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Topics for 2015
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Looking to identify this eel/fish
Posted on: 24/01/2015 05:29:12

A friend of mine, while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, saw this fish wash ashore. She assumed it had been injured by a boat. She also claimed to see more of these type fish in the surf. Any assistance in identifying this fish will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
8 0 3 No reply
Is this a fish larva?
Posted on: 23/01/2015 01:19:56

If yes - what species? Texas, coast of Gulf of Mexico. June Thanks in advance,, Mark
6 0 1 No reply
which fish? (Hook Island)
Posted on: 15/01/2015 03:50:41

Can anyone help me identify this fish? It was very curious, approaching us just off Hook Island (Whitsundays). About 50cm. I tried to use the key from the Australian Museum, but didn't get anywhere. Thanks :-)
26 2 1 Adult longfin...
15/01/2015 08:54:47
By : Rudy Reyes
Fish identification
Posted on: 14/01/2015 08:13:22

Please help me identify these fish species
36 1 5 Oreochromis sp...
16/01/2015 02:14:52
By : Pete Liptrot
Lutjanus synagris? from Gulf of Mexico
Posted on: 14/01/2015 05:50:31

On the detailed list of fish for the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve on the Yucatan Peninsula's northern coast, the attached fish photo best fits Lutjanus synagris. However, the yellow lines are too many, too irregular, and maybe the anal fin has too many rays. It was caught in an estuary, brackish water from mangroves, about 6 inches long (15cm)
30 2 1 Rudy, thanks....
16/01/2015 02:20:07
By : Jim Conrad
Type of snakehead?
Posted on: 12/01/2015 10:11:50

Anyone wanna help me find out what type of snakehead this is?
28 1 1 This is Channa...
12/01/2015 14:00:26
By : Rudy Reyes
Posted on: 08/01/2015 05:19:35

Could you please help me to identify the spec in my picture. It was in Maldives.
44 1 1 These are youn...
08/01/2015 12:56:29
By : Rudy Reyes

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