinated naturally. how long do I need?
852 1 0 Get a barrel,...
18/2/2003 10:09:00
By : Rainer
Piracucu fingerlings
Posted on: 12/2/2003 05:51:00

I am interested in purchasing some Piracucu fingerlings,my employer has started a research& development center in florida .we are verry interested in researching reproduction and growth patterns of the piracucu.Any imformation about the sale of fingerlings would be great. thanks , Mike.
741 1 0 Try contacting...
13/3/2003 11:23:00
By : Pete Liptrot
Fishbase server
Posted on: 8/2/2003 15:29:00

The server for this site is terrible. Everytime I try to access, .de, or .fr half the time it says "This page cannot be displayed" or "Website not responding" or just loads for like 15 minutes. When it does work it can take like 10 minutes to load a species summary for even a obscure fish with little info. Many times it works for a few species then goes back to "This page cannot be displayed". I then have to back out. This is very discouraging for a good site like this with so much info to have such a crappy server. I have a cable modem here so its not that. Thanks for any info. Ray
1143 1 0 We are aware o...
18/2/2003 10:11:00
By : Rainer
Tarpon Snook fishing nicaragua
Posted on: 7/2/2003 19:01:00

Fishing report # 43 28th of January 2003 Report from Philippe Tisseaux, Tarpon snook fishing on San Juan River Nicaragua... The complete report and pictures for the month of January 2003 and these trip are at Also If you are interested in tarpon I sugest a look at my new Tarpon Picture Galery located at: REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY . Fair weather sunny sometime hot with eventual short rain..some days with strong wind, several cold front during the months witch interfered on fishing.. We have been very busy fishing our jungle San Juan River during all this month of January , with groups coming from France, Usa, canada... Fishing has perhaps been a bit slowler than last year ( Cold Front ?) ... fish have been super present ( a lot of them but a bit lasy ) they have been bitting in the morning or the evening , not both as usual ..For Example we had 4 or 5 tarpon on between 5.30 am and 9 am ..then only 2 or 3 tarpon on during the rest of the day.... anyway I report than all guest have been pleased with many tarpon on line, and good size fish 80lb/250lb, Several Guests also had nice snook over 25lb Most of Fishing has been in front of our new confortable lodge in Saballo.there we almost ..” catch tarpon from deck” . I like to specifically mention a tarpon we estimate around 250lb tarpon on for guest Lindy , a fishing guide from Florida... This tarpon was almost Black on the back and Golden on the belly, it belong to the category of our “resident tarpon” , these in my opinion do not migrate they stay there for at least several year in the fresh water of San Juan River or Nicaragua lake, reason of their colour... ( About Lindy the fishing guide from Florida , he is really a very nice person , and no doubt a great Guide, we exchange ideas and also learned from him...It’s boats are based in NAPLES FLORIDA If any one is interested to know him his web site is at Tarpon and snook Fishing is going to be almost the same in coming weeks and months on our grounds of Santa fe, El Pitasso, Saballo all in San Juan River .....meaning Guest will have many tarpon on... Talking about season .We are actually ( Till May ) in the so called DRY SEASON , time of the year when we are very busy as it is the traditional winter time vacation for our friends from USA..Talking weather we have Sun, and sometime strong wind ( Good we are fishing in quiet rivers ...) This does not mean than we do not have rain... Few it’s a fact but still a bit and we apreciate it, we want it... as during this rain Snook bite , after the rain tarpon bite...... CONCERNING THE RAINY SEASON ( May to November ) I like to say than , even if we are in a tropical area , here this is not the “deluge”, we have rain and sun and Rain and sun... ( Guests need to bring sun screen and also rain gears...) seriously this is very good for fishing... also traditionally this is a time of the year when we have less guest...pity because it is also a time of the year when we probably have perhaps an even better fishing as the level of the river is growing...( at this time of the year we have our resident tarpon plus more migrating ones than usually these fish going down or up river??!! ) My operation is small I only can receive a maximum of 8/10 guests at a time , Usually each week I have 2 to 6 Guests “ Who know well each other before the trip” in my expeditions... I take the oportunity of this E MAIL to advise than I have some opening on my schedule : If February is full I am able to receive Guests in March and obviously folowing months...witch are also very good with a special mention for June, July, August, September ( Low season for us concerning number of Guest not for fishing it is also very good then, may be even better ) San Carlos Sportfishing on line: English sites : French site : Email: [email protected]
825 0 0 No reply
Undefined blenny
Posted on: 3/2/2003 01:10:00

Hello, Please help identify the blue fish in the photo: During my last dive infront of the north beach of Eilat (Aqaba) bay (north part of the Red Sea). I notice very interesting site : A pair of blue fish swim few cenitmeters over a burrow of a partner goby, as they felt danger both of them jump inside the burrow of the goby, the goby stayed outside till I reach closer and only than he also jump inside its burrow. I can't find those blue fish in my fish guides, I would like to hear more about them and about the intersting realtion between them and the partner goby
771 1 1 It looks like...
8/2/2003 14:22:00
By : Ray
Black Mollys
Posted on: 29/1/2003 16:32:00

Hi I got some black mollys from the pet store and one of them was pregnant. She had about 15 babies but the strange thing is that one of the babies is completely white. I think that he is an albino. Are they rare? Will he become black later on? Do albino fish live for very long? I've never heard of one before I can't find any information about albino, black mollys. Please help.
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Brown trout - Salmo trutta
Posted on: 29/1/2003 11:05:00

I am looking for imformation concerning the common names of Salmo trutta forma fario. There are different morphological forms of the Brown trout. Some have red and brown spots, whereas others only have larger brown spots. How do you differentiate between these forms? Could one be the European brown trout and the other the American brown trout? I have been told that the common name of the brown trout with only brown spots is Lochleven brown trout, but cannot find literature conferming it.
783 1 0 First of all t...
20/2/2003 14:36:00
By : Bo Delling
Brown trout - Salmo trutta fario
Posted on: 28/1/2003 10:39:00

There are a variety of different (morphological) forms of Salmo trutta fario. Some fish populations have red and brown spots, and others only brown spots. Does these forms have different common names, or how can do you differentiate between these different forms? Could one form be American and the other European?
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Project : Eel Farming?
Posted on: 27/1/2003 05:57:00

Is anybody know much about know how,technic and material needed in Conserving alive eel and farming,the eel specy is Anguilla anguilla(SN) increasing in very special point in the Moroccan coast. Thank you.
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Fishing in the Baltic Sea
Posted on: 22/1/2003 08:32:00

The Baltic is a small almost closed sea with civilized nations on all sides of it. Still the use of trawlers is still allowed. The cod population is rapidly disappearing and that is just the beginning. Is there any hope that this important Sea can be saved?
1352 2 0 It's interesti...
24/1/2003 11:18:00
By : Jon Walsh
Dangerous triggerfish?
Posted on: 17/1/2003 07:39:00

Disregarding the obvious sensationalism in the article (link below), can anyone confirm the alleged dangerous nature of the Spotted oceanic triggerfish (Canthidermis maculatus)? Are there really reports of it killing people?

833 1 0 The species sh...
28/1/2003 15:13:00
By : R. E. Pohl
fidentification freshwater sygnathidae
Posted on: 15/1/2003 23:49:00

Hi, I have found this fish in the Mekong delta, I would like to know if this is really this fish or may be you could help me to identifie my fish? Thanks [img][/img]
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fidentification freshwater sygnathidae
Posted on: 15/1/2003 23:49:00

Hi, I have found this fish in the Mekong delta, I would like to know if this is really this fish or may be you could help me to identifie my fish? Thanks
770 2 0 After I have l...
19/1/2003 09:35:00
By : Jean
Florida Gar
Posted on: 11/1/2003 07:11:00

We have a Florida Gar in our aquarium at home. He has broken his nose, and we are worried about him. We don't know if he will survive or die. We also do not know how to treat him. Any advice or suggestions, please email me at [email protected] Thank you.
834 1 0 If it is a nat...
18/2/2003 10:33:00
By : Rainer
Posted on: 7/1/2003 11:27:00

One of the pictures in the "Wrasse ID" post below had to long a name, here it is again:
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Help to ID wrasse
Posted on: 7/1/2003 11:21:00

Can anyone identify this (northern) European wrasse?
(I have a good idea to the species myself, but don't want to create any bias ;-)
778 1 2 I would have t...
14/1/2003 16:30:00
By : Eugene Evans
conger eel
Posted on: 6/1/2003 13:06:00

I once read about a gigantic conger eel weighing 180 kg. It is supposed to have been caught in nets of the shores of the Westmann Islands. Can anyone tell me where I can find more information about specimen ?
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Jawfish Identification - Cozumel
Posted on: 3/1/2003 04:39:00

Hello, Looking for some help identifying this jawfish that was spotted in Cozumel, Mexico. This Jawfish was approximately 4" long, with a pale body and a very dark head with a blue ring around its eye. Very similar to a Yellow Head Jawfish, but without the Yellow colouration. I could find no reference to a jawfish with a color phase this dark, or with this colouration. I have an image available of this jawfish - unfortunelty you can only see the head and not the long body. Hopefully it helps someone recognize this fish. Thanks, Marriard
839 1 0 Did you get th...
10/8/2003 14:24:00
By : Carol
Fish erythropoesis
Posted on: 2/1/2003 01:40:00

I'm looking for information about the duration of erythropoesis in fishes. Anybody knows how long does it take the formation and maturation of a young erythroblast? thnx
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barramundi growth
Posted on: 1/1/2003 20:07:00

Greetings: I am searching for research data to include in barramundi growth modeling. Of particular interest is the effect of temperature, feeding rate, disease (ect) on the growth rate of barramundi (or other comparable fish). Thanks
749 1 0 In FishBase, l...
3/1/2003 02:52:00
By : Rainer

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